25 Gifts For Someone Who Had A Miscarriage

Miscarriages are, unfortunately, common events that can happen for no reason whatsoever. No matter what stage of the pregnancy they’re in, dealing with a miscarriage can be an emotional and trying time for both the mother and father. 

Whether you’ve been through one before or simply know someone going through this, feeling helpless for your friend can be one of the worst things. While there’s nothing you can do to change the outcome, getting the mother and even the father who lost their baby can be a small gesture to let them know you care and are thinking about them. 

If you don’t know where to start, don’t stress. We’ve gathered up 25 gifts for someone who had a miscarriage. You can choose from it, or it’ll at least give you a jumping-off point. 

Sending Sunshine Gift Box

Sending Sunshine Gifts for Women, Care Package for Women, 9 Pcs Sunflower Gifts, Get Well Soon Gifts Basket, Unique Birthday Gifts Box with Inspirational Blanket Candle for Women, Her, Mom, Wife

If you’re not sure what to get your friend who’s had a miscarriage or can’t decide between certain items, this Sending Sunshine gift box is a great option. It includes several little things that will hopefully put a smile on their face in this emotional time.

The box’s theme is Sunflowers, and it has a water tumbler, fuzzy socks, a soft throw blanket, candles, a card that says you’re thinking of them, and more. 

Baby Angel Miniature Globe

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This baby angel miniature globe is a super meaningful gift you can get your loved one. It’s fairly neutral color-wise, so they can keep it anywhere in their house as a reminder of their angel that is no longer Earthside. 

The inside of the globe features two clay figures as the parents holding a baby with either a blue or pink body to symbolize the baby. It then has a wooden heart, which you can add what would be the baby’s birthday and tiny square beads with whatever they named the baby.

Mommy and Daddy of an Angel Interlocking Keychains

Loss Memorial Keychain Mommy Daddy of an Angel Puzzle Keyring Set of 2 Miscarriage Keepsake Baby Memorial Jewelry Gift for Infant Loss

The mother isn’t the only one who struggles after a miscarriage; the father does too. A simple yet thoughtful gift you can get for both of them is this interlocking keychain. 

It’s silver and features two puzzle pieces. One says “mommy of an angel,” while the other says “daddy of an angel.” Both keychains include a small pair of feet. They can carry this with them everywhere they go.

Memorial Wind Chime

Baby Sympathy Wind Chimes - VAPCUFF Memorial Gift for Loss of Baby - Loss of Baby Sympathy Gifts - Pregnancy Loss Gifts for Mothers - Mother Lost Child Gifts - Miscarriage Gifts for Mothers

This memorial wind chime is A beautiful gift they can hang outside their home or on the porch. It’s a standard metal wind chime, but at the bottom, there’s a plaque hanging from it. 

The wooden sign says, “Hear the wind and think of me; I’ll always be,” and then you can engrave the name of the baby they lost with the date that they would’ve been born. They have a few other phrases you can choose from if the one mentioned isn’t what you want.

Baby Feet Stone Bracelet

Miscarriage Bracelet Gifts for Mom Mother Loss Baby Infant Pregnancy, Encouragement Present, Memorial Gifts to Show Love, Sympathy, Bereavement, Friendship, One Size, howlite

If the mother you’re buying a gift for loves jewelry, this elegant and simple bracelet can be perfect. It features white stones for the most part and is stretchy, so they won’t need to adjust it. 

It has green and pink quartz beads towards where the pendant is, and the pendant is a dainty little pair of feet. The stones are said to be healing, which is something they’ll need at this time.

Miscarriage Grief Journal

Miscarriage Grief Journal: Pregnancy Loss of Baby Book with 60 Journaling Prompts for Navigating the Grieving Process, Memories and Healing, Sympathy Miscarriage Gift for Mothers

Grief is a weird thing, and no two people process grief in the same way. Journaling is one of the best ways to work through grief, even if some people think it’s silly. 

This miscarriage grief journal features 108 pages and 60 different prompts that help your loved one find a way to process the loss of their baby. It’s a way for them to reflect and navigate a world where they won’t see their baby Earthside.

Miracles Are Meant to Be Remembered

Crewneck T shirt

For those who might be a little bit further in their healing journey following a miscarriage, this Miracles Are Meant to Be Remembered t-shirt is a great gift. 

