25 Funny Gifts for Men (LOL Guaranteed)

When it comes to the man in your life, you may ask yourself, “What do I get for the guy who has everything?” If you struggle in the pursuit of gifts for a man, know that you are not alone. 

Luckily, there is a cottage industry for gifts that not only make an impact on men but also give them a hearty laugh.

These 25 gifts should be the key to tickling your man’s funny bone. We have plenty to choose from on this list, so if you cannot find the perfect gift, then maybe you are the one that needs a sense of humor. 

Let’s break down 25 funny gifts for men!

1. The Book of Unusual Knowledge

The Book of Unusual Knowledge

A man can be only as good as the useless knowledge that comes out of his mouth when a conversation is going nowhere. Introducing, The Book of Unusual Knowledge! A tome of weird facts and figures designed to make your man the pinnacle of pointless points. With 704 pages, this book will help a man start conversations at parties, weddings, graduations, and even funerals. 

2. Exceptional Bad Dad Jokes: So Frightfully Awful, Yet Wonderfully Spiffing Book

Exceptionally Bad Dad Jokes: So frightfully awful.. yet wonderfully spiffing

Ah yes, the dad joke. Because men need more ways to tell bad jokes to seem cool. For the humorless dad in your life, this book is the best type of novelty gift to help deliver a few giggles. If your dad also knows how to make the family groan with an ill-timed dad joke, this book will give him a few more. 

3. I’ll Feed All You F*ckers Apron

Miracu Funny Apron for Men Women - Funny Dad Gifts, Funny Gifts for Men Mom - Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Birthday Gifts for Dad Brother Boyfriend - Cool Cooking BBQ Grilling Aprons for Men, Chef Gifts

Quick, what do you say when one of your kids says, “I’m hungry, dad!” If you answered, “Hi, hungry. I’m dad,” then you are correct, sir! When your dad is the grill master, he needs something to protect his favorite collegiate T-shirt. This apron made from heavy-duty cotton should keep dad clean and provide him with enough pockets for all his favorite grilling equipment.

4. How Not To Become a Crotchety Old Man Book

How Not to Become a Crotchety Old Man

As men age, they become slowly cynical and less trusting of others. If the man in your life is already starting with the, “Well, back in my day…” wisdom, then slap a copy of this book in his lap before he gets started. Your favorite curmudgeon is sure to keep his mouth shut for a second while reading this book with its 250 facts. Make a better man by saving him from negativity before it is too late!

5. 50,000 Dick Pics Blank Lined Journal Notebook

50,000 Dick Pics, Fifty Thousand Pictures Of Dicks: Blank Lined Journal Notebook, Funny Gifts Ideas (Naughty, Gag, Adult, Birthday) Gift For Men & Women

Can you imagine the face your guy will make if he unwraps this book? From disgust to bewilderment, nothing will make a guy clutch his non-existent pearls more than this book. The best part of this gift is the relief or confusion sure to come across the man’s face when he realizes this book is just a blank journal. This notebook is a great place to park thoughts or write crucial computer passwords. After all, who wants to look at a book like this? 

6. Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader Plunges Into History Book 

Uncle Johns Bathroom Reader

Because endless knowledge should never end, this book from the useless trivia gurus at Uncle John’s will give your man something to discuss with other men. You might also receive such information while he is sitting on the toilet. This historical toilet tome is the best gift for the guy who needs something to do on the toilet outside of his business. That way, he can tell all his guy friends about some ridiculous fact at the next barbecue or family-related event.

7. Cap Guns Beer Bottle Opener-Shooter

Cap Guns Bottle Opener - Shooter Opens The Cap & Fires It Over 16 Feet - Birthday Gift Idea - Gun Gifts For Funny Bottle Opener (Opener)

This beer bottle opener doubles as a bottle cap shooter for the man obsessed with weaponry and a cold one after a long day. A great gift choice if the man in your life enjoys pestering his loved ones. It is not a Nerf gun, but it is close enough. It is your job to ensure he cleans up after the empty bottle caps, though. 

