25 Gifts For Neighbors (From The Best Neighbors EVER)

Whether you’re renting an apartment or own a home, your neighbors will be involved in your day-to-day life. Even if it’s just to wave across the fence on your way to work, neighbors become familiar faces that we expect to see. Soon, a wave might transform into borrowing a cup of sugar, and, perhaps, one day, into block parties and backyard barbecues.

A giving spirit may inspire you to show appreciation for these precious moments. If baking fresh cookies isn’t your style, there are plenty of gifts to bring a smile to anyone. Below, you’ll find a list of 25 gifts for neighbors that you can explore. 

Read on to discover a wide range of gifts for your neighbors that features everything from home décor to kitchen essentials. This list of 25 gifts for neighbors offers thoughtful, funny, and useful gifts that won’t break the bank. 

Best Neighbors Doormat 

Best Neighbors Doormat

For your favorite neighbors with a sense of humor and filthy shoes, give them this hilarious doormat. 

It’s a durable coir doormat with PVC rubber backing, upon which is printed a five-star rating for the best neighbors by “the people who live next door.” This neighbor appreciation gift is ideal for keeping someone’s home dirt-free. 

You can get this mat in four different sizes to fit any doorway space.

Best Neighbor Ever Tumbler 

JENVIO Neighbor Gifts | Laser Engraved Stainless Steel Travel Tumbler with Lid and 2 Straws | Housewarming New Ideas Going Away Thank You Valentine's Day (20 Ounce)

If you consistently encounter your neighbor running out the door to work every morning, you can help streamline their morning routine with a coffee tumbler. 

This high-quality, stainless steel coffee tumbler engraved with the words “Best Neighbor Ever” will be your favorite neighbor’s go-to accessory to fuel their hasty mornings. 

Best Neighbor Coffee Mug 

Panvola My Favorite Neighbor Gave Me This Mug Neighbor Gifts Housewarming Moving Out Farewell Goodbye Friendship Novelty Drinkware Ceramic Coffee Cup 11 oz White

Another caffeine-inspired gift, this simple, white ceramic mug is inscribed with the sweet phrase “My Favorite Neighbor Gave Me This Mug.” 

Your favorite neighbor will savor their morning cup of Joe that much more when they read this message with every sip. 

Oven Mitt 

Neighbor Gift Housewarming Gift A Good Neighbor is A Found Treasure Baking Oven Pads Pot Holder with Pocket (Good Neighbor)

If your neighbor enjoys cooking and baking, you can fuel their passion while protecting their hands with this cute oven mitt.

It is a black pocketed oven mitt with a cotton interior and a hanging loop, so they can display its endearing message stitched on the front that says, “A good neighbor is a found treasure.”

Neighbor Candle 

Thanks for Being an Awesome Neighbor - Hello Neighbor, House Warming Gifts for New Home, Hostess Gift, Funny Candles for Women, Housewarming Presents for New House, New Apartment, Thank You Neighbor

Candles are an elegant accessory that sets a romantic, tranquil, or comforting tone to your home atmosphere. Your neighbors will appreciate a high-quality scented candle to adorn their tables and shelves. 

This 100% hand-poured wax candle comes in a thick glass container with a black top and a label that states, “Thank You for Being an Awesome Neighbor.” It has various natural scents, including wood, lavender, and citrus. 

Neighbors Ring Dish 

Scwhousi Neighbor Going Away Moving Away Thank You Gifts for Women-Ring Dish Square Jewelry Tray-Neighbor Friend Gifts-Good Neighbors are to Hard to Find,We Are Blessed to Call You Friends

For the neighbor that loves to accessorize, this lovely ceramic ring and jewelry dish is a tasteful and elegant gift. It has a kind message expressing your appreciation for your neighbor. It will make an adorable addition to your neighbor’s bathroom, closet, or boudoir. 

Pint Glass for Neighbors 

Good Luck Finding Better Neighbors Than Us - Pint Glass for Beer - Funny Farewell Gift For The Best Neighbor Moving Away - 16 oz Glasses

If you’ve ever shared a beer with your neighbor at a summer cookout or game night, you know they’ll enjoy drinking a cold one out of a nice pint glass. This standard pint glass comes etched with the funny phrase, “Good luck finding better neighbors than us!” 

It’s high quality and cheap enough to pair it with a six-pack of your neighbor’s favorite brew.

