25 Gifts For Drummers (That Won’t Give You a Headache)

Finding the perfect gift for the drummer in your life can feel challenging. What don’t they have that you could get for them? It may be difficult to come up with an idea that is fit for their hobby so we’re here to help.

Whether it’s the holidays, their birthday, or you just want to get them something to show you care, here are 25 gifts for drummers that they may find useful, amusing, or just plain adorable.

Zildjian Cymbal Clock

Zildjian Cymbal Clock 1

Every home needs a clock, and this Zildjian cymbal clock makes an excellent wall decoration for drummers. The best part is that it looks elegant and will flow with other non-drummer decorations.

It’s a neutral shade that looks like a cymbal with the arms of a clock without the numbers making it look cluttered. All it needs are batteries, and the gift is ready. 

Personalized Leather Drumstick Bag

Personalized Leather Drumstick Bag

Drummers can easily misplace their drumsticks, so getting a unique bag to hold them in can help prevent this. These leather drumstick bags are lovely gifts. 

You can choose between 11 colors of leather, ranging from neutral shades to more vibrant options, and then customize the bag. You can also go with no customization if you prefer the bag without anything on it.

Reclaimed Cymbal Dark Drum Key

Reclaimed Cymbal Dark Drum Key

A drum key is a necessary tool to help drummers tune their drums. There are many options, and most are pretty basic, but this one is amazing. 

This drum key is made with reclaimed cymbals, so it’s kind of neat that it can be used to tune drums and is made from reclaimed drum set materials. 

Pearl Drum Set Multi-Tool

Pearl Drum Set Multi Tool

This multi-tool is perfect for drummers. It comes with hex keys that will help replace or tighten up any loose bolts on their drum set. 

Pearl makes this tool so that they can repair almost anything on their drum set thanks to the hex keys, flathead screwdriver, and Phillips screwdriver, but it also comes with a pocket knife and a bottle opener. 

Personalized Drum Neon Light

Personalized Drum Neon Light

This personalized drum light from Etsy is a great gift for the drummer in your life. It’s a large metal drum set with a customized name. 

You can change the color of the metal, which is fun, but black looks fierce and will match best with any room they decide to hang the light in. You even get to choose the LED light that you want it to come with. You can choose white, blue, red, or mixed colors. 

Metal Hoop Protector

Pearl NP01 Hoop Protector for Metal BD Hoops

A metal hoop protector is an excellent gift for those who have metal drums. The gift is designed to help protect the metal bass drum from the pounding of the metal bass drum pedal. 

Drum sets are expensive, so getting them something that will help keep their drums in great condition for longer is something they’re sure to appreciate. Plus, it’s super affordable, which is always a bonus.

Snare Weight M80 Black

Snare Weight M80 Black

Snare Weight is a great brand, and your drummer will love getting something from the brand. The M80 black is a medium to heavy dampening, which will help them match their natural drumming dynamic. 

The product’s made with 100% leather and is super high-quality. It has four different dampening settings, and they can experiment with what works best. They have to turn the product like a dial to change the sound. 

On-Stage Drum Set Dust Cover

On-Stage DrumFire Drum Set Dust Cover, 80' x 108'

Every drummer needs a drum set cover to help prevent dust and other debris from settling onto the drums when they’re not using the instrument. 

The On-Stage drum set cover is made with a waterproof nylon material that will keep every expensive drum set safe whenever they’re not using it. It can also protect from harmful UV rays, but be sure to check the measurements against the drum set you’re buying it for to make sure it’ll fit! 

Big Fat Snare Drum Combo Pack

Big Fat Snare Drum Combo Pack

This Big Fat Snare Drum (BFSD) combo pack will allow drummers to transform their drums into 70s-inspired BFSDs. Even if you aren’t sure what this means, it’ll mean something to the drummer you’re buying a gift for.

They come in various head sizes, so you should research which ones the drummer you’re purchasing them for is looking for. These will help lower the pitch of the drums without complication and without tuning your drums to a lower pitch. We love the thumb cut, which makes removal easy as pie.

Drummer Nutritional Facts Coffee Mug

Drummer Gifts Drummer Nutritional Facts Fun Drummer Gifts for Kids 15-oz Coffee Mug Tea Cup

You’ve probably seen those coffee mugs floating around with “nutritional” facts about different types of people, but the drummer one is hilarious and great for these creative minds.

Even if the drummer you’re buying it for isn’t a coffee or tea drinker, we think they’ll love this gift. The “nutritional” label mentions talent, passion, creativity, and other aspects that help make a fantastic drummer. They’ll love the present and that you recognize the qualities that make them great drummers.

Personalized Drum Sticks

Personalized Drum Sticks

If you want to get a drummer a gift that’s still affordable but is more personal, these personalized drumsticks from Etsy are sure to be a hit.

The Etsy shop owner handmakes the sticks, and the best part is that you can personalize them however you want. You can put their name on it, the band name, their favorite saying, whatever you think they’d like. Besides the wording, it has an eagle that covers the majority of the sticks, which looks really cool.

Vibes High-Fidelity Earplugs 

Vibes High Fidelity Ear Plugs - Invisible Earplugs for Music Concerts, Musicians, Motorcycles, Airplanes, Raves, and Work - Noise Reduction and Hearing Protection - Fits All Ears - Clear

Drummers need to be very cautious about their hearing, so getting them quality earplugs is a great gift! 

These earplugs from Vibes are thoughtful and affordable gifts. They’re made with silicone, so they’re extra comfortable, and most people won’t have an issue with how they feel in their ears. The best part is that they help with noise reduction, preventing too much hearing damage from loud music.

