25 Gag Gifts for Men (Guaranteed To Get Them Good)

Some men are just born with an innate sense of humor. These goofy, lovable people in our lives enjoy laughing and making others laugh – often with a snappy comeback, a cheesy joke, or a lighthearted prank. 

If you know someone with this type of humor, you know that they also appreciate a good gag gift. A gag gift is the complete opposite of a serious gift. The goal is laughter, and often nothing more. 

Are you looking to get a laugh out of your husband, father, brother, or favorite comedic uncle? Try one of these 25 gag gifts for men at your next get-together. 

Beer Belly Fanny Pack

Funny Gifts White Elephant Gifts, Wisedom Gag Gifts Dad Bag Fanny Pack & 3D Beer Belly Waist Pack Waterproof For Women Men Christmas Stocking Stuffers for Men

This beer belly fanny pack takes the phrase “dad bod” to the next level. If the man in your life lives with an impressive sense of humor, he’s sure to get a kick out of this fanny pack. The fanny pack, while completely functional with one large zipper pouch, looks exactly like a hairy belly – belly button included, of course. 

Bean Boozled Jelly Beans

Bean Boozled Jelly Beans

The jokester in your family is always laughing at the expense of everyone else, but this time, the laugh is on them. Bean Boozled Jelly Beans aren’t like other candies. They come in five fiery flavors, including sriracha and Carolina reaper. Everyone will love to watch this gag gift play out in real time. 

Emergency Underpants

Accoutrements Emergency Underpants

Is the funny guy in your life getting up there in age? Poke fun at his progression (or regression) by giving him a pair of emergency underpants. 

This hilarious gag gift comes in a small tin labeled, “Uh Oh… Emergency Underpants.” It contains one pair of tighty whities that are “always ready to use,” just in case he laughs a little too hard and can’t control himself. 

Gift Not Included Batteries

Gift Not Included Batteries

How many times do we receive super-fun gifts, only to be disappointed by the label that reads, “batteries not included”? This rib-tickling gag gift is exactly the opposite. 

The small package includes just two AA batteries. The label reads, “all the power you need for that gift you really want!” Not only is it a funny joke, but it’s clever, too!

1,000,000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

1000000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

Everyone has that one puzzle expert in their family – the only one who can solve a 10,000-piece jigsaw in a matter of days. The 1,000,000-piece jigsaw puzzle is the perfect gag gift for that person. 

The gift comes in a tiny box and contains countless little pieces. It may be ninja-level hard, but at least it comes with a hint: start with the corner pieces. Genius! 

Barry Wood Basic Black Mug

Barry Wood Gag Gift - Basic Black Collectible Mug for Adult - Funny Color Changing Mug Gift for Boss - Heat Changing Mug - Office Gag Gifts - Best White Elephant Gift

The Basic Black Collectible Mug is the gag gift that keeps on giving. At first glance, it seems like nothing more than a basic black mug, However, the mug uses heat-activated technology to reveal a secret image when hot liquids warm it up.

This particular mug reveals the infamous Barry Wood meme. If you’re not familiar, it’s a naked black man. But don’t worry – his most private area is censored with a lovely eggplant. We recommend giving this to a man who uses the company break room for his morning coffee.

In-Laws Survival Kit

Give this gag gift to any married man with in-laws and you’ll be sure to get a good laugh at him. You get extra points if you are the in-laws, poking fun at your role in this man’s life. 

The kit comes in a small tin with a funny label and contains some good stuff: an eye mask, ear plugs, eye cream, bubble bath, and pillow mist. It’s a humorous gag gift that’s quite helpful. 

Gag Book

Living With an Unusually Small Penis: Funny Gag Gift for Friend - Blank Lined Journal for Groom Bachelor Parties, Weddings, Birthdays, Christmas Secret Santa

The title of this gag book will get any grown man giggling like a schoolgirl – along with all his friends and family who watch him open it. This faux book is titled, in big and bold letters, “Living With an Unusually Small Penus.” 

