25 Best Gifts For Conservatives (They Will Really Appreciate)

Political-themed gifts have been growing in popularity over the last five years. That doesn’t mean it’s easy to decide which one is best to give to the conservatives in your life. Luckily we’re here to help. We curated a list of 25 diverse, exciting gifts for conservatives. 

You’ve probably seen enough Trump or Desantis mugs, T-shirts, and bumper stickers that endorse or diss specific candidates. We don’t have any of those on this list. Instead, we chose lifestyle gifts that appeal to what Republicans, conservatives, and liberty lovers really enjoy. 

We The People Fight Tyranny Game 

We The People Fight Tyranny

Board games used to be the center of a family fun night until video games took over. Why not revive some old-time magic while re-0igniting your love for your country with We The People Fight Tyranny

While the game is meant as a humorous escape, it’s also educational. Players learn about the Constitution and how it applies to our lives as Americans while navigating the pitfalls of big government. 

With funny illustrations, brain-teasing quizzes, and meaningful conversation-starters, We The People Fight Tyranny is a game that any conservative would love.

Republican Party Symbol Tie Clip and Cufflinks Set 

replublican party tie clip

Studies show that Republicans and Democrats dress differently. While Democrats go for up-to-the-minute fashion trends, Republicans prefer the classics. While this can mean baseball caps, jeans, and plaid shirts on casual days, it usually means suits, ties, and dresses for more dressed-up occasions. 

What better gift for the classy conservative in your life than a pair of dapper elephant cufflinks and a tie clip? It’s an excellent way for someone to show their party affiliation while looking stylish subtly. 

Choose a set that’s made of high-quality metal so it shines and lasts. Depending on the person being gifted – and on your budget – you can choose a high-end bejeweled version. 

Black Rifle Coffee 

black rifle coffee

Conservatives believe in hard work and pulling yourself up by your bootstraps. For all that, you need to start your day with a good, strong cup of coffee! Black Rifle Coffee Company makes a full line of high-quality blends that any java-lover will appreciate. 

From Gunship Light Roast to Freedom Fuel, Black Rifle’s brand is all about showing support for our military, police, and firefighters. And they put their money where their mouth is, employing dozens of veterans and donating to pro-liberty causes. With gift subscriptions and gift cards available, you can’t go wrong with Black Rifle.

The Republican Club Framed Print

republican club presidents

Conservatives exercise patience, common sense, and logic, all traits they hold dear. This The Republican Club Framed Print features history’s most famous republican leaders engaged in a rousing game of cards. 

Your friends and family will enjoy this image of legendary conservative icons and likely enjoy the process of remembering these great men.

The Babylon Bee Guide To Wokeness 

The Babylon Bee Guide to Wokeness (Babylon Bee Guides)

The Babylon Bee is a satirical news site that lampoons all the silliness of the world. While it has a conservative tilt, it pokes fun at all sides of the political circus and current events. Often referred to as the conservative Onion, the Bee has grown in popularity beyond the conservative community in recent years, becoming a mainstream source of laughs. 

The Babylon Bee Guide to Wokeness takes aim at many of the over-the-top “woke” rules, beliefs, and ideas that conservatives feel have gotten out of control. Virtue signaling, conceal culture, neo-pronouns. It’s all on the table in this sharply witty book. 

Liberal Tears Mug 

Liberal Tears Mug

The “liberal tears” slogan is a classic in the conservative community. If you know a conservative, they probably have (or had at some point) a mug, cup, glass, or tumbler with this witty phrase emblazoned on it. 

This version takes the fun-poking to a whole new level, with its take on the Starbucks logo. We all know the famous coffee company has long been invested in left-wing causes, so seeing a version of their logo tweaked to look like a crying toddler makes for a good chuckle. They even added a little “snowflake” design! 

Miracles and Massacres: True and Untold Stories of the Making of America by Glenn Beck

Miracles and Massacres: True and Untold Stories of the Making of America

Glenn Beck is one of America’s best-known conservative broadcasters. In addition to being an outspoken and reassuring voice to millions of listeners for decades,  he also happens to be a best-selling author. Pretty much any one of Beck’s books would make a great gift, but Miracles and Massacres stands out. 

