25 Gender Reveal Gifts (Unique, Personalized and Neutral)

Over the past decade, the tradition of gender reveal parties has developed into a theatrical display of confetti, fireworks, or colored smoke bombs. Gender reveal parties gather friends and family together to disclose the sex of the soon-to-be baby.

Unlike baby showers, gender reveal parties occur earlier on in the pregnancy. Baby showers are often a women-only event, but gender reveal parties are for family and friends of both genders and all ages. Additionally, while baby showers generally occur for the firstborn only, gender reveal parties to celebrate every pregnancy. 

Read on to discover a diverse range of gifts that fit all budgets. The following list of 25 gender reveal gifts offers creative and thoughtful ways to pamper the parents, the pregnant mother, and the newly arrived baby. 

1. Ultrasound Sonogram Keepsake

New Mom Gifts Baby Ultrasound Picture Frame Sonogram Keepsake Frame, Christmas Pregnancy Gifts for First Time Mom Dad, Pregnancy Announcements Gender Reveal Baby Shower Gifts Nursery Decor-4x6 Photo

Ultrasound pictures have come a long way since the onset of sonogram visits. Now, they are three-dimensional pictures depicting vivid characteristics and positions of your growing baby. 

This tasteful wooden sign has the image of an astrologically drawn heart, baby footprints, and the phrase “love and first sight” next to a frame for your ultrasound picture. 

No more sticking the sonogram picture on the fridge. This gift can be a permanent fixture in the baby’s new room.

2. Baby Socks

ZIRI & ZANE Baby Sock Gift Set - 7 Unique Pairs, Cute & Funny Unisex Newborn Gifts for Baby Showers & Registries

Babies’ tiny feet are the sweetest appendage to wrap your hands around, but they also need round-the-clock warmth. That’s why you can never have too many baby socks!

This adorable set of animal-themed socks comes with a different animal pair for every day of the week. Not only do they have an animal head to adorn the ankles but stitched into the souls of the feet are silly sayings that any new parent can relate to!

3. Burts Bees Gift Set

Burt's Bees Pregnancy Essentials Gifts Set, 3 Giftable Baby Shower Products & Must Have Baby Registry Items, Nourishing Skincare for Mom to be - Mama Belly Butter, Original Lip Balm, Leg & Foot Cream

Pregnancy is a beautiful experience, but it’s also fraught with physical burdens like stretch marks, tight skin, and swollen feet. The gender reveal party is towards the beginning of the pregnancy, so this gift will give your favorite mother-to-be some much-needed self-care goodies to weather the discomforts of the third trimester.  

This set from Burts Bees has belly butter cream to soothe tight skin, leg and foot cream to massage over swollen feet and calves, and their signature tingly lip balm. 

4. Personalized Handprint and Footprint Decorations

Bubzi Co Baby Footprint Kit, Baby Foot and Hand Print Kit, Baby Keepsake Frame, Nursery Pictures Frames, Hand Print Mold Kit, New Mom Gifts, Baby Newborn Essentials Must Haves, Baby Shower Gifts

Babies grow so quickly that you often forget how tiny they were when they first entered the world. This endearing personalized hand and footprint frame comes with a clay mold to memorialize your little one’s hands and feet alongside small picture frames for newborn photographs.

This lovely gift makes the perfect centerpiece for the wall behind the crib, and a wonderful artifact to pull out and show your grown kids.

5. Funny Just Gender Reveal T-Shirt

Funny Baby Shower I'm Just Here For The Sex T-Shirt

This silly t-shirt that states “I’m Just Here for the Sex” is a great gift to give the parents and siblings of the baby-to-be to wear at the gender reveal party. You could buy a set for the whole family. They come in various colors, so you can give each member of the family their favorite colored shirt.

It’s the gift that keeps giving, as they’ll now have the perfect shirt for all subsequent gender reveal parties! 

6. Mom and Dad Off-Duty Cocktail Glasses

Mom Off Duty Dad Off Duty Wine and Whiskey Glass Set - First Time Parents Gifts - New Parents Gifts For Couples - Gender Reveal Gift For Mommy and Daddy - Best Gift for expecting Mother and Father

Being a parent is a full-time, high-energy job. For those precious few moments Mom and Dad have to themselves, they’ll cherish a delicious cocktail, spirit, or glass of wine to reward them for their parenting duties. That’s where this cute set of Mom and Dad Off-Duty wine and whiskey glasses comes in handy!

