25 Gifts for Someone Who Lost a Dog

Losing a pet is a heartbreaking experience. If you know someone who recently lost a beloved dog, support them by helping them grieve.

Your comforting words and kind gestures go a long way in making your friend or relative feel understood. You can also find a thoughtful gift that will help them celebrate the life of their beloved pet while reminding them of the good times.

Here are a few gifts for someone who lost a dog if you want ideas! 

Angel of Friendship Figurine

Angel of Friendship Dog Memorial Gifts, Pet Sympathy Gift, Loss of Dog Gifts, Passed Away Dog Gifts, Angel Figurines Dog Remembrance Gift with 7 Chakra Pet Memorial Rainbow Bridge Bracelet

This figurine is a beautiful keepsake that features an angel hugging a dog. It can comfort your loved one by reminding them that their pet is in a better place.

The figurine comes with a colorful bracelet with the seven rainbow colors. These colors are a nod to the rainbow bridge and the endearing belief that pets cross this bridge to reach the afterlife. 

The items also come with a card so you can personalize it with a few kind words.

Personalized Dog Collar Frame

BfiGift Personalized Dog Collar Frame Memorial Pet Loss Sign Dog & Cat Lover Ever Gifts With Heartfelt Sentimental Quote For Someone Who Lost A Pet Collar Keepsake Picture Frame Remembrance Decor

This picture frame lets you display a picture of a beloved pet and its collar. The photo frame also has an inscription with a quote that dog owners can relate to.

The frame uses a durable wooded material and will match most interior decors with its rich, earthy color.

Placing the collar inside the frame next to a favorite photograph of the deceased pet can be therapeutic and help your loved one process their grief. It’s also a beautiful memorial tribute that displays a meaningful item.

Plush Cuddle Clone

Plush Cuddle Clone

This cuddle clone is a stuffed animal created to look like a pet. This handmade item reproduces a dog or cat’s likeness with incredible detail. The artists who create these stuffed animals go to great lengths to make realistic stuffed animals.

If you know a child who recently lost a pet, this stuffed clone could be the perfect gift!

Pet Memorial Keychain

JOEZITON Pet Memorial Gifts (Opts) Passed Away Personalized Family Picture Frame or Keychain Jewelry Angel with Paws for Loss of Dogs or Cats.(K1)

After losing a pet, some owners find comfort in carrying a photograph of their animal with them. This pet memorial keychain features a heart-shaped frame that fits a small picture. The keychain has two small charms, a paw print, and an angel wing.

The back of the keychain features an engraving with the image of a human hand holding a paw to remind your loved one of the loving bond they shared with their pet. 

This keychain is one of the best gifts for someone who lost a dog, and you’re looking for an affordable option!

Pet Memorial Garden Stone

iHeartDogs Pet Memorial Garden Stone - 'You Left Paw Prints On My Heart' - Dog or Cat Bereavement Loss Gift

Dogs often have a favorite spot on the grass and watch birds, squirrels, or passersby. This memorial garden stone is a great way to mark this spot, and your loved one can create a special place of remembrance for their beloved pet by planting some flowers around it.

The stone is a paw with a heart cutout. There is an engraved quote that helps your loved one express their feelings while they grieve their pet. 

Pet Memorial Urn

Pet Memorial Urns for Dog or Cat Ashes, XLarge Wooden Funeral Cremation Urns with Photo Frame, Memorial Keepsake Memory Box with Black Flannel as Lining, Loss Pet Memorial Remembrance Gift

Cremating pets is a popular choice. Owners often like to keep the ashes in beautiful urns and create keepsakes with the ashes.

This simple but elegant urn can make an excellent gift for someone who recently lost a pet. The urn has a locking mechanism to secure the ashes inside the container. It has a slot to display a photograph of the beloved pet. 

It’s a stylish item your loved one can display to remember and celebrate their pet.

Holiday Dog Remembrance Ornament

Holiday Jingle Dog Remembrance Ornament – Nickel-Plated Pet Memorial Photo with Silver Ribbon Elegant Ornaments for Christmas Tree–Dog –2.5 x 2-inch Opening

Grieving during the holidays is especially difficult. Help your loved ones overcome their grief during the holiday season with this customized memorial ornament.

The ornamental frame is heart-shaped and has room for a miniature photograph of a pet. The ornament also has beautiful wings to evoke the afterlife. This small keepsake will help your loved one and their family keep their lost pet in their hearts as they celebrate the holidays. 

