25 Maid Of Honor Gifts (That Truly Show Your Appreciation) 

Find the perfect present for your maid of honor! These gifts are all unique and thoughtful, sure to make your maid of honor smile, no matter which one you pick.

Whether you are asking someone to be your maid of honor or are thanking them for their hard work as your maid of honor, these following gifts are appropriate for either situation and will send the message you want, no matter how much you spend.

Not only will they be thoughtful, but these gifts will be used and cherished long after the big day, so your maid of honor can know how much you appreciate them and their help forever.

1. Personalized Maid of Honor & Bridesmaid Art Print 

Wedding Art Print

This art print is perfect and personal! Remind your maid of honor how much your friendship means to you with this beautiful keepsake she can keep for years and years to come. 

Personalize your skin tone, hair color, and dress to create a meaningful, trendy gift that your maid of honor will adore. 

2. Personalized Maid of Honor Mug

Maid of Honor Mug

For a maid of honor who loves coffee, hot chocolate, and other hot drinks, this personalized mug will become her new favorite. 

This mug makes for a great gift because of the way it combines your friendship and her love of coffee; add your names and personalize your hair to make this a gift she won’t forget! 

This present is both adorable and practical—it’s a gift your maid of honor will use, and she’ll be reminded of you and your gratitude every time she takes a sip. 

3. Maid of Honor Birthflower Glass Mug

Bridesmaid Mug

This glass mug is another cute, sentimental way to show appreciation for your maid of honor. These mugs are perfect for girls who like to keep things simple and can be used for all of their cold drinks. 

The cute font and beautiful birth flower glass mug will make a wonderful keepsake; she’ll love drinking out of this elegant glass. 

Pair it with a thank you note that reminds her about how much she means to you to make it the perfect gift. 

4. Bridesmaid Proposal Box 

Bridesmaid Proposal Box

This proposal box can work for both your maid of honor and your bridesmaids! Customize with their name, their title in the bridal party, and goodies that they’ll adore. This is a unique gift because the goodies are things they’ll be able to use even after the wedding is done. 

Chic and simple gifts show your appreciation without making you go over budget. 

5. Silk Robe 

ALHAVONE Bride Bridesmaid Robes with Glittering for Wedding Bridal Party Womens Short Silky Satin Robe One Size (Pink, Maid of Honor)

Comfort will be extremely important during all of those months of planning. So let your maid of honor know that you appreciate her by keeping her feeling comfortable and luxurious with one of these silk robes while everyone’s getting ready together on the big day. 

These robes are fun because they are a similar gift but don’t have to be entirely the same because you can choose from 16 fun colors! So you can get your maid of honor a robe in her favorite color and your bridesmaids robes in different colors. 

Think of all of the meaningful pictures you’ll have together once the day is done. 

6. Emily Tennis Bracelet

SWAROVSKI Women's Emily Tennis Style Bracelet Collection, Clear, Blue and Pink Crystals (Amazon Exclusive)

You can never go wrong with jewelry! This present is a simple and elegant bracelet that your maid of honor can wear with anything—even after your wedding day.

This gorgeous piece will say everything you need—how thankful you are for her and all she does for you. As long as your maid of honor is a jewelry lover, you can’t go wrong with this thoughtful gift that is both classic and gorgeous, just like her. 

7. Champagne Wine Bag

Bridesmaid Proposal Gifts, Maid of Honor Gifts from The Bride, Matron of Honor Gifts, Champagne Wine Bags Gift, I Can't Get Hitched without My Favorite

For a maid of honor that enjoys wine, pair this cute bag as a proposal with her favorite bottle. This is an excellent way to dress up your maid of honor proposal and adds a little something, rather than just asking with a card, though you can do that too! 

She’ll not only laugh and be honored to be asked but will have a bottle to celebrate with. 

