10 Year Anniversary Gifts (Unique and Custom Ideas)

Celebrating ten years with your spouse is an exciting milestone that deserves special recognition in the form of delicious meals, memorable evenings, and great gifts.

Ten years together is traditionally marked by a gift of tin or aluminum. However, if you’re looking for something with a little more bling, you can always go away from tradition. 

Suppose you’re looking for an epic anniversary gift to celebrate ten years together correctly.

You need to read on to find the best options to make your husband or wife feel especially loved and appreciated this year. 

1. Customized Anniversary Mugs

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If you’re looking for something simple but traditional for your anniversary gift, consider investing in a pair of customized anniversary mugs!

These mugs are a favorite because they contain the traditional anniversary gift of tin while adding a personalized twist with names, dates, and specialty stamps that you can select when you make your purchase. 

Your partner will especially love the anniversary mug if you spend a lot of time outdoors! 

2. Customized Aluminum Location Map

Customized Aluminum Location Map

What better way to commemorate all the special milestones in your relationship than a customized map that tells you exactly where you’ve been with your unique life partner?

The aluminum map is customizable, meaning you can have imprints made from the spot you went for your first date, where you proposed, where you got married, where you had your first home together, and so on. 

It’s the perfect way to mark ten years of bliss!

3. Diamond Bracelet

Diamond Bracelet

A more modern trend for the tenth-anniversary gift is to go with diamonds instead of aluminum or tin. 

Diamonds are always an effective way of showing your lady how much you love her. She’ll love how it shimmers on her wrist and constantly reminds her of the ten beautiful years you’ve spent together.

Don’t be afraid of spending something a little extra on your lady. After all, ten years don’t come around every year!

4. Personalized Wine Glasses

On The Rox Drinks Monogrammed Gifts For Women and Men - Letter A-Z Initial Engraved Monogram Stemless Wine Glass - 17 Oz Personalized Wine Gifts For Women and Men (M)

If you and your spouse are fans of splitting a bottle of wine every once and a while, then a great way to commemorate a whole decade side by side is a set of personalized wine glasses. 

Personalized wine glasses are a great option whether you prefer stemless or traditional. You can also have your names added to the glasses or choose pet names for one another. 

Either way, your spouse will love it!

5. New Watch

New Watch

It’s your tenth anniversary. You need a different particular way of showing your man how much he means to you, something that communicates just how incredible the last ten years together have been. It would help if you considered something like this stylish watch.

The best part about it is that you can get a special message engraved on the back to tell your husband everything you’ve been dying to say. 

The watch is a gift that elevates his style and reminds him daily of the woman who has made his life exceptional for the last ten years. 

6. Matching Keychains

Matching Keychains

Sometimes couples are all about thrifty gifts that aren’t too expensive or extravagant but still communicate something meaningful to each unit member. 

If you’re one of those families, ten years together can be affordably and uniquely commemorated with matching keychains. 

These keychains are particularly special because they contain a secret message you can only read when put together. It’s a beautiful symbol of your unique relationship!

7. Bar Tools

Bar Tools

If you’re looking for something that will excite your husband, consider gifting him a new set of bar tools!

He’ll love the opportunity to hone his bartending skills with new toys that make his cocktail-making experience better than ever before.

Bar tools are a fantastic anniversary gift because they serve both of you: he can have fun playing with new drink makers, and you can enjoy the result of his drink-making adventures. 

8. Date Idea Game

STOFINITY 52 Couples Games Date Night Gifts - Anniversary Wedding Gifts for Couples 2024 Newlywed, Fun Date Ideas Married Couple Gifts for Him Her, Date Night Games Activities for Boyfriend

When you’ve spent ten years beside the same person, you might find that your dating life is a little less exciting than it once was. 

That’s alright! Every relationship goes through that sort of change. It doesn’t mean you love your partner any less; it just means you need to work harder to get creative. 

That’s where this awesome little date idea game comes into play. Never argue about where to go out again; consult the game.