8. Fast Food Deer Hunting T-Shirt

Deer Hunting Funny Hunter Fast Food Gift T-shirt Tee T-Shirt

Everyone has a hunter in their life. Whether old or young, there is nothing like hunting for food – especially deer. This funny shirt shows a pair of deer in an aiming cross with the words “Fast Food” written underneath. Deer meat, thank God, is not a trip to McDonald’s or Arby’s. Instead, you get the food of Mother Nature. Just make sure your hunter heads out into the woods wearing this shirt.

9. Bizarre Bathroom Reader Book

Bizarre Bathroom Reader

Another book in a long line of bathroom readers for the man who cannot stop reading on the toilet. We know these books are tiresome on this list, but who can say no to instant knowledge? This book can even give you some knowledge about esoteric topics. A well-read man is a man worth keeping! 

10. 50 Caliber Shot Glass

Straight Shooter 50 Caliber Shot Glass Groomsmen Gifts For Dad Birthday Gift Man Cave Furniture Cool Shot Glasses Tumbler Bulk Shot Glasses Funny Gifts for Men Set 2 of Ceramic

Nothing goes together better than alcohol and weaponry, right? Why not combine the two with this shot glass fashioned after a 50-caliber shell casing? After a hearty laugh from opening the gift, your man can pour a shot of his favorite whiskey and imbibe it. We will hope you keep the actual weaponry out of his hands. 

11. Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Beardiful Coffee Mug

Funny Coffee Mugs for Men - Birthday, Christmas Gifts for Beard Lovers - Bearded Dad, Brother, Uncle, Boyfriend, Husband Gift Ideas - Novelty Manly Macho Mens Present - Beardiful Matte Black Mug

Beards are back in. For years, the forces of mustaches reigned supreme among dads and older men. Now, the full Obi-Wan Kenobi has come back into favor with men. What better way to celebrate facial hair fads than this coffee mug that says, “Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Beardiful.” Your man can stroke his beard while enjoying a cup of joe. 

12. The Manual to Manhood Book

The Manual to Manhood: How to Cook the Perfect Steak, Change a Tire, Impress a Girl & 97 Other Skills You Need to Survive

Arrested Development is not only a television show that FOX canceled too soon, but it is an actual psychological issue. Why not help bring the cure for this with The Manual to Manhood book? From cooking steaks perfectly to changing a tire, this book is like the flashlight your dad used to yell at you for holding incorrectly. 

13. I Flexed and the Sleeves Fell off T-Shirt

Crazy Dog Mens I Flexed and The Sleeves Fell Off Tank Top Funny Gym Workout Tee Hilarious Sleeveless Muscle Shirt for Guys at The Gym Navy M

Sometimes, a guy needs to feel like he’s the strongest man on the planet. This shirt might be the perfect way for him to demonstrate that. This sleeveless T-shirt with the phrase “I Flexed and the Sleeves Fell Off” shows the word that everyone should be afraid of your man’s gun show. That is unless the guns he’s carrying are more like BB guns.

14. Fresh Pig Bacon-Flavored Toothpaste

Fresh Pig Bacon Toothpaste - Funny Gag Gift Under $10 for Husbands, Coworkers, Men

Now, before you get grossed out by the thought of bacon-flavored toothpaste, realize that it is one of the world’s most favored flavors. Even this tube of toothpaste might be worth a taste to help show the man in your life how much you care about their dental needs. Still, this toothpaste does have a slight mint flavor if you are concerned. 

15. The Bobcat Mullet Wig

The Bobcat Costume Mullet Headband Wig

Business in the front, party in the back. Who could turn down a mullet wig that will make any man look like they just stepped out of a Def Leppard concert in 1985? Regardless, this wig will give your man the chance to appreciate this iconic hairstyle fully and potentially embarrass the teenager in your life. We hope the man enjoys the school car line!

