25 Gifts For Firefighters (Because You Appreciate Them)

Firefighters work hard, day and night, to protect the community from the devastating effects of fire. If you have a fireman in your life, get them a gift to help them relax and do their job easily. If you’re looking for the perfect gift for a firefighter, you’re in luck. Check out this comprehensive guide to 25 of the best practical and fun gifts for the firefighter in your life. 

1. Swiss Safe 3-in-1 Tactical Knife

Swiss Safe 3-in-1 Tactical Knife for Military and First Responders - Fire Department Red

A knife is a timeless, practical gift for anyone, and this 3-in-1 tactical knife is no exception. It features a solid design with a steel blade and aluminum handle. It also has a flipper tab so your service member can open it with one hand at a moment’s notice. It’s small enough to fit in any pocket and has a serrated edge, straight blade, and glass breaker. They’ll find it helpful whether they’re camping or in the line of duty.

2. Magnetic Facepiece Guard for SCBA Mask 

Facepiece Guard for SCBA

An NYC firefighter makes these smart leather facepiece guards. They’ll protect your firefighter’s facepiece from scratches and dirt so they can see while in the line of duty. It closes with strong magnets so you can remove it at a moment’s notice. And the best part is you can personalize it to make it unique. This guard is the perfect stylish and functional gift. Any firefighter would love to have one. 

3. Firefighter Station Gym Bag

Firefighter Station Gym Bag

This tactical gym duffle is the perfect accessory for the firefighter who stays on the go. The reflective stripe mimics their gear and is a great way to show the world how proud you are of your hero. You can choose either black or tan as the base color, and it comes with personalization. The waterproof polyester is tear-proof and sturdy, and all of the metal hardware is reinforced. It’s a gift that is built to last. 

Giving a practical gift they can use in their day-to-day activities is an excellent way to show someone you are thinking about them. 

5. Personalized Tan Firefighter Apron

Tan Firefighter Apron

Does your fireman like to grill? This smart apron features a reflective stripe that looks like fireman gear. It’s customizable, so everyone at the barbecue will know who the king of the grill is. It’s a timeless gift that can be used year after year, and they’ll be sure to appreciate this gift at any time of year! There are multiple color options so you can find the best color combination for your loved one. 

6. Funny Firefighter Highball Glass

11 oz Rocks Whiskey Highball Glass Two Sided Fire Department Firefighter Off Duty Save Yourself

This witty highball glass is for the fireman who doubles as a whiskey enthusiast. The funny “off duty, save yourself” quote is laser engraved into the glass, so you won’t have to worry about it coming off during washing. It’s dishwasher-safe and perfect as a gift for the whole crew. They’ll appreciate the laugh while hanging out after a tough shift. 

7. Historic Fire Hose Bottle Opener

Fire Hose Bottle Opener

If your fireman loves a bit of vintage flair, they’ll love this gift. This unique bottle opener looks like the vintage firehose nozzles from the early 1900s. The shutoff handle can open any bottle that comes at it. This big bronze piece is sturdy and strong. It’s a great man cave piece that your beloved firefighter will enjoy for years to come.

8. Canceled On Scene Card Game

Cancelled On Scene Card Game - Adult Game Night - Gift for EMS, Firefighters, First Responders, & Health Care Workers - Group Paramedic Board Game

Firefighters spend a lot of time waiting around for the alarm to ring. This fun card game will give them something to do while they’re waiting. The entire crew can play it, so it’s a gift that will benefit everyone in the station. This gift of fun will keep on giving, and the fireman in your life will definitely appreciate the thought.

9. Personalized Firefighter Bunker Cup

Firefighter Bunker Cup

Every firefighter is on the lookout for that perfect cup for coffee and drinks, and this one might be it! Give your firefighter this handsome matte powder-coated mug on their special day. The insulated stainless steel will keep their drink hot or cold for hours, and the reflective stripe looks really cool. It’s perfect for those long days and nights on the job. It can even be personalized for an extra special touch. 

