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We’ve all heard the saying, “It takes a village,” and everyone who has kids or is around them often knows how true that is. Whether you have one babysitter or a rotating few who help out with your little ones, taking the time to show appreciation for them is worth it. 

Babysitters choose to help raise kids that aren’t theirs, which is a selfless thing to do. You can get your babysitter something that is all about their babysitting title or something more generic that just shows you value them. 

If there’s a holiday coming up, their birthday, or you just want to get them something to let them know you appreciate them, here are 25 gifts for babysitters that will surely put a smile on their faces. 

Thanks For Putting Up With My Kids Candle

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Who doesn’t love a good candle? Not only is this candle a beautiful option with a great scent, but it also has a funny saying that any babysitter will understand. The front of the candle says it all by thanking them for putting up with your kids. It burns for 50 hours and smells like beautiful blooming wildflowers. The best part is they can save the jar once the candle’s wholly burnt. 

Recipe For a Babysitter Cutting Board

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If you have a babysitter who loves to cook or loves unique home decor, this cutting board gift will be a hit. It’s a decorative item that they can place in their kitchen. The board is engraved with the “recipe” for the perfect babysitter. It includes things like a heart full of love, patience, laughter, and more. Giving this gift shows them that they have all the qualities on the board.

Thank You For Helping Me Grow Planter

BEILE Funny Ceramic Plant Succulent Cactus Planter Pot with Bamboo Saucers - Thank You for Helping Me Grow, White Mini Cactus Plant Office Garden for Teacher, Mom, Grandma, Appreciation Gift

Babysitters are often around for years, especially when they become like family. This adorable little planter says, “Thanks for helping me grow.” It shows your appreciation for the babysitter in your life, and it’s something they can use for succulents, their favorite plant, or just something to decorate their home with. It’s something simple but cute that shows you care about them.

Personalized Wood Plaque With Photo and Message

Personalized Wood Plaque

Babysitters tend to become significant players in kids’ lives, so getting them something personal that shows how much they mean to the kids they babysit is always a good idea. This wood plague is customizable so that you can place their name and a favorite photo of your kid(s) and the babysitter. Below leaves room to add a heartwarming message from the whole family to them.

I’ll Be There For You Tee Shirt

Best Babysitter Ever Daycare Funny Babysitting Gifts Nanny T-Shirt

Does your babysitter love the show Friends? Then this simple tee shirt will be a huge hit with them. It’s a simple shirt that comes in a variety of colors that says “babysitter” in the classic Friends font and then the iconic phrase “I’ll be there for you” underneath. You can get it in their favorite color and in a variety of fits, like means, women, and youth, depending on their size. 

Luxe England Candle Gift Basket

Luxe England Gifts Unique Thank you Gift Basket. Best Thank you Gifts for Women Friends, Mother Appreciation Gifts, Teachers, Nurses, Coworkers, Secretaries, Hostesses or Employees

An excellent gift for a babysitter doesn’t have to have the word “babysitter” on it. This gift basket is beautiful and includes a coffee mug, lavender and amber candle, shower steamers, a coaster, and a jewelry dish that is in a stunning pale yellow hue. It’s perfect for your babysitter who loves to drink coffee or tea and relax after a long day of babysitting. The gift screams thank you.

Interlocking Heart Necklace

Babysitters Gifts Gifts For Babysitter Female Thank You Gift for Babysitter (BABYSITTER card)

Heart jewelry isn’t something that most people will buy themselves, but if you have a babysitter who loves wearing necklaces, then this interlocking heart necklace is a great gift idea. It comes on a card that thanks them for all that they do to watch and care for your kids. It’s a silver necklace with one silver heart, and one rose gold intertwined. 

Best Babysitter Ever Tumbler

Elanze Designs Best Babysitter Ever Teal 20 ounce Stainless Steel Travel Tumbler Mug Lid

Everyone needs at least one cup that can keep water or another beverage cold for long periods, so why not get them a personalized tumbler? It says “best babysitter ever” on the front and is stunning baby blue. It can hold about 20 ounces and is made of a durable stainless steel material. It’s perfect for showing appreciation and reminding them to hydrate.

