25 Gifts For Depressed People 😞

Depression affects millions of people worldwide. Whether a specific event brings it on or is more chronic, struggling with this mental illness can be challenging. For those who have loved ones struggling with depression, you can feel helpless and unsure of how to be there for them. 

Many times, there’s nothing we can do to help those we love dealing with depression, but there are ways you can show that you’re thinking about them or try to cheer them up a little bit. 

While a gift can’t automatically bring someone out of their depression, receiving a gift that is useful or even humorous can be a great way to put a smile on their face amidst their battle. Here are 25 gifts for depressed people that you can buy.

Write it Down and Let it Go, Anxiety Management Journal

Write It Down Let It Go – Anxiety Management Journal: Notebook and Journal for Depressed and Anxious People, a Workbook for Managing Depression and ... Thoughtful Gifts for Someone With Anxiety

Journaling is one of the best ways to get all your feelings and thoughts out. If the person you’re buying a gift for likes to journal or is open to trying it, this is a great option. 

The journal says, “Write it down and let it go,” which is an excellent way for them to get anything off their chest that might feel heavy to them. Even the saying on the cover can be a great reminder to them. 

Sending You a Big Hug, Candle

AharHora Hug Candle Gifts for Women Men, Thinking of You Gifts Unique Friendship Gift for Friend Mom Family Coworker, Feel Better Encouragement Gifts, Sympathy Gifts for Loss of Loved One

This candle is something simple you can buy for them that will be a reminder that you’re thinking about them. The candle has a beautiful vanilla scent and says “sending you a big hug” on the label. 

Lighting a candle is a great way to relax and bring awareness to your space, which is something that a lot of people struggling with depression can benefit from. That, and the sweet message on the front, makes this a great gift. 

Don’t Give Up Blank Card

Blank Card

If you want to do something for your loved one struggling with depression that might mean a lot to them, this blank card is perfect. It’s a simple card that says “Don’t give up” on the front. 

The inside is completely blank, so you can write a meaningful note to the person, give them encouraging words, or whatever else you want that might resonate with them. It’s also great to give in addition to another gift on this list.

Mindful Messages Self-Care Cards

Mindful Messages Positive Affirmations Meditation Self Care Cards

Meditation is a powerful tool that many people love to use. If your loved one has dabbled in meditation before or is looking for anything to help ease their mind, these cards are a great start. 

Each card is a different color and features different mantras that they can read and repeat to themselves whenever they want. Some are about relaxation, finding happiness, and reminding us to breathe. 

Depressy Crewneck Sweatshirt


For loved ones who find humor in their depression, this β€œdepressy” crewneck sweatshirt is a simple yet valuable gift. It’s perfect for lounging around the house or wearing when it’s chill out. 

The sweatshirt comes in four colors: black, white, dark heather, and ash. We love that the sizing goes up to 3XL. The best part is how soft the material is.

One Day at a Time Thumb Stone

Quadow Thumb Stones ONE Day at A TIME Inspirational Gift Soothing Worry Stone Friend Family Affirmation AA

Not everyone who has depression also has anxiety, but it’s common for them to coexist. Thumb stones are great for helping distract from anxieties and unpleasant thoughts. 

This thumb stone has a comfortable groove, is polished to perfection, and says, “one day at a time,” which is already a great reminder on its own. It’s something they can easily bring with them wherever they go to help calm the racing thoughts they have.

Positive Messages in a Bottle

MESSAGE PILL CO. - 50 Positive Affirmations Get Well Soon for Women and Men Stress Relief. Self Care Kit with Daily Messages for Meditation, Mindfulness & Relaxation

Everyone, especially depressed people, could use some positive messages. This is a positive message bottle, but it’s in adorable packaging, making it look like a prescription bottle. It comes with 50 affirmations or messages for them to read.

The “medication instructions” are to open one capsule once a day or as needed. The messages range in scope, but it’s a thoughtful gift that can help remind them they’re not alone. 

