25 Gifts for Snake Lovers (Some Are Creepy AF)

Snakes are either feared or loved by humans. For those who love them or find them aesthetically pleasing, there are all kinds of decor, jewelry, and material items that make the perfect gift options. 

Whether it’s subtle or screams snake, expensive or inexpensive, you can find gifts for every kind of snake lover that fit their personalities and interests. 

Whether the person you have in mind owns snakes as a pet or just has a “thing” for them, you’ll want to find something to brighten their birthday or holiday. Here are twenty-five gift ideas for the snake lover in your life. 

Black Snake and Silver Moon Mirror

Wall Hanging Decor

This Black Snake and Silver Moon Mirror is the perfect wall decor for your snake-loving friend or family member. Its simple black snake weaves around the moon mirror, adding a unique style to its otherwise simple colors. 

With a few size options, it can work anywhere in your home, no matter the spacing or color of the walls. The moon mirror is small because the snake covers parts of it, but it still offers a practical touch to any wall space.   

18K Gold Plated Water Drop Crystal Snake Pendant

Navachi 18k Gold Plated Water Drop Crystal Green Zircon Az6003p Snake Pendant Necklace 16'+2'

This 18K gold snake pendant is an inexpensive jewelry option for a snake lover. The water drop has a variety of colors, and the gold snake coils around the top as though it were resting on the crystal. It’s a necklace that works casually or can be “dressed up” for special occasions. 

It’s a fantastic gift for the jewelry wearer and snake lover. 


Antique Snake Statue Incense Holder

DMtse Brass Mini Antique Snake Statue Incense Holder Burner Ornaments Meditation Serene Statue Figurine Collectible

An antique snake incense holder is a gift idea for someone who regularly lights incense in their room or is hoping to start doing so. It’s a beautifully sculpted brass holder that would look amazing in a bedroom. 

While designed to hold a burning incense stick, it can work as everyday decor since the incense holder is subtle. It’s a pleasant and inexpensive gift for the snake and incense lover. 

Harry Potter Slytherin Velvet Robe

Harry Potter Slytherin Velvet Robe

For the snake lover and Harry Potter fan, this Harry Potter Slytherin Velvet Robe is the perfect luxury gift for an adult or teen. Made out of green velvet, the golden Slytherin writing and symbol stand out on the left breast. 

The quality and design of this robe make it a good gift even for people who aren’t Harry Potter fans and love snakes because of the emphasis on the green and snake on the robe.

Snake Earrings

Snake Earrings

Finding a decent pair of snake earrings is easy, but finding pieces as unique and detailed as this pair from Etsy is difficult. These earrings make the snake look as though it’s slithering through the wearer’s ear. 

They’re made of stainless steel but have a bronze color and texture that makes them stand out in quality. It is a style not everyone may like, but those who do will adore it.

Ball Python Custom Sweatshirt 

Ball Python Sweatshirt

Gifting a Ball Python Custom Sweatshirt adds a personal and comfy touch to a snake lover gift. With the ability to insert the name of the snake lover just below the snake on the material, this sweatshirt becomes a great gift with which you can’t go wrong. 

The available size, color, and custom name options make this gift feminine and masculine, a perfect gift for anyone.

Brass Coiled Viper Bottle Opener

Brass Coiled Viper Bottle Opener

This viper bottle opener has an expensive look with its beautiful gold color and intricate detail despite its simple function. It makes an ideal gift for anyone who drinks from bottles, but it can also serve as an excellent collector’s item for snake lovers because of its uniqueness.

Another versatile gift is who would enjoy it, and the quality of it is impeccable. 

Ceramic Snake by Carter & Rose

Ceramic Snake by Carter Rose

This ceramic snake is the perfect minimalistic snake gift that can come with an air plant in the center. It’s finely detailed despite its small size and ideal for decorating a desk or the top of a dresser. It’s a delicate touch of snake, but depending on who you’re buying for, it could be the best.

