25 Gifts For 70th Birthday (For All Budgets)

So, your friend or family member is turning 70 soon! You’ve got to find an excellent present but are unsure where to start. Luckily, there are many different gift options for this milestone birthday. No matter your loved one’s taste and preferences or your budget, there will be something that will surely be a hit. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to 25 gifts perfect for giving either a man or a woman on their 70th birthday. 

Funny 70th Birthday Mug 

Funny 70th Birthday Gifts - I Am 69 Plus Middle Finger Coffee Mug - Gag Novelty Cup - Seventieth Birthday Party - Adult Birthday Presents (11oz, black handle)

Not afraid of something a little spicy (and hilarious)? Check out this hilarious 70th birthday mug from Amazon. You get to choose the exact print on the mug, so it’s great if you’re getting a gift for someone you know well. Make sure you do them well, as this gift is just for people with a great sense of humor who aren’t too squeamish! Don’t worry about safety; this piece has met and exceeded the FDA food and beverage safety standards. 

70th Birthday Wine Tumbler

70th Birthday Gifts for Women – 12oz Wine Tumbler Mug – Unique Funny, Gift for Her, Turning 70

But what if your birthday person prefers wine to coffee? Okay, maybe not at the same time of day, but vino is more up their alley. I love this “21 with 49 Years Experience” caption mug on Amazon. After all, life is all about perspective, and age is just a number (or two numbers, in this case)! Your 70-year-old has lots of experience with being 21, almost five decades. This 70th birthday wine tumbler is BPA-free and has a splash-proof EZ close lid. 

Swarovski Decades Bracelet 

Swarovski Decades Bracelet

This is a gorgeous choice from Etsy. You can get this bracelet for various birthdays, with the 70th being one of them. If they love jewelry and love some sparkle, you can’t go wrong with this popular option. It comes in three adult sizes: small, medium, and large. Perfect for gift-giving, this jewelry item comes in elegant packaging. It’s even cushioned in anti-tarnish jeweler’s cotton within the box. You can also choose between silver and 14K gold-filled metal.

70th Birthday Newspaper Poster Sign 

70th Birthday Newspaper Poster Sign

Your 70th-birthday person probably loves newspapers. After all, they (and many others) grew up with them! And who wouldn’t want to be front-page news? This customized gift from Etsy puts your friend or family member’s face on the front page of a vintage look printed newspaper. It’s so much fun, especially for print lovers. To personalize your gift, you specify the size you want. You can choose from five different sizes. Of course, the headline is all about your loved one’s birthday. You include a subtitle and other information, like date and place of birth.

T-Shirt for Fishing Enthusiasts 

T Shirt for Fishing Enthusiasts

Does your friend or family member love fishing? This is a fun T-shirt from Etsy that says they’ve been “Keepin’ It Reel” since their birth year! I highly recommend this gift if you ever go fishing with your 70th-birthday person. You can choose from three different colors: black, navy, and charcoal. It also comes in a range of sizes, from small to 2X. The t-shirt itself is comfortable as well as stylish. It’s made of 100% ring-spun cotton and is pre-shrunk.

Personalized Art Print 

Personalized Art Print

Everyone loves an art print to hang on their wall, so why not get this artistic piece of decor for the home as a 70th birthday gift? This item offers outstanding personalization options, including the font and form. For example, you can choose from three styles: a print, print on canvas, or just the digital file (if you want to get it printed yourself). If you’re buying this as a gift, you probably want to go with the print on canvas.

Birthstone Bracelet 

Birthstone Bracelet

Here’s another fantastic 70th birthday item from Etsy. If your 70th-birthday loved one is into gemstones and jewelry, give this item a look. No matter their birth date, their birthstone will be available at this shop. The bracelet features sterling silver metal construction. When it comes to the gemstone, that depends on the birth month you need. One example is aquamarine for March. That is a semi-precious gemstone. The bracelet has stretch, beaded construction for your loved one’s comfort.