10. Witty “Fireman Off Duty” Socks

Zmart Fireman Socks Men Firefighter Socks Men Fire Socks Flame Sock, Fireman Gifts For Men Firefighter Gifts For Men Firefighting Gifts Fire Chief Gifts

When they’re not on the job, your serviceman needs plenty of time to rest. These funny socks will let everyone know they’re off duty and make them smile. It’s the perfect gift for the fireman in your life who loves putting his feet up to relax. These would make great stocking stuffers for any firefighter you know. Grab one pair, or grab some for the whole crew! Anyone who receives these socks will be sure to crack a smile. 

11. Fire Extinguisher Mini Bar

Fire Extinguisher Mini Bar

This cute gift stands out from the rest! It’s a mini bar that fits inside a fire extinguisher. The bar comes with two shot glasses and space to hold your fireman’s favorite liquor. The door has a lock and key to keep it away from prying hands, so you won’t have to worry about kids or pets getting into it. It also comes with a wall mount bracket so it can be displayed on the wall. It would be at home in any man cave or even as a bar piece. 

12. Thin Red Line Tumbler/Travel Mug

Firefighter Gifts for Men | Stainless Steel Travel Tumbler/Mug with Lid for Coffee Cup| Thin Red Line Flag Design for Fireman | Fire Department | First Responder Valentine's Day Gift (20oz Black)

Give your fireman the gift of pride with this Thin Red Line flag travel mug. Let the world know that they’re a hero. They’ll appreciate this insulated coffee cup that will keep their drinks hot or cold for hours on end. It will come in handy while they’re waiting around the station. It’s also perfectly sized to fit into most standard car cup holders so they can be heroes on the go.

13. Personalized Fire Department Bottle Opener

Personalized Fire Department Bottle Opener

This wooden bottle opener counts as functional decor. The bright red enameled bottle opener looks great on a wooden plaque that can be engraved with a personalized fire department logo. Each one is handmade in Pennsylvania, so you can be sure it’s a unique gift they won’t find anywhere else. If red isn’t your color, there are other options, too. Any serviceman will appreciate this piece to grace their den or man cave. 

14. Fire Department Medallion Engravable Dive Watch

Fire Department Medallion Engravable Dive Watch

This elegant gift is for the sophisticated serviceman in your life. It has a Japanese quartz movement so that your firefighter will always show up on time! It’s also water resistant up to five meters with a scratch-resistant crystal face. This watch will hold up through even the toughest jobs. You can engrave it with your loved one’s name or initials for a personal touch.

15. Upcycled Fire Hose Can Cooler

Upcycled Fire Hose Can Cooler

This fantastic gift is perfect for the fireman that loves to crack open a cold one during their off days. It’s made from an upcycled firehose, so you can rest knowing that it’s sustainable. Buy a set of them to hand out as stocking stuffers for the whole crew! They’ll be very appreciated by those hard-working men and women who do so much to serve the community. 

16. Fireman’s Prayer of Protection

FIREFIGHTER Fireman - Pewter Auto VISOR CLIP - GUARDIAN Angel - Protect - Inspirational GIFT

Give your firefighter the gift of divine protection with this auto visor clip. It’s engraved with a sweet prayer for safety so that they’ll know you’re thinking of them. The attractive pewter finish will last for a long time, and the clip will fit on most vehicle makes. This sentimental piece is a small token that is sure to be appreciated every time they see it. 

17. Personalized Glove Strap

Personalized Glove Strap

Leather always makes a fashionable statement. These leather glove straps are the perfect gift for the fancy fireman in your life. It can be stamped with their name for a unique personalized touch. They feature a clip that will attach to any bag and velcro for quick and effortless removal. You can choose brown or black leather with any color of lettering you can imagine. They’re a simple gift that any fireman will appreciate while they’re in the line of duty.