I Babysit, and I Know Things Crew Neck Sweatshirt

Babysitter Gifts - I Babysit and I Know Things Funny Sitter Sweatshirt

Is your babysitter a Game of Thrones fan? This comfortable crew neck sweatshirt takes one of the most famous quotes from the show and makes it about babysitting. It’s a humorous gift that is also practical for when the weather gets cold or if they’re chilly while spending time with your kids in your home. It’s a Heather gray color, so they can wear it with anything, and it’ll match.

Toddler Wrangler Makeup Bag

Moonwake Designs, Toddler Wrangler, Beige Cotton Canvas Makeup Bag, Babysitter Gift

This toddler wrangler makeup bag is an adorable gift for your babysitter who needs a new makeup bag or just a small reusable bag for whatever they need to transport back and forth with them. The saying is funny and probably true, but it’s a functional gift they can use for years to come. It has neutral colors on it, making it an appealing option for almost everyone. 

Keep the Tiny Humans Alive Mug

Retreez Funny Mug - Goals Today Keep The Tiny Humans Alive Pediatric Nurse 11 Oz Ceramic Coffee Mugs - Funny, Sarcasm, Inspirational, daycare, birthday gifts for mom, mum, babysitter, nanny, mother

If your babysitter has a sense of humor and loves drinking coffee or tea, this mug makes a great little gift. It’s a pretty basic white mug, but the saying on it is what makes it an awesome gift. Their goal for the day is to keep the tiny humans alive, which is a great goal for a babysitter if you ask us. 

Poem To the Babysitter With Handprints

Poem To the Babysitter With Handprints

Babysitters will often move on from babysitting at some point, and when that comes, this gift is priceless. It’s a personalized, framed poem about how essential babysitters are in the lives of children and the family they help out. When you purchase it, it comes with a place for you to put handprints of your children with their names at the bottom. They’ll cherish the gift forever.

Best Babysitter Ever Cuff Bracelet

FEELMEM Babysitter Gift Thanks For Helping Me Grow Bracelet Best Babysitter Ever Gift Appreciation Gift Nanny Gift Daycare Nurse Caregiver Gift (Babysitter Rose gold)

Another great jewelry gift to buy for your babysitter is this rose gold cuff bracelet. It has a large circle and a small one intertwined with engraving on both sides. It’s a message from the kids to the babysitter, thanking them for helping them grow. It’s a simple piece of jewelry that they can wear on almost any occasion and won’t easily fall off of them if they wear it while babysitting. 

My Babysitting Reusable Bag

CafePress My Babysitting Tote Bag Canvas Tote Shopping Bag

Everyone can use a reusable bag for one reason or another. This canvas tote comes with beautiful flowers and bumblebees on it with the phrase “my babysitting bag.” It’s perfect for groceries, using as a purse, or lugging anything they need to bring with them to babysit. It’s a simple gift that not only shows your appreciation for them, but it’s functional! 

Baublebar Custom Cutout Pisa Bracelet

Baublebar Custom Cutout Pisa Bracelet

Bracelets make lovely gifts for several reasons, but this one by Baublebar is a unique and meaningful gift you can get for your babysitter. It’s a simple gold beaded bracelet that allows you to customize it with unique initial beads. You can pick the colors of the initials and put as many as you want on there. Most people put the initials of all the kids that they take care of. 

Your Favorite Babysitter Has Arrived Tee

Your Favorite Babysitter T-Shirt

Another simple tee shirt you can get for your babysitter is this one that says, “Your favorite babysitter has arrived.” It comes in white and baby pink, and the word babysitter is written in the order of the rainbow. It comes in women’s, youth, and women’s plus sizes, so you can choose the best fit for your babysitter. It’s a small gift that is perfect for a babysitter on any occasion. 

QLOVEA Initial Canvas Tote Bag

QLOVEA Women gifts for mom, Personalized Gifts Basket for Birthday Thanksgiving Day, Canvas Travel Tote Bag with Zipper Makeup Bag, Monogrammed Embroidery Beach Bag Reusable Grocery Bag Letter J

This larger canvas tote bag from QLOVEA makes for a great gift that your babysitter can use for years to come, even if they stop babysitting for you. It’s a stunning canvas bag with cream and black features, and you can personalize it with their initials in a simple font on the front of the bag. It even comes with a smaller canvas makeup bag inside the larger tote bag. 

