30 Gifts For Vodka Lovers (Connoisseur Approved)

Vodka is one of the most versatile spirits, known for its crystal clear hue, neutral taste, and smooth palate. Centuries-old distilleries and new independent craft breweries alike produce numerous versions of this delicious spirit. 

Whether you’re a spirit snob or a newcomer to the spirit world, vodka is easy to love. It is pure, crisp, and smooth enough to sip neat. Its neutral flavor makes vodka a blank canvas for infusions of all kinds. Countless cocktails showcase vodka or mask it all together.  

If you have a vodka lover in your group of friends or family, there are countless gifts to fuel their passion. Below you can find a long list of gifts for vodka lovers.

No matter how big or small your gift budget is this year, you’ll find a diverse range of gifts for vodka lovers on the following list. Read on to discover 30 different gifts for vodka lovers, from funky shot glasses to bar towels to wall decor. As long as you are 21 or over!

Diffords Guide Vodka Coffee Table Book

Diffords Guide Vodka Coffee Table Book

Difford’s Guide is a longstanding expert guide in the spirits world, and this vintage Difford’s Guide book showcases countless recipes for vodka cocktails. Not only is this a book of vodka cocktail recipes, but it’s dedicated specifically to the high-end brand Ketel One. This beautiful book comes with pictures, diagrams, and a beautiful hardback cover for the perfect coffee table read.

Funny Vodka Crew Socks

If You Can Read This Bring Me A Vodka Funny Novelty Funky Crew Socks Men Women Christmas Gifts Slipper Socks

You can never have enough socks! This pair will become your special vodka lover’s favorite pair. At first glance, they appear to be a standard pair of white cotton crew socks, but as soon as you prop your feet up, there’s a hidden message printed on the soles of your feet. The message reads, “If You Can Read This, Bring Me Vodka”!

Valentine’s Day V is for Vodka Shot Board

V is for Vodka drinking shot board

Nobody likes to drink alone on Valentine’s Day! Whether you want to celebrate the day of love and friendship with your romantic partner or a group of your closest friends, this cute heart-shaped Vodka shot board is a wonderful gift to help you drink in good company. It is a heart-shaped wood board with ten holes for shot glasses overlaid with red, pink, or purple fabric.

V is for Vodka Shot Glass

V is for Vodka Shot Glass - Valentine's Day Gift - Vodka Shot Glass - Gift for Her - Vodka Glass - Hearts Shot Glass

This would be a great gift to pair with the V is for Vodka shot board! After all, it has room for 10-shot glasses! This girly V is for Vodka shot glass and has all the bling your favorite vodka lover deserves on Valentine’s Day. It is a gold-rimmed shot glass with a black backdrop and pink imagery. The print, “V is for Valentine” gets crossed out and updated with “V is for Vodka.”

Hand-Painted Lotus Blossom Martini Glass Set

Hand Painted Martini Glasses - Lotus Blossom (Set of 2)

One of the most iconic and elegant vodka cocktails is the almighty Vodka Martini, made famous by the James Bond series. Whether you like it shaken or stirred, no martini is complete without a martini glass to serve it in. This gorgeous set of martini glasses has bright purple lotus blossoms tastefully hand painted around its perimeter.

DIY Vodka Infusion Kit 

DIY Vodka Infusion Kit

Flavored vodkas are almost as popular as the original spirit itself, and while you can buy your favorite flavor at the liquor store, it’s fun and fresh to infuse vodka yourself. This DIY Vodka infusion kit comes with 12 different dried herbs and botanicals to create unique vodka infusions that will wow your taste buds.

Vodka Themed Personalised Chopping Board

Vodka Themed Personalised Chopping Board

This wooden chopping board is both aesthetically pleasing and utilitarian. It comes engraved with images of different vodka cocktails and ingredients centered around the phrase, “The Vodka Board.” You can use it as your go-to chopping board for cocktail garnishes. It will inspire you to try all the different cocktails depicted on this sturdy wooden board. 

Handmade Funny Kitchen Towel: “I Like It Dirty” 

Handmade Funny Kitchen Towel, 100% Cotton Funny Dirty Martini Bar Towel for Kitchen, I Like It Dirty, Perfect for Hostess Housewarming Christmas Mother’s Day Birthday Gift (I Like It Dirty)

Another useful yet silly vodka-themed gift, this kitchen towel has the play on words “I Like It Dirty,” followed by an image of a vodka martini. If you like extra olive juice and olives in your martini, this towel gets you! Plus, a towel that “likes it dirty” will do a good job cleaning up your countertop.