16. Fart Blanket Gift Box

Fart Blanket Gift Box

Who knew there would be a cottage industry designed around farts and farting? Equipped with a giant blanket that will serve as a sarcophagus of stale stinkers, the Fart Blanket gift set is perfect for the guy who happens to enjoy the smell of his blend. As disgusting as that sounds, at least there are a few funny stickers in the box. 

17. Disappointed Sigh Electronic Sound Maker

Disappointed Sigh Electronic Sound Maker

Ah yes, disappointment. Sometimes, the best way to express disappointment in someone is through a well-placed, long, and deep sigh. Men have perfected it through the years, so the geniuses at Archie McPhee have created a sound maker that can perfectly time your disappointment with the press of a button. Perfect for constantly annoyed boyfriends and fathers who have never been happy with your life choices. 

18. Gun Soap Gift Set

Gun Soap

Because there are not enough gun-themed gifts on our list, here is another option for the man who enjoys a shower following a long day outside. This gift set includes four pistol-shaped bars of soap designed to make your man feel manlier – even in the shower. These soaps even deliver in the scent department, promising your man a clean smell without breaking the bank. 

19. Custom People Magazine “Sexiest Man Alive” Cover

Custom People Magazine Cover

Guys love feeling wanted and desired. This gift is no better way to prove that your man is the apple of your eye and the caffeine in your coffee. All you need to do is send the seller a copy of your favorite photo of your man, and they will get to work photoshopping him on the cover of People Magazine. Now your guy gets to join the pantheon of other handsome men like Mel Gibson, Idris Elba, and Mark Harmon. 

20. Light When [Name] Farts Candle

Light Candle

Sorry, but we have to keep dipping into the fart well for this list because guys cannot help themselves regarding their favorite bodily functions. This candle, customized with your guy’s first name, can be lit moments after he rips the big one. Not only can the name be customized, but so can the scent!

21. Lip Sh*t Vanilla Cardamom Lip Balm


Does your man walk around with the crustiest lips during the dry winter months? How about helping him with some vanilla cardamom lip balm from the folks at BlueQ? They even gave it a funny name, so no guy has to admit to his buddies that he applies lip balm to his broken, cracked lips. Take that, toxic masculinity! 

22. Total Eclipse of the Fart Lavatory Mist


This fine mist from the folks at BlueQ has taken an 80’s love song classic and turned it into fart spray for the bathroom. Because nothing is sacred anymore – not even Bonnie Tyler – this spray will stop your man’s favorite bathroom from smelling like the aftermath of a Taco Bell run. Not every guy’s stomach agrees with a Crunchwrap Supreme and two soft tacos. 

23. Shower Beer Holder

Beer Holder

Folks say plenty about the simple desire of beer drinking in the shower. Luckily for your guy, you got him this beer holder that can hold a can or even a bottle of the stuff while they shower. Attach this holder to the shower wall with the built-in suction cup, and your guy can enjoy a bottle of PBR in the shower in moments. You might even use it yourself. 

24. I Love You More. The End. I Win. Wallet Insert

Novelty Wallet Card

The answer to “I love you” isn’t always “I love you, too.” Your man needs constant reminders that life is a competition, and you play to win. This wallet insert allows you to win the argument of “who loves the other more” by default. After all, with “I Love You More. The End. I Win.” engraved on this metal insert, the winner is clear. 

25. Annoying PCB

Prank Device That Beeps

For the guy easily annoyed by ear-piercing beeps and other sounds, the AnnoyingPCB is a small, battery-operated device that delivers beeping sounds at random intervals. Hide it in your man’s car, home office, or garage to watch him lose his mind whenever he hears it and cannot figure out its origin. With the correct battery, this device will make noises for three years. 


Buying for a man does not have to be a Herculean task or stressful event. These 25 funny gifts for men at least give you plenty of options for tickling your man’s funny bone. The key to a guy’s heart may not always be his stomach, but reminding him that you also have a sense of humor can put him in his place. 

Trust us when we tell you there is no such thing as the man who has everything. Sometimes, the gift of laughter is the perfect gift.