25 Best Gifts For Judges

Looking to surprise the judge or magistrate in your life with a little something special? The jury is out — we’ve paired down the best the internet had to offer, and these personalized (often playful) gifts are perfect for even the most judgemental judge. These gifts make a case for your thoughtfulness, so you don’t have to worry about pleading the fifth. 

While judges are unyielding in the pursuit of truth and justice, they often have a sense of humor about things — given how much stress they deal with on a daily basis. The best gifts for judges should balance playfulness with practicality. Luckily, we’ve narrowed down our list to the top 25. 

Retired Judge Tumbler

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This cute tumbler is a good option for a retired judge who still loves to remind people about their illustrious career. It reads, “Warning, retired judge, I have stories (and all day to tell them to you).” This is a great way of teasing your loved one while showing them how much you care about their profession and their hard work. It could also be a good gift from one judge to another as the latter enters their retirement. 

Custom Bobblehead 

Custom Bobblehead

This custom bobblehead gives you a truly personalized gift for the judge in your life. Maybe they’re just about to graduate from law school or have reached an important milestone in their career. This is a great way to celebrate their achievement and their successful career. Each bobblehead is custom-made to resemble your loved one dressed in their judge robes and carrying a gavel. Not only is this a thoughtful gift, but it’s also very likely to get a laugh.

Rocks Whiskey Highball Glass

11 oz Rocks Whiskey Highball Glass Two Sided Good Day Bad Day Don't Even Ask Paralegal Lawyer Attorney Scales of Justice

This well-made whiskey glass is a great option for a judge to celebrate an upcoming holiday. It’s a 11 oz glass with a scale on the front, and on the back are three lines that indicate (by referring to the amount of alcohol) how ‘good’ or terrible of a day it was. The higher the pour, the worse the day was — this might be a gift you hope they don’t get extensive use out of.

Top Collection Lady Justice Statue

Top Collection Bronze Finish Lady Justice 12.5 Inch Statue Sculpture

This is a beautiful statue that’s perfect for any judge’s office. It’s a beautifully made state of Lady Justice with her blindfold and scales. It’s made of metal, vinyl, and resin and is hand painted. It comes packaged in a beautiful gift box ready to present for any upcoming occasion. It could also be a good gift to give someone who is studying law at the moment. 

The Judge Custom Throw Pillow

Throw Pillow

This is a super original gift for a judge who also happens to be a pet lover. You can get their beloved pet imprinted as a judge on a throw pillow that they can enjoy daily. The pillows come in three different square sizes: 14×14”, 18×18”, and 26×26”, so you have plenty of options. You also get free previews and edits with your purchase, so you can be certain that you’ll love the gift you’re giving. In only 1-3 days, you’ll have a unique gift to give the judge in your life. 

Judge Sculpture Book

Sculpture Book

This amazing piece of art features a book folded in an origami style to read “Judge” on the pages. Each page is hand-folded to make up one part of the word. You can also add some personalization, including the cover and ribbon color you want. It’s a super unique, hand-made item that is about 7.5×8.5×5.5”. 

Personalized Hanger for Judge


This personalized coat hanger is a one-of-a-kind gift that the judge in your life is 100% going to get plenty of use out of. It is incredibly well-made and features gold plating with your custom text engraved on it. You can add in the court they serve in, their name, the county, and more. If you don’t like gold, you can also make the plating silver or wood. The hanger color is also customizable. You can choose from brown wood, black, teak, and mahogany.

Judge Mug

Judge Mug Funny Gift For Judge Coworker Present Idea Gag Joke Office Tribunal Court Voice Coffee Tea Cup 11 Oz

This judge mug is another useful gift that you should consider. It’s a simple, break-resistant (ironically enough) modern mug that reads, in black text, “Don’t make me use my judge voice.” It’s a great gift for a judge with a good sense of humor, as it pokes fun at their obviously commanding presence. It might be an even better gift for the uptight judge in your life with no sense of humor. 

14k Gold Lady Justice Necklace


This is another great option for the judge who doesn’t mind wearing a bit of jewelry. It’s a 14k necklace that features Lady Justice holding the scales in one hand and the sword in the other. You can choose a few different pendant sizes and necklace lengths to customize this purchase to appropriately fit into your budget (and fit your loved one). 

Personalized Walnut Gavel w/Square Sound Block

Personalized Walnut Gavel w/Square Sound Block

This personalized walnut gavel and square sound block is a truly beautiful gift for the judge in your life. You can get it personalized with their name or any other reassuring message that they might like to see on a daily basis to remind them of why they choose this career path. Plus, at less than $40, you’re unlikely to find a better deal on a solid walnut gavel. It’s 10.5” in length and has a band where your customized text can go. The sound block is 4”. 

Lawyer Wine Bottle Covers

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This cute gift is perfect for a lawyer or a judge! It’s a fun wine bottle cover that resembles a lawyer wearing a small suit. It’s an awesome idea for someone who has a law degree in the future, as well. It could be presented at a graduation party or for someone just starting law school.

First The Coffee, Then The Justice

Mad Ink Fashions First The Coffee Then The Justice - Funny Judge Mug - White 11 Oz. Novelty Coffee Mug - Great Gift for Judge, Lawyer, Mom, Dad, Co-Worker, Boss and Friends - Funny Lawyer Mug

This is another awesome judge mug you might like to pick if the others on this list don’t suit your loved one. It reads, “First the coffee, then the justice,” with a pair of scales in the middle of the mug. It’s a great way to show off someone’s profession for less than $10. It’s microwave-safe and break-resistant and only comes in one color: white with black text. 