After a long day of feeding, cooking, cleaning, and infinite loads of laundry, new parents can toast to the day’s end with these high-quality glasses.

7. Memory Keepsake Scrapbook

Keepsake Memory Book for Baby Boy or Girl Timeless First 5 Year Baby Book A Milestone Book to Record Every Event from Birth to Age 5 Gender Neutral Journal Scrapbook Photo Album

For those Moms and Dads who love to document every milestone in their child’s life, this cute scrapbook will help them keep track of it all. Scrapbooks are a labor of love and a special way to stroll down memory lane with your partner and child as the years pass.

Plus, they are easy to store and maintain. This beautiful scrapbook has tasteful drawings of animals and foliage, with enough room to paste photographs, documents, and other treasures from the first 5 years of your child’s life.

8. Expecting Parents’ Pair of Coffee Mugs

CHIEN-CHI LILI SUUURA-OO Est 2024 New Mom Dad Mug Coffee Mug Gift for Parents, Est 2024 couple shower wedding shower expecting parents, New Parents Gift Set of 2 Mugs-76

Even more crucial than a stiff drink to any parent’s sanity is coffee. Those first couple of years will be full of sleepless nights, and a cup of coffee is the most sacred and essential beverage to get you through the morning.

This fun set of coffee mugs has one for Mom and Dad along with the year of their child’s birth. These cups will surely be the most used item on this list!

9. Gerber Onesies 8-Pack

Gerber Baby 8-Pack Short Sleeve Onesies Bodysuits, Elephants, 3-6 Months

Newborn babies have simple jobs, consisting of sleeping, feeding, pooping, and spitting up! Consequently, they require quite a wardrobe. Between spit-ups and diaper accidents, you’re likely to go through at least two changes of clothes a day.

This eight-pack of adorable grey and baby blue onesies is perfect for girls and boys. Each one has a different dreamy pattern, from elephants to clouds. They’ll help stave off yet another load of laundry for at least a day or two!

10. Scratch Book of Activities for Pregnancy

Astralux 35 Fun Scratch Off Activities to do While Pregnant - Create Everlasting Memories of Your Pregnancy - Unique Gift for Expecting Mom

There’s no bigger surprise than finding out the sex of your baby! However, you can keep the surprises coming during every trimester with this fun scratch-off book of activities to do during pregnancy.

This book comes with 35 different scratch-off cards with fun, helpful, therapeutic, and even hilarious activities for expecting mothers. They’ll come in handy during tedious and draining days by giving you a bit of spontaneity and, often, a good laugh.

11. Breakable Chocolate Heart Gender Reveal

Breakable Chocolate Heart Gender Reveal

Gender reveals often have garish, over-the-top displays to announce the baby’s gender. If confetti and colored smoke aren’t your style, this eco-friendly edible gender reveal mechanism is an excellent idea. 

This is a gift to get for intimate family gatherings, where everyone can gather around the table to watch mom and dad break open a delicious chocolate heart to see which color candies spill out! Talk about having your cake and eating it too!

12. Personalized Puzzle Name Board

Screenshot 1 1

Once the baby’s gender is revealed, most parents have a few names picked out. This fun and educational baby name gift will help your new baby learn to spell and pronounce their name. 

Additionally, each personalized letter gets a corresponding animal. Your baby can learn their name while also getting a first glimpse at the animal kingdom. If the parents aren’t sure what the baby’s name will be, you can always personalize the gift at a later time. 

13. Mama Sweatshirt

Mama Sweatshirt

This chic oversized sweatshirt has a stitched “mama” artfully placed adjacent to the collar. One sleeve has the name or names of her children stitched in the same calligraphy. This sweatshirt comes in numerous colors and has an option for text design and color.

It’s handmade, with a cozy blend of polyester and cotton fleece, aiding in stretching, warmth, and softness. This will be any mother’s go-to sweatshirt, both during and after pregnancy.

14. Funny MILF Candle

Funny MILF Candle

Being a mother doesn’t mean losing your sex appeal! For mothers with a raunchy sense of humor, this candle will be a hilarious hit. For the politically correct nature of this article, it’s assumed you know what MILF stands for! 