It’s a comfortable shift that comes in unisex sizing and a variety of different colors and fonts. It’s a great reminder that while they never were able to hold their baby, they were a miracle nonetheless and will always be remembered.

Pregnancy Loss Crystal Collection

Miscarriage Pregnancy Loss

If the person you’re searching for a gift for believes in the power of crystals, they’ll love this pregnancy loss crystal collection. The collection comes with four crystals that have specific purposes. 

Jade, Lepidolite, Apache Tears, and Pink Calcite are the crystals included. Each one is for strength, healing, shedding tears, and connecting to love and recovery.

Sonogram Photo Frame

Goodness Miscarriage Gift-Baby Loss Remembrance Keepsake-I Carried You Every Second Of Your Life-In Memory of Pregnancy Loss Gift-Sonogram Memorial Gift-Picture Frame Photo Frame for 6''×4'' Photo

It’s likely that they had a sonogram or several before they lost the pregnancy. If they still have some of them, you can get them this sonogram photo frame. 

The frame features a small spot for the sonogram on the right and then engraved on the left. The left side says, “I carried you every second of your life, and I will love you every second of mine.” It’s simple but significant.

Without the Rain, There Will Be No Rainbow Necklace

HOPE LOVE SHINE Inspirational Gifts for Women, Motivational Strength Necklace, Infertility Gift For Her, Cancer Warrior Necklace (RAINBOW AFTER STORM, STERLING SILVER)

One of the main reasons we love this gift for someone who has had a miscarriage is the symbolism behind it. It’s a beautiful silver necklace with a small rainbow engraved into a circular pendant. 

The idea behind the necklace is that you can’t have a rainbow without the rain. The symbolism comes from the first baby after a miscarriage being deemed a “rainbow baby.” It’s precious, and they’ll love it.

Personalized Angel Baby Plaque 

INSPIAMZUE Personalized Memorial Gift For Loss of Baby Angel in Heaven| Remembrance Gifts Loss of Child| Sympathy Gift Loss of Baby Toddler Infant In Loving Memory NXM127 (8x10 inch)

Another great decor item that they’ll cherish after a miscarriage is this personalized angel baby plaque. It’s a wooden plaque that comes in several sizes ranging from 8×10 to 16×24. 

The plague itself features an engraving of four hands holding baby feet and any personalizations you want. Most people add “angel” baby, the name, and what would’ve been the baby’s birthday. It’s deeply personal and comes ready to hang, so it’s minimal work for them.

It’s OK that You’re Not OK Grief Book

It's OK That You're Not OK

Anyone who’s had a miscarriage or lost someone they love knows that grief is not linear and everyone deals with things differently. This excellent book can help someone who had a miscarriage understand grief better. 

“It’s OK That You’re Not OK” is a great book that helps you navigate loss when being surrounded by people who might not know or fully understand your pain.

Dad of an Angel Morse Code Bracelet

Morse Code Bracelet

As mentioned earlier, mothers aren’t the only ones suffering after a miscarriage. Fathers have their own grief to process, too. That’s why this bracelet makes a wonderful gift. 

This bracelet is manly and features a morse code message. It says, “Dad of an angel” in morse code. They can wear it daily thanks to the neutral colors, and it reminds them of their loved one they never met. 

Letters To My Baby in Heaven Journal

Letters to My Baby in Heaven Journal: Grief Journal for Loss of Baby, Miscarriage or Stillbirth, Bereavement or Sympathy Gift for Grieving Mother, Blank Lined Notebook for Healing and Remembrance

We already talked about how journaling can be a helpful healing tool, but this one is slightly different from the journal we mentioned earlier. This is an excellent gift for a mother or a father who lost their baby. 

The journal is meant for the person to write letters to the baby in heaven. They can write about anything they want to. It’s a great way to process the grief and talk about all the things they’ll never get to with their baby.

Engraved Wooden Baby Memorial Box

Engraved Wooden Block

One of our favorite gifts on this list is this engraved wooden baby memorial box. It’s a simple gift that you can completely personalize for the person who had a miscarriage. 

It’s a wooden box that features different things on all the sides. You can add the initials of the baby on the top of the box, their full name, baby feet with angel wings, and more to the box. You can even change the color of the box.

