Have You Seen These Amazing Children’s Birthday Cakes?

Sean Richards 12/23/13

We’ll admit it. We’re suckers for a great children’s birthday party. There’s so much joy in every detail of throwing the perfect event, from crafting the tiniest treat to the mounting the grandest production. Which is why we tend to collect the best examples of kids’ party chic from around the Web. We consider it…

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Why Kids Need Exercise

Sean Richards 12/21/13

The evidence is mounting. Exercise – you remember exercise, that thing most of us used to do all day? – turns out to have a great number of health benefits. Studies suggest that daily exercise builds cognitive skills, reduces obesity, and teaches kids how to cooperate and imagine. But of course, schools are cutting down programs like…

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All the Details on Our New Glendale Location

Sean Richards 12/18/13

It’s official! The latest in our award-winning line of family friendly restaurants and Los Angeles kids’ party venues has opened, and the press release has been well and truly released. The number of the day is 6,000, as in that’s how many square feet of games, activities, healthy food and birthday party ideas we have…

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Get the Most Out Your Kid’s Birthday Party

Sean Richards 12/16/13

Kids’ birthday parties have come a long way since the days of sheet cakes and pointy hats. Today it has become practically obligatory to throw in a theme and make that party truly personal. With this in mind, we have created a quick primer on a few popular birthday themes, and how you can accomplish…

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Not All Los Angeles Kids Birthday Party Venues Are Created Equal

Sean Richards 12/05/13

Let’s talk about kids birthday party venues in Los Angeles. For many parents, choosing the right venue can mean the difference between spending a cluttered and chaotic day at home and enjoying a clean, pleasurable event in a great locale. But how can you find the right combination of space, amenities, food and flexibility? Read…

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Our New Restaurant and Indoor Play Area Draws MASSIVE Crowd

Sean Richards 11/26/13

Did you feel that? Our new Glendale location just opened this past weekend, and the response was extraordinary. More than 350 people lined up for the grand opening, some longtime Giggles fans who couldn’t wait to bring their little ones into Glendale’s latest indoor play space and birthday party venue. We’ve added some pictures for…

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Glendale Poised to Get Latest Giggles N’ Hugs

Sean Richards 11/18/13

We can almost taste it. The Southland’s favorite chain of kids’ birthday party venues is just about polished, perfected, and poised to open. When it does, Glendale will join an elite group of Southland cities boasting the red-hot Giggles N’ Hugs brand. What does this mean for you and your family? Endless activities, delicious food…

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Our Latest Family Friendly Restaurant

Sean Richards 11/04/13

It’s almost that time. The countdown is in single digits. Our Glendale location is set to open this month, bringing an extraordinary new indoor play area and family friendly restaurant to the Los Angeles area. We’re pretty darn excited! And because the new location is beautifully made and stocked with fresh children’s entertainment, we are…

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6 Tips for Los Angeles Birthday Parties

Sean Richards 11/04/13

Let’s face it: Los Angeles birthday parties have entered an arms race. What began a generation ago with backyard streamers and rented entertainment (one clown is plenty!) has now graduated into an opulent frenzy to source acrobats, balloon artisans and label musicians. Here’s the good news: you don’t need to spend a few months’ salary…

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