Judge Metal Sculpture 

Metal Sculpture

This unique piece of art might be just what the judge in your life needs to decorate their home office. It’s handmade by Rock Creek Metal Craft and features a judge sitting at a disk, with the scales of justice and a gavel in their hand. It’s a really thoughtful gift that shows how much you appreciate them, respect their career, and want to get them something special.

First, the Makeup, then the Justice Makeup Bag

Moonwake Designs First the Makeup then the Justice Makeup Bag - Gift for Lawyer, Future Lawyer Gift, Cosmetic Bag

This is a great cosmetic bag that could make the perfect gift for the judge in your life. It features text in cursive with a beautifully drawn and colorful flower in the top right-hand corner of the bag. It is professionally printed in the US on beige canvas and has a black zipper to top off the design. It’s perfect for everyday use and to give as a gift on any special occasion. 

Campfire Enamel Mug Gift

Andaz Press 11oz. Campfire Enamel Mug Gift, Judge Because Badass Isn't an Official Title, 1-Pack, Stainless Steel Metal Camp Cup Christmas Birthday Present Ideas, Includes Gift Box

This campfire-style bug is made of stainless steel and is a great option for the judge in your life who also loves drinking coffee, tea, or any other hot beverage. It’s a special type of mug that’s incredibly durable and pretty much break-proof. It’s white with black text on it that reads, “Judge, because badass isn’t an official title.” It can hold 11 oz of coffee and is very well-suited to give as a Christmas or birthday gift. 

Scales of Justice Pin

PinMart Scales of Justice Lawyer Gift Gold Lapel Pin

These scales of justice pins are another great way to celebrate the judge in your life. It’s a simple, small gift but extremely high quality and tastefully shows off the judge’s profession. The scales are gold and come individually, or you can buy the pins in packs of 5, 10, 25, 50, and even 100! Each pin is around ⅞” in size. 

Chaos Coordinator Tumbler 

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While not made specifically for judges, this tumbler alludes to a large number of professions that are concerned with handling complex situations. It reads “Chaos coordinator” and features a definition of the title that reads “Someone who solves problems you never knew existed in ways that will blow your mind.” It then uses some synonyms: “ninja, rockstar, legend.” It’s a loving way to celebrate someone’s profession while giving them a useful gift. 

Legal Paper Weight Decision Maker

Bey-Berk Legal Paper Weight Decision Maker, Lawyer Gift, Law School Graduation Gift, Gift for Judge, New Law Office Gift, Heavy Metal Spinning Decision Maker with fun Options

This light-hearted gift is another way to celebrate someone’s profession without taking gift-giving too seriously. It’s a unique paperweight, allowing users to choose between different legal decisions. These include “guilty,” “settle,” “plea bargain,” “and “not guilty.” It’s 3.5” by 1” tall and weighs about 1 lb. It’s sure to amuse and entertain the judge in your life equally! It also comes in a holiday-ready box, so you can be sure that the gift is going to impress. 

Symbols of Law and Justice Gift Pen with Light and Stylus Tip

Inkstone Symbols of Law and Justice Gift Pen with Light and Stylus Tip

This is another useful gift that you should consider. It’s a pen that comes with several different law and justice-related symbols on it. It is extremely high quality and has a solid feel to it. The symbols are the scales of justice, the torch of liberty, the capitol building, and a judge’s gavel. It is compatible with D1 size ink refills as well, so this gift can last forever! It also features a rubber stylus tip and an LED flashlight. 

Funny 11oz. Ceramic Coffee Mug

Andaz Press Funny 11oz. Ceramic Coffee Tea Mug Thank You Gift, Judge Nutritional Facts, 1-Pack, Novelty Gag Birthday Christmas Gift Ideas Coworker

This nutrition-facts inspired mug is another fun drink-related option for Christmas, a birthday, or any other occasion during which you want to celebrate the judge in your life. It’s a white mug with black imprint that humorously describes the “nutritional content” of a judge. This is another great option for judges with a kitschy sense of humor. 

Justice Lawyer Gavel Lapel Pin

PinMart Gavel Mallet Enamel Lapel Pin Judge Lawyer Student Auctioneer Gift

This high-quality lapel pin is a fantastic option for the judge in your life. You can get a single pin, or you can buy them in packs of 5, 10, and 25. It’s ⅞” in size, and each pin comes with a clutch back and is bagged individually.

Lady Justice Portfolio


This is another useful gift that’s incredibly well-made and beautiful to look at. It’s a stylish portfolio for storing important documents that comes in a few colors and is customizable. It adds a touch of professionalism to daily paperwork and is a great gift for a judge or recent law school graduate. It’s 9.5×12” and has ample space for all the documentation your loved one is sure to deal with on a daily basis. 

Custom Pet as a Judge Portrait 


If the judge in your life is also an animal lover, they might like this customizable painting that features their pet transformed into a judge. These portraits are digitally drawn and colored by the artist and come in several different sizes. Within a few days, you can approve the portrait and have it shipped out to you. You can be certain that a judge has never received a gift quite like this before! 

Judge Desk Name Plate

Desk Name Plate

This nameplate, designed with a female judge in mind, is another perfect judge-friendly option for any upcoming holiday. It features your loved one in an illustrative style as a judge, with their name and profession printed to the right of the picture. It’s made of stone and features a specialized caricature illustration. 

Scales of Justice Whiskey Decanter Set

Whiskey Decanter Set

If the judge in your life is a bit of a drinker, they might like this whiskey decanter set that features a decanter and two glasses. It’s a beautifully designed set that is professionally packaged and ready to present. Each piece of glassware is meticulously engraved with the scales of justice. The decanter is 26 oz, and the glasses are 11 oz each. The set comes in a sophisticated black box. 

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