Gifts for Rock Climbers (Cool & Unique Options)

If you have a friend that enjoys rock climbing, there are plenty of gifts you can get them. Rock climbers are typically not materialistic people. However, that does not mean you cannot get them a nice gift for their birthday, Christmas, or another occasion.

You might not think there is a ton to rock climbing, but there is. So, there are several things you can get as a gift for rock climbers.

We understand it can be challenging to think of gift ideas. So, we are going to help you through that problem. Here you can find 25 great gift ideas for the rock climbers in your life.

Climbskin Hand Repair Cream

Climbskin Hand Repair Cream - Balm to Heal Dry Cracked Hands - Non-Greasy, Non-Sticky, Deep Hydration - Great for Climbing, Weightlifting, Gymnastics

Whether your friends prefer to climb in a gym or the great outdoors, their hands will get calloused and rough. Days of rock climbing can do a lot of damage to the skin on the climber’s hands. So, if you want to help them recover, you can get them some hand repair cream. 

This product is a good option for rock climbers to use before going to sleep. It is a thicker hand cream than most climbers are used to, but it works very well. Additionally, while it is thick, it does not feel that way. So, climbers will not need to worry about a greasy feeling on their hands after applying it.

Friction Labs Loose Chalk

Friction Labs Gorilla Grip Chunky Texture The New Standard in Chalk for Rock Climbing, Crossfit and Powerlifting, 5 oz./142 g, Chalk White (FL-CHALK-GG-05-VXP)

Beginners do not usually use chalk because the holds they use do not require a lot of grip strength and dry hands. However, as climbers advance, they need to apply chalk to their hands so they do not get sweaty and slip off the holds. Unfortunately, not all chalk is of equal quality. So, a fantastic gift for climbers is a good brand of chalk.

This brand is a good option that feels good on your hands. It has a great texture that feels chunky but not overwhelming. Additionally, it is a cheap option that climbers will love.

Eco-Conscious Rock Climbing Chalk Bag

Eco Conscious Rock Climbing Chalk Bag

If you have spent any time with rock climbers, you know they are eco-conscious people. They take care to reduce their carbon footprint, and environmental causes are very important to them. So, if you get them a gift for rock climbing, it should be something eco-conscious. 

Rock climbers need to chalk to apply to their hands. While they can apply it at the bottom of the route, it will wear off eventually. That is fine if it is a short route, but if your friends are out climbing real cliffs, they will need to bring chalk with them. The best way to carry chalk is in a chalk bag. Here we have an eco-conscious chalk bag with a fun image of a dog on the front. It also comes with a brush that can be useful to clear debris on the mountain.

Black Diamond Half Dome Helmet

Black Diamond Half Dome Helmet

Although climbers care about the health of the environment, they are not always the best at taking care of their physical health. Consider getting them a gift that will protect them in the event of an accident. Rock climbing is a dangerous sport for several reasons. There is risk in climbing, but with harnesses that risk is low. The real risk comes from falling debris overhead. 

To protect themselves, climbers will wear helmets, but many go without. We recommend getting your friend a new climbing helmet to ensure they are safe while they are out on the cliffs. This half-dome helmet is a good option that should provide sufficient protection from falling debris.

Adjustable Thickness Climbing Harness

Ttechouter Adjustable Thickness Climbing Harness Half Body Harnesses for Fire Rescuing Caving Rock Climbing Rappelling Tree Protect Waist Safety Belts

Unfortunately, it is common for rock climbers to let their equipment deteriorate long passed the point where it should be replaced. So, new equipment is always a good option for a gift. For example, you could get your friend a brand-new harness. 

To get them a harness, you will need your friend’s approximate waist size. It is essential to have this information because harnesses need to fit snuggly to ensure the climber does not fall to their death. There are plenty of good harnesses with options for men and women like this one.

Climbskin Hand Cream

Climbskin Hand Cream

We already looked at one item that will protect the climber’s hands, but we want to examine another. Again, the climber’s hands often get raw after extended sessions. So, recovery is of the utmost importance. If climbers do not take care of their hands, they will chafe, and climbing will become impossible. This product is a good option for climbers of all experience levels.

La Sportiva Finale Climbing Shoe

La Sportiva Finale Climbing Shoe, Brown/Orange, 39.5

If you have someone interested in getting into climbing, they probably do not know much about the sport. They might visit a climbing skin in running shoes, which is not what you want. Rock climbers have a different type of shoe designed to help climbers stand on thin edges. So, a gift idea for your rock climber friend would be a new pair of climbing shoes. 

Your friend might not have a pair of shoes because they are renting from the gym. Unfortunately, it costs money to rent climbing shoes, and after a while, they will have spent more money than it would cost to buy a pair of their own. So, why not buy them a pair to save them some money?

La Sportiva Finale climbing shoes are great for beginners. They help them handle all types of terrain. However, it should be noted that this is on the expensive end of gifts.

Black Diamond ATC-XP Belay Device

BLACK DIAMOND Equipment ATC-Xp Belay/Rappel Device - Blue

Harnesses are great, but they are useless without a belay device. If your friend wants to advance to the great outdoors, you should consider getting them one. Belay devices help climbers stay off the ground when they fall. Here is a good and budget-friendly option.

A Gym Pass or Classes

planet fitness

If your friend is new to climbing, one of the best gifts you can get them is the opportunity to learn. You can gift them a pass at your local gym, or sign them up for classes. Here you can find a list of all the climbing gyms in the United States. So, you can find your local gym and gift your friend classes or lessons.

