a Family Restaurant

More Than a Family Restaurant

It’s not always easy to take your kids out to eat. Sometimes when in a restaurant, your kids just want to run around, play, and do absolutely everything other than sit down and actually eat their food. Another thing that makes it difficult is that it’s so hard to find healthy food for your kids. Most of the food made for children is made to be as fried as possible. Too often, the only items on the children’s menu are just French fries, cheeseburgers, pizza and similar dishes. Sure, it’s something the kids will like to eat, but it won’t be healthier. Give your kids great food as well as a great time at a family restaurant.

Family Restaurant Menu

You may know “Giggles N’ Hugs” as a play place for your kids, but we have an incredible menu your kids will enjoy. Better still, all of the dishes are made to be more than just tasty – we’ve made them healthier, too. That way, even if your kids indulge, they’re not just eating the kind of junk food they would elsewhere. We even have “healthy bowls” for adults and kids. They can give your kids wonderfully nutritious dishes that taste fantastic, too. The real pride of our family restaurant is the “Mom’s Tricky Treat Pastas and Pizzas.”

a Family Restaurant

The Kid’s Play Area

When you go to a family restaurant, you’ll often find that the kids’ menu is nothing but pasta, pizza and French fries. Most kids love these dishes. So, to give your kid something that they’ll eat and that you would actually want to eat, we secretly blend fresh, pureed vegetables into their favorite foods. Pastas, pizzas and more – they’ll get their daily serving of veggies (and beyond) without any idea that’s what they’re eating. No more “you aren’t leaving the table until you eat your veggies.” Instead, they’ll want to eat their vegetables while they consume their favorite dishes.

Unparalleled Kid’s Party Entertainment

Of course, most people know us here at Giggles N’ Hugs not for being a family restaurant, but for being the best family restaurant in Los Angeles. When you want to reward your kids (or even just have a great night out) you can come here for lunch or dinner. Bring them along, they can eat a nutritious meal, and they can work off their energy by rampaging through our 2000 square foot play place. All their favorite fun games are here. It’s a perfect complement to when your kids build their own pizza right at the table (and yes, they get their own chef hat, too).

The Best Kid’s Party Place

The definition of “family restaurant” has changed. It used to just be “a restaurant you can take the whole family to.” Now, here at Giggles N’ Hugs, we’ve made it “a restaurant the entire family can enjoy.” The grownups will love the meals we have to offer while the kids can have a great time playing all of our games. To find out more about how all of this works, give us a call at (818)610-4847 or just head on over to our website.

kid’s party venues

Kid’s Party Venues Wherever Kids Are

It’s important for kids to learn how to be humble. We all want children to take pride in their accomplishments and be proud of who they are. It’s also important to not get carried away when they’re praised for doing well. That being said, we have to point out: we do have an impressive resume here at Giggles N’ Hugs. Nickelodeon themselves voted us the #1 birthday party place in Los Angeles, over all of the other kid’s party venues. We take great pride in that. They had even more praise for us than that, though: they also voted us the “best pizza in Los Angeles.” That’s just as important to many kids, because it means we can offer the essentials when it comes to birthday parties: fun and pizza. That’s not all we offer, though.

Tops among Kids’ Party Venues

CitySearch and GoCityKids are two trusted brands. Thousand if not millions turn to them when researching goods and services. That’s why it was so rewarding for them to list us as the best family and kid-friendly kid’s party venues in Los Angeles. On top of that, Red Tricycle, another trusted site voted us the Best Indoor Play space. We are quite proud of that, as our 2000 square foot play area has everything that kids ten and younger need to have the times of their lives. Red Tricycle also pointed out that our organic, kid-friendly restaurant also “has wine and beer.” Our venues are easy on the grownups, too.

kid’s party venues

Kid’s Party Places

That being said, sometimes the best kid’s party places aren’t inside our play space. We can bring the party to you with our Parties to Go with catering. That way, you can find put our professionally made parties at any location of your choosing. Maybe you want to have the party in your home, maybe you want to have it in a nearby park, perhaps there’s a location that is very important to your child and you want to have the party there — the possibilities are literally endless. Wherever you want to put the party, that’s’ where we can make the party happen.

Toddler Birthday Party Places and More

With our Parties to Go and Catering, you don’t just get the food. We offer table decorations for up to fifteen kids, a sandwich platter with chips or a pizzas as well as a staff member who can host two hours of awesome activities. So, the kids won’t just be eating and singing in your location – they can take part in any number of fun, hosted activities for a long period of time. See exactly what’s possible when the kid’s party venues can go anywhere.

The Indoor Party Places for Kids

Between our 2000 square foot location and our mobile services, the best kid’s party venues are anywhere you want to go. We can even put in many great party extras in our Parties to Go: balloon artists, photo booth, magic show, puppet show and so much more. Plan the perfect party by calling us at (818) 610-4847 or setting it up at our site.

