25 Best Gifts for the Blind

When it comes to getting a present for the vision-impaired person in your life, why settle for ordinary gifts when you can create real memories? Unwrap the magic of inclusive gift-giving! From the whimsical to the practical, discover how you can put the ‘fun’ back into functional presents. Celebrate the joy of giving in new, imaginative ways with the best gifts for the blind– at any age. 

Here are 25 gifts for the blind that you might consider for an upcoming birthday, anniversary, or other special occasion!

Talking Watch

FIVE SENSES - English Atomic Talking Watch, Easy to use for Seniors Blind Men Women, Loud Talking Watch with Sound for Vision Impaired, Watches for Elderly Women, Blind People Products 1026

The talking watch is a timepiece that’s not only convenient but incredibly thoughtful. This remarkable gift sets itself automatically with a radio atomic clock signal, making it so you don’t have to make manual adjustments– even for Daylight Saving Time. With a pleasant male voice, it announces time, date, day, month, year, alarm status, and signal reception status at the press of a button. Its large, easily readable LCD digits ensure clarity in any and all lighting conditions.

Folding Mobility Cane

Baitaihem Folding Blind Cane Reflective Red Folding Walking Stick for Vision Impaired and Blind People

This collapsible mobility cane is a versatile solution to help your loved one achieve independence. Made of durable aluminum in a four-section design, it offers flexibility and ease for people of all ages and genders. Made for the visually impaired, seniors, and outdoor enthusiasts, this folding stick is lightweight yet sturdy, boasting a 48.82-inch length, and weighs a mere 0.53 lbs. A mix of fashion and function, it’s perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

UNO Braille Card Game

Mattel Games UNO Braille Card Game for Kids & Adults with Cards Specially Designed for Blind and Low-Vision Players

Introducing UNO Braille, a game that bridges the gap between sighted and visually impaired players. This inclusive card game features Braille markings on every card, ensuring everyone can have fun playing. Whether you’re a seasoned UNO enthusiast or a newcomer, UNO Braille offers an exciting, accessible, and inclusive gaming experience for all. You’ll have a blast trying to win against your friends and loved ones– and it makes for a perfect birthday game!

Speed Cube

Cuberspeed Blind Cube 3x3 Speed Cube Blind Cube Puzzle

Discover this Blind 3×3 Puzzle, a tactile delight with unique textures on each face, crafted to engage those with visual impairments. This puzzle nurtures spatial awareness, memory, and problem-solving skills in children. It’s also a neat gift choice for both cognitive development and family bonding. Timeless and versatile, this classic puzzle game makes a fun Christmas or birthday gift for kids, as it happens to be both educational and enjoyable. 

Funny T-Shirt

I might be blind blind people visually impaired t-shirt

Discover the “I might be blind” t-shirt, a perfect gift for the visually impaired person in your life with a great sense of humor. With its humorous design, it not only brings laughter but also raises awareness about the condition. Ideal for family, friends, and close coworkers, this lightweight tee offers a classic fit with a double-needle sleeve and bottom hem, making it a thoughtful and amusing addition to anyone’s wardrobe. Lighten the mood with this hilarious slogan tee!

Shortwave Radio

Eton - Elite 750, The Classic AM/FM/LW/VHF/Shortwave Radio with Single Side Band, 360° Rotating AM Antenna, 1000 Channels, Back-Up Battery Packs, Commitment to Preparedness

Meet the Eton Satellite 750, your new all-in-one radio solution. It covers AM, FM, LW, SW, SSB, and VHF aircraft band frequencies with a 360° rotating AM antenna for clear reception. DSP Technology ensures minimal interference for top-notch sensitivity. Program up to 1000 channels and customize 55 favorites according to your taste. The blind person in your life will be able to share broadcasts through its line output and enjoy the convenience of a dual alarm clock.

Plate Guard

2 Pack - Able-T Plate Guard, Designed by an OTR/L, Fits Most 9' to 12' Plates

If you’re shopping, consider the Plate Guard, designed to aid those with visual impairments. Crafted by an occupational therapist, it boasts thicker clips, curved hooks, and a semi-transparent build for enhanced dining. This versatile guard accommodates most plates, catering to toddlers, children, seniors, and those with limited mobility. Made from lightweight, BPA-free polyethylene, it’s dishwasher-safe and easy to clean. Each set includes two guards.

Sensory Toys

BUNMO Super Sensory Stretchy Strings 6pk | Calming & Textured Monkey Stretch Noodles | Sensory Toys for Autistic Children | Stress Relief & Anxiety Toys for Kids | Hours of Fun for Kids

Calming Sensory Stretchy Strings are a tactile delight that’s perfect for children with visual impairments. These strings offer a unique sensory experience with various textures and tensions, promoting calmness for kids dealing with anxiety, Autism, ADHD, and ADD. Portable yet durable, they fit in backpacks and can provide entertainment in class, in the car, or in restaurants. With six feet of latex-free materials, these sensory toys offer unbeatable quality.

