25 Army Retirement Gifts (Because They Earned It)

Retiring from the Army can make a person happy to relax, but it can also have mixed emotions. For example, they may miss some military friends, so you’ll want to do something to commemorate their time in the military.

You should look into the different gift types to see what appeals to your loved one. Whether you have a family member or friend retiring, you’ll find something that makes them happy while acknowledging and respecting their time serving the country.

Personalized Veteran Poster

VTH GLOBAL Personalized Custom Name Insignia Rank Military Soldier Veteran Thin Green Line Patriotic American Flag Canvas Prints Poster Wall Art Retirement Home Hanging Office Decor

If you want to make something any veteran can appreciate, you should go with the Personalized Veteran Poster. You can hang the poster on your wall while adding a custom military rank and name to it.

The design lets the Army members remember their time in the service. You can purchase it in different sizes while taking advantage of the fade-resistant design to keep it looking nice.

Retired Phonetic Alphabet Shirt

RETIRED Military Men Women Phonetic Alphabet Retirement T-Shirt

When someone serves in the military, they must learn the phonetic alphabet to communicate with people. If you want to reference that, you can get them a Retired Phonetic Alphabet Shirt as an exciting and unique gift.

They have multiple colors, sizes, and even male and female versions, so you can pick the best choice for the person. It has a lightweight design so the wearer won’t sweat much.

U.S. Army Retired Cap

U.S. Army Retired cap. Green

If you know the person likes to wear hats, you may want to buy them a U.S. Army Retired Cap. It still has the U.S. Army star and logo, but it also includes the word “retired” written across the top.

Many people in the military wear official hats during their service, so the hat lets them show that they served whenever they go out of the house.

Military Appreciation Keychain

Thank You for Your Service Military Appreciation Retirement Keychain Gifts for Veteran Army Navy Air Force Marines Coast Guard Keyring for Thanksgiving Day Deployment Veterans Day Independence Day

Tons of people have keys they need to carry around, so provide a memory by giving your Army friend a Military Appreciation Keychain. The item comes with a medallion that says “thank you for your service” on one side and “your nation proudly salutes you” on the other.

The keychain works as a constant reminder of their service while also pointing out that people appreciated what they did for the country.

U.S. Army Blanket

Pure Country Weavers US Army Star Logo Black Blanket - Gift Military Tapestry Throw Woven from Cotton - Made in The USA (72x54)

If your veteran likes to curl up, get comfortable, and feel warm, you can’t go wrong with a U.S. Army Blanket. It’s made out of cotton, has frills along the edges, and has multiple sizes based on what your veteran wants.

The blanket has the U.S. Army star and name on it, making it clear that the blanket shows military pride and recognizes their transition to a veteran.

Voyager Push Pin Map

Voyager Personalized World Push Pin Map | Travel Map with Pins

The Army usually has people travel around the world and stay in various locations, so you could go with a Voyager Push Pin Map. The map lets the veteran put pins into it, so they can track everywhere they visited on their own or in the Army.

They can even color-code the push pins to make it easier to keep track of everything, making it great as an office display.

Army Playing Cards and Dice

Military Gift Shop US Army Playing Cards & Dice in Elegant Wooden Keepsake Box - Army Rank Insignia Cards - US Army Gifts | Disabled USMC Vet Owned Small Business

Your veteran may love to play games, such as Cards and Dice, making this gift a great option for their retirement. The cards come with custom pictures that match Army ranks while also including some imagery on the Joker card.

The set comes with a wooden box and includes a U.S. Army seal on it. The overall aesthetic and design make it a great carrying case and set for an Army veteran.

Funny Retirement Mug

Retirement Gifts for Men 2022, Retired Under New Management See Wife for Details, Funny Coffee Mug for Retired Husband, Dad, Brother, Friends, Office Coworkers, Boss

If your veteran likes a good laugh, you could buy them this Funny Retirement Mug. The mug states “retired, under new management, see wife for details”. The humorous approach makes it appealing and funny for any veteran with a wife.

Not only will it lead to a few good laughs, but it’ll also work well for their drink needs. They can use the mug every day and fondly look back at their time in the Army.

Acrylic Retirement Plaque

Acrylic Retirement Gift Acrylic Plaque Happy Retirement Table Centerpiece Inspirational Gift May You Be Proud of The Work Paperweight Keepsake for Women Retired Teacher Coworker (Elegant Style)

Some people want a nice centerpiece they can keep in their home, so try out the Acrylic Retirement Plaque as a gift. The plaque talks about how the veteran should be proud of their work, themselves as a person, and the difference they made in the world.

The plaque easily stands on its own, making it a great item you can put in the middle of the table as a display piece.

American Flag Tumbler

PRPinkRain Retirement Gifts for Men 2024 - The Legend Has Retired - American Flag Tumbler, Gag Gifts for Men, Him, Husband, Coworkers

People need an easy way to carry around their drinks if they travel or go out of the house often. If you want to provide something useful to your veteran while having a gift to celebrate their retirement, you can go with an American Flag Tumbler.

The Tumbler states, “the legend has retired” while displaying a picture of an American flag. It does a great job of recognizing the veteran’s efforts and sacrifices.

Funny Retirement Candle

Funny Retirement Candle

Some people have a sense of humor, so they may want something funny, like this Retirement Candle. It mentions how it’s not that person’s problem anymore, so they don’t have to worry about doing work.