Fun Birthday Places

The Most Fun Birthday Places

We work hard to make sure that Giggles N’ Hugs is among your child’s favorite fun birthday places. We do that through maintaining a 2000 square foot play space that has all the active, fun games that you child will love. On top of that, we have a world class menu filled with organic dishes that not only will your children love to eat, they’ll get their daily amount of veggies from, too. We can still make your birthday fun even if you don’t come to Giggles N’ Hugs, as we can bring the party to you with our Parties to Go. One of the more subtle ways we make birthdays wonderful is through our birthday themes.

Fun Birthday Places’ Themes

Kids love birthday themes. When a kid’s party has the right theme, it can make the entire party that much more special. We have several themes that we offer, and are ready to go. As you can see from the pictures at our site, we take great pride in making sure that our fun birthday places look amazing for your child’s birthday. The fun colors and design take the entire party to a higher level. Feel free to contact us about what theme to use for your child’s birthday. We love to talk to parents and figure out what’s the best theme for their child.

Fun Birthday Places

Best Indoor Playground

Right now, one of the hottest birthday themes at our fun kids birthday party places are the superhero birthday themes. These themes incorporate many of your child’s favorite superheroes. We can make everything about them and their favorite “masked man.” Also, superhero themed parties aren’t just for boys anymore. With the rise of the new wave of comic book movies and TV shows, we’ve found many girls love superhero themed parties, too. When you want to save the day and bring justice to your child’s birthday, we have many superhero themed parties to choose from.

Best Kid’s Party Place, Bar None

Many birthday party themes come and go, but Princess-themed birthday parties will always be in style. Our fun birthday places have hosted so many princess birthday themed parties over the years. We make your child feel like the royalty they are. Other classic themes that have stood the test of time are the “Pirate” and “Mermaid” themes. You don’t have to be anywhere near a body of water for your kids to love this nautical birthday theme. Jungle, dinosaur and Candy Land are also tried and true birthday themes. With so many to choose from, you can find the right one for your child.

Unique Kids Party Venues

That being said, not every parent can find a theme that perfectly fits their child at our fun birthday places. So, then you can make a custom theme! Call us at (818) 610-4847 and we’ll sit down with you to figure out how to make the perfect theme that fits your child. We have miscellaneous themes and decorations that can be put together, mix and match style to make the birthday that your child will remember forever! You can also set this up by heading to our website.

the number one birthday party place


When it comes to the number one birthday party place in Southern California, the choice is clear. Kids can have fun at a lot of different places, but Giggles N’ Hugs ensures that they have the most fun while enjoying plenty of different kinds of activities and healthy food. Birthdays are some of the most special times in a child’s life. They also can be a time of learning, so that a child can develop good habits that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

number one birthday party place

Number One Birthday Party Place with a Star

When other locations are compared to Giggles N’ Hugs, they just don’t measure up. Only one place combines organic food with the best beverages, fresh dessert, fresher activities, return passes and low prices. Chuck E Cheese offers pizza, ice cream, video games and candy filled piñatas, none of which are necessarily all that healthy. MyGym, Gymboree, Under the Sea and Peekaboo Playland don’t really offer much in the way of food, period. In addition to the low price, the “return passes for birthday kids” policy of Giggles N’ Hugs can save parents a lot of money.

So Many Party Extras

In addition to all the things that go into a typical party, the available add-ons really separate Giggles N’ Hugs as the number one birthday party place. Balloon artists and bounce houses are available at reasonable rates. Photo booths with unlimited photos and DJs can take any kids party to another, higher level. The same goes for party goody bags, face painting and temporary tattoos. Beyond those are magic and puppet shows, even bubbleologists – and again, this is in addition to the already great parties.

Party Themes for Everyone

If kids could want a birthday party centered around a theme, the number one birthday party place offers it. There are many superhero birthday themes available. They’re available for girls as well as boys, too. Princess birthday party themes never go out of style, and neither do “Pirate & Mermaid” ones. Kids will always love animals, so Jungle and Cartoon Pups are popular birthday themes. They also love animals that aren’t around anymore, so Dinosaur themed parties are available.

Parties to Go

You can bring the number one birthday party place to your place. Giggles N’ Hugs can travel, as the “Parties to Go” package can bring the party to a park, your home, anywhere. Servers, party coordinators, cooks, decorations, bounces houses, arts n’ crafts and more are available for you and your child to enjoy outside of the traditional locations at Topanga and Glendale.

Birthday of a Lifetime

Your child is special every day of the year. On their birthday though, your child should be the absolute center of attention. Giggles N’ Hugs makes your child the star of the show, from the moment the party starts. Treat your child’s birthday like the wonderful event it is. For more info, head to Giggles N’ Hugs for the number one birthday party place.