Back and Neck Massager

Mo Cuishle Shiatsu Back Shoulder and Neck Massager with Heat, Electric Deep Tissue 4D Kneading Massage, Best Gifts for Women Men Mom Dad

The Multi-Layer Mesh Fabrics Massage Device is an excellent gift for your loved one’s comfort and relaxation. This device features skin-friendly, breathable materials and a therapeutic massaging rhythm. Its integrated core ensures durability and reduced power loss, so it’ll stick around. With its overheating protection system, it automatically shuts off after 15 minutes when you’re not using it. Enjoy a classic spa day from the comfort of your own living room.

Smart Glasses

Ray-Ban Stories | Wayfarer Square Smart Glasses, Shiny Black/Green, 50 mm

Ray-Ban Stories are the next-gen smart eyewear, ideal for individuals with visual impairments. These frames are not compatible with prescription lenses, preserving the warranty. Developed in partnership with Meta, they offer a high-tech experience, with polarized lenses that block over 95 percent of reflected light for superior clarity. Dual 5MP cameras, hands-free photo, and video capture adapts to surrounding light for quality results. Talk about a great gift!

Eye Massager 

RENPHO Gifts for Dad Eyeris 1, Eye Massager with Heat, Face Massager, Heated Eye Mask with Bluetooth Music, Eye Care Gift for Men, Smart Eye Mask for Relax Eye, Reduce Eye Strain

You’ll want to check out this eye massager that can relieve eye stress, fatigue, puffiness, dark circles, dryness, and headaches using compression. It has a weighted eye mask design that blocks light and noise so you can have a relaxed environment. It also features Bluetooth to play white noise or music from your phone. It is cordless and rechargeable, so it’s convenient to use basically anywhere. This is a gift that is perfect for the visually impaired person in your life!

Eye Gel Patches

MAREE Eye Gels - Under Eye Wrinkle Eye Gels for Puffy Eyes and Dark Circles with Natural Marine Collagen & Hyaluronic Acid - Anti-Aging Eye Mask for Face to Soothe Puffiness, Eye Bags and Wrinkles

These under-eye gel patches are a simple skincare solution for those with visual impairments. These high-quality hydrogels, featuring marine collagen, hyaluronic acid, and premium pearl extract, rejuvenate tired eyes, reducing puffiness, brightening dark circles, and hydrating for a more youthful look. Enjoy a quick, soothing experience within just five minutes. These clinically studied eye patches provide effective results, as reported by many satisfied customers.

Talking Alarm Clock

Cirbic Large Talking Alarm Clock for Blind - Announcing Time, Date and Week of Day. Perfect for Visually impaired, Elderly, Hearing aid (White)

The Easy-to-Use Talking Alarm Clock is designed for simplicity and accessibility. With a single tap on the white button, it delivers the time in a clear, loud male voice; tap again for the day and date. Setting it up is a breeze– it’s basically a one-button setup with audio instructions. The loud, North American voice is ideal for any with hearing impairments, and it’s cordless, running on two AAA batteries (not included). It’s also easy to store at a compact 3.5″ x 3.5″ x 1.5″.

Audio Bible Player

Wonder Bible NIV- The Audio Bible Player That You Can Listen to, New International Version, New & Old Testament as Seen On TV

Immerse yourself in the complete Old and New Testaments of the Bible, narrated in the New International Version, alongside ten soothing Meditation Music Tracks. With easy navigation, you can skip to your favorite chapters, pause, and resume where you left off. Perfect for all ages– from adults to children, seniors, and the visually impaired– this rechargeable player offers up to 10 hours of listening time, with a USB charging cable and built-in earphone jack included.

Braille Keyboard Stickers 

Braille Keyboard Stickers for the Blind and Visually Impaired

Braille Keyboard Stickers are an affordable solution for those with visual impairments. These stickers offer bilingual Braille labeling, making your existing keyboard accessible. Using a simple peel-and-stick method, you can apply them easily without damage or adhesive issues. Printed on clear Lexan, they allow the original key legends to show through, so you’ll have a seamless experience for Braille and the keyboard’s original language. These make a thoughtful gift.

Aromatherapy Diffuser

Essential Oil Diffuser Gift Set,10 Essential Oil,550ml Oil Diffuser & Essential Oil Diffusers with 4 Timer &Auto Shut-Off for & 15 Ambient Light Settings

An Essential Oil Diffuser is a welcome addition to any space. With a generous 550ml capacity and advanced wave diffusion technology, it serves as an aromatherapy diffuser, cool mist humidifier, and night light. Choose from four time settings and mist options for whichever experience you prefer. Included are top-grade, 100% natural essential oils in protective amber jars, free from additives or fillers. This beautifully designed diffuser makes a thoughtful gift.