See You in Heaven Morse Code Bracelet

JoycuFF See You in Heaven Memorial Remembrance Sympathy Memory Morse Code Bracelets for Women Men Women Boys Girls in Memory of Stainless Steel Jewelry Gifts Gold Bracelet

If you love the men’s morse code bracelet we chose earlier, you’ll love this gold one for women. It’s slightly different because it’s dantier and says something different. 

The bracelet says “See you in heaven” in morse code. While gold is our top choice for the bracelet, you can also get it in silver if the person you’re buying it for prefers silver.

Too Beautiful for Earth Ornament

Miscarriage Memorial Christmas Ornament - Too Beautiful For Earth - Miscarriage Gifts for Mothers

Giving people personalized Christmas ornaments always makes a great gift, even for something sad like a miscarriage. This ornament is beautiful and can be displayed throughout the year, not only on the Christmas tree. 

It’s a simple white, flat ornament with a watercolor butterfly and little baby feet. The saying on the ornament is, “Too beautiful for Earth.” It comes inside a gift box, too! 

Miscarriage Memorial Lantern

Miscarriage Memorial Lantern

This miscarriage memorial lantern is a beautiful decor item that is also the perfect way to remember their baby they’ll never get to meet. 

The lantern is white, and there are glass doors that you can add a candle inside. The creator of this gift will engrave a beautiful message and your personalization preferences into the glass door so they can always read it and see it whenever they’re feeling sad about missing their little one.

His and Hers Matching Titanium Personalized Bracelets

SunnyHouse Jewelry His and Hers Matching Set Titanium Stainless Steel Personalized Couple Bracelet Custom Engraving (A PAIR)

We know we’ve mentioned a lot of bracelets on this list, but these two couldn’t be left off this list. These are matching his and hers bracelets. One chain is thicker than the other, and they both come with a plate for customizing. 

You can put the baby’s name, what would be their birthday, or anything you want on the plates. It’s an excellent way for them both to have something they can hold special.

Simple Mama Necklace

Rose Gold Mama necklace for Women - Mom Jewelry for Women, Gifts for New Mom, Expecting Mom Gift for Pregnant Friend, Mom to be Gifts with Cards

Just because she lost her baby doesn’t make her any less of a mother. Many women with a miscarriage struggle with this concept, and people do not understand how they feel. 

You can show that you understand and love them by getting her this dainty mama necklace. It comes in different fonts and formats as well as finishes. We love the rose gold, but they have gold and silver too. 

14K Gold Birthstone Bracelet for Her

Gold Birthstone Bracelet

If you want to get your friend or family member who had a miscarriage a gift that doesn’t overtly scream that they had one, this birthstone bracelet is a beautiful gift. 

You can choose a 14K gold or white gold bracelet or a rose gold option with anywhere from one to 12 stones. We recommend choosing the birthstone that the baby she lost would’ve had so it’s especially meaningful to her. 

Affirmation Cards for Miscarriage 

Affirmation Cards

There are a lot of emotions that a woman experiences after a miscarriage. It can be overwhelming, from being upset with themselves to being angry about it happening. 

These affirmation cards can be incredibly healing and help her be more gentle with herself. Some cards say, “I grant forgiveness to my body” and “I will let others help me.”

His and Hers Matching Embroidered Roman Numeral Hoodies

GODMERCH Custom Embroidered Roman Numeral Hoodies, Matching Hoodies For Couples, Custom Hoodies For Boyfriend With Initial Heart

Another adorable matching gift for both parents is these embroidered Roman numeral hoodies. They’re super comfortable, and you get one in cream and one in black. 

You’ll choose the Roman numerals that will rest above your heart. We suggest the baby’s birthday, and it has room on the wrist for an initial and little heart. 

HelloFresh Meals

HelloFresh Meals Gift Card

This next gift is a little different but worth it. The last thing many people want to be thinking about after a miscarriage is meal planning. 

Gifting the couple or mother HelloFresh allows them to eat something delicious and healthy without considering meal planning or shopping. You can choose gifts from $75 to $160.

Personalized Baby Memorial Shadow Box

Baby Memorial Gift

Lastly, we have this personalized baby memorial shadow box. Even though they won’t have many items to put in since they never met their baby, it’s still a beautiful gift. 

They can put the sonogram inside, scrabble pieces that spell the baby’s name, angel wings, and more to make it truly meaningful to them.