Vodka Made Me Do It Kermit the Frog Canvas Bag 

Kermit The Frog Muppets Tote Bag

This soft yet sturdy canvas bag has a retro image of Kermit the Frog in a thinker’s pose with a cheeky grin on his face, under which lies the phrase “Vodka Made Me Do It.” Whether you need to pick up some groceries or tote a few books to your favorite coffee shop, this bag will help you while also letting everyone know that you’re a vodka lover with a sense of humor!

Frosted Glass Tumbler with Lid & Straw: “When Life Gives You Lemons Add Vodka” 

Customized 16oz Frosted Glass Tumbler w/Lid & Straw | 'When Life Gives You Lemons Add Vodka' w/Customized Name | Gift for Her | Perfect for Beer, Coffee, Mixed Drinks | Custom Glass Tumbler

Tumblers are one of the greatest beverage fads to date, helping you keep your beverage cold for hours and providing ample protection from spills and breaks. This 16 oz frosted glass tumbler comes with a snug lid and straw, decorated with cheerful yellow stripes, lemon patterns, and the phrase “When Live Gives You Lemons, Add Vodka”  

Vodka Bucket List Poster

Vodka Check List

Vodka lovers are always trying to get their hands on the most exclusive bottles. Even if top-shelf vodka bottles are out of your budget, you can dare to dream with this cool vodka bucket list poster. It features images of 40 of the rarest, most expensive bottles of vodka you can find lined up in neat, aesthetic rows. It’s a great addition to your kitchen or game room.

Blue Sky Bottle Vodka Seed Beaded Bartender Gift

Alcohol Drink Party Earrings

If your favorite vodka lover also loves to accessorize, these hand-beaded Skyy Vodka bottle earrings are the perfect gift. They’re lightweight, with a striking yet zany likeness to the Skyy Vodka bottle label. This Etsy seller also creates beaded bottles of other famous vodka brands, so you can look for your favorite brand to adorn your ears.

Titos Repurposed Bottle Candle: Cinnamon and Vanilla Scented Soy Candle 

Cinnamon and Vanilla Scented 16 Fl Oz Soy Candle Titos Repurposed Bottle Vegan

Tito’s is an independent vodka distillery out of Austin, Tx, that has become one of the most famous American vodka brands in the nation. It is a staple in bars, restaurants, and households everywhere. If Tito’s is your go-to vodka, this cool cinnamon and vanilla candle uses repurposed Tito bottles for the candle holder. It looks like a Tito’s shot glass, but it’s filled with a delicious-smelling candle.

V is for Vodka & Vacation Tumbler 

12 oz Chill Wine Tumbler

Another fun Tumbler, this smaller 12 oz tumbler in the shape of a wine glass comes with a sturdy slide-open top for a sleeker look. Its shape and size are perfect for wine and vodka lovers alike. The words V is for Vodka & Vacation are printed in red over a white rubber backdrop. You can take your tastebuds and sobriety on vacation with every sip out of this tumbler.

Grey Goose Tall Vodka Glasses

Grey Goose Tall Vodka Glasses 700ml | Long Tumblers- Made From Recycled Bottles 70cl | 24 ounce

A longstanding top-shelf vodka brand out of France, Grey Goose is one of the best wheat vodkas for a martini. If Grey Goose is your favorite brand, you’ll love these tasteful Grey Goose tall vodka glasses, imprinted with the elegant brand name and imagery of flying geese, just as it appears on the bottle.

Vodka and Dog Treats Door Mat 

Vodka and Dog Treats Door Mat

Made with high-quality coir, this funny doormat will last for years and give guests a good laugh as they walk through your front door. It has the phrase “Welcome! I Hope You Brought Vodka and Dog Treats” printed in black lettering, framed by paw prints. Dog lovers and vodka lovers alike approve of this message!

Wine, Whiskey, Beer, Vodka Wall Decor

Wine, Whiskey, Beer, Vodka - Unframed Wall Decor for Bar, Kitchen - 8x10 Poster Prints, Alcoholic Drinks, Beverages Wall Art Home Decoration - Gift for Home Brewers, Men

The perfect addition to your bar space, kitchen, or man cave, this set of four prints has something for every kind of alcohol lover. It features red and blue Andy Warhol-style prints of a vodka martini glass with “vodka” in block print, a frosty beer mug with “beer”, a lowball whiskey glass, and a wine glass. You can arrange them vertically, horizontally, or squared.

Personalized Engraved Vodka Highball Glass

Personalized Engraved Glass - Engraved Highball Glass - Personalized alcohol Gifts - 21st Birthday Gifts for Men - Personalized Gifts for Him

If your favorite person has a specific vodka cocktail they love to order, this personalized engraved highball glass will commemorate it. It is a high-quality highball glass with frosted lettering that includes your recipient’s name and the cocktail title. Whether they love vodka tonic or cranberry and vodka, they now have a personalized cocktail glass to sip it out of.