It comes in several styles that vary in colors, textures, and details, making it customizable to the gift receiver. 

Snake Crochet Plush

Snake Crochet Plush

If you’re snake lover is a fan of soft and comforting items or is on the younger side, these plush stuffed snakes make the most adorable presents. They’re hand-made and heavily detailed to make the snake shape prominent. 

The yarn is thick and soft, making them high-quality and not easily torn. With color options, snakehead options, and stripe options, this gift offers an array of customization. 

Adopt a Cobra

extra large Cobra photo

Gifting a snake lover with an adopted Cobra will not only make their day but protect Cobras everywhere. You can also present them with the Cobra adoption kit, which includes a plush cobra, a gift bag, a photo, and the adoption certificate. 

Snake Sun and Moon Tapestry

Krelymics 2 Pack Snake Tapestry Sun and Moon Tapestry Flower and Vines Tapestries Black and White Tapestry Vertical Tapestry Wall Hanging for Room(12.8 x 51.2 inches)

This two-pack of snake tapestries are decorations for a snake lover’s bedroom, dorm room, or anywhere they desire. With a celestial theme, these tapestries are aesthetically pleasing to the eye but keep the snake as the focal point.

One tapestry is back with white detail, and the either is white with black detail, providing a cohesive pair of wall decor. You can also just buy one if that’s the better option.

Ceramic Coffee Mug

LookHUMAN I'm a Good Noodle White 15 Ounce Ceramic Coffee Mug

This coffee mug from Amazon combines a humorous, adorable, and practical touch to a snake and coffee lover’s gift. Mugs are versatile gifts, so even if you’re buying them for someone who doesn’t drink coffee or tea, they can be used for other drinks or as decor.

With the phrase “I’m a Good Noodle” about the snake’s body and an adorable snake on the front, anyone would love to sip their coffee every morning from this mug.

3D Snake Paperweight

3D Snake Paperweight(Laser Etched) in Crystal Glass Cube Birthday/Christmas Gifts(No Included LED Base)(3.1x2x2 Inch)

This 3D paperweight is the best office supply gift you could get for someone who finds themselves sitting at a desk for most of the day. This crystal glass cube paperweight has a craved snake in the center. 

You can pair this gift with a separate LED stand and turn it into a desk or home decoration instead of something to keep papers down. 

Stemmed Snake Wine Glasses 

Stemmed Snake Wine Glasses

This set of two wine glasses has stems with elegant, silver snake bodies that swirl to hold the glasses up and around the bottom of the vessel for decoration. They aren’t as classy as a regular wine set, but that isn’t everyone’s style.

These are an ideal gift for the snake and wine lover, but also an alternative to regular wine glasses at a theme party or for general use. 

Serpent Area Rug

nuLOOM Thomas Paul Serpent Area Rug, 5' x 8', Black and White

This serpent area rug is a rectangular, low pile rug with an imposing slithering serpent taking up most of its surface. It’s offered in black and white or gray and adds a great touch to any hardwood floor in any room. It’s a statement piece for the ultimate snake lover.

It’s offered in several sizes, from as small as three feet by two feet to eight feet and ten inches by twelve feet. It can be as simple as a welcome mat or as extravagant as taking up the entirety of a living room floor. 

Gucci Garden Silver Snake Ring

Gucci Garden Silver Snake Ring

If you’re looking for a designer gift, this Gucci snake ring is simplistic with masculine and feminine designs. The snake’s texture wraps around your finger twice before meeting at the head, which is heart-shaped. 

The brand is the essential detail of this gift, so if your snake lover has always wanted something Gucci, this is the perfect option. 

Zoo Trip or Animal Encounter

The Reptarium

The best gifts are the ones that show a lot of thought. If you’re gifting for someone who doesn’t just find snakes aesthetically pleasing but loves the creature, take them to meet or hold one at your local zoo or see if there are any reptile zoos near you. 

