An Expert on How to Throw Your Child’s First Birthday Party

Sean Richards 01/20/14

Here’s an article that’s sure impress and appall you all at once. The HuffPo recently published an event planner’s take on her child’s first birthday party. A professional event planner, that is. The results were, predictably, insane: Decor: We played off the owl theme and used rustic tables with moss centerpieces and wove the owls…

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The Art of Kids’ Parties in Los Angeles

Sean Richards 01/17/14

Let’s face it: we don’t exactly live in the tundra. Here in Los Angeles, kids’ birthday parties tend to be a bit easier to pull off than in, say, the Upper Peninsula. But this region still has a few challenges all its own, and mastering these is the key to throwing a perfect Southern California…

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When Los Angeles Kids’ Party Places Go the Extra Mile

Sean Richards 01/12/14

There is a fine line between hosting a birthday party and throwing a birthday party. One means providing a space and some light. The other is an art form. Great children’s party venues represent an easy way to bridge the divide. Parents these days have enough on their beleaguered plates without having to feed, delight…

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When Kids’ Birthdays Overlap with Holidays

Sean Richards 01/08/14

It is a familiar dilemma for children and parents alike: What to do when kids’ birthday parties overlap with major holidays? At least one community of social workers seems to have reached a consensus: Keep your child’s day special if at all possible: “Even in the midst of all the craziness of the holidays, stop and make…

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Raising the Bar On Children’s Birthday Party Food

Sean Richards 01/06/14

This recent HuffPo article caught our eye. Written by a mom who makes no apologies for her healthful choices, the piece deftly describes just how outsized and sugary our expectations have gotten when it comes to children’s birthday parties: I’m not against cake. Or cupcakes. But I’m not interested in teaching my children that we…

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Planning a Children’s Birthday Party with Allergies

Sean Richards 01/03/14

Children’s allergies have been on the rise for some time, and parents of younger children are continually discovering how difficult it can be to navigate a world of allergy-sensitive kids’ birthday parties. This recent article lays the issue bare, noting how meaningful it can be for children with food allergies to join in the fun…

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PSA: Keep Bears Out of Your Kids’ Birthday Parties

Sean Richards 01/03/14

They say truth is stranger than fiction, yet Florida remains one of the few places to demonstrate this fact on a daily basis. Case in point: This alarming news report about an actual bear that crashed a toddler’s backyard birthday party. The video speaks for itself: Here at Giggles N’ Hugs, we are relieved to…

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Celebrate New Year’s Eve at Giggles N’ Hugs!

Sean Richards 12/29/13

Remember when you were a kid, and staying up for New Year’s Eve was just about the most exciting, magical and exhausting thing you ever did? Well we decided to take out the exhausting part, and offer you and your kids a chance to ring in the New Year – at the crack of 5…

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Check Out the Best Children’s Birthday Parties in Los Angeles

Sean Richards 12/26/13

Options. Sometimes they are a welcome addition to your planning process. Other times they are an albatross. Here at Giggles Birthday Party Central, we get it. That’s why we offer just a few simple ways to make your child’s birthday party one-of-a-kind. Our package options include a couple of tiers and a few ways to…

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