Reversible Octopus Plushie

TeeTurtle - The Original Reversible Octopus Plushie - Pink + Aqua - Cute Sensory Fidget Stuffed Animals That Show Your Mood, 4 inch

By now, everyone’s seen the reversible octopus plushie that looks happy on one side and upset on the other. It’s adorable and is a great way to express your feelings without using words. 

If your loved one is struggling to express themselves when they’re feeling a certain way, this plushie is a great gift. It’s still an excellent gift, even if they don’t struggle with it.

Crisis Kit

Crisis Kit

Everyone deals with depression differently, and this crisis kit is a great gift to get someone if you’re not 100% sure what to get. It features items that are geared towards reducing anxiety, positive thoughts, and mindfulness. 

It comes in a zipper pouch that says “crisis kit” and features a journal, a stress ball, aromatherapy hand soap, and even candy that can be a good distraction from racing thoughts. 

Silly Depressed: Musing on Our Mental Illness

Silly Depressed: Musings on Our Mental Illness

Depression can be hard to explain and even harder to understand. While professionals know the basics about the illness, it’s hard to make generalizations since everyone experiences it differently. 

This book, Silly Depressed, is a great book that can start a conversation about mental health in a lighthearted yet compassionate way. The book is a good way for them to feel less alone without having to put themselves in a situation they’re uncomfortable with.

Depressed But Well Dressed T-Shirt

T Shirt

Another gift for a depressed loved one is this depressed but well-dressed t-shirt. It’s a gift you’ll want to get someone who finds more humor or lightheartedness in their depression because it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. 

The shirt comes in white or black and features a screen print of a guy wearing a somewhat ridiculous outfit featuring the primary phrase. The shirt has a slimmer fit, so you’ll want to think about that when choosing a size.

Stone Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet

Beaded Bracelets for Women Lava Rock Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet Healing Crystal Stone Bead Bracelet Birthday Gift for Mom Stress Relief Calming Energy Aromatherapy Gifts Yoga Selfcare Bracelet

Essential oils are great for many reasons. Each oil has a different thing it’s best for, like lavender, which is known to be calming. This stone bracelet is an essential oil diffuser and accessory all in one. 

It features pink zebra songs, jasper stones, and lava stones. This particular bracelet comes with a lavender essential oil that they can dab onto the bracelet and wear. The best part is that you can use any essential oil with it once the lavender runs out. 

Affirmators Affirmation Cards

Affirmators! Original: 50 Affirmation Cards Deck For You Help Yourself without The Self-Helpy-Ness (50 Cards)

Another set of affirmation cards you might want to get your depressed loved one are these from Knock Knock. They feature different doodles on each card and various affirmations about things like power, beauty, and achievement. 

They also have affirmations and reminders about not taking things personally, which can be great for people struggling with their mental health.

Depression Relief Crystals

Depression Relief Crystals

Does your depressed loved one believe in the power of crystals? Then you need to get them these depression relief crystals. The set comes with four crystals: orange calcite, tiger’s eye, moss agate, and citrine. 

This particular combination of crystals is known to help people manage and overcome their depression. Even if they’re unsure they believe in their powers, the crystals still look great as decor. 

If You Can’t Make Your Own Serotonin Stickers

Serotonin Stickers

Not everyone who is depressed has medication, but if your loved one does, this sticker is funny but also a nice reminder. It’s a sticker that says, “If you can’t make your own serotonin, store-bought is fine.”

It’s a friendly reminder that just because their brain doesn’t work like everyone else’s, there’s nothing wrong with the methods they choose to take care of themselves. 

Keep Climbing Bracelet


Depression can be an uphill battle, and being reminded that they need to keep climbing is vital to many people. This bracelet is a black rope with a silver pendant of mountains. 

The packaging of the bracelet says “keep climbing,” with a meaningful paragraph underneath about how we all go through struggles but will end up in a beautiful destination; we just have to keep climbing. 

Catalonia Oversized Blanket Hoodie

Catalonia Oversized Wearable Blanket Hoodie Sweatshirt, Comfortable Sherpa Lounging Pullover for Adults Men Women Teenagers Wife Girlfriend Gift Ash Grey

Some people think that if someone’s depressed, they need to get out and about as much as possible. While that works for some people, there’s nothing wrong with letting them be at home and manage their illness. 

