25 Gifts For A Massage Therapist (To Get Their Kinks Out)

Massage therapists give the gift of relaxation, so show your appreciation for all their hard work with these 25 best gifts for a massage therapist. 

These thoughtful, unique, and practical gifts for massage therapists will show your support in their career or passion and your gratitude for all they do. From oils to fun card games, this list of massage therapy gifts is the inspiration you need for the perfect thank you or general present. Let’s dive in!

1. Portable Hot Stones Kit

SereneLife Portable Massage Stone Warmer Set - Electric Spa Hot Stones Massager and Heater Kit with 6 Large and 6 Small Round Shaped Basalt Massaging Rocks, Digital Controller Heating Bag

A hot stone massage is a relaxing massage technique where the massage therapist places hot stones on sore muscles of the body. With this portable hot stones kit, your massage therapist can take this soothing technique on the go. 

This kit contains six large and six small stones in an electric heating bag. This thoughtful and practical gift includes all the cables needed to use it out of the box and a handy carrying strap for easy portability. 

2. Cordless Hand Massager

CINCOM Mothers Day Gifts - Cordless Hand Massager with Heat and Compression for Arthritis and Carpal Tunnel(FSA or HSA Eligible) (White)

One of the best gifts for massage therapists is something they can use for themselves. This cordless hand massager will help soothe your massage therapists tired hand muscles after a long day of caring for other people. 

This small but mighty machine uses air pressure, heat, and movement to knead sore muscles of the palms. The receiver can use this machine on both hands and choose from three different pressure settings. 

3. AromaTouch Oil by DoTerra

AromaTouch Oil by DoTerra

DoTerra is a high-quality brand of essential oils; their AromaTouch® blend is ideal for massage therapists because it combines soothing ingredients for whole-body wellness. 

This essential oil includes the following natural ingredients:

  • Cypress
  • Peppermint
  • Basil
  • Marjoram 
  • Lavender
  • Grapefruit

AromaTouch® Oil comes in a 15ml bottle. Since DoTerra oils are all-natural and pure, add a couple of drops to a neutral scented carrier oil to avoid skin irritations and make the small bottle last a long time. 

4. Massage Bottle Holster

EARTHLITE Massage Bottle Holster Double Kit - Incl. 2 Bottles & Heavy Duty, Adjustable Double Holster for Massage Oil & Massage Lotion (2x 8oz) , Black

Every massage therapist needs a massage bottle holster so that dry skin never interrupts a great massage. A massage oil bottle holster is an excellent gift for students studying massage therapy because it is a gift they’ll use every day in their future careers. 

The Earthlite massage bottle holster has two spaces for different lotions and oils and easily wraps around the hips so that it doesn’t interfere with the massage experience. 

5. Sore Muscle Massage Oil

MAJESTIC PURE Arnica Sore Muscle Massage Oil for Body - Natural Oil with Lavender and Chamomile Essential Oils - Warming, Relaxing, Massaging Joint & Muscles - 8 fl. oz.

Massage oil is a product that massage therapists use quickly, so it’s never a bad idea to gift a massage therapist an oil that soothes muscles. This eight-ounce bottle of oil features soothing ingredients like arnica, chamomile, and lavender for aromatherapy and skin hydration. 

Every bottle of this sore muscle massage oil is cruelty-free and made in the USA. 

6. Essential Oil Diffuser 

ASAKUKI Essential Oil Diffuser with Remote Control, 400ml Cool Mist Humidifier, 16 Hours Operation Aroma Diffuser with Waterless Safety Switch & 14 LED Colors

Aromatherapy and massage therapy go hand-in-hand because few things help someone relax and enjoy the moment, like soothing scents. 

An essential oil diffuser takes tiny drops of scented oils, mixes them with water, and turns them into sweet-smelling water vapors that permeate a room. Just a few drops go a long way to helping both the massage therapist and their client relax before, during, and after the session.   

7. Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Maoifaec 20W Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker, Portable Wireless Speakers with 28H Playtime, IPX7 Waterproof, Wireless Stereo Pairing, Bluetooth 5.0 Speaker for Shower Home Outdoors Travel

Massage therapists use the power of soothing music to enhance the massage experience during the session. However, there’s a huge difference between listening to music from a phone speaker and an actual speaker, so a waterproof Bluetooth speaker is an incredible gift for a massage therapist. 

This Bluetooth speaker has a 100-foot range, 18 hours of battery power, and is waterproof. The compact and lightweight design makes this gift easy for massage therapists to keep in their kit. 

8. Premium Hot Chocolate


You might not be able to reciprocate the soothing and relaxing effects of a massage. Still, you can show gratitude with some premium hot chocolate for your massage therapist to enjoy during their downtime. 