This collection of stories focuses on various episodes from America’s history, seen through the eyes of the people who experienced them. These well-researched stories are inspiring, surprising, and thought-provoking; sure to be riveting reading for any conservative, from teenagers to older adults.

Tactical Backpack

tactical backpack

It’s always smart to be prepared! A tactical backpack is an excellent gift for the conservative guy or gal in your life who wants to be ready in case of an emergency – or a weekend hike! 

These military-style packs offer heavy-duty stitching and durable materials. Not only do they do the job, but they also look great too. They’re hydration-system compatible and feature enough capacity to haul hunting gear, rations, and more. 

Family Craft Subscription Box 

craft subscription box

Most conservatives are very family-oriented and embrace traditional lifestyles. They tend to encourage stay-at-home motherhood, homeschooling, home businesses, and hands-on play. What better gift than one that lets their creativity run wild at home? 

Craft subscription boxes deliver monthly materials and instructions, so parents and kids can create fun projects together. They’re a fantastic way to keep the kids’ minds occupied with something stimulating their sensory and visual needs while helping them learn patience and cooperation.

Sleepy Joe Candle 

Relaxing Aromatherapy Candle

Sleepy Joe, by the Dirty CAndle Company, takes one of Donald Trump’s less-than-flattering nicknames for Joe Biden and turns it into a heavenly lavender-chamomile experience. This candle is perfect for your before-bed routine, a relaxing bath, or while knitting or reading. 

The natural soy candles feature a cotton wick, so it’s better for the environment. 

Teas of The Boston Tea Party Gift Set 

Teas of The Boston Tea Party Gift Set

Do you know a conservative history buff? If so, they likely know the details of the Boston Tea Party by heart. The pivotal event is often framed as the opening act of the American Revolution. But did you know exactly what kinds of tea were thrown into the river that fateful day? The 

Oliver Pluff Tea Company does, and they’ve brought them together in this impressive gift set

Five vials of tea (Lapsang Souchong, Colonial Bohea, Young Hyson, Congou, and Stinglo) are presented on an attractive wooden display piece. It’s a thoughtful, tasty gift they’ll never forget.

The Contender Card Game 

The Contender

The game Cards Against Humanity was the “it” party game of the mid-2010s. Imagine combining its characteristics with political debate. The Contender does just that. Your conservative friend and their friends will have a ball blending the cards to form uproarious political speeches and responses to debate questions. It’s the perfect game for the politically-minded person with a sense of humor.

Noble Caviar Gift Set 

OLMA Noble Caviar Gift Set - 2 oz (56g) of Caviar, Includes Kaluga Royal, Siberian Osetra Aurora, Hackleback, Paddlefish, Serving Spoon & Blinis - Superior Grade Fresh Roe Fish Eggs

While Democrats and Republicans both like to buy luxury goods when they can afford them, they buy them for different reasons. Democrats tend to buy expensive things that make them feel unique, while republicans prefer luxury items that give them a sense of status and power. 

Caviar is one of the ultimate luxury items that communicate to the world that you are well-off and have good taste. Friends, family, and co-workers will be impressed by this lovely caviar set that comes with four kinds of caviar, mini French blini, and creme fraiche.

Woman’s Daily Planner with Scripture 

womans planner

Balancing life’s craziness is a challenge for any mom, regardless of her political affiliation. Help your favorite conservative lady balance home, work, and fun with a daily planner that inspires her heart every day. A cute feminine design is a plus! 

Republican Tea Towel Set 

republican towels

Some people like to take their political views into their decorating scheme. A quick online search will show you bedding, curtains, throws, and pillow cases covered in political slogans and logos. 

If your friend or family member likes to be ‘extra,’ then one of those is fine, but if not, something a little more subtle is a better bet. 

