25 Gifts for Barbers (Show You Appreciate That Fresh Cut)

A trip to the barbershop is a luxury we all look forward to. Nothing feels better than having your hair washed, styled, and trimmed while you chat about life with the friendly neighborhood barber.

Barbers jokingly refer to themselves as “hairapists,” which rings true for anyone who’s ever frequented a barbershop. It’s a therapeutic experience, leaving us pampered, refreshed, and looking our best. 

Below, we list 25 gifts for barbers that will help you show your love and appreciation for your barber or the barber in your family or group of friends. 

Whether you’re looking for a simple stocking stuffer or a special present for an intimate friend or partner, you’ll find plenty of great ideas and products on our list of the 25 best gifts for barbers. 

Royal Crown Barber Shop Tin Sign

Royal Crown Barber Shop Tin Sign

This cool, vintage tin barbershop sign would be a great addition to any barber’s station, seating area, or as wall art in their home. It’s got simple yet tasteful imagery of scissors, a mustache, and a comb, over which the word “Barbershop” is written in a trendy gothic script. 

This sign is affordable and tasteful. Any barber would proudly showcase this tin sign in their home or shop.  

Barber Equipment Organizer

Barber Equipment Organizer

Barbers are a high-maintenance crew. They’ve got thousands of accessories, equipment, and fine hair products to work with a range of hair and skin types. But, with so many tiny brushes, trimmer heads, clippers, and creams, it must be hard to keep track of it all.

That’s why this barber equipment organizer is a God-sent. It is a beautifully and intelligently designed wood organizer with a specific space for every piece of equipment in a barber’s armory.

Barber Business Card Holder

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Any business-savvy barber will invest in a set of business cards. But, despite everything going digital these days, a hand-held carbon copy of your contact information still holds weight with potential customers.

This nuts and bolts sculpture, “Barber With Business Card Holder” is a handmade ornament figurine. This card holder will add a sleek and professional look that will surely catch your customers’ eye. 

High Calf Barber Socks

Hot Sox Mens Barber Shop Socks, Natural Melange, 1 Pair, Mens Shoe 6-12.5

There’s something nostalgic about high-calf cotton socks. It either reminds you of playing sports as a kid or of your dorky Dad coaching your little-league team. Either way, they’ve got an endearing, All-American feel.

These budget-friendly, colorful, and intentionally dorky high-calf barber socks will put a smile on your favorite barber’s face. You should specify that you expect them to wear shorts, so they can expose them for all to see! 

Beard Grooming Kit

Beard Club Beard Care Kit - Style, Moisturize and Grow a Healthier Beard - Straight Edge Razor, Beard Shampoo, Cedar Beard Balm and Beard Oil, Boar Bristle Beard Brush - Gift Kit

Men constantly chastise women for their elaborate hygienic routines involving face masks and hour-long hair treatments. However, men with beards rival even the highest maintenance woman on the planet. 

Who knew how much work it is to maintain a healthy and clean beard? The answer is barbers! You can make a professional barber out of your bearded friends by gifting them this luxurious beard grooming kit containing:

  • Beard brush
  • Beard oil
  • Beard balm
  • Beard shampoo
  • Straight-edge razor
  • Leather pouch

14.5” Salon Barber Shop Pole

WUPYI 14.5” Barber Shop Pole Red White Blue Rotating Light LED Stripes Pole Light Hair Salon Sign Wall Mount Rotating Light (14.5')

No barbershop is complete without an old-fashioned barber pole. It’s not even old-fashioned. It’s essential signage, a universal language that beckons customers for their weekly or monthly haircut. 

This classic barbershop pole has the standard rotating triple-stiped design with an LED light and a metal loop for easy hanging. The long extension cord makes it easy to hang this sign anywhere, outdoors or indoors. Plus, the price for this pole is unbeatable! 

Electric Trimmer and Blades

Suttik Hair Clippers and Trimmers Set, Barber Clippers Professional Set, Beard Trimmer for Men, Cordless Ornate Clippers for Men with T-Blade Close Cutting Trimmer, LED Display, Gift for Men

Any barber worth their salt probably has a million tools for their professional practices. However, there are plenty of aspiring barbers or amateur barbers that are just starting out. This high-quality electric trimmer with multiple blades is the perfect gift to help novice barbers embark on their passion.