Drummer Parking Only Sign

Drummer Parking Only Sign

Who doesn’t love wall decor? If the drummer you’re buying a gift for is looking for some decorations, this “drummer parking only” sign is a great option. 

The sign is affordable and is in a metal material like other street signs. They can easily hang it in their music room, bedroom, or wherever else they want. They can place it on a bookshelf if they don’t want to hang it. Either way, it’s a fun gift they’ll love.

ProTec Multi-Tom Bag With Wheels

ProTec Multi Tom Bag With Wheels

For drummers who need a new bag for their tom drums, the ProTec Multi-Tom Bag will be their new favorite thing. It’s a little pricey, but it’s a high-quality bag that should last them for a long time.

This bag can carry two tom drums and one-floor tom easily. There are removable dividers to keep everything secure during transportation. There are also two pockets for various drum accessories and wheels, which make transportation much easier.

Zildjian Drummer’s Survival Kit

Avedis Zildjian Company Drummer's Survival Kit

Every drummer will have to replace certain parts on their drum set at one point or another, which is why this drummer’s survival kit is a great gift. It makes the perfect present because it’s helpful but thoughtful.

The kit comes with a few replacement parts that the drummer could use. It has cymbal felts, HiHat clutch felts, cymbal sleeves, tension rods, wing nuts, snare wire cords, nylon washers, and a drum key. Plus, it’s a small kit that they can easily fit into their drum bag. 

Drum Night Light

Drum Night Light

While this gift technically is marketed as a night light, it can just be a cool light for the drummer in your life to place somewhere in their room or house. 

It’s a small LED light with a stand that showcases a drum and drumsticks. It’s minimalistic, so it will match whatever style or room that it’s going in. It comes with a USB plug, making it easy to plug in and shine bright. 

Moongel Resonance Pads

Moongel Resonance Pads

Something most drummers use is resonance pads. They help to make the drums sound clearer, so they can never have enough of these pads. 

The Moongel Resonance Pads are high-quality, affordable, and non-toxic, unlike many other resonance pads. The drummer should be able to get a few uses out of them, which is why they come in a plastic container they can place back in once they’re done using them.

Drumstick Wooden Pencils

Suck UK | Wooden Pencil Drumsticks Set | Sketch Pencils Shaped like Drum Sticks | Art Supplies for School | From Stationary Kit to Drum Kit in Seconds | Novelty Art Set Supplies

Everyone needs a pencil sometimes, and for the drummer in your life, these drumstick pencils are adorable! 

They’re basic, light wood pencils that look like drumsticks. While there’s no eraser on these pencils, they’re perfect for drummers, and even if they don’t want to use them for writing, they make a great decor item. 

Drum Pedal Accent Light

Drum Pedal Accent Light

For the drummers who like unique pieces of furniture or lighting in their homes, this drum pedal accent light will surely make them smile.

The Etsy creator uses a drum pedal and adds an attachment for you to add a lightbulb too. The light doesn’t come with a lightbulb, so you can let them get their own or purchase a fun color for them. Either way, it’s a unique gift they probably wouldn’t consider getting themselves.

Relax The Drummer’s Here Shirt

Relax The Drummers Here Shirt

There’s nothing like a comfy graphic tee, and this one is perfect for a drummer. The shirt says, “relax the drummer’s here,” and comes in a bunch of color options. 

You can choose from dozens of colors, and the Etsy store owner offers a variety of shirt types you can choose from too. They have v-necks, tank tops, youth sizes, and unisex shirts, so you can find the perfect one. 

Analog Drum Machine

Korg Volca Beats Analogue Drum Machine Bundle with Power Supply and Austin Bazaar Polishing Cloth

This analog drum machine from Korg Volca is an excellent gift for the drummer who wants to record a variety of drum beats and save them. 

While they probably prefer actually to play their drums, the drum machine can help add extra beats and is fun to play around on. All they have to do is press different buttons to hear different drums and create the beats they want. It has a headphone jack and can record several beats while storing them on the memory drive.

Tune Bot Drum Tuner

Pearl TB001 Overtone Labs Tune-Bot

It’s always best to make sure the drums are in tune before playing, which is where a drum tuner comes in handy. The Tune Bot Drum Tuner is a great gift for those who need a little help tuning their drums. 

The turner comes with eight saved slots, overtone filters, lug pitch measurement, and has notes and frequency modes. 

Tama Drum Metronome

Tama Rhythm Watch RW200

Metronomes are great tools to help musicians stay on beat and learn new music. The Tama Drum Metronome is a high-quality option if you want to splurge a little on a gift. 

The tempo ranges from 35 to 250 beats per minute, and it has an easy-to-read LCD screen. Something a drummer will love about this metronome is that it has a memory capacity of 30 songs.

Drum Kit Lights

Drumlite DLK2D Dual LED Banded Lighting Kit for Drums

If you know the drummer you’re getting a gift for has been looking at adding lights to their set, then these drum lights from DrumLite are a great option. 

The bright lights have a remote to quickly turn them on and change colors. You can change the colors from white to blue, green, and a few other options. They’ll love this gift because the lights are easy to install, and all the strips are already pre-cut to fit the different drum sizes.  

Personalized Caricature Drummer

Personalized Caricature drummer

A super affordable gift is this personalized caricature of your favorite drummer! The artist will take whatever picture you provide of whoever the present is for and turn it into a great caricature. 

It’s colorful and unique, and the best part is that it’s under $10. The artist is very quick and gets the product to you, and it’s available as a digital download. You can print it out and frame it for the drummer and also send them a digital copy for them to share with the world.