25 Navy Retirement Gifts (Because They Earned It)

Show your appreciation to someone who’s given so much to their country with these incredible Navy retirement gifts. 

After a long time of serving the country, wish your friend, colleague, or family member a happy retirement with these 25 awesome gifts for Navy retirees. 

1. US Navy Keepsake Footlocker 

US Navy Keepsake Footlocker

Over their years of service, Navy soldiers collect keepsakes and memories of their careers. This US Navy keepsake footlocker is a beautiful wooden box embossed with a US Navy seal. It is the perfect gift for that sentimental Navy soldier in your life. 

The inside lid is made of felt so that medals, ribbons, and other keepsakes can be pinned to the top for easy visibility from the moment it’s opened. 

2. US Navy T-Shirt

Armed Forces Gear Men's US Navy Vintage Basic T-Shirt, x-large,Grey

Just because someone is retired doesn’t mean they can’t represent the Navy in their free time. This US Navy t-shirt is made from soft cotton so retirees can lounge comfortably. 

This 100% cotton vintage tee features a lightly faded screen-printed US Navy logo and is an excellent gift for someone who plans to lay back and enjoy retirement. This T-shirt is machine washable and easy to care for. 

3. Black Rifle Coffee – Blackbeard’s Delight 

Blackbeards Delight

Black Rifle Coffee is a veteran-founded coffee company that donates proceeds from each bag of coffee to support veterans, first responders, and law enforcement. 

Blackbeard’s Delight is one of the many robust flavors of coffee sold by Black Rifle that features fun nautical-themed designs on the bag. If your Navy veteran is a fan of a great cup of coffee, this Navy retirement gift is a unique gift that benefits both the coffee drinker and other veterans. 

4. Coast Guard Stainless Steel Travel Mug 

30 oz Army Black Double Wall Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Army Tumbler Travel Mug - Soldier Deployment Gifts

Who said retiring means you can’t be on the go? With this Coast Guard-themed stainless steel travel mug, retirees can hit the town and enjoy their favorite beverage on the go. 

The Coast Guard travel mug is a double-walled stainless steel travel mug with 30 oz of space for cold or hot drinks. The double insulation keeps drinks cold or hot for longer than conventional mugs. 

Plus, the matte black finish and Coast Guard emblem make this sleek mug something anyone would want to carry around with them.

5. Engraved Navy Compass

Engraved Navy Compass

If you’re looking for special navy retirement gifts, check out this engraved Navy compass for a meaningful gift that’s personalized to the receiver. 

This brass compass features the emblem of the US Navy on the outside. Gift givers can order a personalized engraved message on the underside of the compass lid. Every time your navy retiree opens this gift, they’ll not only remember the feel of a compass in their hands but also see a sweet message from someone they respect.

Gift givers can choose from a selection of decorative wooden or leather boxes to hold the compass. 

6. US Navy Sailor’s Creed Challenge Coin

U.S. Navy Sailor's Creed Challenge Coin

Throughout a US Navy soldier’s time in service, superiors gift special Navy challenge coins to high-performing personnel. Bestow this 1¾ inch coin to your navy retiree to show them how much you value them and their service. 

This beautiful collector’s coin has the US Navy logo on one side and the Navy sailor’s creed on the back. The brass and enamel coin has slightly raised text that the collector can read and feel every time they glance at this memento of their time in the Navy. 

7. Anchor & Nautical Rope Bracelet 

Anchor Nautical Rope Bracelet

This anchor and nautical rope bracelet is an incredible gift for someone retiring from the Navy who enjoys a daily reminder of their time in service. With this bracelet, the receiver just has to look at their wrist and remember the good times. 

The anchor and nautical rope bracelet is made from genuine nautical rope and has an attractive stainless steel anchor clasp. 

