25 Tennis Coach Gifts (That Shows You Appreciate Them)

Your coach puts in lots of effort to mold you into a successful tennis player. Whether you play primarily for fun or competitive purposes, you and your coach have known one another for a long time. 

They always ensure your experience will be a fun one.

A gift of appreciation can go a long way and be a pleasant surprise for your coach. You can give your coach a gift to show your recognition of their efforts. 

Many unique and creative gift ideas can impress your coach while keeping you on a budget. There are also some stunning gifts if you want to amaze your coach, though these might cost a bit extra. 

1. Custom Tennis Coach Caricature

Custom Tennis Coach Caricature

Caricatures are a cute form of drawing that everyone will love. This caricature tennis coach gift includes two key touches that make this a perfect tennis gift for your coach.

The first includes the addition of a tennis racket with matching background; the main feature is a caricature of your coach.

All you need is to send one clear picture of your coach to the seller, and they will draw a custom caricature of them.

2. Funny Tennis Coach Mug

Funny Tennis Coach Mug

If you are looking for a gift with comedic elements, a tennis coach mug can be a funny gift to surprise your coach.

The mug includes several phrases that involve swearing, making it a perfect gift if your coach is known to swear often in frustration.

The more accurate the phrases on the mug are to how your coach swears, the funnier the gift will be.

3. Tennis Keychain

Infinity Collection Tennis Coach Keychain, Tennis Coach Gifts, Great Coach is Hard to Find Coach Keychain

Keychain gifts are simple gifts that are always appreciated and pleasant. An advantage of keychain gifts is that they follow the person everywhere and are always nearby.

Most people have a random keychain on their keys, and replacing them with one personalized to them can be a great touch. 

A tennis coach keychain is a small yet personal gift that shows appreciation and sincerity. 

The keychain also has a cute quote fitting for a good coach.

4. Tennis Coach Tumbler

JFWcreations Tennis Coach Tumbler - Tennis Coach Gift 30oz Insulated Engraved Stainless Steel Tennis Coach Cup Black

Tumblers are always a handy gift for anyone who lacks one. A tennis coach tumbler is a great gift personalized for your trainer. It comes with many color options you can pick accordingly to the favorite color of your coach. 

Color options include black, blue, purple, white, pink, and red.

The tumbler is made from stainless steel and is insulated, making it a high-quality gift; it also has the word coach engraved on the tumbler with a tennis ball replacing the o in coach.

5. Cute Tennis Coach Bottle

Cute Tennis Coach Bottle

These small glass tennis coach bottles are a small yet cute gift for your coach. The gift includes a small glass bottle with some decorations, a tennis ball, and a message. 

There are a few premade messages, but you can add your own for a little extra cost. The gift is on the cheaper side and will serve as a small item of decoration for your coach. 

Adding a personal message can make this gift heartfelt and a treasured gift for your coach. 

6. Tennis Court Shirt

Tennis Court Shirt

Not all gifts need to be complex. Sometimes a simple shirt can be a perfect choice. This tennis court shirt comes in a minimalist design of a tennis court.

The simplicity and convenience of this gift are its main selling point, and be prepared to see your coach wearing this on the court.

The shirt comes in white or black and is made with cotton, making it a comfortable and relaxing shirt.

7. Tennis Wristband

Tennis Wristband

A tennis wristband is a gift for anyone, including your coach. The wristband comes in a sleek and minimal design that can match any aesthetic.

The gift is a good luck token to help you persevere and succeed.

The charm is made with stainless steel with a gunmetal color. The order arrives gift-wrapped and is ready for its new owner.

This wristband is great for those who prefer muted designs and dislike flashy items.

8. Funny Tennis Mug

Andaz Press Funny 11oz. Ceramic Coffee Tea Mug Thank You Gift, Tennis Coach Nutritional Facts, 1-Pack

This is another mug with comedic elements, except this one can apply to most coaches. The funny tennis mug has “tennis and wine because therapy is expensive” written on it.

The mug can be great for a laugh and will lighten the mood among the group. 

The product is on the budget side, making it a perfect small gift of appreciation for your coach.

9. Custom Tennis Tote Bag

Custom Tennis Tote Bag

Coaches have many things to carry around. Giving them a tennis-themed tote bag can be an appreciated gift. The tote is water-resistant, long-lasting, and easily washable. It is durable and will withstand day-to-day wear and tear. The tote is handmade using eco-friendly materials.

It can fit a water bottle, a tennis racket, and more. 

This gift is a bit pricey but makes up with its high quality and unique design.

10. Personalized Thank You Plaque 

Personalized Thank You Plaque

A group wooden plaque for your coach can be one of their favorite new gifts. It includes a coach name, team name, and names for your team. 

It can also be a great group gift to surprise your coach. The plaque is made of high-quality wood and includes laser engravings to add quality. Each name is written on a tennis ball, while the coach has their name written in the middle. 

While this can be expensive, you can have your team chip in for a great gift for your coach. The gift is also handmade, adding to its heartfelt appeal.

11. Legend Tennis Coach

Legend Tennis Coach

This is another mug guaranteed to get a laugh out of your coach. This legendary tennis coach mug comes with a swear word, making it a colorful gift if it matches your coach’s personality. 

The two-tone coloring adds flair to the mug making it stand out more. It can be a great birthday gift for your coach or after winning a tournament.

The mug is on the budget side while still being a great gift for your coach.

12. Custom Tennis Clipboard

custom tennis clipboard

These custom tennis clipboards are tailored to your team, coach name, and logo. Your coach will look great with a custom clipboard that matches the team. 

The base color palette of the clipboard is green, matching the look and feel of a tennis court. Once you personalize the clipboard for your coach, it can be one of their favorite items on the court. 