One example is The Reptarium in Michigan, where private events can be booked, surrounded by all the reptiles in the zoo. You snake lover will have a blast. 

Snake Print Wooden Notebook

Snake Print Wooden Notebook Wood Journal Hardcover Planner Wooden Cover Diary, A5 Size, 80 Sheets, 160 Pages, Plaid Sheets

This snake notebook has a stunning white design on the front that pops off the page with its simple wooden background. It makes a fantastic gift for the writer, planner, or anyone who loves snakes and needs a fresh set of pages to keep track of thoughts, ideas, and plans. 

Snake Metal Bookmark 

Metal Bookmarks with Chain,Unique Glow in The Dark Bookmark,Inspirational Book Markers for Book Lovers Delicate Gifts

Something simple and thoughtful will go a long way when gift-giving. This metal snake bookmark is delicately attached to a chain that dangles from an eleven-centimeter feather. Not to mention parts of the bookmark glow in the dark, adding to its appeal.

It hooks over the spine of a book, offering an aesthetic way for a snake lover and book lover to keep a page. 

Snake and Monster Head Planter

GUGUGO Snake & Monster Head Planter Face Planters Pots with Drainage, Flower Plant Pots for Indoor Plants, Unique Funny Small Succulent Desk Vase for Plant Lover Gifts

This head planter takes a different approach to snake gifts with are more cartoon-like monster eye beside the snake on the exterior. It’s an adorable, hand-painted gift despite the giant eyeball on the side and perfect for succulents and other flowers. 

Its versatility means it can be simply for decoration or a small storage bin.  

Sterling Silver Snake Chain Necklace

Sterling Silver Snake Chain Necklace

While there is no apparent snake featured on this gift, the snake chain is a necklace that resembles the shape and movement of a snake. It’s a simple way to capture the beauty of a snake without blatantly showcasing one. 

These necklaces are popular amongst people, even those who don’t like snakes. That is because the necklace accentuates the neck and reflects light, mimicking the slithering of a snake. 

It’s a classy design and style for any look and a subtle way to gift a snake lover. 

King Cobra Snake Decanter

King Cobra Snake Decanter

This king cobra decanter is a more masculine gift that provides snake lovers with a unique way to store their favorite liquor. This decanter is made entirely out of glass and uses the cobra’s body as the space to store the liquor. The back of the snake’s head is where it gets dispensed. 

Despite its high quality and function, it’s not nearly as expensive as other decanters. 

Snake Tumbler

Snake Tumbler

If you’re looking for a gift to give a snake lover who is always on the go, this snake tumbler is the ideal gift. Simply designed, this gift works for anyone who likes snakes and drinks coffee, tea, or even water when they leave the house in the morning or for a late-night shift. 

Peruvian Soapstone Standing Snake Carving

Peruvian Soapstone Standing Snake Carving

These soapstone snake carvings are the perfect gift to your spiritual snake lover. Soapstone has soothing abilities. It is also an intuition stone, and this gift comes in red, white, and gray stone color options. 

Even if they aren’t into the spiritual aspect, you can gift these beautifully carved snakes to anyone who loves snakes because the aesthetics here are undeniable.

Medusa Candle 

Medusa Candle

This medusa candle is a select-taste gift, but if you are gifting it to some who loves snakes or greek mythology, chances are they’ll love this candle. With custom scents to choose from, such as magnolia, peppermint and mocha, honeysuckle, and rose petals, ensure the gift is perfect.

Another example of a beautifully carved gift, the candle is offered in a wide variety of color options and makes a housewarming gift or a great addition to someone’s bedroom.


Finding the best present for the snake-lover in your life has everything to do with their other interests. Snake gifts can come in the form of many unique things; even the typical t-shirt or mug can have an interesting twist that makes it perfect for the occasion.

This list of twenty-five snake gifts may showcase a present you need to buy immediately, or it may inspire further ideas. Either way, gift-giving is something that should be well thought-out and meaningful, and we hope this list helped you.