Pet Guardian Solar Light

iHeartDogs Dog Memorial Gifts - Forever My Guardian Angel Garden Solar Light - Pet Memorial Stone

This solar light will comfort your loved one as they mourn their best friend. It’s a gorgeous sculpture of a sleeping dog under the protection of an angel wing. There are three lights inside of the wing to create a warm glow.

The sculpture evokes peace and tranquility. It has sensors that automatically turn the lights on after dark. This meaningful, glowing sculpture is a warm and gentle reminder that a lost pet is still alive in spirit.

Memorial Ceramic Photo Tile

Ceramic Photo Tile

Give your loved one something more durable than a photograph with this beautiful printed ceramic tile. This ceramic tile is a sensitive choice if your loved one plans on holding a memorial event for their pet. It’s also a beautiful customized item they can display in their home.

Customize the tile with a favorite photograph of the pet, its name, a quote, and a date.  

Pet Memorial Wind Chime

Pet Memorial Wind Chime - 18' Metal Casted Pawprint Wind Chime - A Beautiful Remembrance Gift for a Grieving Pet Owner - Includes Pawprints Left by You Poem Card

For many pet owners, losing a dog makes their home feel empty. These wind chimes create a beautiful musical sound, like angels on tippy toes,  and can make your loved one’s home feel less lonely.

These metal wind chimes feature a delicate paw print ornament engraved with a quote about dog ownership. They gently remind the pet owner of the lost pet whenever they hear the tingling noise. These chimes are a beautiful way to mark a favorite spot where the pet used to nap in the sun or shade.

Stained Glass Memorial Ornament

Lcensp Stained Glass Dog Memorial Gifts for Dog Lovers, Yellow Dog Decor on Blue Moon Window Hanging Suncatcher, Loss of Dog Sympathy Gift, Pet Loss Remembrance Gift in Memory of Dog

This stained glass ornament uses simple shapes to create a powerful image. It depicts a small dog sitting next to a moon crescent. This decor item fits perfectly inside a window frame, and the stained glass will cast rainbows in every direction.

The ornament has a hook and chain to make it easy to display. There are different colors, and you can find an alternative dog silhouette design with angel wings.

Pet Photo Album

Malden International Designs Woof Photo Album, 80-4x6, Blue

Looking back on the special memories of their pet is an activity that helps your loved one grieve their loss.

This pet photo album has paw prints, a small bone on the cover, and an opening to insert a cherished photograph. You can sit down with your loved one and reminisce about the fun times with their pets. It’s perfect to display on the coffee or bedside table.

This simple activity might unleash tears, but it helps loved ones to pay tribute to their memories.

Dog Memorial Shadow Box

JupDec Dog Memorial Gifts Pet Shadow Box Wooden Picture Frame with Clay Paw Print Kit for Loss of Dog & Cat Remembrance Sympathy Deep Display Case for Keepsake Collar Hair (Brown)

This shadow box attractively displays pictures and mementos you associate with a pet. It comes with four photo cards, small bottles to preserve hair, and a paw print kit to capture a pet’s paw print in clay. You can also add a collar and treasured, meaningful keepsakes.

The shadow box features a sturdy acrylic cover to protect these belongings while allowing you to showcase them.

Rainbow Bridge Blanket

Catrageous Pet Memorial Blanket - Over The Rainbow Bridge Bereavement Gift for Dog or Cat Loss - with Comforting Heartfelt Sentiment and Colorful Pawprints

This colorful blanket will quickly become a favorite comfort item for your loved one. The design includes a rainbow, colorful paw prints, and a meaningful quote. 

It’s a beautiful and comforting item your loved one can use to drape over a couch, but it’s also a soft blanket they can cuddle with when they miss their dog. 

Dog Memorial Plant Pot

Capti Dog Memorial Gifts Plant Pot - Paw Print On My Heart Planter, Pet Loss Gifts - Rainbow Bridge Poem & Stake, Remembrance, Bereavement, Keepsake, Sympathy Loss of Dog Gifts

Most dog owners need time to recover before they’re ready to adopt a new pet. However, caring for a house plant can be fulfilling and doesn’t require a significant commitment.

This memorial potted plant pot is perfect for planting a small flower or succulent. It adds a touch of life to your loved one’s home and creates a sense of caring in memory of their beloved pet.

Dog Loss Comfort Box

Dog Loss Comfort Box

This gift box comes with several thoughtful items. It includes a scented candle, a potted succulent, a memorial stone, and a small keychain.

This gift basket is an excellent choice if you can’t be there for your loved one but still want them to know you care. These small gifts will help your loved one grieve and gently remind them they have your support. 