It can’t hurt to mix your political statement with something totally practical. These tea towels will add style and fun to the kitchen while voicing support for the party of your choice. One even comes with adorable little elephant cookie cutters! 

Shields of Strength 

shields of strength

It may come as no surprise that the majority of American conservatives identify as Christian. If this applies to the person you’re shopping for, check out Shields of Strength

This jewelry company offers dozens of beautiful designs, most of which are faith-based or engraved with scriptural messages. They also create designs based on fitness, hobbies, occupations, and more. This pro-America, pro-military, and pro-family company is one any conservative would be proud to support. 

My Patriot Supply Gift Card 

Screen Shot 2022 10 31 at 9.42.57 AM

If your conservative loved one is a prepper – someone who likes to be ready for any emergency – consider getting them a gift card to My Patriot Supply.  My Patriot Supply is a company that sells shelf-stable food rations, clean water systems, alternative power systems,  and other emergency supplies. 

Even if they aren’t ready to take the full plunge into prepping or off-grid living, it is still a good idea to have a bit of food set aside in case of a power outage or natural disaster. Buying it from a liberty-minded company is a plus! 

Leather Cross Bookmark 

Leather Cross Bookmark

Awaken the spirit of America’s pioneer days with this beautiful leather cross bookmark. It’s crafted from genuine buffalo hide for a rugged yet handsome look. This large tasseled bookmark is the perfect placeholder for a Bible or as a hanging display in your study or office. 

The American Leather Company, the maker of this bookmark, offers a full line of leather goods, including briefcases, binders, wallets, purses, belts, and more. These high-end items aren’t the most budget-friendly on this list, but they are a great choice if you want to splurge.

Redbird Vintage Subscription

redbird vintage

Younger people have embraced vintage fashion in the last ten years. This is especially true among women who hold traditional worldviews and prefer modest dress. Vintage looks are a way to look nice while maintaining some sense of mystery. 

That’s why Red Bird Vintage is a wonderful subscription box for the conservative woman in your life. Each month they will get a box of vintage costume jewelry to make them sparkle and feel beautiful

Constitution Whiskey Rocks Glass

Constitution Of The United States - Old Fashioned Whiskey Rocks Glass - We The People American USA Patriotic Gift - 12 oz

This gift is classy and classic. It’s engraved with a wraparound text of the United States Constitution and features a heavy bottom to keep the glass stray and maintain your drink’s temperature. 

MyPillow Products 

My Pillow Classic Series [Std/Queen, Medium Fill]

My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell made quite a name for himself in the last couple of years, not just as a very successful salesman but as someone intimately involved with the political goings-on in our nation. 

His company is among the best-known Republican-owned enterprises in the U.S., and many right-leaning people buy the company’s products to show support and encouragement for his open conservatism. 

Whether you want to pick up a pillow, sheets, a robe, or some slippers, there’s a product from the My Pillow store that’s likely to please someone on your gift list. 

Gift Card For Bass Pro Shops 

bass pro shops

Do you know a conservative who likes to fish? Give them a gift card to Bass Pro Shop, and watch their face light up! They’ll find everything needed for a successful day at the lake and will be happy to know they’re supporting a company that advocates for Second Amendment rights.

Outnumbered: Chronicles of a Manhattan Conservative by Jedediah Bila 

Outnumbered: Chronicles of a Manhattan Conservative

This book is a fascinating look into New York City’s hyper-liberal culture through the eyes of a conservative woman. While it was published in 2011, it’s still relevant in the current year and is an inspiration for anyone who feels that they are an outcast in their social group due to their conservative political leanings. 

High-Quality Stationery Set 

High Quality Stationery Set

The art of handwriting is dying, and many people – particularly those who appreciate tradition – don’t want to see it go. Help keep the beauty of old-fashioned correspondence alive with gorgeous, top-quality stationery kits. Your conservative friends and family will happily display and use these classic implements.


Hopefully, this list has given you some good ideas of what to buy for the conservatives on your list. These ideas are just the beginning! You can explore the world of conservative merch, books and lifestyle items until you find the perfect gift that fits your budget and style.