As clever and funny as the title is, this isn’t a book at all. It’s a lined journal. The blank book needs nothing more than its farcical title to make it the best gag gift for men. 

Senior Citizen Survival Kit

Senior Citizen Survival Kit

Getting old isn’t necessarily fun, but it can be fun if you let it. If the jokester in your life is celebrating a monumental birthday, now is the perfect time to make him laugh about it with the senior citizen survival kit. 

This little kit is chock-full of classic items elderly folks may require as their bodies turn on them. It includes emergency underwear, hemorrhoid wipes, Efferdent, Aspercreme, and more. Add a little humor to the old folks. 

Potty Putter

Potty Putter Toilet Time Golf Game - Perfect Bathroom Mini Golf Set for Golf Enthusiasts - Hilarious and Fun Novelty Gift for All Ages - Improve Your Putting Skills on the Loo!

If there’s one thing men are notorious for, it’s spending entirely too much time on the toilet. The potty putter is an excellent way to poke fun at your man, insinuating that he could put an entire golf game during the time he spends in the bathroom. 

The potty putter comes with a green mat, a hole, golf balls, and a putter. Everything he needs to fully entertain himself on the John. 

Bluetooth Banana Phone

If the man in your life is a sucker for some classic, slapstick comedy, he’ll get a kick out of this banana phone. Yes, it’s a phone. And yes, it looks like a banana. 

The banana phone uses Bluetooth technology to connect wirelessly to any smartphone. You can use it to talk on the phone, which is nothing short of hilarious. Charge it up and take it on the go to make all those business calls a bit more exciting. 

Wickless Candle

Wickless Candle

Sometimes the most fun is had between a husband and wife. Ladies, get your man this candle as a hilarious prank for his birthday or an anniversary.

From the outside, it looks like a dream come true. The label reads, “Light when you want a BJ.” What more could a man want?

But to his horror – and your delight – he will open the candle to find that it has no wick and, therefore, can never be lit. It’s worth the cold shoulder you’ll likely get for the next day or two.

Fs to Give

Jar of Fuck Gift Jar,Gag Gift Birthday Gift Christmas Gift Funny Gift,Gift for Friend,Anniversaries Gift Valentines Day Gifts'Fuck to Give'(Fuck Jars) (13oz)

Do you know someone who loves a good joke and is also an avid fan of a particular cuss word? If the answer is a definite yes, then we have the ideal gag gift for that man. This Jar of Fs is very literal. It’s a jar full of the infamous word, perfect for when there are no Fs left to give.

Headlight Fluid

Witty Yeti Headlight Fluid Car Gag Gift Makes Hilarious Fun of Automobile Inept Pals. Hysterical Hit for Secret Santa & White Elephant Parties! Give Your Friend a Funny Car Prank Product

The man in your life might be such a prankster that he’s already pulled this joke on other people himself. Has he ever asked you to pick him up some headlight fluid? You probably soon came to realize that there is no such thing as headlight fluid – but that doesn’t mean you can’t give him some, just in case. 

With this gag gift, it’s all in the details. This simple bottle comes with all the details, making it even funnier the more you read. 

Eclipse of the Fart

For the man who laughs at just about everything, what’s funnier than a classic farting joke? Eclipse of the Fart is not only a hilarious pun based on a well-known tune, but it’s a helpful solution for those who spend a little extra time in the bathroom. 

This lavatory mist puts a funny twist on a stinky problem. With a nice lilac and amber scent, it’s sure to make everyone in the house a bit giddier. 

Belly Button Lint Brush

Belly Button Lint Brush

Some people just have everything, which makes shopping for them incredibly difficult and very annoying. But what’s one thing your humorous man probably doesn’t have? A belly button lint brush, of course! 

Here’s an extra tip: this gift is even funnier when you wrap it in a huge box. 

Dog Poop Soap

It takes the right kind of sense of humor to appreciate any gag gift related to dog poop – emphasis on the word gag. This dog poop soap is so realistic, that it’ll make you second guess washing your hands. It’s another gag gift that keeps on giving to all your guests.

