25 Volleyball Gifts For Coaches (To Show Your Appreciation)

Coaches put a lot of hard work into preparing their athletes for anything life throws their way. Volleyball coaches often stand at the head of a tight-knit community with a true passion for the sport. They deserve thoughtful, personal gifts to make them feel as treasured as they are.

Read on to see some of the best volleyball gifts for coaches.

1. Chelsea Charles Sports Coach Necklace

Chelsea Charles CC Sport Volleyball Coach Double Charm Necklace - Silver

This necklace from Chelsea Charles has two charms: a “COACH” tag and a small, sterling silver plated volleyball. The accessory is understated and classy, yet it says much about how much a coach cares for their team. The minimalist piece comes with a sturdy 18-inch silver chain so coaches can keep it on, even while running around tournaments. Chelsea Charles even offers it as a gift set with silver volleyball-shaped earrings.

2. Dry Erase Coach’s Board

GoSports Dry Erase Coaches Board with 2 Dry Erase Pens

GoSports sells a handy dry-erase coach’s board for various sports, including volleyball. The front of the clipboard has the design of the whole volleyball court, while the back has an enlarged half-court and player roster. It comes with two dry-erase markers for coaches to make and remake a game plan before every tournament. The item also serves as a standard clipboard for essential documents.

3. “You Don’t Scare Me, I Coach Girls Volleyball” Tumbler

Best Travel Coffee Mug Tumbler- Volleyball Gifts Ideas for Men and Women. You don’t scare me I coach girls Volleyball.

This tumbler by Mugart reads, “You don’t scare me, I coach girls’ volleyball.” The phrase could not be more truthful! Girls are killers on the court, and it takes a lot of hard work from the coach to make them that way. The 14-ounce stainless steel tumbler has a double wall to keep beverages at the perfect temperature through a long day of practice or tournaments.

4. Volleyball Coach Ornament

Personalized Coach Volleyball Christmas Ornaments Thank You Volleyball Coach, Gift for Coaches, Sport Ornament A Great Coach is Hard to Find and Impossible to Forget, Gift Box Included

If Christmas is around the corner, consider a festive gift for coaches who celebrate the holiday. 28 Collective on Etsy sells a volleyball coach ornament with a sentimental quote. It features a volleyball graphic, and under it, the words “Thanks for everything” are made out to a specific coach’s name. The personalized gift will make a beloved volleyball coach’s holiday season special. The seller can even engrave both sides for an extra thoughtful gift. 

5. Personalized Volleyball Coach Whistle

Personalized Volleyball Coach Whistle

Every coach needs a whistle. This personalized volleyball coach whistle is a sweet gift for a coach who invests time and effort into their athletes. The team name is on the side of the whistle surrounding a volleyball graphic, and the front of it reads the coach’s name. The seller can put any font on the whistle, and customers can opt to put an uncopyrighted team logo on one side of the whistle.

6. Coach Off-Duty Wine Glass

Coach Off Duty Wine Glass

Coaching is a stressful job. All good coaches deserve to kick back and relax with a glass of their favorite wine. The front of this stemless wine glass says “Coach Off Duty” with a cute volleyball graphic. Customers can choose from 18 colors for the text. Add personalized text to the back of the glass, like the coach’s name, the year, or a message from their graduating athletes. Tell the gift recipient to preserve the present by handwashing the glass. 

7. Custom Photo Volleyball

Custom Photo Volleyball

Customers have the opportunity to customize this regulation-size volleyball with a team photo and text. Not only is this gift considerate and heartfelt, but it makes for a lovely display piece in the school or a coach’s home. Add any text above or below the image to thank the coach, and place small logos on either side. Choose from custom borders and graphics, and even play with the color of the volleyball.

8. Personalized Volleyball Tote Bag

Personalized Volleyball Tote Bag

This fashionable tote bag has a volleyball design and the option to embroider one of eleven monogram designs. Customers can also choose the thread color for the design as if the tote bag wasn’t cool enough without the personalization. The canvas tote bag is durable, allowing coaches to carry their essentials to every practice and tournament. It includes magnetic snap closure, two leather straps, and a zipper pocket to keep all belongings in tow.

9. Personalized Volleyball Coach Water Bottle

Personalized Volleyball Coach Water Bottle

Hydration is crucial for athletes and coaches. Coaches can carry this personalized water bottle to stay hydrated and remind themselves how much they mean to their team. It displays the coach’s name in large text down the side. The metal growler bottle comes in 14 colors, and its heavy-duty double wall with vacuum insulation will keep drinks cool all day. It is BPA with a powder paint coating for maximum safety and durability.