Scented Candles

Scented Candles Gifts Set for Women 12Pack Soy Candles for Home Scented 30oz 240H Long Lasting Bulk Candles Set Constellation Aromatherapy Jar Candles Birthday Christmas Gifts Halloween Housewarming

Discover the perfect gift for women (and constellation enthusiasts) with this 12-pack of candles. Presented in a beautiful gift box, these scented candles make ideal presents for several occasions– Valentine’s Day, birthdays, or anniversaries. From sage to Christmas cookie, each jar provides up to 240 hours of soothing aromatherapy. Crafted from plant essential oils and natural soy, these candles purify the air, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere at your home. 

Foot and Leg Massager

Foot and Leg Massager with Heat, Best Gifts for Mom, Dad, Women, Men and Elder, Foot and Leg Air Compression Massager for Muscle Fatigue

The Foot and Leg Air Compression Massager is an excellent gift for relaxation and circulation, perfect for individuals working on their feet all day. With an airbag design, it delivers a comfortable massage experience from foot to leg, helping alleviate fatigue while promoting circulation. Customize your massage with three modes and three intensities using the handheld remote control. Also, enjoy the added benefit of a heating function with adjustable heat levels.

C-Pen Reader2 Pen Scanner

Pen Scanner

This Portable Text-to-Speech Scanner Pen is a compact and lightweight solution for individuals with reading difficulties and visual impairments. Simply glide the nib over text, and it reads aloud, aiding those with dyslexia and low vision. It boasts a built-in dictionary for definitions and pronunciations, making learning easier. This portable pen is not bulky or difficult to carry or pack. Compatible with Mac and PC, it’s plug-and-play, with no software required. A great gift!


learn 1

Feelif is a groundbreaking tablet designed for children with visual impairments. It features a unique tactile grid that helps kids navigate the screen through vibrations, sounds, and visual cues. This innovative approach provides a rich multisensory experience. Moreover, Feelif’s content is tailor-made for the blind and visually impaired, so accessibility is ensured. With this versatile tablet, creative kids can enjoy games, create drawings, and capture photos.

Object Locator

Esky Key Finder - Wallet Tracker, Key Finders & Trackers with 80dB Noise Sound and 6 Receivers - Wallet Finder and Item Locator for Finding Key, Remote, Wallet and Passport, Batteries Included-Black

The Object Locator is a must-have for anyone prone to misplacing items or exploring new places. This handy device allows you to effortlessly locate lost belongings with the press of a button, making it indispensable for visually impaired camping, fishing, or sports enthusiasts. With a remarkable range and the ability to penetrate walls and cushions, it ensures you’ll never lose anything again. The package includes a pager with visually impaired-friendly color-coding.

Braille Mug

Braille Mug

These sturdy 14 oz. coffee or tea mugs feature a captivating rainbow emerging from a red heart, accentuated with pleasing raised gold outlines. The message “You are awesome!” is inscribed in raised dot Braille and script in black, and you can personalize it with your loved one’s name above the message. For an extra special touch, add two packets of gourmet instant hot cocoa. It comes elegantly packaged in cellophane with a bow tucked inside the mug. 

Sheepskin Ankle Boots

Sheepskin Ankle Boots

The Sheepskin Ankle Boots are ankle-high slippers offering warmth and comfort. Handmade from genuine sheepskin, these slippers feature a high collar that can be worn up or down, adapting to your comfort level. With soft sheepskin linings, they provide a luxurious experience. The specially designed soles are perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Crafted with care, these boots have coziness and style. Available in true-to-size options, they are the perfect blend.

Braille Scrabble 

Braille Scrabble

Experience the classic word game Scrabble with added accessibility. These standard-sized tiles feature braille and tactile letters and numbers for a game of up to four players. The yellow tiles with black braille dots provide a unique twist on the beloved classic. With 100 tiles included, they seamlessly fit your existing Scrabble board, making vocabulary building enjoyable and inclusive. Help your visually-impaired friend improve their vocab while having fun!

Magic Chef Microwave

Magic Chef Microwave

Enhance the quality of life for your loved one with visual impairments with the Talking Magic Chef Microwave Oven. Modified for those with low/no vision, it simplifies operation with voice guidance. It offers adjustable cook time, power level, a built-in kitchen timer, a clock, and an “attend-to-food” timer. Raised rings around each keypad button ensure easy touch-based navigation, while a brief press on any button provides clear audio feedback.