8. Wooden Phone Docking Station 

Wood Phone Docking Station for Military Men - Handmade Nightstand Organizer Present for Soldiers in Navy, Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine - Personalized Gift Ideas for Him, Dad, Husband, Boss

If you’re looking for a Navy retirement gift for someone who needs help finding their things, this wooden phone docking station is an ideal gift that looks great near the front door, on a nightstand, or desk. 

The wooden phone holder is engraved with the US Navy emblem and personalized with a message or the receiver’s name. Plus, there are three separate spaces for storing essential items like keys, coins, and sunglasses. 

9. Celestial Desktop Timekeepers

Celestial Desktop Timekeepers

These celestial desktop timekeepers are some of the coolest Navy retirement gifts for anyone interested in historical ways of telling the time based on the sun and stars. 

This two-piece set includes an Astronomical Ring Dial and Nocturlabe replica based on designs from the 16th and 17th centuries. Both are working replicas that show you the time from the sun’s position in the day or the positions of constellations at night. 

This gift for Navy retirees includes two decorative hanging stands with a sturdy wooden base for each piece. 

10. Personalized Telescope

Personalized Telescope

One of the best Navy retirement gifts is this personalized telescope. This functional and decorative telescope is sure to put a smile on the receiver’s face because the giver can personalize it with a quote or the receiver’s name. 

Feel free to display this beautiful gift somewhere that will strike up a conversation. This unique gift comes in a decorative wooden case that can be embossed with the Navy emblem.

11. Wooden Navy Puzzle

Wooden Navy Puzzle

Help your Navy retiree’s mind stay sharp with a wooden Navy puzzle. This hand-made puzzle set includes 22 pieces shaped into different ships and nautical symbols. The goal is to get all the pieces to fit within the wooden base. 

Personalize this gift even more by requesting an engraving on the pieces. For instance, have the name of the ship or submarine your US Navy soldier was stationed on engraved onto one of the pieces. 

12. Pass In Review Ribbons

Pass In Review Ribbons

These Pass In Review ribbons are an excellent gift for a US Navy veteran who wants to show support to the new generation of naval officers. What could be a better gift for a Navy retiree than the promise of another person stepping up to serve their country? 

These personalized ribbons are worn during graduation ceremonies. On one side is the name of the person you’re showing support for, and on the other is their ship name or division.

13. Personalized Whiskey Set 

Whiskey Appreciation Crate

After a long time of serving their country, who deserves a glass of whiskey more than a Navy veteran? This personalized whiskey set features a hand-made decanter that can be engraved with the Navy emblem or message of your choice. 

The box also includes two rocks glasses with a nice weight, two spherical ice molds, two coasters, and a book about whiskey. 

What’s more? This whiskey set includes some premium snacks to pair with a great glass of whiskey. 

14. Navy Chief Coffee Mug

Navy Chief Coffee Mug

Give someone the gift of a smile with this funny Navy chief coffee mug. The mug features a playful definition of what a Navy chief is; someone who solves all problems. Choose from different colored mugs based on the receiver’s preferences. 

This small yet thoughtful gift is a sweet way for a giver to acknowledge all the hard work and dedication that comes with serving in the Navy. 

15. Seashore State Ornament

Seashore State Ornament

These seashore state ornaments use resin and real sand to mimic an aerial view of the ocean waves. Each ornament is custom-made into the shape of different states, so even if your Navy retiree has gone inland, they can bring a little piece of the ocean with them. 

These decorative ornaments make for unique holiday decorations but can also be hung year-round as a beautiful reminder of the ocean.

16. US Navy Retired Socks 

LEVLO Navy Retirement Gift US Navy Retired Socks Military Gift for Husband Father Veteran Gift (2 Pairs/Set)

Looking for Navy retirement gifts that’ll bring some laughter? Look no further than these hilarious US Navy retired socks. 

These socks have the words US Navy retired on the soles of the feet. Now, veterans can put their feet up on their desks and get the message across without saying a word. 