This kit comes with:

  • Cordless electric beard and hair trimmers
  • Six guide combs for the hair trimmer
  • Three guide combs for the beard trimmer
  • Cleaning brush
  • cape

This kit will equip any barber with all the necessary tools to take on customers.

Wee Jimmy Barber Plant Holders

Wee Jimmy Barber Plant Holders

For barbers and plant lovers alike, this is the most adorable product on our list and a true crowd pleaser. This creative barber-inspired planter reminded us of a modern take on chia pets. It’s a 3D printout of a barber cutting a client’s “hair,” where each figurine’s head is a giant circular planter receptacle.

You can fill the planters with your favorite succulents or small bushes to create any number of hair-dos, from an “afro bush” to a succulent-style mohawk. 

Barber Pole Keychain

WSNANG Barber Shop Sign Keychain/Necklace Barber Turn Light Pendant Jewelry Hair Stylist Gift Hair Barber Gift (Silver KC)

This old-school barber pole keychain is a cheap but poignant stocking stuffer that your favorite barber will proudly use for their set of keys. Key chain charms are both utilitarian and creative. They express your passion while also helping you dig your keys from the bottom of your bag or pocket.

This classic, blue-white-red striped pole works well as a keychain accessory or a necklace pendant. You could even use it as a charm for your dog or cat’s collar.  

Personalized Leather Barber Roll Case

Personalized Leather Barber Roll Case

This personalized leather barber roll case will majorly up your game as a refined and organized barber. It is a beautifully crafted deep brown leather case with burlap stitching, containing multiple compartments for combs, scissors, and other hair tools. 

You can pack this lovely case with up to ten accessories, and you’re still able to roll it up into a small and easily transportable handbag. 

Leather and Canvas Barber Apron

Leather and Canvas Barber Apron

Barbers and stylists have a very hands-on, labor-intensive job, requiring them to be on their feet all day, trying to find the perfect angle for each cut or shave. Having to constantly head back to their counter or shelf to find the right tools would impede their flow.

That’s why a high-quality barber apron is a crucial article in any barber’s professional uniform. This hand-crafted canvas apron with leather pockets comes in various colors, so your favorite barber can wear their favorite-colored article every day. 

Barber Sign Baseball Cap

Barber Sign Baseball Cap

You don’t have to be a baseball player to wear a baseball cap. Barbers can wear them, too. To that point, this baseball cap was made with barbers in mind. It’s a simple, black cap with the iconic barbershop pole logo printed front and center.

Whether they’re shielding their eyes from the sun or concealing a bad hair day, this barber sign baseball cap will help them do so in style, representing their passion.

Barber Pole Christmas Ornament

Old World Christmas Ornaments: Barber Pole Glass Blown Ornaments for Christmas Tree (36126)

This cheerful barber pole Christmas ornament is the ultimate stocking stuffer or holiday party gift for your barbershop colleagues. This Christmas ornament is the highest-quality blown-glass ornament that is hand-crafted using 19th-century techniques. 

You can really see the craftsmanship put into this small, detailed ornament perfectly molded into an iconic barber pole, with each strip and indentation dusted with bright glitter.  

Wood Beard Brush and Comb

Wood Beard Brush and Comb

The perfect Father’s Day gift, this compact artisanal beard grooming kit is affordable without skimping on quality. It’s the gift with the best value for money spent. It comes with:

  • Double-sided sandalwood comb
  • Laser engraved sandalwood brush
  • Scissors
  • Leather case

Barber Glass Can Tumbler

Barber Glass Can Tumbler

Barbershops have traditionally been a meeting place for men, differentiating themselves from co-ed hair salons with a boys club mentality. There’s been a resurgence in male-exclusive barbershops offering a hipster take on masculinity that often includes a beer or stiff drink to accompany a cut and a shave.

That’s where these awesome custom barber glass tumblers come in. Each thick glass cup has prints of all the classic barbershop paraphernalia.  

Lasergram Custom Engraved Barbershop Coffee Mug

Lasergram Custom Engraved Barbershop Coffee Mug

If alcohol isn’t your beverage of choice, check out this nice vacuum-insulated, customizable barber mug from Lasergram. Its high-tech construction will keep hot coffee hot and lemonade ice-cold. 