Thank You For Helping Us Grow Bracelet With Birthstones

Bracelet With Birthstones

“Thank you for helping us grow” is a common phrase you’ll see on a lot of gifts for babysitters, but this bracelet is unique. It has a little charm that says that and then a little one with a tree on it. But the best part of this gift is that you can add as many gem charms as you want to represent the birthstones of the kids that they babysit. You can even choose the bracelet size. 

Kodrine Glass Water Tumbler

Kodrine 20oz Glass Water Tumble with Straw and Lid,Bamboo Lids Water Bottle, Iced Coffee Cup Reusable, Wide Mouth Smoothie Cups, Straw Silicone Protective Sleeve BPA FREE-Amber

If you want to get your babysitter a practical gift, this glass water tumbler is perfect. Its a 20-ounce glass that comes with a bamboo lid, reusable straw, and a silicone protective sleeve. Kodrine offers a variety of options for the protective sleeve, so you can get it in their favorite color or pattern that they might like. You can get them one or a pack of two.

Retired Babysitter Not My Problem Tee

Womens Retired Babysitter Not My Problem Anymore Retro Retirement V-Neck T-Shirt

Babysitters move on at one point or another because they get a new job or the family no longer needs their services. Whatever the reason, this is the perfect parting gift for your babysitter. The tee shirt says, “Retired babysitter: not my problem anymore.” It’s a great gift to bring humor into an otherwise sad situation. It comes in a few colors and a variety of sizes.

Thank You For Being in My Circle Keychain

Babysitter Appreciation Gifts Thank You Gift for Nanny Keychain Nanny Gift Keychain Babysitter Child Care Gift Daycare Jewelry Nanny Appreciation Gifts Child Caregiver Gift Best Babysitter Jewelry

Keychains make great gifts for people in your life, and this keychain is a beautiful way to show your appreciation for your babysitter. It’s a simple silver keychain that has one charm of two kids, a little heart that says “best babysitter ever,” and then one that shows gratitude and ends with thanking them for being in their circle. It takes a village, and this pays homage to that truth. 

Surprise You’re About To Be a Babysitter Onesie

Surprise You're About to Become A Babysitter funny Pregnancy Reveal Announcement gift Grandparents Grandma Grandpa Grandmother Grandfather Aunt Uncle Godmother Big Sister Onesie/Bodysuit (Grandma 2)

This next gift is a fun gift for announcing that you’re expecting a child to the soon-to-be grandparents. It’s a little onesie that says that they’re going to be a babysitter but then changes it to grandparents. It’s a funny onesie that’s definitely for the new baby, but since the grandparents will probably babysit from time to time, it’s a funny gift to surprise them with.

Personalized Babysitter Ornament 

Personalized Babysitter Ornament

Whether your babysitter puts up a Christmas tree or not, this personalized babysitter ornament is a beautiful gift. They can hang it on their tree or somewhere in their home throughout the year since it’s neutral colors. It’s a simple circle with flowers that says, “If babysitters were flowers, I’d pick you!” You can then have the creator sign it with the name(s) of the kids that they babysit. 

Yeti Lunch Box

Yeti Lunch Box

Everyone needs a lunch box at one point or another, and if you want to get them one that will last for years, this Yeti lunch box is the perfect gift. It comes in a few different colors and can hold up to five pounds of ice, five cans, and whatever they want to bring to eat for lunch or have for snacks. It’s a great gift they can use at work or throughout their life whenever they need it.

Lavender and Sage Gift Basket

Lavender and Sage Gift Basket

Last but not least in the best gifts for babysitter is lavender and sage gift basket. It’s a beautiful box that includes a small wine tumbler, lavender soap, a bath bomb, a little candle, a pedicure kit, and more to help your babysitter relax after a long day of watching your kids or on their day off. The best part is you can choose the color of the cup to be whatever their favorite color is. 

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