What To Wear To A Graduation Party

Summertime is time for fun in the sun, beaches, brunches, and graduation parties! Graduation parties can be fun to go to good food, people to see, and celebrate the accomplishments of a hard-working grad. 

It’s also a great time to discuss fun summer plans, show off your new pedicure and feature your favorite summer outfits. Unfortunately, it isn’t always so easy. It can sometimes be tricky deciding what to wear to a graduation party, so we’ll help you arrive in style, ready to make a statement! 

Ladies fret no further! Whether you find something perfect in your closet or need to shop for one of these styles, we’ve got you covered to have you looking and feeling your best. Everyone will ask where you got your outfit and pay you compliments left and right! 

Before We Get Going 

There are a few things to keep in mind before you start your search for that perfect outfit, especially if you end up buying something new rather than wearing something already in your closet: 

  • Temperature 
  • Potential dress code
  • Activity level 
  • Preexisting preferences 
  • New to you! 

Dressing for the weather will ensure you’re not too hot or cold, and a potential dress code will guarantee you don’t feel out of place based on what other people are wearing. Preparing for potential activities, like backyard games, is also something to consider. 

You’ll never underdress or overdress when you know ahead of time. 

Paying attention to what you know you already like is key to making this piece easier to find. Being conscious of what styles you already have also allowed you to avoid overstocking your closet with repeats.   

Read on to learn what to wear to graduation parties! 


In the summer, floral patterns have been a long-time favorite, and for a good reason. With different flowers, different colors, and the various styles out there, florals remain versatile and popular. 

Graduation parties are the perfect time to feature a gorgeous floral number. Pair a fun, patterned pair of shorts with a solid color top or a daisy-printed top with pastel yellow shorts. 

Lavender print shines as the summer is lavender’s season. 

If dresses are your thing, there are millions of cutesy dresses with pretty petals adorning them. Skirts, rompers, and jumpsuits are other kinds of attire, sure to share flowers that’ll have everyone gushing over how cute you look. 

Hello, Rainbow! 

Going colorful is always a winner for graduation parties! Whether your top is bright and vibrant or the bottoms that steal the show, no one regrets adding a pop of color to their outfit repertoire. 

Skip the patterns and keep them to a solid color top or bottom to make things simple. You’ll still stand out without going too crazy. Or, if you love a pattern, subtle patterned shorts or skirts with color is a cute style that doesn’t scream if you want to keep things classic. 

School Spirit 

Arriving wearing the colors of the grad’s high school can be a nice nod to where they put in their hard work. It can especially be nice if you graduated from the same high school too, but that’s completely up to you. 

If the grad has already decided on their future alma mater, calling attention to those school colors might also be a fun way to determine the colors you put into your outfit. 

This suggestion might be favored more if you attended the same school as the graduate but certainly is a creative idea for those who might not have an idea regarding the look they want to capture. 

White, White, and More White! 

White is another timeless summer color. White pants, shorts, skirts, and dresses are always classy and delightfully simple. You can add a cute summery hat and emphasize your glowing tan with a pristine white ensemble. 

Pair some cute tan or black sandals, and you’ll be ready to roll. 

Dresses, Skirts, or Pants

An important factor in dressing for a graduation party is considering the weather. How hot will it be outside? Is the grad party going to be partially inside or all outside? 

Those factors will impact how you decide to dress. You don’t want to wear something that will leave you sweating—instead of having fun, you’ll be thinking about how uncomfortable you are. 

Scoping out the weather will help you decide between longer pants or shorts. While summertime nearly always guarantees shorts, it depends on the area in which you live, where the party is, and your comfort level. 

Not to mention that nice pants with a cute top always look very classy. 

Once you decide between pants and shorts, the question might be whether to wear a skirt or shorts.

It depends completely on you and what you’re comfortable with, as well as what you’re doing at the said grad party, which can be anything that boils down to the venue and whether there are yard games, a pool, a campfire, and other activities.

You might feel better in shorts if you’re running around helping out the host or tossing horseshoes. If not, you might already be picturing a skirt you’re eager to put on. 

Jumpsuits and Rompers

Rompers and jumpsuits are always a fun summer alternative! These irresistible pieces come in solid colors or fun patterns that will make you fall in love. These outfits are also unique and give you more mobility while looking just as nice as dresses. 

They also have pockets! 

Pair one with a cute statement necklace or your favorite wedge sandals to bring it up to the next level while keeping things simple, especially if you’re bored of dresses and traditional skirts.  

Flexibility and Location

Flexibility is an important thing to have in an outfit, especially if you might be doing more than just chatting it up. If the graduation party is at a pool or has activities that go beyond a simple cornhole toss, you’ll want to keep that in mind as you choose your attire. 

If it’s a pool party and you plan on swimming, picking a cute coverup over your bathing suit can make for a cute, summery outfit. You can always wear a separate outfit and bring your suit to change into later. 

Location is also valuable to consider. Where is the grad party being held? The dress code is a little looser if it’s at the graduate’s home. Of course, you’ll still want to look your best, but you’ll know it’s more casual. 

If the grad party is held elsewhere, like at a hall, fancier restaurant, or country club, one should consider the dress code at these places. 

Some halls require a nicer dress code, and while you’re unlikely to be punished for not meeting those expectations, you may feel embarrassed when you see how other guests are dressed if you’re not up to par. 


Footwear depends on location, as well as the overall outfit. While you’ll want to match what you’re wearing, you should also pay attention to where the party is and what they’ll be doing. 

Heels will be very uncomfortable, especially if you’ll be helping the hosts or standing around chatting. Sandals or cute flip-flops are always winners, especially if you’re partaking in yard games or hanging out poolside.  

I’m Going To Wear It Again and Again and Again 

Another thing that might guide your outfit choice is the likelihood you’ll wear it again. Whether you get invited to one grad party or ten, you’ll want to pick an ensemble you can see yourself wearing over and over. 

Not saying you have to wear the same outfit to all the graduation parties, but you know what we mean—something versatile that can get you through first dates, brunches, Sunday church, or wherever else you might end up wearing it. 

If the outfit has something about it that makes you say, “Well, it’s just for the one time,” that’s a sign you should look elsewhere. The best part about buying new clothes is the possibility of multiple new outfits; buying new clothes should be an investment for your closet. 

If you buy it just to wear it once, it’s a waste of money. What you wear should be something you love and something you buy intending to wear over and over again. 

Never Feel Pressured To Purchase 

Remember that you don’t have to wear something new. You can always wear an outfit you already have that makes you feel good. If you want the chance to shop, make sure you aren’t purchasing a style you already have. 

Try to branch out, but never sacrifice your comfort—this piece should be worn more than once. 


It has to be said! The most important thing to consider when finding an outfit is something that makes you feel confident. If you look and feel good, go for it! If you think you might be uncomfortable, maybe save it for later. 

Final Thoughts

By keeping some of the tips above in mind, you’ll surely find the best outfit to wear for the graduation party. Happy shopping! 

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