31 Gifts For Law Students (For All Budgets)

Going to law school is the start of an exciting, stressful, but significant time in any aspiring lawyer’s life. It can be a lot, from spending three years learning the ins and outs of the law to passing the Bar exam. 

If you have a friend, sibling, child, partner, or someone who you care about in law school and want to buy them a gift, it can feel hard to choose something. Whether they just started, are in the middle, or are getting ready to graduate, here are some excellent gifts for law students. 

1: Luxxis Legal Decision-Maker

Luxxis Legal Decision Maker For Law School Student Graduation and Lawyer Gifts, Attorney Gifts and Executive Paper Weight for Office

There are many options to go with when fighting a legal case. You can plead guilty, lie, etc. A great joke gift is this Luxxis legal decision-maker. 

It’s a small metal product that spins, landing on whatever the answer to your question about a legal decision can be. Some of the options are insanity plea, beg, and lie. It’s not legal advice, but it’s funny!

2: Personalized Law School Wine Class

Personalized Law School Wine Class

Stemless wine glasses are great gifts, and this personalized law school wine class is perfect for law students. It’s a simple, clear glass that allows you to put the law school they attend, the year they will graduate, and the scales of justice on it. 

There are other designs, but this is the most popular. There is a higher chance that the one you’re gifting will really fall in love with it.

3: See You Later Litigator Coffee Mug

See You Later Litigator - Cute Kawaii Cartoon Alligator Puns Coffee Mug for Lawyers - Law School Graduation - True Crime Fan (See Ya Later Litigator)

An excellent gift for a law student is this see-you-later litigator coffee mug. It’s got subtle humor that anyone can appreciate. The mug is simple, utterly white, with thin black writing. 

We love the little alligator at the bottom of the mug where it says, litigator. It can hold 15 ounces which will help fuel a law student. 

4: Women in Law Crew Neck Sweatshirt

Women in Law Crew Neck Sweatshirt

This crew neck sweatshirt is perfect if you’re looking for a woman’s gift. It’s a simple sweatshirt that says women-in-law in a pretty font. 

The best part is that you can choose the sweatshirt color. It comes in beige or sand, white, navy, Irish green, red, and more. 

5: Scales of Justice Personalized Whiskey Gift

Scales of Justice Personalized Whiskey Gift

This personalized whiskey gift set is perfect for a law student who just passed the Bar exam or graduated. It comes with two whiskey glasses you can personalize with the lawyer or soon-to-be lawyer’s name, a wood box, and whiskey stones. 

This keeps their favorite whiskey cool without watering it down. You can even personalize the wooden box! 

6: A Lawyer’s Prayer Plaque 

Customizable Lawyer's Prayer Plaque - Thank or Congratulate An Attorney or Celebrate a Law Student's Accomplishments - Include Their Name or Special Message (Black Wood w/Silver Metal)

A great wall decoration you can get for a law student is the lawyer’s prayer. It comes on an elegant plaque. You can get it in a black and silver hue or a cherry wood with gold accents. 

If you want, you can engrave the bottom with their name, but you don’t have to. They can hang it in their room and, eventually, in their law office.

7: MacBook Pro

Apple 2023 MacBook Pro Laptop M2 Pro chip with 10‑core CPU and 16‑core GPU: 14.2-inch Liquid Retina XDR Display, 16GB Unified Memory, 512GB SSD Storage. Works with iPhone/iPad; Space Gray

If you’re willing to splurge on a lovely gift for a law student, then the MacBook Pro is perfect. This laptop has everything they need to get through law school and beyond. 

They’ll be able to take plenty of notes, communicate with professors and peers, and more. It has a great battery life and is easy to take with them on the go. 

8: Will Give Legal Advice Wine Tumbler

KLUBI Lawyer Gifts -Will Give Legal Advice for Wine 12oz Tumbler/Mug for Wine or Coffee - Gift Idea for Law School, Judge, Women, Men, Attorney, Student, Paralegal, Graduation, Prosecutor

Is the law student you’re searching for a gift for a wine lover? Then they’ll love this wine tumbler. It’s a beautiful rose gold, almost pink, hue with white writing that says: will give legal advice for wine. It can hold 12 ounces and is durable since they are made with stainless steel.