D Design Invent Print! 70th Birthday Keepsake Bag

D Design Invent Print! 70th Birthday Keepsake Gift Bag for Women 70 Novelty Shopping Tote Seventy

If you’re looking for something affordable and versatile to give someone on their 70th birthday, check out this printed birthday keepsake bag available on Amazon. It’s sturdy and practical yet stylish, and it’s an especially great choice for friends and co-workers with a sense of humor. The print on the front offers the whimsical message, “Not Everyone Looks This Good at 70.” It’s just a lot of fun. 


Pavilion Gift Company Elements Angels – Happy 70th Birthday

Pavilion Gift Company 82416 Elements Angels - Happy 70th Birthday May Today's Wishes Fill Your Life with Happiness 6' Angel Figurine, Silver

The angel theme is more popular than ever before. If your recipient would enjoy an angel-themed gift, consider getting this Elements Angels figurine with a Happy 70th Birthday message from Amazon. It’s an affordable yet touching gift that lets your loved one know you genuinely care. It’s 6 inches tall and comes in a lovely printed box, perfect for gift-giving. This angel figurine is meticulously designed.

70th Birthday Gift Set with Rose Gold Theme 

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Does your friend or family member love rose gold? You can’t go wrong with this 70th birthday gift set on Amazon. It includes various adorable items, including a keychain with a 70th birthday theme, an aroma candle, a compact metallic mirror, a tumbler glass, and funny socks. I love the engraved message on the compact mirror, which says, “Not a Day Over Fabulous!” The tumbler also has a “70 and Fabulous” message.

70th Birthday Whiskey Glass Set 

70th Birthday Gifts for Men Whiskey Glass Set - 70th Birthday Decorations, Party Supplies - 70 Year Anniversary, Bday Gifts Ideas for Him, Dad, Husband, Friends - Wood Box & Whiskey Stones & Coaster

This is the ideal 70th birthday gift for whiskey lovers. It’s a great gift set, including an 11 ounce whisky glass, a slate coaster, and four natural granite stones, all coming packaged in a handmade wooden box. It’s really impressive, and it comes with a gift card, too. The whisky glass is especially high quality, and it comes printed with the birth year of your 70th birthday person. It is constructed to offer outstanding clarity.

My Flashback 70th Birthday Quiz Book

My Flashback 70th Birthday Quiz Book: Turning 70 Humor for People Born in the '50s USA (Birthday Quiz Books)

You can’t go wrong with nostalgia, and your 70th birthday gift recipient will love this flash to the past with this humor for people born in the 1950s. This quiz book from Amazon will transport your friend or family member back to their childhoods, bringing back memories of toys they probably played with and fun activities they likely did. My FlashBack 70th Birthday Quiz Book is full of interactive quizzes and puzzles for them to enjoy. 

Siteshy 70th Birthday Vintage Baseball Cap 

70th Birthday Gifts for Women Men Vintage 1953 Baseball Cap Ideas Gift Embroidery Party Hats Parents Turning 70 Th (Vintage 1953-Pink)

A baseball cap is a versatile addition to any wardrobe. Your friend or family member will always remember you gave this to them for their 70th birthday. This baseball cap says “Vintage 1953” on it, signifying your loved one’s birth year. There are two colors (pink and black) and two print designs to choose from. One of the print designs has a simpler look, while the other is more ornate. I like how this hat is 100% cotton and has a high quality vintage look to the fabric. 

EFYTAL 70th Birthday Sterling Silver Necklace 

EFYTAL 70th Birthday Gifts for Women, Sterling Silver Necklace, Gifts for 70 Year Old Woman, 70 Birthday Decorations for Women, Happy 70th Birthday Necklace, 70th Birthday Gifts for Woman Jewelry

This sterling silver necklace available on Amazon is made from 925 sterling silver and features seven rings in the front. Each ring signifies one decade that your loved one has lived so far. They come on a 20 inch chain. This item is perfect for gift giving as it comes with signature gift packaging. The manufacturer promises that the silver is nickel-free.

70th Sash & Rhinestone Tiara Set 

70th Sash Rhinestone Tiara Set

You’ll know right away if this 70th birthday gift is the right fit for your loved one. It’s great for a fun-loving, energetic friend or family member who’s not afraid to show off and have some fun. This Etsy set is an especially great gift if they’re planning a big party. Just imagine being able to put on your very own crown (okay, tiara) and sash as you preside over the gathering! It’s perfect for memorable birthday pictures, too. 