This Catalonia oversized blanket hoodie is perfect if you want to get them something they’ll love. It comes in several colors and has some of the softest material ever. They’ll love wearing it! 

Self-Care Gift Box

Psukhai Birthday Gifts for Women, Gifts for Mom, Gifts for Her, Girlfriend, Sister, Friends, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Mothers Day Gifts Relaxing Spa Gift Basket Set for Women

Everyone loves a self-care box, especially people who are battling depression. This gift box has a little bit of everything for them to relax and feel good. 

The box features a pair of novelty socks, several candles, a wine tumbler that says “sometimes you forget you are awesome,” a loofa, and a card that you can write in for your loved one. 

Olly Ultra Strength Goodbye Stress Softgels

OLLY Ultra Strength Goodbye Stress Softgels, GABA, Ashwagandha, L-Theanine and Lemon Balm, Stress Relief Supplement - 60 Count

Vitamins aren’t just for keeping you physically healthy; they can help with mental health, too! Olly is a great brand that has these ultra-strength Goodbye Stress soft gels. It’s a blend of vitamins to help naturally alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression. 

The vitamins used in the blend are lemon balm, ashwagandha, L-theanine, and GABA. Each bottle comes with 60 vitamins for them to take in addition to whatever other treatment plan they’re on.

Sad, But Rad Metal Bracelet

Metal Bracelet

Just because they have depression doesn’t mean they’re not a cool person. If your loved one also finds humor in their depression, this simple yet beautiful bracelet is great for them. 

It’s a metal band that says “sad but rad” on the wrist. We love that you can choose between their thick or thin bands and then from gold, rose gold, or silver, depending on what their preferences are.

Pocket Hug, Life is Tough Token

Surgery Get Well Soon Gift for Women Men Breast Cancer Surgery Bariatric Recovery Gift for Her Him Inspirational Rainbow Pocket Hug for Best Friend Sister Brother Teens Stress Relief Gifts

Pocket hugs are little things you can give people with little reminders. They’re roughly the size of quarters, so they can easily bring them with them in purses or wallets or leave them on a counter at home. 

One side of the pocket hug says “pocket hug,” while the backside features a rainbow in three colors and says, “Life is tough, but so are you.” It’s a gentle reminder, and they can look at it anytime they need that reminder. 

Depression, Would Not Recommend It Coffee Mug

Coffee Mug

Everyone needs a good coffee mug, whether they drink from it or display it as a decor item. This coffee mug brings humor to depression. It might get your loved one to crack a smile, too. 

The mug features the saying, “Depression, terrible, would not recommend it!” It also has five stars, with only one filled in to symbolize how terrible the illness is. 

Shaggy Weighted Blanket

Wemore Shaggy Long Fur Faux Fur Weighted Blanket, Cozy and Fluffy Plush Sherpa Long Hair Blanket for Adult 15lbs, Fluffy Fuzzy Sherpa Reverse Heavy Blankets for Bed, Couch, Cream White, 48 x 72 Inches

Weighted blankets have been proven to help with anxiety and depression by affecting the nervous system. This weighted blanket is elegant and makes for a great decor item when they’re not using it. 

It’s cream and shaggy, which can match almost any room. If cream isn’t your loved one’s preference, it comes in several other colors. Depending on the size you choose, it’ll weigh 15 to 20 pounds.

One Day at a Time Wallet Insert

Wallet Insert

The phrase “one day at a time” is common for many people dealing with depression because it’s true. Taking one day at a time is all they can do most of the time. Another way to provide them with this reminder is this wallet insert. 

It’s a lightweight metal card that’s roughly the size of a credit card or ID. The size makes it perfect to place in a wallet and pull out whenever they need a little reminder. 

Depression Care Package

Care Package

Lastly, there’s this depression care package. It’s a whole box dedicated to items and messages that someone battling depression could use. 

Some of the items inside the box include gum, a medication case, tissues, a small journal, letters, and pieces of paper with messages like “survive now, thrive later.”