25 Ron DeSantis Gifts (Supporters and Haters)

Ron DeSantis is the 46th governor of Florida and is an electable conservative Republican candidate for the White House in the 2024 presidential elections. 

If you’re looking for Ron DeSantis gifts for DeSantis supporters or haters, this list has funny, practical, and political gifts for anyone who feels strongly about this Republican political figure. 

Whether you want to show your support or declare your lack of support, check out the awesome 25 Ron DeSantis gifts below. 

1. Ron DeSantis Vintage Gift Golf Balls

Ron DeSantis Vintage Gift Golf Balls

Every true Floridian will appreciate a new set of golf balls, especially if they advertise Florida governor Ron DeSantis with every swing. This practical and thoughtful gift features three Wilson Ultra 500 Distance golf balls with a colorful UV-printed red and blue DeSantis 2024 logo. 

The receiver will be glad to have this three-pack of DeSantis golf balls to show off their political pride and golf swing. 

2. Plain White Ron DeSantis Hat

Plain White Ron DeSantis Hat

This plain white baseball cap is one of the perfect Ron DeSantis gifts for a friend who likes simple things. Apart from being all white fabric, this hat has the word DeSantis in all caps in simple but dramatic black letters. 

This gift is perfect for all head sizes because it has a velcro closure at the back. If the receiver enjoys DIY projects, they’ll see this white DeSantis hat as a blank canvas of inspiration. 

3. Ron DeSantis For President Coffee Mug 

Ron DeSantis For President Coffee Mug

Start a friend’s morning with a reminder of their political preferences with this Ron DeSantis coffee mug. This simple mug features a white background with red and blue text saying DeSantis ‘24. 

This 11oz ceramic mug is dishwasher and microwave-safe, making it a great gift for those who prefer to keep things simple and sip on something delicious while they watch the morning news. 

4. Ron DeSantis Beanie Hat 

Kkaingg Ron Desantis '24 Make America Florida 2024 Election Beanie Hat Women Men Warm Hat Knit Stocking Hat Skull Cap Black

If you’re looking for one of the best Ron DeSantis gifts for someone who lives in a colder climate than Florida, this comfy and warm beanie hat is a great place to start. This beanie hat has a Ron DeSantis ‘24 logo with the text, Make America Florida. 

Gift givers can choose colors like black, gray, beige, and blue to suit the receiver’s preferences. This hat, made from durable and stretchy materials, will comfort you through the winter cold and election jitters. 

5. DeSantis Vinyl Car Decal 

Desantis 2024 8-3/4' x 3-1/2' - Vinyl Die Cut Decal Bumper Sticker for Windows, Cars, Trucks, Laptops, Etc.

Gift someone with an awesome Ron DeSantis vinyl car decal so they can show off their political pride wherever they may roam. 

This vinyl car decal is easy to install on any vehicle. Simply clean the flat surface, remove the backing, and place the decal where it’ll get the most attention. Now the receiver can scrape away any bubbles and drive around town showing off their support for DeSantis. 

6. Ron DeSantis Alligator T-Shirt

Ron DeSantis Alligator T Shirt

Any fan of Ron DeSantis would love getting this alligator T-shirt as a present. The black shirt features text promoting Ron DeSantis for the 2024 election. At the center of the shirt is an open-mouthed alligator and DeSantis’ slogan, Make America Florida. 

This comfy unisex Ron DeSantis T-shirt is 100% cotton and machine washable with cold water. 

7. Ron DeSantis Christmas Tree Ornament 

Christmas Tree Ornament

Gift receivers can decorate their homes or cars with some political pride by hanging this Ron DeSantis Christmas tree ornament. This funny holiday ornament has DeSantis’ face but festively calls him Ron DeSanta. 

The metal ornament is made from white aluminum and printed with a holiday-themed Ron DeSantis donning a Santa hat. This Christmas tree ornament looks like an ugly Christmas sweater and bears the slogan, Make America Florida. 

8. Ron Don 2024 President Election Black Hoodie 

LIFESTYLE SHIRTS & GRAPHIX RON DON 2024 Desantis Trump Black Hoodies for Men XL

This black hoodie is one of the best Ron DeSantis gifts for someone who supports DeSantis’ political campaign. The black sweater features a simple logo with the words Ron Don 2024 and his campaign slogan in white. 