8. Maid of Honor Pearl Necklace

Maid of Honor Gifts from the Bride Sister for Wedding Proposal Thank You Sterling Silver Necklace 18'

This necklace is a beautiful way to say thank you to your maid of honor. Simple, elegant, and beautiful, you will never go wrong with this thoughtful present that she can wear long after you and your hubby tie the knot. 

This necklace is a perfect gift because it can be something she wears more than once, and when she does, she’ll be reminded of your strong, meaningful friendship. 

9. Love Knot Bridesmaid Bracelet with Initial

Bridesmaid Bracelet

A cute play on words, this bracelet will remind your maid of honor how much they mean to you and how appreciated their help is for your special day. With the cute personalized initial, she can even wear it after vows are exchanged.

This bracelet is a simple, elegant gift that your maid of honor will adore and go with anything and everything in her closet.   

10. “The One Where You’re My Maid of Honor” Tote

BDPWSS Maid Of Honor Gifts From The Bride The One Where You're My Maid Of Honor Makeup Bag Bachelorette Party Gift Maid Of Honor Proposal Gifts (maid of honor CB)

For a friend who loves Friends, this little makeup tote will be perfect for keeping everything she needs in one place during the wedding weekend. It’s a cute little memento that your maid of honor can hold onto long after you’ve tied the knot.

Pay homage to those weekends you spent binging friends together by getting your Friends fan maid of honor this handy tote. This present will be perfect for celebrating your friendship while also mentioning how long you’ve been able to count on one another. 

11. Bridesmaid Candle

Fairy's Gift Bridesmaid Definition Candle - Friends Bridesmaid Gifts, Bridesmaid Proposal Gifts - Matron or Maid of Honor, Bridesmaid Gifts for Wedding Day - Bridal Gifts for Bridesmaids from Bride

This sweet candle will not only smell good but remind your maid of honor how much her work has meant to you. Every time she lights it, she’ll remember the impact that her love and support had on you. 

Unlike a typical candle, the sweet message will make her smile every time. 

12. Personalized Open Heart Ring

Personalized Open Heart Ring

For a friend, sister, or cousin who loves jewelry, this dainty ring sets itself apart from others. Personalize with her initials to create a piece that is truly for her and her alone. 

This can be a piece she wears long after the wedding and will remind her of your friendship every time she wears it. 

13. Everly Grace Personalized Tote Bag

Bridesmaid Tote Bag

With everything going on, your maid of honor will need a new bag to fit it all in! So get her a personalized tote bag that she can use long after the wedding has passed. She’ll never lose track of her stuff or question where she put it after she has this fabulous bag! 

Pair it with a thank you card, and she’ll be carrying your gratitude every time she fills it up. 

14. Elegant Floral Trinket Dish 

Elegant Floral Trinket Dish

This round ceramic trinket dish is perfect for jewelry lovers and will add a little pop of color to your maid of honor’s nightstand. 

This makes for a unique gift if you want to think outside of the box—jewelry dishes are great jewelry organizers, but people can forget how handy they are. With a pop of practicality, your trinket dish will whisper “thank you” every time she sets her jewelry there. 

15. Swarovski Crystal Round Stud Earrings

Swarovski Crystal Round Stud Earrings

These earrings will be the perfect addition to her maid of honor gown and will let her shine every day after. Perfect for a friend who loves her jewelry, she’ll appreciate this special set you picked to thank you.

Best of all, you can personalize the box with her name to make it extra special. 

16. Personalized Round Flasks with Rhinestone Lids

Personalized Round Flasks with Rhinestone Lids

These adorable rhinestone-lidded flasks will make a great keepsake for your bridesmaids and maid of honor. They can use them during your reception or bachelorette party since they’ll always be able to tell them apart with the careful, cursive names. 

Think of the great photo opportunities with your bridal party and maid of honor posing with their fun, fresh flasks! These flasks are classy, different, and sure to make a statement. 

17. Instant Colorful Tea Latte Kits

Instant Colorful Tea Latte Kits

For a maid of honor who enjoys tea, this wonderful latte kit is a gift that comes from thinking outside of the box. Shake it up from jewelry and other traditional bridal party gifts, and gift her this awesome tea latte kit she’ll enjoy with every sip. 