The clipboard also works as a dry-erase board and is a great sports gift for your tennis coach.

13. Personalized World’s Greatest Coach Photo Frame

Picture Frame

Getting a group photo can be a great gift and memory for your coach, especially if it comes in a personalized photo frame. 

Engravings are very customizable, with the ability to add the name of your coach and all team member names below it. An engraving of the year is also possible, along with the team name.

Every frame arrives in a gift box, allowing you to surprise your coach as soon as possible.

14. Custom Tennis Socks

Custom Tennis Socks

These custom tennis socks stand out as you can add any face to them and maintain a tennis theme. You can even select up to seven faces if you want to. 

Each face is connected to a cartoon figure holding a tennis racket. The best color for these socks is their tennis color, as it best matches a tennis gift for your coach.

15. Tennis Cards 

Play Strong 3-Pack Thanks Tennis Coach You're Awesome 3-Pack (5x7) Greeting Thank You Cards Set Amazing for Tennis Players, Teams, Coaches, Family and Fans - Your Coaches Will Love 'Em!

Sometimes, words can be the best gift. Using tennis thanks cards can be a perfect way to express your gratitude with your writing. 

You can thank your coach for their general efforts or pick specific moments that stand out. 

These tennis cards can also work alongside another gift to add a personal touch and appeal.

These also come in a pack of three, meaning you will have two other cards for separate occasions.

16. Tennis Themed Sweatshirt

Love Tennis Sweatshirt Novelty Gifts Player Coach Women Teen Girls Hoodie Large Gray

Sweatshirts are always a great gift, especially since these are tennis themed. The tennis sweatshirt has a very minimal design, with a tennis ball being the only object that stands out.

The sweatshirt can come in four colors, black, blue, grey, and pink. 

The best color matching for a coach could be grey unless your coach has a clear color preference.

17. Whistle and Tumbler

Newtay 2 Pieces Coach Gifts for Men Softball Soccer Coach Tumblers Stainless Steel Travel Mug with Lid and Coach Whistles Basketball Football Coach Gifts for Coach Men Women(Silver, Coach)

A tumbler and whistle will always be appreciated by any coach. The tumbler and whistle come with motivational quotes for any coach.

The tumbler is thermally insulated, making it perfect for hot and cold drinks. 

It can also come in black, which offers great color contrast. Choosing the black theme will also help match the black ribbon for the whistle. 

18. Tennis Balls With Writing

CybGene Tennis Gifts for Women Men, Set of 3 Unique Tennis Balls with Gift Package, Perfect for Tennis Players, Coaches, Teammate, Partners, Suitable for Tennis Training, Practice or Pet Dog Playing

If you’re unsure of what to get for your coach, you can never go wrong with tennis balls. These tennis balls come in a set of three with different quirky quotes for each one.

The quality of the tennis balls is premium, making them perfect for decoration. They can still be used for play, but wear and tear might degrade the quotes.

19. Tennis-Themed Wine Tumbler

Tennis Themed Wine Tumbler

Wine tumblers are great for small drinks and help keep your drink cool for up to three hours.

The Hit Happy wine tumbler is tennis themed. It also comes with a sturdy sealing ring gasket to keep all liquids inside, perfect for those on the move.

This tumbler is a great gift for any occasion, such as Christmas or a birthday.

20. Tennis Backpacks

DSLEAF Tennis Bag for Men/Women to Hold 2 Rackets, Tennis Backpack with Separate Shoe Space for Tennis Sport

A good backpack can be a great gift for your coach. The tennis bag comes in two colors, black and grey.

This backpack comes with a lot of storage capacity. It can hold two tennis rackets, a pair of shoes, a pocket for accessories, and a lot more.

The ample storage space is perfect for a coach, as some tend to carry a lot of items with them throughout their day. There are also many features, such as a hidden back hook and cushioned lumbar support. 

21. Personalized Tennis Wall Decor

Personalized Tennis Wall Decor

This personalized tennis wall decor is an excellent gift for your coach. You can personalize it by adding your coach’s name, a team name, and a year or number. 

Its size and design make it a perfect piece of decoration. Your coach will love its added personalization. 

The text is arranged to create a tennis ball, making for a modern-looking decor.

22. Pearl Tennis Racquet Earrings

Sterling Silver Tennis Racket Earrings with Freshwater Pearls

If you’re looking for a small and budget gift, these tennis racquet earrings are a cute gift for your coach. 

The earring design is very minimalist, so they will match almost any coach’s style. They are also handmade, giving them a more personal feel.

23. Personalized Tennis Court Sign

Tennis Court Sign

Having a professional-looking tennis court sign can liven up the atmosphere and add an authentic touch to your court. 

This personalized tennis court sign gives high-quality signs and adds a custom name to add to its appeal. 

There are many size options, with larger ones being perfect for outdoor usage.

24. Athlete Tears Mug

Athlete Tears Mug

This mug is another one worth mentioning and is another excellent gift idea for your coach. The tears of my athlete’s mug is another mug great for a coach that loves humor.

The mug also has two size options available and comes in three pretty colors.

25. Tennis Portfolio Made With Tennis Ball Material

Tennis Portfolio Made With Tennis Ball Material

Having an organizational portfolio notebook can be amazing, especially for a coach. This one-of-a-kind tennis portfolio is made from bright yellow tennis ball material. It will surely bring a smile to the face of any tennis coach. As a bonus, the bold color also makes it hard to misplace. 

It comes with a notepad, pen holder, side pocket, and a business card pocket.


There are many gift ideas you can surprise your tennis coach. A funny mug can be a great idea if your coach loves humor. Sometimes it can be challenging to find the perfect gift, but with some inspiration from this list, you will surely wow the tennis coach in your life.