Black Diamond Climbing Rope 

Black Diamond Climbing Rope

Rope is the lifeline of a rock climber. So, a gift of rope for your rock climber friends makes sense. This product is a great option to help your friends stay on the cliffs for years. Unfortunately, rope is more expensive than you might think.

Megalith Home Climbing Wall

Megalith Home Climbing Wall

If you are up for spending a little extra money, you can hook your friend up with a home climbing wall. Megalith Climbing allows you to purchase climbing panels, pads, mats, climbing holds, and other hardware to install a small climbing space in your home. This gift is a fantastic idea for your friends who are very serious about climbing.

Large Capacity Backpack

Large Capacity Backpack

Climbers carry their gear in backpacks, but they wear down quickly. So, there are few gifts you could get your rock climbing friends that would be more valuable than a new backpack.

Alone on the Wall Book

Alone on the Wall

Alone on the Wall is a book written by Alex Honnold, the most famous climber in the world. He famously free-soloed El Capitan in Yosemite National Park. This book is about his best achievements, including his daring climb of El Capitan.

Valley of Giants Book

Valley of Giants: Stories from Women at the Heart of Yosemite Climbing

Another book you could get your rock-climbing friends is Valley of Giants by Laren DeLaunay Miller. This anthology looks at some of the greatest achievements of women in the sport of rock climbing. It highlights how women helped develop the climbing scene in Yosemite.

So iLL Nail Clippers

So iLL Nail Clippers

Rock climbers spend more time examining their hands than anyone else. Without their hands, they are unable to do what they love. They take care of their hands as much as possible, including their nails. So, a new fun pair of nail clippers is a fantastic cheap gift for rock climbers.

Doormoon Cell Phone Lanyard

Doormoon Phone Lanyard Tether with Patch, Universal Stretchy Straps and Phone Case Anchor for Anti-drop Outdoor Skiing Hiking Cycling Climbing Compatible for iPhone Samsung Pixel Most Smartphones

Climbers visit some of the most beautiful places on the planet, so taking pictures is common. Unfortunately, it can be nerve-wracking to bring your phone halfway up a cliff, so climbers usually leave their phones at base camp. However, if you get them a cell phone lanyard, they will be able to safely attach their phone to their pack so that they can take pictures at any time.

Rechargeable LED Light

Rechargeable LED Work Light, KCD 30W 3000LM Adjustable Flood Light with Stand IP65 Waterproof Outdoor Construction Job Site Working Light for Garage Workshop Car,Camping, Outdoor Lighting

Experienced climbers do not always go home after a day of climbing. If they are going somewhere with massive walls and routes, like Yosemite, they will often camp out in the national park. Strong lighting is essential while camping, especially when done for days at a time. So getting a rock climber a portable LED light makes a lot of sense.

Trango Piranha Knife

TRANGO Piranha Knife

It is crucial to be as light as possible when climbing. It is a very taxing sport, so carrying as little weight as possible is essential. Climbers usually carry pocket knives to cut and clear debris. It is an essential item for all outdoor climbers. So, if you need a gift idea, the Trango piranha knife is a great option.

Patagonia Houdini Jacket

Patagonia Houdini Jacket

Climbers must deal with the weather more than most people. So, a nice rain jacket is a fantastic gift for climbers. This one is stylish and will keep them as dry as possible during storms.

Crack Gloves

BLACK DIAMOND Equipment Crack Gloves - White - Large

Crack climbing is an advanced technique that involves jamming your arm into a crack to get leverage. While it is very effective, it is also taking on the hands. Many climbers wear gloves to avoid damaging their hands too much in cracks. These gloves are great for climbers of all skill levels.

Training for Climbing Book

Training for Climbing: The Definitive Guide to Improving Your Performance (How To Climb Series)

If your friend wants to advance their skill level, they will need to take in new information. The Training for Climbing book is a fantastic option for beginners looking to take the next step. It has training plans, information on advanced techniques, and much more.

Metolius Rock Rings

Metolius Rock Rings 3D - Blue

Climbers need to spend a lot of time training to keep up their hand, forearm, and grip strength. This fact is even more true if they do not have as much time to climb as they would like. So, if you can get your friend a gift that helps them train, they will be grateful. These Metolius rock rings are great training devices. They help climbers train their grip from the comfort of their homes.

Rocky Talkies

Rocky Talkies

Unfortunately, climbers do not always have cell service out in the mountains. So, they must use other devices to communicate. Rocky talkies are two-way radios designed for outdoor activities like rock climbing. The best thing about these devices is they are extremely durable, which is essential for climbing. Additionally, they have long battery life and are easy to attach to a harness.

Cane Massager

Thera Cane Massager (Blue), Proudly Made in The USA Since 1988

Climbers get sore quickly because of the pressure they put on their muscles. Unfortunately, it is not easy to stretch your way through the pain you experience as a climber. So, it is essential to purchase products that help with recovery. A cane massager is great for climbers because it allows climbers to work out kinks in their muscles that they cannot massage with their hands.

Massage Gun

Massage Gun

Another device that should help climbers get the kinks out of their bodies is a massage gun. This device is designed to help people massage their muscles in ways that are impossible with just your hands. You would normally need to see a professional masseuse to get as good a massage as you can get from a massage gun.

Final Thoughts

Most climbers are not very materialistic. They enjoy being outdoors, climbing mountains, and experiencing the world. So, it can be challenging when thinking of a gift for them. 

The best thing you can do is get them something to do with climbing that will help their experience. It can be something directly climbing related, like a harness, it could help with recovery like a massage gun, or it could be a book about climbing. All are great gift ideas!