Any gift receiver will be glad to wear this USA-made sweater on a jog, to the store, or lounging at home. Plus, this comfy Ron Don 2024 sweater is 50% cotton and 50% polyester and machine washable. 

9. Ron DeSantis Superhero T-Shirt 

Ron DeSantis Superhero T Shirt

If Ron DeSantis is someone’s hero, they’ll love getting this 100% cotton superhero T-shirt with Ron DeSantis’s name. At first glance, this pop-art shirt looks like a comic book hero with its red and yellow logo, making this a political shirt that the receiver will love to wear. 

Gift givers can choose shirt colors like blue, white, black, and red based on the receiver’s preference. 

10. Ron DeSantis Make America Florida Stickers (10-Pack)

Maozc 10 Pack Desantis 2024 Make America Florida Sticker Laptop Bumper Decal Window Waterproof Decal for President in 2024 Car Decoration

The only thing better than getting one gift is getting ten! This ten-pack of Ron DeSantis stickers is an awesome present to give someone who loves to share their political pride. The black, red, white, and blue stickers have an easy-to-read message supporting DeSantis for the 2024 presidential elections. 

These self-adhesive vinyl stickers are waterproof so that people can stick them to their cars, windows, and other outside spaces that get eye traffic. 

11. Ron DeSantis 2024 President Election Can Cooler

Ron DeSantis 2024 President Election Can Cooler

Gift someone this fun Ron DeSantis beer sleeve to keep their drinks cold and represent their support for DeSantis in the 2024 presidential election. This drink sleeve is USA-made and a practical gift for anyone who likes a cold one.  

This comfortable can cooler holds any 12 oz can of beer or soda. The high-density open-cell polyurethane foam keeps drinks colder for longer so that every sip is perfectly ice-cold and refreshing. 

12. DeSantis 2024 Make America Florida Flag

NIKIDAS DeSantis 2024 Make America Florida Flag - Ron DeSantis Flag 3x5 Feet

Make a statement by gifting someone a DeSantis flag to wave proudly near their home. This flag measures three by five feet for a hard-to-miss statement in American colors. 

This blue, red, and white Ron DeSantis flag features his slogan on durable polyester material. Gift receivers can let their political pride fly without fear of wind damage. Plus, the DeSantis flag has two metal grommet holes to easily hang this flag on a wall or let it flap freely in the wind.   

13. DeSantis Pillow Covers 

Governor Ron Desantis Keep Florida Free Pillow Covers Christmas Covers for Home Decoration Covers Cushion Covers

Any Ron DeSantis supporter would be proud to accept these soft and cozy pillow covers as a thoughtful gift that’s perfect for decorating a home. This black throw pillow cover features the state of Florida in red, white, and blue, text saying Ron DeSantis, and DeSantis’ campaign slogan. 

Each pillowcase is 18 by 18 inches and has an invisible zipper closure that keeps the sharp edge away from the soft fabric. 

14. Ron DeSantis Cardboard Cutout 

H38092 Florida Governor Desantis Cardboard Cutout Standup

If you’re searching for one of the best Ron DeSantis gifts to make people smile, look no further than this near-life-size cardboard cutout of Ron DeSantis. 

With this funny present, the receiver will have their own Florida governor and presidential candidate smiling in their home. 

This fun Ron DeSantis gift is made from cardboard and is strong, durable, and easy to store.

15. Ron DeSantis Bobblehead 

Governor Ron Desantis Bobblehead Collectible | 7” Tall Resin Figurine of Desantis Holding an American Flag | Desantis 2024 Novelty Gift

This bobblehead figure is one of the perfect Ron DeSantis gifts that supporters and haters will be happy to unbox. Whether you’re voting for or against Ron DeSantis, this bobblehead figurine is worth adding to a collection. 

Supporters will enjoy looking at this seven-inch tall hand-painted replica of DeSantis holding an American flag. While haters will have fun flicking the moving bobblehead. 

16. Peace Love F*** DeSantis T-Shirt

Peace Love F DeSantis T Shirt

If you want to gift your Liberal friend with Ron DeSantis gifts, this anti-DeSantis T-shirt is a great option. Why? Because this T-shirt advertises their lack of support for DeSantis with a middle-finger emoji and harsh language. 

This T-shirt is not safe for work but is great for those who like to wear their feelings. Gift givers can choose from various sizes ranging from S to 5XL. Plus, this shirt comes in a wide variety of background colors. 