Gag Diary 

You're An Awesome Neighbor Keep That Shit Up: Funny Joke Appreciation & Encouragement Gift Idea for Neighbors. Sarcastic Thank You Gag Notebook Journal & Sketch Diary Present.

Even if we always have our phones to remind us of the day’s tasks, electronic scribbling doesn’t give us the satisfaction of writing out lists to cross off or scrawling out an emotional recap of the day.

For those old-school neighbors that enjoy journaling, this flowery diary is the perfect gift. It also lets them know how awesome you think they are with the silly phrase, “you’re an awesome neighbor, keep that s**t up.”

Wooden Hanging Heart Plaque 

Wooden & Antique - A Good Neighbor is a Welcome Blessing. Thank You for Your Kindness Soul and Beautiful Heart. - Wooden Hanging Heart Plaque-Sign Gift

This super affordable and thoughtful wooden heart plaque is a great way to show your appreciation for kind and giving neighbors. 

The rich wood heart with a lovely calligraphed message makes a great addition to your neighbor’s doorknob, desk drawer, or hanging wall art. You could even wrap it around a champagne bottle in a more elaborate holiday gift package.

Good Neighbor Towel 

WCGXKO Neighbor Gift Neighbor Thank You Gift A Good Neighbor is A Found Kitchen Towel for Neighbor (A Good Neighbor Towel)

Most of us spend most of our time at home in the kitchen. Keeping a clean kitchen is a daily battle, and you can never have too many kitchen towels!

This tasteful kitchen towel features the phrase “A good neighbor is a found treasure,” which frames a colorful caricature of neighboring homes and apartment buildings. It’s a cute gift that looks fantastic hanging on a cabinet or kitchen towel rack. 

Neighbor Gift Personalized Cutting Board 

Cutting Board

If your neighbor likes to cook or entertain, this beautiful wood-cutting board will certainly come in handy. It is a customizable cutting board, and you can specify the type of wood and shape. 

The cutting board is engraved with a few phrases of appreciation and gratitude for your neighbor along with a lovely image of a fenced yard, tree, and home in the distance.

Neighbor Christmas Ornament 

Neighbor Christmas Ornament

There’s no better gift to spread holiday cheer than a Christmas ornament. This lovely handmade wood ornament features an engraved image of two neighboring houses with the words, “Merry Christmas From Our House To Yours,” followed by a message of appreciation and the year.

It’s a charming memento for your neighbors to remember you by each year as they decorate the Christmas tree.

Funny Mr. Rogers Quote Towel 

Funny Kitchen Towel

Nobody knows the importance of neighbors more than Mr. Rogers! Any neighbor who enjoyed Sesame Street or PBS programming will appreciate this silly towel’s nostalgic reference. It is a white cotton kitchen towel that has old-type printed words stating, “Mr. Rogers did not adequately prepare me for the people in my neighborhood.”

If you and your neighbors are allies who commiserate about the quirks of others, this towel will surely make them laugh every time they dry their dishes.

Unicorn Neighbor Wine Tumbler 

Wine Tumbler Cup

For your colorful, one-of-a-kind neighbor whose oddities have become endearing, let them know with this silly wine tumbler. Its imagery of a plain brown horse next to a unicorn pole dancing labeled with the phrase, “other neighbors” vs “you” is both funny and complimentary.

Plus, the stainless steel, stemless wine tumbler is free of harmful plastics and breakproof. Your neighbor can imbibe to their heart’s desire without worrying about breaking their favorite wine glass in a drunken stupor!

Custom Watercolor Neighbor Gift 

Custom Watercolor

This tasteful gift will impress and endear your neighbors who take pride in their home’s appearance. Whether you see them outside gardening, mowing the lawn, or executing weekend maintenance projects, you can show your admiration for their beautiful home with this custom watercolor.

The artist simply asks for a photograph of the home to render an artsy painted replica over which they’ll print the name of the family, address, and date they moved in.

Best Neighbor Ever Wine Bottle Label 

Custom Wine Label

If you find yourself admiring your neighbor’s wine collection at dinner parties or happy hour gatherings, you’ve probably considered getting them a nice bottle of wine for the holidays. Why not go one step further by personalizing the gift with this clever “Best Neighbor Ever” wine bottle label?

The label states, “Pairs well with the best neighbors ever” and fits perfectly over the original wine bottle label.