18. Firefighter Personalized Black Backpack

Firefighter Personalized Black Backpack

This substantial backpack is excellent for any firefighter that works far from home. It’s big enough to carry all of their belongings to and from the fire station with ease. The waterproof polyester material makes it a safe place to store laptops and electronic gear, too. With multiple pockets and straps, it’s built to be ergonomic and prevent back pain, even while carrying a heavy load. And if all of that wasn’t enough, it can be personalized, too. 

19. Stress-Fighting Fireman Coloring Book

Firefighter Coloring Book For Adults: Firefighter Coloring Book For Adults Containing 30 Stress Relieving Funny Mandala Coloring Pages With Rude ... Quotes (Firefighter Gift Coloring Books)

Saving the world can be a stressful job, and this gift can help your firefighter relieve some of that stress. Adult coloring books are all the rage, and they’re proven to alleviate anxiety. This one also fights stress with laughter. Every page features a witty joke that your firefighter will love. It’s the perfect gift for the fireman who needs to wind down after a hard day’s work. 

20. FD Pewter Hitch Cover

FD Pewter Hitch Cover

Firefighters with a truck will appreciate this pewter hitch cover. It gives your hitch some fire department flair while you’re not tugging a boat or trailer along. Let the world know your loved one is an everyday hero. It will fit any standard 2-inch truck hitch. 

21. Thin Red Line Flag Flannel Blanket

Cozy Flannel Blanket for Couch/Bed/Travel 40 x 50 Inches, Thin Red Line USA Flag Art Print - Luxury Soft Warm Plush Microfiber Throw Blanket for Children/Parents Decor&Gift

Blankets are a cozy gift for cooler weather, and your fireman will love this Thin Red Line flag blanket. It’s big enough to cover your queen bed or man cave wall for more decorative purposes. The plush microfiber and soft and warm to get them through the cold winter nights. And on top of that, it’s machine-washable and lightweight, so you won’t have to worry about a bulky blanket taking up more room. 

22. Special Firefighter’s Edition of Monopoly

Monopoly: Firefighters Monopoly 3rd Edition

When firefighters are on duty, they have plenty of time to kill. This fun edition of monopoly is full of references that firefighters will understand and appreciate. Rather than houses and motels, it features stations and headquarters. It’s the same classic game you know and love, just modified to be fun for firefighters. It’s a great gift to keep the whole crew awake during those long nights on call.

23. IAFF Embossed Diamond Plate Aluminum Premium License Plate

IAFF Embossed Diamond Plate Aluminum Premium License Plate

Personalized license plates have been popular among service members in the last few years. Give your fireman the gift of coolness with this aluminum license plate embossed with the IAFF logo. Rest assured, knowing that when you buy this plate, you’re supporting local industry. It’s manufactured here in the United States with recycled aluminum. You can choose to get it customized with their plate number for an additional charge. Overall, this quality plate will make any fireman’s ride as cool as their job is.  

24. Reflective Firefighter Wallet

Flashfire Supply Firefighter Wallet Original Reflective Turnout Bunker Fabric Gear Men Gift RFID Protection (Beige & Yellow), Medium

What man can’t use a new wallet? This sleek wallet is made of waterproof kevlar fabric and features a reflective strip. It’s also flame-retardant to withstand the heat on the job. The strip comes in either orange or yellow, and the wallet itself can be customized in either black or beige. There’s a perfect combination that exists for any firefighter in your life who could use a practical and stylish wallet. 

25. Funky Fireman Whiskey Lamp

Funky Fireman Whiskey Lamp

This quirky gift is perfect for the guy who has everything. They definitely won’t have one of these! This unique piece is part practical and part sculpture, featuring pipes and tubing for a steampunk look. The lamp also doubles as a liquor dispenser. Simply plug in a bottle of your favorite liquor and turn the spout to dispense it. It’s funny and practical and makes an interesting conversation piece. 

Final Thoughts

With so many options for firefighter gifts, finding the right token of appreciation is challenging. Whether you are looking for something practical or humorous, this list has you covered. Hopefully, this breakdown of the 25 best gifts for firefighters helped you narrow down your options and find the perfect gift. 

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