25 Best Bus Driver Gifts That Show You Appreciate Them

Whether you rely on a bus driver to get you to work or your kids to school, you know that a bus driver is a person you appreciate. What better way to show your appreciation than with a lovely gift?

Consider giving a gift to your bus driver for a birthday, holiday, or just because. Read on to learn about all the fun and functional presents you can use to thank your bus driver for their hard work.

School Bus Wind Chimes

Ebros Gift Decorative North American Yellow School Bus Model Resonant Relaxing Wind Chime Patio Garden Accent of Buses Child Day Care Transportation Education Theme

This unique gift is a beautiful way to show your appreciation for your bus driver. Plus, it is unlikely that anyone else will give them this present. 

The delicate chimes provide a beautiful sound on their porch, while the charming school bus topper is cute and silly. Smaller school bus ornaments hit against the chimes to create the sounds. 

Bus Driver Shirt

Bus Driver Shirt

Since this shirt celebrates bus drivers in general, it is a good choice for any kind of bus driver. Consider this gift for your municipal bus driver or a charter bus driver in your life. The funny words on the shirt go well with the simple and elegant design. 

You can get this shirt in black, navy, and dark heather. You can also get this design in either a shirt or a hoodie design depending on what you think the driver would like.

School Bus Chocolates

25ct. Hersheys Chocolate Nuggets SCHOOL BUS Driver Appreciation Gift

Show your appreciation to your school bus driver with these school bus chocolates. This present is a simple, yet sweet way to thank your bus driver for all they do. Put these together in a cute bag or other wrappings. 

If you would like to give a bigger gift, these chocolates are a great accompaniment to a gift card or money. These chocolates are also a fun choice for any school-related person on your gift list, including teachers, principals, and guidance counselors. 

Driving Gloves 

Riparo Genuine Leather Reverse Stitched Driving Gloves (Large, Cognac)

Since driving is your bus driver’s craft, they use their hands a lot. Driving gloves are a great way to protect their hands from strain and skin damage. Plus this gift provides a bit of elegance to the daily life of the wearer. 

Make sure you know your bus driver’s size before getting them this item. It is also a good idea to pick gloves that suit your climate.

Lumbar Support Pillow

Lumbar Support Pillow for Office Chair Car Lumbar Pillow Lower Back Pain Relief Memory Foam Back Cushion with 3D Mesh Cover Gaming Chair Back Pillow Ergonomic Orthopedic Back Rest for Wheelchair Desk

Hands are not the only body part that can hurt after hours of driving. The back is also vulnerable. However, with some lumbar support, your favorite bus driver’s back can rest easy. An easy way to provide that support is with a special cushion.  

This lumbar support pillow can provide a frequent driver with pain relief, and improve the driver’s long-term health. Look for a lumbar support pillow that will fit nicely in a bus driver’s seat. 

Head Rest Support Pillow

Bookishbuny 2 Packs Dog Bone Shaped Travel Neck Pillows Memory Foam Car Bus Truck Driving Comfort Head Rest Support (Royal Blue)

If you are unsure if a bus driver would like a larger support pillow, a small neck pillow can be a good call. This small pillow is easy to remove and adjust as needed. As a result, the bus driver can transfer the pillow if they switch between different vehicles. 

A good neck pillow can reduce neck strain and help keep your bus driver comfy. Regular use of good neck support can also reduce your bus driver’s likelihood of encountering long-term pain from driving.

Beaded Wood Seat Cover

Zento Deals Wood Beaded Comfort Seat Cushion Seat Cover

A beaded wood seat cover can add comfort and flair to your bus driver’s seat. This gift idea allows a bus driver to get a gentle massage throughout the day and plenty of ventilation. Sitting directly on a seat can be uncomfortable, and there is not as much airflow as with this gift. 

While this gift fits the seat of most vehicles, it is good to check if it would fit your bus driver’s seat before purchase. You may also want to check if this is something they would find comfortable. 

City Bus Driver Mug

City Bus Driver Gifts 11oz White Ceramic Coffee Cup - Men and Women City Bus Driver Mug

Since the bus gift market is so full of school bus driver-focused items, it can be tough to find items tailored toward other types of bus drivers. Luckily, there are a few items that celebrate chartered and city bus drivers. 

This city bus driver mug is a great way to celebrate your favorite bus driver who helps you get to work every morning. The words on the mug are funny, and the design is chic. What a fun way to provide your bus driver with their morning cup of coffee.

Personalized School Bus Tumbler

Personalized School Bus Tumbler

It can be easy to forget to get enough water when you are driving throughout the day. Staying hydrated can be easy for your school bus driver with this gorgeous tumbler. The size holds plenty of liquid, and the straw makes it easy to drink from. 

Plus you can customize it to make your bus driver feel special. This gift also makes a great choice if you need to get gifts for teachers or other people in academics since you can personalize the tumbler in several ways. 

Personalized School Bus Wine Glass

Personalized School Bus Driver Off Duty Wine Glass

After a long day of driving, your bus driver will likely appreciate settling in with a delicious glass of wine from this thoughtful present. Even if the bus driver in question does not drink alcohol, these items are a fun way to drink any other beverage. 

Personalization offers some added flair and specialness. Pair these glasses with the bus driver’s favorite bottle of wine or juice for a bigger gift.

Customizable Bus Pot Holder 

School Bus driver Pot Holder

A customizable bus potholder is a simple and adorable way to say thank you to the bus driver in your life. You can choose several colors and designs for this potholder to suit your bus driver’s tastes. Pick from red, teal, and gray. 