Terracotta Speckled Vases 

Terracotta Speckled Vases

You can help your neighbor dress up their living room, kitchen, dining room, or entryway with this gorgeous vase from Crate and Barrel. It’s a high-quality tall, white terracotta vase with characteristic cracks that give it a rustic chic look.  

This vase looks beautiful without anything in it, but it is a vase, after all. Instead of making your neighbor buy fresh flowers, you can also gift them tasteful faux flowers that will last forever. By the way did you know that you can buy edible flowers?.

Best Neighbor Ever Clipboard

Clip Frame

This cute and versatile clipboard frame is a great addition to your neighbor’s kitchen countertop or office. It is a stained wood plaque that simulates a fence, with a small clip for attaching pictures, to-do lists, receipts, or anything else you’d like to display.

Painted on the fence-like plaque is the silly phrase “Best F***ing Neighbors Ever.” You could even include a picture of you and your neighbors as the first picture that hangs from the clip.

Uncommon Goods Mandala Wind Spinner

Mandala Wind Spinner

Whether your neighbor has a wrap-around porch, rooftop terrace, or tiny apartment balcony, they have space to hang a wind chime or two. You can add to their collection with this mesmerizing mandala wind spinner from Uncommon Goods. As the wind passes through the spinner, its intricately designed metal patterns begin to spin, creating mesmerizing mandalas.

Plus, it makes no noise, so neither you nor your neighbor will ever be disturbed by loud chimes during an early morning or late night windstorm.

Mason Jar Indoor Herb Garden

Indoor Herb Garden

If you can’t decide between décor and food for your neighbor, you can give them both in one affordable gift. This cute and utilitarian indoor herb garden will give them fresh herbs and lush greenery year-round. 

It consists of different colored mason jars for a quaint, vintage look with a modern, hydroponic grow method. The best part is that hydroponics don’t require soil, so you get a wealth of fresh herbs without dirtying your window sill or countertops.

Spice and Nut Grinder

Cuisinart SG-10 Electric Spice-and-Nut Grinder, Stainless/Black, Mini

If you have a neighbor that’s constantly gifting you delicious treats or inviting you to lavish dinner parties, they’ll love this thoughtful kitchen appliance. Grinding spices and nuts yourself produces the most flavorful and fresh-tasting garnishes and flavor agents, but it can also be a tedious task.

You can save your neighbor the hand cramps by gifting them this electric spice and nut grinder from Cuisinart. It contains a heavy-duty motor, stainless steel blades, and plenty of storage space to grind in bulk. 

Tabletop Campfire Kit 

Tabletop Fireplace

If you have neighbors who are outdoor enthusiasts, gardeners, or entertainers, this compact and high-tech tabletop campfire kit will fuel their fun in the comfort of their own backyard.

The Lamariah tabletop campfire is a sleek glass-framed and metal-based fireplace that uses ethanol fuel for a clear, smoke-free flame to illuminate dinner parties, game nights, and backyard campouts. Its eco-friendly, low-carbon footprint design is another reason to feel good about purchasing it. 

Diffuser and Candle Set for Bathroom

Reed Diffuser Scented Candle

One of the best gifts for any home dweller is to have a bathroom that smells wonderful. Your neighbors will love this set of diffusers and a wax candle that will keep the bathroom smelling fresh after every use. 

This diffuser and candle set features all-natural scents like amber ebony, fresh spring gardenia, fruit, and more. 

We’re Not Really Strangers Card Game


All those daily small talk sessions and waves between neighbors add up to a comforting familiarity that has more significance than you think. We see our neighbors’ schedules and habits, which is more than we can say for some of our closest friends and coworkers.

That’s why this game is the perfect gift for your neighbors and you to play together. It will test your knowledge of each other while also building the bond between neighbors.

Infused Olive Oil Gift Set

Infused Olive Oil Gift Set

If you know your neighbor is a foodie, there’s no better gift than this set of infused olive oils from William Sonoma. This set comes with four delicious, infused olive oils including blood orange, garlic, basil, and truffle. Each bottle contains California-sourced olive oil, citrus, aromatics, and herbs. 

Perhaps you’ll get to delight in these olive oils yourself when your neighbors have you over for a friendly neighborhood happy hour.

Final Thoughts

Finding the perfect gifts for neighbors isn’t impossible. Whether you’re inspired by Mr. Rogers or opt for a practical spice and nut grinder, the ideal gift is at your fingertips. All that’s left to do is pick something to bring a smile to those next door.