9: Scales of Justice Glass Name Plate

Scales of Justice Glass Name Plate

This next gift is probably better for a law student preparing to graduate and take the Bar exam, but it’s still an excellent option for any law student. It’s a solid glass nameplate. You can engrave it with their name and add “attorney at law” to the bottom. 

10: How To Be Sort of Happy in Law School

How to Be Sort of Happy in Law School

People who go to law school have dreams of practicing law, but that doesn’t mean law school is a walk in the park. Even when things are going well, it can be overwhelming. Gifting the book “How To Be Sort of Happy in Law School” is humorous but provides some helpful tips for staying sane throughout the degree. 

11: Tablet and Book Stand

viozon Book Stand,Cookbook Holder Desk Reading,Adjustable Height&Angle,Aluminum Alloy,Foldable&Portable,for Office,Kitchen,School,Kids&Adults Book,Recipe,Magazine,Tablet,Kindle,Silver

Law students will read off their tablets or from books constantly in law school. This tablet and book stand is the perfect gift to help prevent them from straining their back. It’s a great tool to make studying more manageable, and they can use it after law school too! 

12: Harvey Leather Briefcase

Harvey Leather Briefcase

Every law student, and eventual lawyer, needs a briefcase or something to carry all their belongings in. The Harvey Leather Briefcase is a sleek and professional bag that will last them throughout law school and beyond. It comes in several attractive leather options, and you can personalize it. 

13: Personalized Scales of Justice or Gavel Coasters

Personalized Scales of Justice or Gavel Coasters

Who doesn’t need a set of coasters in their home? If you know someone who just got into law school or is looking for a birthday or holiday gift, these scales of justice and gavel coasters might be what you’re looking for. 

You get a set of four, and you have the option to add someone’s monogram, but you don’t have to. 

14: Meet Me at the Bar Sweatshirt

Law Student Quote, Meet Me At The Bar, In Progress Lawyer Zip Hoodie

If you love a punny gift, the meet me at the bar sweatshirt must be on your shopping list. Law students need to pass the Bar exam to start legally practicing law, so this sweatshirt is punny. 

It also has the scales of justice, so people know it’s about law school and not just the local bar.

15: Law Student Tumbler 

Law Student Tumbler

Law students will spend hours and hours away from home studying and in class, so giving them a tumbler to hold water or whatever beverage they want is thoughtful. We love this one because it says “law student” on it. 

16: Law School Confidential

Law School Confidential: A Complete Guide to the Law School Experience: By Students, for Students

This book, the Law School Confidential, is a valuable gift for law students. It’s a book about law school written by previous law students. It offers practical tips, guidance, and other information that a law student might find beneficial.

17: Opposing Counsel’s Tears Coffee Mug

Opposing Counsels Tears Coffee Mug

If you want to add to your favorite law student’s coffee cup collection, they’ll find this one funny. All it says is “Opposing Counsel’s Tears,” but if they plan on going head to head with other lawyers later in their career, they’ll love this mug. 

18: Waterproof Messenger Bag

ESTARER Computer Messenger Bag 15-15.6 inch, Water-resistant Canvas Work Bag Briefcase, Laptop Shoulder Bag Satchel with Buckles, Grey

Another great bag that a law student could benefit from is this Waterproof Messenger Bag. It’s basic but has all the pockets they need for supplies and their laptop or tablet. Plus, they never have to worry about rain ruining their items or bag. Every day us a busy day; sunny or rainy.

19: Scales of Justice Gold Necklace

Scales of Justice Gold Necklace

Does the law student you’re buying a gift for love jewelry? Why not get them a simple scales of justice necklace? This beautiful necklace is gold with tiny white jewels on the scales. Gold is what’s advertised, but when you go through the product listing, you can even get it in silver or rose gold if that suits the student better. 

20: 99 Problems Mug

99 Problems Mug

Law students need more coffee mugs for their coffee consumption. The 99 problems mug is not only practical, but it’s funny. The mug states, “I’ve got 99 problems, and law school is all of them.” You can choose a five or 11-oz mug and various handle colors. 