9. Decanter Set

Engraved Liquor Whiskey Decanter Set with Scotch Glasses for Men - 9 Design Options - Personalized Gift Set for Him, Dad - Premium Set Includes Whiskey Stones - by Froolu

Decanters are a great way of showing affection and care to the drink-maker and cocktail-lover in your life. Add stylish glasses, and you’ve probably found the perfect anniversary gift idea. 

If your man loves a good whiskey, then he probably loves the idea of having a decanter. Decanters can elevate even the most mundane bar into something exquisite. 

Show your man how much you love him with a gift he’ll use for the next ten years together and beyond.

10. Diamond Ring

Diamond Ring

No rulebook tells you precisely what kind of jewelry to get your lovely lady. After ten years together, you probably know what she loves and doesn’t prefer. 

Small but elegant, this diamond ring is a great way to show love to the simple jewelry-wearer in your life. 

Diamonds are a more modern gift for the tenth anniversary, but it’s a much better choice than pounding a ring out of tin or aluminum yourself.

11. Anniversary Art

Anniversary Art

If you want to incorporate creativity, style, and aluminum in one epic gift, consider this watercolor portrait that features you, your extraordinary someone, and the most critical dates in your relationship.

The personalized touch is what makes this gift even more special. Your partner will love the detail that goes into ordering something like this, and it will fit in your home no matter your decor!  

12. Cookie Subscription

Cookie Subscription

Cookies are a great gift, especially for someone sweet in your life. Who doesn’t love cookies? You probably have to think about that to come up with an answer. 

A great way to celebrate ten years together is to try new cookies every month. Nothing could be more exciting when they’re delivered straight to your door.

Try pairing each cookie delivery with a fun date night to bring excitement and passion back into your ten years of marriage.

13. Charcuterie Board

Charcuterie Boards Gift Set - Bamboo Cheese Board Large for Dad - House Warming Gifts New Home - Wedding Gifts for Couple, Bridal Shower, Birthday Gifts for Women | Bambüsi

A charcuterie board might not seem like the best anniversary gift. After all, doesn’t ten years together deserve more recognition?

That’s why it’s a great idea to combine a new charcuterie board with all the meats, cheeses, and crackers your spouse could want. 

Add a bottle of wine, some candlelight, and a romantic evening together, and your ten-year anniversary will be one neither of you will forget any time soon. 

14. Monogrammed Wallet

Monogrammed Wallet

There are a lot of guys out there who have had the same wallet since junior high. That means there are wallets everywhere that need to get replaced.

What better way to celebrate ten years of togetherness than to make your man get rid of that falling-apart piece of leather?

Make it extra special by adding a monogram of his name, initials, or your wedding date. He’ll have a new place to store his cash and credit cards that will always make him think of you.

15. Cookware

Rachael Ray Cucina Nonstick Cookware Pots and Pans Set, 12 Piece, Agave Blue

If your lady loves to cook, then odds are she needs new cooking supplies. Or maybe she doesn’t, and you feel the urge to surprise her anyway. 

Whatever the state of her current pots and pans, it’s worth considering an upgrade for the woman who has made the last ten years absolute heaven. 

16. Portable Charcoal Grill

Cuisinart CCG190RB Inch BBQ, 14' x 14' x 15', Portable Charcoal Grill, 14' (Red)

Consider getting her these pots and pans for your anniversary, but don’t make her cook your anniversary dinner; that would be insensitive. 

Charcoal grilling is an art that gas and woodchip grills can’t match. There’s something unique and manly about grilling perfect meat on a charcoal grill. 

Even though charcoal grills are less standard than their gas counterparts, plenty of people still enjoy cooking with charcoal whenever they get the chance. 

Consider getting your man a portable charcoal grill for ten years together so he can stretch his grillmaster skills and impress you more than usual.  

17. Diffuser


Having a diffuser around is a great way to improve the aroma and mood of your house. There are a lot of benefits to having essential oils diffusing around the house daily. 