You can add the retirement year to recognize when they finished their time in the Army. It also doesn’t explicitly mention the Army, so it has more versatility when it comes to military retirement.

Military Uniformed Ornament

Military Uniform Ornament

If your veteran wants something small and meaningful, you could buy them a Military Uniformed Ornament. The ornament comes with a pair of military boots, a vest, dog tags, and even the helmet.

You can put a custom name on the ornament to make it personable and appealing. It also has a metal chain to make it durable while allowing the veteran to hang it in their car, on a tree, or anywhere else they want to put it.

Personalized Engraved Compass

Personalized Engraved Compass

Some people love to navigate and travel, so you may want to buy them something they can use and remember. You could go with a Personalized Engraved Compass to leave them a message in metal while giving them a compass that works.

You can also choose various fonts to see which one your veteran likes the most. The design lets you add their name to the compass and mark their efforts further.

Veteran’s Creed Wall Art

Veterans Creed Wall Art

Your veteran may want to proudly display their service in the house, so a Veteran’s Creed Wall Art can meet their needs. It clearly states what the veteran went through and acknowledges their sacrifices while serving in the military.

The creed recognizes that they went through things others won’t ever understand while stating how they served proudly. It recognizes how the veteran sees people as their family and cares for them.

Wooden Nightstand Set

Wooden Nightstand Set

You can make organization easier for your veteran if you purchase a Wooden Nightstand Set. The stand lets you select a custom logo or name to make the gift into something unique and meaningful.

The set lets you put a phone, watches, and three additional spots for a pen and any other belongings they want to track. They can use it to ensure they don’t lose their belongings and have them nearby in the morning.

Wooden Military Coin Holder

Wood Military Coin Holder

Veterans usually collect military coins and similar items during their service. If you want them to have a place where they can store those coins and show them off, you can buy a Wooden Military Coin Holder.

You can add a custom name to the holder and take advantage of the stars behind it to celebrate their service in the Army. The holder also lets them hang it on the wall if they prefer.

Thor’s Hammer Display

Thors Hammer Display

Even veterans may have nerdy tendencies, so yours may love the idea of a Thor’s Hammer Display piece. It looks like Mjolnir, but it has a spot for you to put a military emblem on it, such as the Army’s symbol.

You can use the gift to compare the veteran’s strength and determination to Thor. It also has different plaques to choose from, so figure out what they’ll like.

Military Retirement Blanket

Military Retirement Blanket

You can offer them a custom blanket rather than a generalized one if your veteran wants a Military Retirement Blanket. You can put their name, their branch, and the years they served in the military.

The blanket also has the phrase “at ease” at the top, which any veteran will appreciate with their retirement. You can also choose from different colors and find the ideal choice for your veteran.

Veteran Retirement Watch

Veteran Retirement Watch

You may have a timely veteran who likes to keep track of the minutes each day. If you want to give them a lovely gift to also help them, you can try a Veteran Retirement Watch. The watch’s unique design will make it stand out from others on the market.

It also comes with a custom box and a wooden design on the outside. The inside contains a special message for the veteran.

Army Chief Recognition Award

Army Chief Recognition Award

If you have a veteran who served as an Army chief, you could try the Army Chief Recognition Award. Many people in the Army move up in the ranks and serve as chiefs, so if your vet had that position, you could recognize it through this award.

You can even state the years the person served in the military to show off how much of their life they dedicated to service.

Army Retirement Button

Army Retirement Button

Accessorizing shirts or a backpack might appeal to your veteran, so see if they want an Army Retirement Button. The button includes a pin on the back to attach it to clothes or a backpack easily, so they can always show it off.

The button says “Army retired” on it, making it clear the person served in the military. You can purchase it in different colors, so choose whichever works best.

Army Photo Collage

Army Photo Collage

Your veteran likely built multiple memories while going through the Army, so you could get them an Army Photo Collage. It has the shape of a soldier while filling it with different photos from their service.

The canvas also has an American flag in the background to signify its association with military service. You also get to add the person’s name to it for a personal touch.

Army Retirement Drawstring Bag

Army Retirement Drawstring Bag

You can make transporting belongings easier for your veteran if you buy them an Army Retirement Drawstring Bag. The bag makes it easy for them to open it up, carry items, and have something lightweight they can use.

You can buy it in different colors as well. The bag says “retired Army veteran” on it, and some veterans may find the skull and guns an appealing design.

D-Day Statue

D Day Statue

Your veteran may have faced some challenging moments while serving, so recognizing their sacrifices with the D-Day Statue might be a great idea. The statue features an Army man grabbing another by the bag to help him.

The figure lets you add a plaque to it if you choose to do so. The overall design emphasizes how your veteran not only helped others but did all they could to make a difference.

Army Retirement Sticker

Army Retirement Sticker

Sometimes, a simple gift can go a long way regarding retirement. If you want to let your veteran decorate something they care about, you could buy them an Army Retirement Sticker.

The sticker has an American flag on it, along with Army boots. You can add the veteran’s rank and name to the sticker to make it more personalized alongside the retirement date.


As people retire from the Army, they’ll reflect on their service and want to remember those moments. If you’re going to make a difference and make the person happy, see if you can find an ideal Army retirement gift for their needs.

Whether you find something funny, practical, or sentimental, you can make a difference as they retire. You can easily find something in your budget, so you’ll make a great purchase while finding something your Army friend or family member will appreciate.

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