This funny soy wax candle has the label “Upgraded to MILF” printed irreverently over its glass candle holder. In another silly gesture, this candle comes in a baby powder scent, but you can always choose from one of many other delicious aromas.

15. Avocado Expecting Parents Ornament

Avocado Expecting Parents Ornament

If the gender reveal party falls around the holidays, these adorable ornaments are the perfect gift. Each set comes with customized avocado halves, each one with the name of parents, siblings, and the new baby-to-be stenciled into the bottom.

The mother’s avocado has the seed intact, accurately protruding from the green insides like a pregnant belly. This gift will be one for the ages, commemorating a growing family for Christmas tree decorating gatherings to come. 

16. Baby Arrival Countdown Plaque

Baby Arrival Countdown Plaque

Gender reveal parties and baby showers alike often have games that require partygoers to guess the due date. Dates get tossed around with silly abandon but expecting parents eager to meet their little one are surely counting down every instant from the minute the pregnancy begins.

You can help expecting parents mark off the weeks with this lovely wood placard. It’s engraved with “weeks until baby arrives” and a heart-shaped chalkboard to scrawl each week of the pregnancy completed.  

17. Embroidered Name Blanket for Newborn

Embroidered Name Blanket for Newborn

There’s something special about hand-knit blankets, and these gorgeous, personalized cotton knit blankets are unique and versatile. They’re the height of softness and quality, with options to customize everything from the color to the font you want for the baby’s embroidered name.

You can take these blankets everywhere, and they’re easily washable. They come in every color imaginable. You could even buy various colors, supplying new parents with blankets for the car, nursery, and stroller.  

18. Personalized Night Light

Personalized Night Light

Night lights are an essential accessory for any baby’s room, giving them warm, bright reassurance when they wake up in the middle of the night alone. These intricate and creative night lights come in all shapes and themes, with everything from spaceships to unicorns, to classic moons and stars.

The lights also come with a personalized touch that incorporates the baby’s name under or inside the image.

19. Baby’s First Milestones Shot Bottles

Babys First Milestones Shot Bottles

Babies may not remember the first time they sat up, took their first step, or started eating solid foods. However, every milestone is a cause for pride and joy from parents and loved ones. 

You can help enthusiastic parents celebrate each milestone with these tagged shot bottles that parents can fill with their favorite spirit.

20. Taco Booties

Taco Booties

No matter what gender the baby is, these taco booties are the perfect foot warmer. We always want to gobble our baby’s feet up, and these booties give you even more incentive to do so!

This gift is any taco lover’s dream come true!

21. Baby Astrology Board Books

51635 1 640px

You may know the projected due date before you know the gender of the baby. Those of us that are into astrology will begin mapping out our new baby’s sun, and moon, and rising to divine their personality traits.

These beautifully illustrated baby books have a description of each astrological sign’s traits for you to read through together.

22. Baby Keepsake Box

Deluxe Baby Keepsake Box | Fabric Bound Acid-Free Newborn Keepsake and Memory Organizer with Labels for Pregnancy, Mother’s Day, Baby Shower, New Baby and Maternity Gifting

This neutral baby keepsake box is the perfect time capsule in which to enclose your baby’s favorite toys, blankets, clothes, pictures, teeth, and more!

It will be a cherished family heirloom to bond over as the baby grows into an adult. 

23. Foodie Baby Swaddle 

Baby Keepsake Box 1

Another great genderless gift that works for boys and girls, this fun foodie swaddle will keep your baby snug inside a yummy cocoon. If you’re close to the parents-to-be, you most likely know what they love to eat!

This gift comes in various patterns, so sushi lovers, pizza lovers, and even avocado lovers have their pick.

24. The Doula Deck for Expecting and New Moms

Doula Deck for Expecting

Each new mother experiences pregnancy differently, and this gift acknowledges and empowers every experience of the pregnancy process with words of encouragement and reflection. This deck features advice and rituals for every stage of pregnancy, birth, and those first precious months. 

25. Personalized Baby Pillow 

Personalized Baby Pillow

This super cute, embroidered pillow is customized with the baby’s name and birthdate. You can choose between a pink, blue, or green color with a stitched image of a cartoon baby. This pillow is a gift to give the expecting parents at their gender reveal, giving them something to look forward to ordering when the boy or girl is born. And it’ll probably be something that will decorate the child’s earliest memories for the rest of their life.