Suppose you don’t have a diffuser; it could make a great anniversary gift. Not only will your spouse love setting up their oils for daily diffusing, but you’ll also appreciate having those pleasant smells and delightful health benefits around the house.

18. Espresso Machine

Espresso Machine

After ten years together, you might feel that there are no more gifts. Finding something your spouse doesn’t have or something they’ll love becomes harder and harder. 

That’s why you should start buying couple gifts! Couple gifts are excellent because you can work together to pick out something you are both excited about for your house.

If you have yet to bring an espresso machine into your coffee-making equation, your tenth anniversary is the time to leap. 

19. Wedding Photo Frames

THINGS REMEMBERED Engraved Intertwined Heart 5' x 7' Picture Frame (Free Customization)

After ten years together, you’ve probably been looking at the same wedding photos repeatedly. Even if they’re your favorite photos in the entire house, they could use a little innovation. 

Try finding new, fresh frames in which you can house your photos. These frames will bring new life to the photographs captured that particular day.

You could also have anniversary photos commissioned along with your brand-new frames!

20. Bamboo Shower Mat

Bamboo Wooden Bath Floor Mat for Luxury Shower - Non-Slip Bathroom Waterproof Carpet for Indoor or Outdoor Use (31.3 x 18.1 x 1.5 Inches)

You may need something new to spruce up your bathroom. Bamboo shower mats are a great way to add class, elegance, and cleanliness to your bathroom.

Bamboo is easy on your feet, and it’s highly durable. That makes it a fantastic option for your bathroom shower mat. 

Bamboo shower mats are a great example of couple gifts you could get together. After all, you’ll both appreciate and use them daily.  

21. Monogrammed Throw Blanket

Monogrammed Throw Blanket

Another excellent couple gift that you should look into for your tenth-anniversary celebration is a monogrammed throw blanket. 

Monogrammed throw blankets bring you together because it’s great to cuddle under on cold winter nights. So if you need something to get a little closeness back into your relationship, this gift is for you.

A throw blanket made especially for you and your person will create a special memory lasting for the next ten years.

22. Luggage

Rockland Journey Softside Upright Luggage Set,Expandable, Turquoise, 4-Piece (14/19/24/28)

Luggage is a great gift because it’s expensive and implies that lots of travel are coming your way. You can give that gift to your spouse on your tenth anniversary.

Don’t think that luggage is boring or that your spouse won’t appreciate it; whether you’re buying something for your husband or wife, they’ll love opening their new luggage.

But remember: if you get new luggage, the expectation is that you will use it soon. So make sure you have a tenth-anniversary trip planned. 

23. Anniversary Coasters

Anniversary Coasters

Tin coasters are a great way of incorporating traditional anniversary gifts into your modern anniversary celebration. They’re practical, and they’re a great souvenir. 

After ten years of parties, romantic evenings, and movie nights in the living room, you’ve probably gone through your share of coasters. 

Finding new coasters can be an exceptional experience if you’ve got an anniversary coming up. Get them monogrammed with your initials or your wedding date for something extra meaningful.

24. Tin Anniversary Rose

BESZONE Tin Rose 10th Anniversary for Her Gift - Tin Gift for 10 Year Wedding Anniversary for Couple Solid 100% Pure Casted Tin Everlasting Rose Tenth Anniversary for Wife Tin Aluminum Gift for Family

If you want to get your wife something a little more unique and more focused on creating a special memory than getting something practical or useful, look to something like this tin anniversary rose.    

The tin anniversary rose is highly traditional because it incorporates the gift of tin and the symbol of the rose that hints at love and fidelity. It’s also pretty and something your wife can display with tender affection.

25. Vows


If you’ve never had your wedding vows mounted or displayed in any way, then your tenth anniversary is the perfect time to have that done.

You can have it displayed in many ways, in a public room or someplace more private. 

Final Thoughts

With these fantastic gift options, you can make your tenth anniversary a day worth remembering.