18. Chocolate Tasting Kit

Chocolate Tasting Kit

If your maid of honor has a sweet tooth, this chocolate tasting kit is a lovely, unique present she’ll be thinking about for ages—long after the chocolate is gone. Gift her an activity that will remind her to sit back and relax amid all the wedding planning and preparation. 


19. Jewelry Case

Benevolence LA Plush Velvet Travel Jewelry Box Organizer, Travel Jewelry Case, Jewelry Travel Case for Women, Travel Jewelry Case Organizer, Small, Portable Jewelry Boxes with Mirror - Emerald

Help keep your maid of honor’s jewelry in place every time she travels with this handy little kit. Not only will she be able to use it after the wedding, but she’ll be reminded of how much her hard work meant to you for your special day.  

20. Pet Portrait Tote

Pet Portrait Tote

If your maid of honor has a beloved pooch, consider this adorable pet portrait tote to showcase her favorite furry friend. Best of all, your maid of honor can feature this tote bag long after the wedding bells. 

A gift like this is perfect because it’s unique to her, symbolizing how special she is to you. 

21. Olive and June Nail Polish Set 

Nail Polish Set

You might have to pick up a set for yourself when you see these adorable colors! 

Perfect for any time of the year, your maid of honor will appreciate the manicure combinations she can make with this thoughtful gift that says thank you in more ways than one. 

People usually don’t think about nail polish, but if you have a maid of honor who loves having her nails done, this is a great, thoughtful gift that not only says thank you but pays homage to one of her interests. 

22. Bracelet Birth Month Flower Engraved Pendant  

Bracelet Birth Month Flower Engraved Pendant

If your maid of honor is a jewelry lover, she will fall in love with this gorgeously simple birth month flower pendant bracelet. It’s something she’ll actually want to wear and something that will go with more than just her bridesmaid dress! 

Or change it up and pick your maid of honor’s favorite flower; make this gift as special as you want by personalizing and picking a present just for her. 

23. Shower Steamers

Aromatherapy Shower Steamers - 12pc Variety Pack Essential Oil Shower Steamers - Self Care, Nasal Relief, Relaxation, Pampering Vapor Shower Tablets for Home Spa, Gifts for Men, Women, Moms

Help your maid of honor relax after all the hard work she’s done with some shower steamers that will help her unwind. Acknowledging her hard work through a gift that allows her some self-care is a perfect way to say thank you for all of her hard work. 

24. Satin Silk Pajamas 

LYANER Women's Satin Silky Pajama Set Short Sleeve T-shirt With Shorts Set PJs Loungewear Dusty Blue X-Large

These satin silk pajamas are a perfect gift for after the wedding chaos or during a bachelorette weekend away. Your maid of honor will love the comfortable material; these pajamas will become her fast favorite and remind her of your love for her.

With plenty of color options available, you’re sure to find more than one color that your maid of honor will fall in love with.  

25. Bridesmaid Slippers

JEIBEI Wedding Slippers Set of 7 bridesmaid slippers Bride Slippers for Bridal Shower Gifts Bachelorette Party Favor (Open Toe)

While those bridesmaid shoes will be gorgeous, they might not be comfortable for the dance floor. So prepare with these wedding slippers that your bridesmaids and maid of honor can enjoy on your bachelorette weekend and during your reception! 

These slippers will be comfy and perfect for your maid of honor to use long after your big day so she can use them again and again. While not a big favor, they are still a small sign of your gratitude and wishes for her to enjoy your special day as much as you are. 


These maids of honor gifts are all gifts from the heart— meaningful to remind your maid of honor how much you appreciate her friendship and kindness in such an exciting time! You can’t go wrong with any of these purposeful, thoughtful gifts. 

No matter your budget, your maid of honor will feel loved and appreciated when receiving a thoughtful gift from her best friend.