The pot holder alone makes a lovely present. However, you can also combine it with other items on this list or some of your choosing for a more robust present.

Bento Box

Bentgo Classic All in One Stackable Lunch Box

Having snacks readily available during the day can be vital so the bus driver can keep their energy up. This bento box makes an ideal gift because it allows a bus driver to carry food throughout the day. 

The compartments provide room for a few smaller snacks or meals or a single large meal. The bento box is BPA-free and microwave safe. If you want to make this gift look more bus-centric, consider adding a few hand-written bus-related recipes. For example, wheel-shaped sandwiches or yellow mac and cheese are cute and easy bus-adjacent recipes.

Bus Driver Baseball Cap

Soft Baseball Cap Bus Driver Man Myth Embroidery Others Twill Cotton Dad Hats for Men & Women Dark Grey Design Only

Not only is this bus driver cap fashionable, but it is functional too. This hat clearly states who the bus driver is. So, it can be a symbol of authority as well. 

The simple design fits several fashion aesthetics, and the brim protects from the sun. This gift is a great way to show that you care about protecting your bus driver’s eyes and skin. 

Magic School Bus Shirt

Magic School Bus Shirt

When it comes to school bus icons, there are none higher than the Magic School Bus itself. This popular children’s book character helps to teach important concepts. Show the bus driver in your life how much you value them with this fun shirt. 

It comes in several colors, from neutrals to bright colors. You can also get it in several sizes, including children and infant sizes. Consider this gift for when your bus driver has a child. You can give them a shirt and a matching shirt for their new baby.

School Bus Earrings

School Bus Driver Gift Earrings

These vegan leather school bus earrings provide a delightful way to show your appreciation for a bus driver in your life. While these earrings provide all the fun of any item adorned with school buses, they also offer a fashionable shape. 

This gift is a great choice, whether you know a bus driver in a professional or personal capacity. While these earrings look big, they are quite light. As a result, they are ideal for driving. 

School Bus Tie

School Bus Necktie for Him

This school bus tie is a delightful and subtle way of celebrating your favorite school bus driver. The small school busses dot this tie cutely and appealingly.  

Ties are a great gift because they do not take up much space, they are functional and fashionable. This one is another gift that works well if you know a bus driver personally or professionally.

Simple School Bus Bracelet

Bus Driver Thank You Gift

This simple school bus bracelet makes an adorable and fashionable gift. The piece of jewelry consists of a simple school bus charm on a thin yellow thread. Choose this gift for the school bus driver who enjoys jewelry.

School Bus Crochet Scarf

School Bus Crochet Scarf

Keep your bus driver warm with this truly unique gift. A hand-crafted crochet scarf is a great gift to choose for a truly personal gift. From the detailed windows and stripes to the charming wheels, this scarf is thoughtfully designed and beautifully executed. 

Since the scarf consists of acrylic yarn, this piece is cozy and durable. While this gift is a beautiful school bus driver gift, it also makes a lovely treat for your favorite teacher or principal.

Manhattan’s Lost Streetcars Book

Manhattans Lost Streetcars Book

As part of the Images of Rail series, this book delves into the history of Manhattan’s streetcars. While streetcars differ from buses, a bus driver in your life may appreciate learning about historical public transit. 

Look for other books in the series to see if any of them relate directly to your local area if Manhatten is not of interest to your bus driver. The other books in the Images of Rail series relate to the railways throughout Canada and The United States of America.

Transit Maps of the World Book

Transit Maps of the World

The Transit Maps of the World book is a great gift and conversation piece for a bus driver or anyone interested in mass transit. It outlines mass transit around the world and provides beautiful visuals. 

This gift works for school bus drivers, municipal bus drivers, and long-distance bus drivers. Keep in mind that this book does focus on train travel. 

Bus Driver’s Last Nerve Candle

Bus Drivers Last Nerve Candle

A candle is always a lovely gift for everyone, and this one is perfect for the bus driver in your life. This silly candle pokes fun at the chaos that can sometimes come with being a bus driver. However, the lovely smell provides a respite from that chaos. 

This candle is customizable, which means you can choose from several delectable scents to suit your bus driver’s tastes. Choose between coffee shop, tropical vibes, peppermint eucalyptus, creme brulee, and more. 

School Bus Bag

Personalized Bus Driver Bag

A bag decorated with a school bus is a great gift for the utilitarian bus driver since this bag is quite useful and cute. This spacious bag provides your favorite bus driver with plenty of room to carry everything they need throughout the day. Since a bus can be a chaotic place, a nice, organized bag can give your bus driver peace of mind.

Custom Bus Driver Caricature

Custom Bus Driver Caricature

Provide a bus driver with this truly personal gift. All you need is a photo of them and their bus! The caricature will be flattering, silly, and extremely unique. This listing is only for the digital caricature. However, you can also get a printed version through the Etsy store. 

School Bus Suncatcher

School Bus Suncatcher

If you do not think school buses are beautiful, you will change your mind when you see this charming suncatcher. The simple design offers beautiful colors and sparkling delight that your bus driver will love having in their home. This is another gift that is truly unique when it comes to bus-themed presents.

School Bus 3D Pop-Up Card

Liif School Bus 3D Greeting Pop Up Card For All Occasions, Birthday Card For Kids, Boy, Girl, Congratulations, Back To School Gift, School Bus Driver Gifts | With Message Note & Envelop

Sometimes you do not need to get a bus driver a big gift. If you simply want to show your appreciation with a card, this magnificent card will show your gratitude and provide a memorable opening experience. You can also bring this card up a notch with the addition of cash or a gift card.