You can pick the color and specify the name you want, which will be engraved under a tasteful logo of clippers and combs. It’ll soon be your favorite barber’s favorite coffee mug.

Barbershop Print Set of 5 Hipster Prints

Barbershop Print Set of 5 Hipster Prints

Whether you’re a barber or not, these fashionable and informative black and white prints make the perfect industrial-chic décor.

Each print features an anatomy-book-type sketch of barbershop tools replete with terminology and instructions. Framing and displaying them in the home or shop will upgrade the surroundings. 

Nuts and Bolts Barber Sculpture

Nuts and Bolts Barber Sculpture

If you were a fan of erector sets as a kid, this creative nuts and bolts barber sculpture will fascinate you. It’s a handmade sculpture of a barber at work on a customer in a swivel chair in front of a mirror, using multicolored steel and iron parts.

This work of art will brighten up any office, shelf, or side table. 

Barber “Get Faded” Shirt

Get Faded Barber Barbershop Hairdresser T Shirt

This silly play-on-words shirt from Zazzle is a phrase that any well-seasoned barber will understand in an entirely different way than non-barber counterparts. So you can think of it as a little inside joke between you and your favorite barber friend. 

The retro 70’s design is a nice touch, too. 

Gag Water Spray Bottles

3 Pieces Empty Barber Water Spray Bottles Refillable 650ml/22 oz Salon Hairspray Squirt Bottle for Cleaning Solutions, Hair, Essential Oil, Plants with Adjustable Trigger Nozzles

Yet another comical gift, these water spray bottles might have customers doing double takes. This set of three square-shaped, brown glass bottles has black labels that are a spoof on Jack Daniels whiskey bottles. 

Don’t worry; your hair treatment isn’t spiked! If you read the fine print, the labels actually say, “Just Water.” 

Personalized Hair Stylist Bag

Personalized Hair Stylist Bag

Doctors aren’t the only professionals making house calls! Plenty of barbers will travel to their customers or even rent out styling stations in different locations from one month to the next. You can help the barber in your family move freely and efficiently with this personalized hair stylist bag. 

It’s a large enough bag to fit all hair-styling equipment, plus any personal items you’ll need throughout the workday. 

Barber Shop Sign 

Barber Shop Sign

Barbershop poles may indicate the nature of your services, but how will clients distinguish one barbershop from another? The answer is a customized barbershop sign. This stylish, steel barbershop sign from Nala Print is durable, high-quality, and fully customizable. 

They’re made to withstand any weather conditions and will add a unique and elegant façade for your barbershop storefront. 

Barber Low Top Shoes

Barber Hair Dresser Shoes

If barbery is a passion bordering on obsession, then you’ll want to represent your passion from head to toe. We’ve already given you options for caps, shirts, and socks. All that’s left to complete your barber wardrobe is a pair of barber-printed shoes.

These quirky barber-print low tops are the best gifts for barbers to cushion their feet while expressing their passion. They are old-school cloth low-tops shaped like Converse All-Stars with prints of colorful barbershop poles, hair dryers, bowties, clippers, mustaches, and beards. 

Barber Chair Desk Clock

Sanis Enterprises 1.5'x1.5'x3.5' Silver Barber Chair Desk Clock

There’s no cooler piece of barbershop furniture than a black leather and metal barber chair. No matter how cutting edge a barbershop may be, the classic barber chair is an ageless fixture with worldwide appeal.

Buying a barber chair might be too big of an investment, but you can probably afford this custom-made barber chair desk clock. It’s an accurate and elegant metal and plastic replica of an old-fashioned barber chair with a square-shaped clock on the chairback.

It’s small enough to fit on the thin shelf under a barber station mirror. It could also double for a paperweight. 

Personalized Barber Flask

Personalized Flask Set

Just as old-school barbershops have become hipster hangouts, metal flasks have likewise enjoyed a resurgence in popularity as a key hipster accessory. 

If your loved one enjoys the occasional swig of spirit, gift them this personalized matte black flask with their name engraved on it underneath the logo of barber tools and a pole. 

Final Thoughts

If you have a barber in your family or group of friends, they’ll surely appreciate a gift to fuel their passion and livelihood. Our list of the best 25 gifts for barbers gives you a wide range of options that will fit any budget.

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