17. Anti-Ron DeSantis Ugly Christmas Sweater 

Christmas Sweater

Get into the holiday season with one of the funniest anti-Ron DeSantis gifts. This ugly Christmas sweater has a screen-printed holiday pattern and text that says, Merry Christmas to everyone but Ron DeSantis. 

This comfy hoodie is 50% cotton and 50% polyester and has a durable print, so the receiver can wash this loose-fitting sweater in a machine without ruining their gift. 

18. Anti-Ron DeSantis Sandals 

Anti Ron DeSantis Sandals

These flip-flops are an incredible gift for anyone who enjoys the beach and hates Ron DeSantis. Why? Because they look like normal sandals but have hollowed-out text in the bottom that leaves behind the words F*** DeSantis with every footprint. 

This is one of the best gifts for someone who needs a new pair of sandals and wants to leave a lasting message wherever they go. 

19. Rainbow and White Anti-Ron DeSantis T-Shirt 

Anti Ron DeSantis T Shirt

Ron DeSantis is not well-loved among the LGBTQ+ community, so this white shirt with a rainbow cancel sign around Ron DeSantis’ face is an excellent gift for someone who doesn’t support DeSantis for president. 

As expected, this 100% cotton T-shirt comes in a rainbow of color options apart from the standard white tee. With a range of unisex sizes to choose from, this shirt is a great gift for anyone who wants to show their political and gay pride.  

20. Funny Anti-Ron DeSantis Coffee Mug 

Funny Anti Ron DeSantis Coffee Mug

Gift someone a laugh with this anti-Ron DeSantis coffee mug. This white mug with simple black font has a hilarious message that’s a great reminder to start the day off with a smile. 

The receiver will enjoy using this ceramic coffee cup for their daily coffee or tea. Plus, it’s dishwasher and microwave-safe for easy mug maintenance. 

21. Anti-Ron DeSantis Classic T-Shirt

Anti Ron DeSantis Classic T Shirt

If you’re looking for a stylish and political gift for a Liberal friend, this anti-Ron DeSantis T-shirt is a great option. This classic T-shirt is a comfy black statement piece with the words Shut up DeSantis printed on the front in red and white. 

Gift givers have the choice of 17 different color options in varying sizes. 

22. We Say Gay Rainbow Stickers 

We Say Gay Rainbow Stickers

These We Say Gay rainbow stickers are one of the best Ron DeSantis gifts for those who don’t support his political platform. These colorful stickers feature a rainbow background and the words, We say gay, in white font. Whether you’re a member of the LGBTQ+ community or support those who are, these stickers are perfect for putting on windows, laptops, or anywhere else that gets eye traffic. 

Customers can select their preference for glossy or holographic stickers. The holographic stickers have a shiny finish that better catches the attention of Republicans. 

23. Anti-Ron DeSantis Tumbler 

Anti Ron DeSantis Tumbler

This anti-Ron DeSantis tumbler is an excellent gift for a Liberal friend who enjoys floral prints and bad words. 

The exterior of this adorable tumbler features the words F*** Ron DeSantis, surrounded by a gorgeous floral design. 

This tumbler is vacuum-insulated to keep the gift receiver’s drink warm or cool for longer than a regular cup. Plus, the stainless steel interior makes it easy to clean. This tumbler comes with a clear lid so the gift receiver can easily remember if they filled it with 20 oz of wine or coffee. 

24. Ron Be Gone Magnet

Ron Be Gone Magnet

A Ron Be Gone magnet is the perfect gift for someone who collects fridge magnets or wants to stick a political message to their car. 

Shaped like the state of Florida, this magnet bears the text Ron be gone in white and yellow. 

25. Ron DeSantis Toilet Paper 

Ron DeSantis Toilet Paper

Last but not least, what could be funnier than wiping with Ron DeSantis toilet paper? This hilarious gag gift is the perfect prank for DeSantis supporters and haters alike. Every piece of toilet paper on the roll features a picture of Ron DeSantis’ face. 

Final Thoughts 

Surprise a friend with these amazing Ron DeSantis gifts. Friends and family can show off their political pride with comfy apparel printed with catchy slogans, stickers, car decals, or hilarious gag gifts. 

Whether you’re a supporter or a hater, this list of 25 Ron DeSantis gifts has something for those who want to see DeSantis win and those who hope he doesn’t.