Story of a Lifetime Book 

Story of a Lifetime Book

If you’re looking for a 70th birthday present for someone who loves to write and reflect, think about getting them this Story of a Lifetime Book. This simply beautiful book makes a remarkable impression. The book is full of questions and prompts with space beneath where your loved one can write in their answers. Get the front cover personalized with gold print. You can choose from two cover types: green leatherette and brown genuine leather. 

Ultimate Birthday Gift Set 

Ultimate Birthday Gift Set

If you’re looking for a bath treat gift set for someone’s 70th birthday, consider this Ultimate Birthday Gift Set from Uncommon Goods. It has a pink theme and all the products are handmade, made in the USA. Birthdays should be about self-care as well as celebration, and this gift encourages your loved one to take good care of themselves with some luxury and indulgence. Luxurious bar soap, bath soak, and fizzy bath balms are included. 

Personalized Family Recipe Board 

Personalized Family Recipe Board

Is your loved one an enthusiastic home cook with beloved family recipes? See if you can get your hands on one of those recipes and get it engraved on one of these cherry or maple wood boards. Your 70th birthday person will be thrilled to see their culinary creation immortalized. These boards are made and engraved in Vermont. Just scan the recipe card (if you can get your hands on one) and send in the image with your order. 

Cigar Holder & Ashtray

Cigar Holder Ashtray

You’ll know right away if this gift is right for your friend or family member turning 70. You’re either a cigar lover or you’re not. If you know they love cigars, get them this fantastic kit. They’ll be thrilled by this gift set which includes a cigar holder and ashtray. It even has a top-notch swivel design. You can personalize this with a monogram, so keep that in mind. This product has upscale finishing. 

Photo Message Glassware

Photo Message Glassware

This is a fun and casual gift that any beer lover will appreciate. Find your favorite pic of your friend or family member and get it printed onto the glass. Maybe you can find a pictures of you two together! You can also include a Happy Birthday message. This sturdy glassware is safe to put in the dishwasher. You can order just the beer glass or pair it up with one of the other items, such as a wine glass. 

Glass Keepsake Box 

Glass Keepsake Box

If you’re looking for a small and simple yet enchanting gift for someone’s 70th birthday and that person loves jewelry, get them this Glass Keepsake Box. It’s made of glass and has a metal frame. The great thing about this box is how you can personalize it with an engraving. This is your chance to say happy birthday and how much you care. If you like, maybe even pick up two of these boxes for a larger gift. 

70th Birthday Gift Necklace 

70th Birthday Gift Necklace

Give your 70th birthday person some real sparkle with this glittering pendant necklace from Etsy. The gemstone is cubic zirconia and it looks extraordinarily impressive. The necklace comes in a box and is presented with a touching 70th birthday message. The chain has a lobster clasp and it’s box chain style. If you’d like, you can upgrade to a luxury box complete with a LED spotlight. This is a gift that they’ll remember forever. 

“Seven-Tea” Engraved Tea & Biscuits Board 

Engraved Tea Biscuits Board

This is a great 70th birthday present for a tea lover. Give your friend or family member this tea and biscuits board so that they can enjoy more relaxing afternoons at home with a book. The board is engraved with the word “Seven-Tea” with the image of a cup of tea with a tea bag (with “70”) on the tag. This gift is cute as well as useful. This Etsy shop also has a range of related products that you can add. 

Happy 70th Birthday “70 and Still Swinging Gift Packed Golf Balls 

Packed Golf Balls

This is a great affordable little gift that’s lots of fun for any golf lover. One of the golf balls says “70 & Still Swinging” with a cute picture of a golfer, and the other says “Happy Birthday” with two crossed clubs. The two novelty golf balls come packaged and presented in a gift box, so it’s ready to go. This is a great gift for friends and co-workers. 

70 Cooking With Love Apron

70th Birthday Apron

Are you looking for a 70th birthday present for someone who loves cooking? This personalized 70th birthday apron is a great choice. It is 100% cotton and is available in a wide range of colors, even including a washed denim. A practical item, this apron comes with two patch pockets, as well as a pen pocket. You’ll see the “70 Cooking With Love” message printed on the front.