This Ghirardelli mocha hot chocolate mix is a luxurious experience with velvety chocolate flavors. Your massage therapist can mix the powder into coffee or milk for the decadent experience they deserve. 

9. Massage Therapist T-Shirt 

Massage Therapist T Shirt

Make your massage therapist smile with this Friends-inspired t-shirt. The words “massage therapist” are separated with colored dots, like the Friends TV show logo. Underneath the text is the words, I’ll be there for you. 

This comfortable unisex graphic t-shirt is an excellent gift for massage therapists who are also big fans of the show. The gift receiver won’t need to fret if oils and lotions accidentally spill on the shirt because it’s machine washable in cold water. 

10. Massage-Themed Wall Art 

Massage Themed Wall Art

Massage therapists know how ambiance can enhance a space, so enhance the workspace of your massage therapist with massage-themed wall art. Art is one of the best gifts for a massage therapist because it’s unique, thoughtful, and sends a positive reminder to the viewer every time they look at it. 

This art print has an anatomical drawing of the muscles in the back with colorful flowers embellishing the image. The print is on top of typed text about back anatomy for a professional yet artistic rendition of massage-themed art. 

11. Himalayan Salt Lamp

Himalayan Glow Salt Lamp with Dimmer Switch 5-7 lbs

A Himalayan salt lamp emits a warm glow that makes a room feel instantly relaxing. Whether your massage therapist uses this gift in their practice or for personal use, this is a fantastic gift idea. 

The salt lamp is a large rock of Himilayan salt carved out from the bottom. Inside is a lightbulb with a wooden base and chord. Just flick the switch, and the room will instantly be bathed in a warm amber light. 

12. Special Massage Therapist Mug

Special Massage Therapist Mug

“I make knotty people cry,” reads this unique coffee mug for massage therapists. This gift will do the trick if you’re trying to get a massage therapist to flex their facial muscles into a smile. 

Whether your massage therapist drinks tea, coffee, or water, this ceramic mug will be their new office companion.

13. Set of Six Aromatherapy Candles

Scented Candles Gift Set for Women 6 Pack 3.5Oz Soy Wax Aromatherapy Birthday Gifts for Women Christmas Mothers Day Gift for Yoga Fragrance Bath

Impress your massage therapist with this gift set of six aromatherapy candles. These soy candles emit a wonderful fragrance when lit and come in a wide range of scents. Your massage therapist can choose to keep these for themselves or use them in their sessions. 

Each set of six candles contains one of each scent: 

  • Vanilla
  • Rose 
  • Lavender
  • Lemon 
  • Jasmine
  • Fig 

14. Recycled Notebooks

PAPERAGE Recycled Lined Journal Notebook, (Pink Blush), 160 Pages, Medium 5.7 inches x 8 inches - 100 GSM Thick Paper, Hardcover

Recycled notebooks are made from recycled paper, reducing the number of trees that need to be chopped down for paper production. A recycled notebook is one of the best gifts for a massage therapist who is conscious of their environmental impact yet love to handwrite notes. 

These beautiful ring-bound journals have a wide variety of cover patterns and designs so that you can choose one that suits your massage therapist best. 

15. Chakra Stones for Reiki 

CrystalTears 7 Chakra Crystal Stones Natural Reiki Healing Crystals Gemstones with Engraved Chakra Symbol Tumbled Polished Chakra Stone Kit for Meditation Crystal Therapy Gift for Christmas

This chakra crystal set is one of the best gifts for a massage therapist who also practices reiki. There are seven stones in this thoughtful gift, each representing one of the seven chakras. 

These natural quartz stones are artfully carved with symbols for each chakra. The stones included in this reiki kit are clear quartz, lapis lazuli, yellow aventurine, red jasper, red agate, green aventurine, and amethyst.

16. Macrame Dream Catcher

Dream Catchers, Dreamcatcher Moon Macrame Dream Catcher with Light Dream Catchers Moon for Room Bohemian Macrame Decor with Led Lights Moon Macrame Dream Catcher Wall Hanging for Girls Beige

A macrame dream catcher is an excellent gift for a massage therapist who has a bohemian style. This dream catcher has a crescent moon design with long threads that artfully line a wall. 

The dream catcher has 72 inches of string lights weaved throughout the handmade piece. When lit, this gorgeous hanging decoration illuminates a space with a warm, comforting glow. 

Your massage therapist will love incorporating this thoughtful gift into their home decor or office space. 