21: Becoming a Lawyer Candle

Becoming a Lawyer Candle

If the law student in your life loves candles, then they’ll love this gift. It’s a small soy candle that smells amazing no matter what scent you choose and says, “Look at you, becoming a lawyer…”. 

You can choose scents like balsam, vanilla, pumpkin, and more. It has an average burn time of 50-60 hours, so it should last a while!

22: Born To Argue Tee Shirt

Born to Argue T-shirt, Lawyer Shirt, Law Student Tee, Funny Lawyer Gift, Funny Attorney Gift, Lawyer Graduation Tee

Who doesn’t love a good tee shirt? Lawyers are professional arguers, so this shirt that says “born to argue” is fitting. It’s a comfortable, unisex shirt with a few color options. 

They can use it to study in, wear around the house, work out, or wherever they want. 

23: Custom Caricature Lawyer Portrait 

Custom Caricature Lawyer Portrait

If you want to get them something truly unique, this caricature lawyer portrait is something they’ll never think of. The creator on Etsy will use a photo of your law student and place them in a law office with a name plaque that shows their name. 

You can get it printed or order a digital print from the store. 

24: Lawyerly Libations

International Version – Kindle Paperwhite – (previous generation - 2018 release) Now Waterproof with 2x the Storage - 8 GB

Lawyerly Libations is a book showcasing 21 historical cocktails from the prohibition era. This is an excellent gift for the law student who enjoys a nice drink to relax, celebrate, or for any other occasion. 

It includes drink recipes and some fascinating history around the laws that create prohibition. 

25: Personalized Engraved Pens

Personalized Engraved Pens

Every lawyer needs a nice pen, and these are a great option. You can choose between a black, blue, and burgundy pen with gold accents. 

All the pens write in black, but you can engrave their name, the scales of justice, and more. These are great gifts for Ph.D. graduates as well.

26: Samsung Galaxy Tablet

Samsung Galaxy Tablet

If you’re buying a gift for a law student who is just getting started, or maybe their iPad or tablet broke during the semester, the Samsung Galaxy Tablet is beautiful. 

It is more expensive than some other gifts, but it looks like an investment in their future. The tablet is sleek, comes in various sizes, and will help them power through study sessions. 

27: Personalized Leather Portfolio

Personalized Leather Portfolio

Law students go through paper like no other due to constant note-taking. This leather portfolio is stunning if you want to get them something they can keep for more essential notes or to use when they start their law career. 

It comes in several leather colors, and you can add up to two designs. We highly recommend putting their name or monogram on it! 

28: Haikus for Law Students

Haikus for Law Students

Haikus for Law Students is a small book filled with about 105 poems. They range from law school advice to working after school and even about famous legal cases in the United States. It’s a fun little book that makes for an excellent gift for the law student in your life.  

29: Allegedly Tee Shirt

Funny Lawyer Gifts For Women Men Attorney Allegedly T-Shirt

There is a law saying that goes, “You’re innocent until proven guilty?” It’s what lawyers and law students live by, and you’ll hear them use the word allegedly often. This simple shirt showcases this term. You can purchase it for men and women and in several dark-toned colors. 

30: Knockaround Blue Light Blockers

Knockaround Blue Light Blockers

Law students, well, any students, often stare at their laptops or tablets for hours on end. This can strain the eyes, so getting a law student a pair of blue light glasses could be a lifesaver. 

The Knockaround Blue Light Blockers are stylish and will help a student get through studying without hurting their eyes as much. 

31: Scales of Justice Cufflinks

Scales of Justice Cufflinks

Last but certainly not least, these scales of justice cufflinks are perfect for anyone who wears a suit. You can get them in silver, gold, rose gold, or gunmetal, allowing for a unique look. We love that you can put the student’s monogram on one cufflink and then the scales of justice on the other. 

Final Thoughts

Spoiling your loved one in law school doesn’t need to be complicated. Whether you want to get them something practical to help them through law school, something funny, or a combination of the two, you can’t go wrong with these 31 unique gifts for law students.