Memorial Bracelet

Memorial Bracelet In Memory of Jewelry Gift Remembering Loss of One You Loved Cuff Bracelets (Memorial pets)

This bangle is a cute accessory your loved one can wear to remember their pet. The inside of the bangle features an engraved quote about love and loss. There are a few quotes with meaningful words to serve as a tribute to losing a pet.

This stainless steel material makes an attractive bracelet. It’s durable and won’t rust or fade, even if your loved one wears it daily.

Personalized Pet Memorial Throw Pillow

Pawfect House Personalized Pet Memorial Throw Pillow (Insert Included), Dog Pillows, Pet Memorial Gifts, Dog Memorial Gifts for Loss of Dog, Cat, Dog Pillow, Pet Loss Gifts, Loss of Dog Sympathy Gift

Did your loved one’s dog have a favorite spot on the couch? Did they have their own armchair? Mark this spot with a memorial throw pillow.

This soft decorative pillow comes with a fluffy insert. You can personalize it by uploading a single photograph or creating a photo collage of the deceased pet. The cushion features a meaningful memorial quote.

This personalized pillow is a loving gift for someone who has lost a dog. Its soft texture is comforting when your loved one wants to hold their missed pet.

Personalized Pet Portrait Keychain

Pet Portrait Keychain

These detailed keychains come in silver, gold, and titanium. It’s a personalized gift that reproduces the likeness of a pet with a high level of detail. You can add a pet’s name or a short quote or request a full-body reproduction of a pet.

If you’re looking for a realistic pet portrait, these handmade keychains convey a caring sentiment.

Painterly Pet Portrait

Painterly Pet Portrait

This customized pet portrait service turns any photograph into a beautiful painting. The canvas brings out the colors of the portrait, and the talented artists capture every detail with the utmost care.

The result is a unique piece of wall art that your loved one can proudly display. You can also add the pet’s name along with a date.

Pet Memorial Scented Candle

Aromaflare Lavender Scented Candles Dog Memorial Candle Gifts Pet Bereavement Present Sympathy Gift Ideas for Dogs Lovers Friends Familes

Lighting this scented candle can become a small ritual your loved one performs whenever they want to reminisce about the times they shared with their pet. The scent evokes spring and fresh cotton to create a peaceful and relaxing feeling. 

The candle uses quality oils for a lasting scent. The design is simple but elegant, and it’s a small token your loved one can display anywhere. It’s also a great gift if you’re looking for a pet memorial for someone you don’t know well.

Personalized Dog Suncatcher

BROWN FACTORY Personalized Suncatcher Dog Memorial Gifts for Loss of Dog,Rainbow Bridge Pet Memorial Ornament, Sympathy Gift, Bereavement Gifts, Custom Photo Remembrance Gifts for Pet Owners

This colorful suncatcher is a gorgeous ornament your loved one can display on a porch or veranda. The design features a paw print and will project light in the shape of a paw print for a meaningful reminder of the deceased pet.

You can personalize this suncatcher by uploading a photograph of the pet. You can also choose a quote, add the pet’s name, and request a date. 

Personalized Pet Jewelry Necklace

MignonandMignon Personalized Pet Gifts Custom Pet Jewelry Dog Necklace Cat Gift Custom Portrait Unique Gift LCN-AP (Silver)

Help your loved one remember their dog by carrying a miniature portrait of their best friend! This gorgeous necklace comes with a small, customizable disc that you engrave with the pet’s name and face. 

The engraving style resembles a sketch and captures the pet in a unique artistic style. It’s a thoughtful item your loved one will treasure forever.

Personalized 3D Photo Gift

Personalized Photo Gift | 3D Engraved Crystal Keepsake | Gift | Décor | Collectible| Souvenir | Dogs Or Cats Personalized Photo Frame

Your loved one probably has several framed pictures of their pet. Surprise them with this unique 3D crystal photo block. Once you upload a photograph of the pet, the manufacturer creates a 3D replica. They use precision lasers to engrave the 3D image into a crystal block.

The result is a unique item that features a beloved pet’s likeness, and the 3D effect captures the likeness.

Memorial ASPCA Donation

memorial cards 072921 desktop

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is a leading non-profit fighting to protect animals. If you know an animal lover who recently lost a pet, you can honor this pet’s memory while supporting a good cause by making a memorial donation.

The ASPCA allows you to send a postcard or an email to your loved one about the donation made in memory of their beloved pet. You can also make a memorial donation to any other non-profit or favorite animal charity on their behalf. This choice is one of the most meaningful gifts for someone who lost a dog.