Probably Vodka Funny Coffee Mug 

Probably Vodka Funny Coffee Mug

It’s never too early to enjoy a vodka joke. This simple white coffee mug has black block letters that state “Probably Vodka”. It’s a great, budget-friendly gift that will surely get plenty of use, whether it’s a standard cup of joe or a vodka-spiked “hair of the dog” special.

Vodka the Glue Holding the Shit Show Together T-Shirt

Funny Sweatshirt

If your favorite vodka lover has a good sense of humor, they’ll enjoy this funny vodka-themed shirt that states, “Vodka: The Glue Holding the Shit Show Together.” It comes in various colors and cuts. You can find styles for him or her, including t-shirts, long-sleeved, and hoodies.

Kamojo Moscow Mule Copper Mug Set

Kamojo Moscow Mule Mugs Set of 2 - Premium Unique Embossed Design & Anti-Tarnish, Food-Grade Coating - Copper Cups Gift Set with 2 Copper Straws & Recipe E-Book, 16 oz

Another iconic and refreshing vodka cocktail that rivals the Martini in popularity is the Moscow Mule, a simple blend of vodka, lime juice, and ginger beer. Like the Martini, the Moscow Mule requires a specific receptacle: copper mugs. While many copper mugs are rounded, this lovely set from Kamojo is tall and engraved with elegant Indian patterns with a thin hook for your fingers and a copper straw.

Vodka Cocktail Recipe Book

Vodka Cocktails: More than 40 recipes for delicious drinks to fix at home

This vodka cocktail recipe book has over 40 different vodka cocktail recipes, from classics to creative new recipes. It’s a great tool for amateur mixologists and vodka lovers looking to up their cocktail game. It is budget-friendly and will soon become your secret weapon behind the bar.

Artsy Vodka Flask: Livin La Vida Vodka

Artsy Vodka Flask Livin La Vida Vodka

Vodka lovers and alcohol lovers of all kinds need a good flask to transport their favorite spirits to festivals and parties. This cool, old-school flask from Trixie and Milo has old-timey imagery and the play on words “Livin La Vida Vodka.” You can find countless flask designs with different vodka-related images and print on their website as well.

Tito’s Themed Travel Tag


If you’re tired of pulling the wrong suitcase off the conveyor belt time and time again, a Tito’s Themed Travel Tag is a great remedy. This high-quality rubber travel tag assumes the lettering and coloring of Tito’s label, differentiating your bag and announcing your vodka preferences simultaneously.

Vodka Box Decor: Trust Me You Can Dance


This whimsical striped box makes the perfect piece of kitsch for your counter, bar, or desk. Its largest face has a black background with white printed letters that say “Trust Me You Can Dance -Vodka.” If vodka could speak, this would be a logical phrase to promote your shenanigans.

Vodka-themed iPhone Cover

Vodka themed iPhone Cover

This is a great stocking stuffer idea for a vodka lover, and more specifically, an Absolut Vodka lover. It’s a durable plastic shield imprinted with Absolut’s logo. It’ll surely come in handy when you try to use your phone after one too many shots of vodka.

Vodka Keychain: The Vod Squad

Vodka Friendship Keyring

Keychains are budget-friendly yet thoughtful gifts that always come in handy. This silly keychain has a yellow backdrop with two vodka bottles. It comes in a pair, so you can treat it like a friendship charm for you and your favorite vodka-drinking buddy.

Personalized Vodka Bottle 

screenshot www.personalwine.com 2023.04.30 16 18 35

Spirits come in bottles of all shapes and sizes with cool labels that are as fun to display as they are to drink. If your friend or family member loves to display their vodka bottles, this personalized vodka bottle will be a prized possession. It is custom engraved with the phrase of your choice, whether it’s a message, date, or name.

Maverick Unity Stainless Steel Vodka Serving Set and Bowl

Maverick Unity Vodka Serving Set - Keeps Drinks Cold - Vodka Gifts - Shot Glass Holder - 6 shot glasses for vodka included - A Stainless Steel Vodka Chiller Set - Gifts for vodka Lovers

This Stainless Steel vodka serving bowl has an ingenious design to keep vodka chilled and supply garnishes in one easily transportable serving dish. It is a deep bowl that you fill with ice, over which lies a top that has various shot glass holders and a wider opening for ice and garnishes.

Viator Vodka Tasting Tour

Viator Vodka Tasting Tour

Viator is a tour company from the famed TripAdvisor company, offering countless tours around the globe to suit every interest. If you want to wow your significant other or friend with the gift of experience, this vodka-tasting tour is something special. You can browse the site for a vodka tour in the country you will travel to.