17. US Navy Dartboard Cabinet 

US Navy Dartboard Cabinet

Everyone deserves to have some fun after retirement, so this US Navy dartboard cabinet is a great gift to encourage fun and games. 

This dartboard is from the Armed Forces’ official website and has the US Navy emblem adorning the outside of the cabinet. Open the doors and enjoy the regulation-size dart board with all the necessary accessories to start playing right away. 

The doors hold chalkboard score charts to track who’s winning and who’s not easily. 

18. Custom Engraved Sextant

Custom Engraved Sextant

A sextant is a tool used by sailors to navigate the distance between two objects. Though many boats have updated technology for navigation, all sailors know how to use sextants since these historical devices are still required on ships today. 

This nautical-themed gift is a great Navy retirement gift that comes with a gorgeous wooden display box. 

19. Retired Drinking Glass 

On The Rox Retirement Gifts For Men and Women - Permanently Engraved 11 oz Glass - USA Flag Glass Military Retirement Gift Idea- Wish A Happy Retirement for Army/Navy/Airforce/Marines/Coast Guard

Give the gift of a new favorite drinking glass with this rocks glass engraved with the word retired and an American flag. 

This heavy-based rocks glass holds 11 oz and is a thoughtful Navy retirement gift for anyone who enjoys a glass of something strong on their off-time. 

20. Navy Sunglass Holder

While this isn’t the most exciting of Navy retirement gifts, this Navy sunglasses holder is a practical gift for that person who always loses their shades. The sunglass holder is a blue band with anchors and the words Navy. 

The band of the sunglass holder attaches to the temples of a pair of glasses or sunglasses, then is worn like a necklace. Now, shades are right there when the gift receiver needs them. 

21. Push-Pin Map 

Push Pin Map

After years of service in the Navy, it’s likely that a veteran has seen many sites and cities. This push-pin map is a great gift for Navy retirees because it enables them to share some of their stories with others as they complete the map and display the places they’ve traveled in their life. 

It’s a memorable gift worth giving when you show someone the impact they’ve made across the planet. 

22. Retired Navy Baseball Cap

Artisan Owl Officially Licensed US Navy Retired Baseball Cap Camo (Navy)

This retired navy baseball cap is one of the best Navy retirement gifts for someone who enjoys the simple things in life. 

This comfortable cap can be worn daily to remind passersby on a daily jog, grocery run, or at the sailing club of their time in the US Navy. 

23. Personalized Leather Journal 

Personalised Leather Journal

A personalized leather journal is an excellent Navy retirement gift for someone who loves to write. Whether the receiver is writing their memoirs, important notes, or silly stories, this is a space for them to share their inner thoughts.

Each notebook has a brass plate to personalize the book to the receiver with an engraved message, quote, or name. The journal is also refillable so that the veteran can reuse it repeatedly. 

24. Navy Uniform Christmas Ornament

Navy Uniform Christmas Ornament

Celebrate the holidays with this fun Navy uniform Christmas ornament. Now that the gift giver is retired, this beautiful decoration reminds the family that everyone can be together for Christmas from now on. 

This hanging ornament is customizable to the receiver and can be personalized with their name and date. 

25. Navy Hummingbird Feeder

Navy Hummingbird Feeder

Last but not least on this list of the best navy retirement gifts is this Navy-themed hummingbird feeder. No one is too old to get into a new hobby, and with this hummingbird feeder, the receiver can attract beautiful birds right to their window. 

This Navy hummingbird feeder features a 32 oz heavy-duty nectar bottle with the Navy emblem on its side. With eight feeding stations on an easy-to-clean base, this bird feeder can host a party of action for birdwatchers.

Final Thoughts 

Don’t hold back your gratitude for the veterans in your life. With these 25 Navy retirement gifts, you can spread the love and recognize the efforts of retired naval soldiers. 

Whether you want to express yourself with something funny or practical, these awesome gifts for retired Navy soldiers will surely bring a smile and get lots of use.

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