17. Massage Table Linens 

London Linens Extra Thick 3 Piece Set Massage Table Sheets Set - 100% Natural Cotton Flannel - Includes Massage Table Cover, Massage Fitted Sheet, and Massage Face Rest Cover (Lilac)

Massage table linens are a thoughtful gift for a massage therapy student or graduate. Ask any massage therapist, and they’ll tell you that they could never have too many linens. 

This set of massage table linens has one fitted sheet that hugs the underside of the massage table so that it stays firmly in place during a massage appointment. It also includes separate linen for the face and a flat sheet to cover the client. 

18. Mindfulness Matters Card Game 

Mindfulness Matters Card Game

If you’re looking for fun gifts for a massage therapist, this Mindfulness Matters card game is a perfect choice. 

This fun card game includes 58 cards with mindfulness practices and prompts for critical mindfulness skills. The game can be played solo in a moment of relaxation or as a competitive card game with up to four players. 

19. Half Moon Bolster Pillow

AllSett Health Large Half Moon Bolster Pillow for Legs, Knees, Lower Back and Head, Lumbar Support Pillow for Bed, Sleeping | Semi Roll for Ankle and Foot Comfort - Machine Washable Cover, Grey

One of the best gifts for a massage therapist is a half-moon bolster pillow. This handy tool helps prop up the client’s legs, knees, or necks during sessions to alleviate muscle tension further.

A half-moon bolster pillow is also something your massage therapist can use in their yoga practice or help them to get a comfortable night’s sleep. The cover is machine washable, so they don’t need to worry if they get massage oil on it. 

20. Travel Backpack for Massage Therapists

EARTHLITE LMT Go-Pack – The Ultimate Massage Therapist Travel Backpack. Water Resistant, USB Charging Port, Multiple Compartments, Black

One of the perks of being a massage therapist is that they can do their job anywhere in the world. However, since massage therapists have a lot of props and tools they need to do their job, getting up and going is easier said than done. 

Gift someone the gift of freedom with a travel backpack that has enough space for all the gear they need to carry. 

This bag is specifically designed for massage therapists with spacious pockets, heavy-duty zippers, padded and adjustable straps, and large storage compartments. It even boasts a built-in USB connector and headphone jack. 

21. Massage Therapist Keychain 

Massage Therapist Keychain

This massage therapist keychain is a thoughtful and personalized gift for someone who’s finally received their license to massage. The keychain has multiple massage therapy-themed charms that celebrate graduating and starting a new career. 

Personalize this thoughtful gift with your massage therapist’s birthstone and one of their initials. This keychain even includes a purse clip so that your massage therapist can easily find their keys in their massage kit or purse. 

22. Massage Therapist Tumbler

Massage Therapist

Gift your massage therapist a personalized drinking cup with this massage therapist tumbler. Whether your massage therapist drinks coffee, tea, or wine, they can enjoy drinking from something that was thoughtfully gifted to them.  

Choose from a wide menu of fonts, colors, and cup sizes. These durable drinking tumblers have a double wall of insulation that ensures drinks stay hot or cold for longer. 

23. Sharper Image Neck and Shoulder Wrap

Sharper Image Neck and Shoulder Wrap

The Sharper Image® neck and shoulder wrap helps relieve pain and tension in the neck and shoulders. While massage therapists spend most of their days helping other people’s back pain, they experience it themselves. 

This gift is something that the receiver can use for themselves and incorporate into their practice to offer soothing warmth to the upper body while they work on the lower body. 

24. Pendant Necklace

Massage Therapist Pendant Necklace

It can be hard to pick a present for a massage therapist, but this pendant necklace is a gorgeous gift that any female massage therapist would be happy to receive. Included with the necklace is a note with a meaningful inscription about massage therapists. 

This white gold and cubic zirconia pendant necklace has an adjustable chain so the wearer can fit it perfectly to their body or outfit. 

25. Massage Roller

MZDXJ Muscle Roller, Massage Roller Stick for Athletes, Help Reducing Muscle Soreness Cramping Tightness Leg Arms Back Calves Muscle Massager (Green Gray)

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Massage rollers are practical presents for massage therapists because they provide hands-free massages. A massage roller is one of the best presents for a massage therapist because they have muscle pain, too but can’t necessarily reach all the sore spots on their own. 

This easy-to-use massager rolls over tight muscles to help with pain relief and recovery time so that your massage therapist can focus on their work instead of their muscle pain. 

Final Thoughts 

Massage therapists deserve moments of relaxation and ways to make themselves and their clients more comfortable during sessions. Now, you can share your appreciation with these 25 best gifts for a massage therapist. 

Add these thoughtful gifts to your cart by clicking the links above and express your gratitude during the holiday season, a birthday, graduation, or any occasion that deserves a little something extra. 

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