But don’t worry – it comes in a long list of fresh and pleasant scents, from aloe vera to fresh cut roses and everything in between. It’s very confusing to the senses.

You Suck at Parking Cards

You Suck at Parking Cards

We all know at least one person who always complains or makes jokes about other people’s driving. These “You Suck at Parking” cards make a fantastic and hilarious gag gift for that person. 

The man in your life can choose to laugh about these and tuck them away. But the bolder ones will carry them in their wallet and hand them out to bad parkers. The possibilities are endless. 

The Original Teabagger Tea Infuser

The Original Teabagger Tea Infuser - Fun Gag Gift for Men and Women for Gifts, Party Favors - Real Tea Ball Made of Food Grade Silicon - Use w/ Loose Leaf or Tea Bag - Brown

Your average prankster should be well aware of the term teabagging and what it means. If this person is also a tea drinker, then you needn’t look any further for his perfect gag gift. 

The tea infuser takes on the shape of what we like to call “tea balls.” It’s a funny yet functional gift that will give him a laugh every time he uses it. 

Sexy Muscle Man Apron

Armear Sexy Muscle Man Kitchen Grilling Party Apron Funny Gag Gift

Whether this is what you wish your man looked like, or this is what your man wishes he looked like, this apron will always be a classic gag gift. It’s great for anyone with a sense of humor and is always a hit at the family cookouts. 

Knowitall Extra Strength

Knowitall Extra Strength

Need a funny gift for guy who tends to have an answer for everything? The Knowitall Extra Strength gag gift provides a direct but lighthearted message to those who think they’re the arbiter of truth around the house or the workplace. 

The gift includes a box or a bottle, both of which look very similar to typical aspirin bottles. Anyone with a sense of humor will appreciate this gag gift. 

Toilet Timer

Katamco The Original Toilet Timer (Classic), As Seen on Shark Tank. Funny Gift for Men, Husband, Dad, Son, Birthday, Father's Day, Christmas.

It seems that all gag roads inevitably lead back to the bathroom. What is it about dudes and their toilet time? Well, ladies, this toilet timer is a great and funny way to let your man know his residency in your bathroom is overstayed. 

The Man Fork

The Man Fork - Eat Like a Man - 6 Prong Design - Take Bigger Bites - Useful Fun Gag Gift for Birthday, Father's Day, Grandpa, Boyfriend, or Any Man - Men FORKING Love it!

While some women call it eating like a pig, men describe it as eating like a man. Help your hefty eater out with the Man Fork – a hilarious 6-pronged fork that lets him shove even more food in his mouth at a time. 

Make sure he proceeds with a little caution, otherwise this “gag” gift will live up to its name. 

Porta Potty Shot Glasses

Porta Potty Shot Glasses, Top Choice for Your #2 Humor, Funny Shot Glasses, Gag Gift for Men, White Elephant Gifts, Secret Santa, and Shot Glass Collectors

The only thing that makes a funny guy even funnier is alcohol. Add a couple of shots and you get to hear all of his best material. 

You can make the drinking even funnier with these porta-potty shot glasses. Let’s be honest – these things are a riot. He’ll be so excited to add them to the collection. 

The Gift of Nothing

The Gift of Nothing

What do you get for the man of laughter, the jester of jokes, the king of cruel pranks? Try absolutely nothing. That’s right – you can give them nothing while still actually handing them something.

This gag gift is nothing short of knee-slapping fun. It’s a small card with a cut-out circle. Can you guess what’s inside the circle? You got it: nothing. It’s the gift of nothing in the funniest way. 

Final Thoughts

Gag gifts can be incredibly immature, untimely, and unappreciated – and that’s half the fun in giving them! They can spark a room full of laughter or lead to a grumpy acquaintance, but at least one person is always guaranteed to enjoy it, and that’s you. 

If you need the perfect gag gift for the man in your life, you can find it here. Whether it’s your dad, brother, uncle, grandfather, co-worker, or boss, the funniest gift is waiting for you.