10. Volleyball Coach Socks

Volleyball Coach Socks

This pair of crew socks have the word “coach” in big black letters with a volleyball as the “o.” Socks are a great gift because one size fits most, so customers do not have to put any guesswork into their coach’s clothing size. It has a ribbed leg for elasticity and will not slip off while they run around the court. The socks come in any color from a selection of 20. If you’re looking for simple yet thoughtful volleyball gifts for coaches, you can’t go wrong with this option.

11. Survival Kit Cosmetic Bag

TSOTMO Volleyball Gift Volleyball Coach Makeup Bag Volleyball Coach Survival Kit Cosmetic Bag Sports Gifts for Volleyball Teacher Thank Coach Gift (Volleyball Coach)

This polyester cosmetic bag displays the words “Volleyball Coach Survival Kit.” It is a cute way for any coach to carry daily essentials, from sunglasses and makeup to electronics and keys. The sturdy bag is roughly 9 inches by 7 inches. It can fit inside a bag, or coaches can use it as a stylish clutch.

12. Volleyball Coach Deck

CoachDeck Volleyball

Coaching a team to victory is not a simple task. This volleyball coach card deck can help. It has 52 color-coded volleyball drills to help coaches organize a solid practice plan. Players can do some of the drills alone in private lessons, but most cards have team drills, making it ideal for coaches who need help deciding on methods to improve their team.

13. Volleyball Spike Trainer

TOBWOLF Volleyball Spike Trainer, Volleyball Spike Training System for Basketball Hoop, Volleyball Equipment Training Aid Improves Serving, Jumping, Arm Swing Mechanics and Spiking Power

A volleyball spike trainer is a practical gift that coaches can share with their players. Coaches can hang this spike trainer from a basketball hoop, pole, or playset to get their workout in for the day. Alternatively, they can hang it up for their players to ensure their spikes are sharp and powerful for the next tournament. The adjustable strap accommodates players of all sizes, and the lightweight structure allows for realistic ball movement and flexible hitting techniques. 

14. Volleyball Rotation Locators 

Tandem Sport Volleyball Rotation Tracker - Volleyball Rotation Tracker For Referees & Coaches - Tracks Substitutions, Positions & Time Outs

Coaches work hard to keep track of rotations, substitutions, positions, and time-outs. Help make their job easier with this Tandem Sports Location Rotator. The outer dial rotates, so coaches know which position every player is in without scrambling. Coaches can use and reuse the dry-erase board for years. It comes with a marker, but they can use any dry-erase marker on the locator. The product is easy to use but includes directions on the back anyway.

15. Funny Volleyball Coach T-Shirt

Volleyball Coach Gift T-Shirt Funny Thank You Gift T-Shirt

This t-shirt is a hilarious gift for a volleyball coach. It’s got a funny saying on it that will make your coach smile. The shirt makes a fun present for a coach who seems to know everything and is willing to joke with their players. It comes in five different colors, as well as fit types for men and women.

16. Inspirational Coach Canvas Wall Art

Inspirational Coach Canvas Wall Art Coach Appreciation Canvas Print Coach Thank You Painting Home Office Wall Decor Framed Retirement Gift 12x15 Inch

Appreciate a volleyball coach with classy wall decor they can keep in their home forever. This inspirational canvas art piece has a few meaningful definitions of “coach.” It highlights their passion, encouragement, and how rare it is to find an incredible coach. The piece is 15-inches by 11.5-inches, which is the perfect size for a home office or bedroom. It has a hanging hook and easel for instant display.

17. Volleyball Coach Serving Sticker

Volleyball Coach Serving Sticker

Volleyball coaches have many great qualities. This funny serving sticker explains that they have the following attributes: cleverness, rebellion, independence, sarcasm, drive, focus, care, and amazingness. Not every coach has all these traits, but some do, and they deserve this sticker as a present. It fits on water bottles, laptops, windows, and more. The design will last long because the sticker is water-resistant and durable.

18. Volleyball Coach Custom Team Color Pens

Volleyball Coach Custom Team Color Pens

Buyers can customize this set of pens with their team colors. The side of the pen has “coach” with a volleyball as the “o.” It is a great gift for coaches who always dig through their bags for a pen. Customers can order it with black, blue, or red ink. Order a minimum of two, but add more to the order for more than one coach or to ensure your coach never runs out of ink.

19. Custom Male Volleyball Bobblehead

Custom Male Volleyball Bobblehead

There are few gifts more personal than a custom bobblehead. This bobblehead can have a volleyball coach’s exact facial features. Submit a photo of a male volleyball coach to gift him a custom bobblehead, a gift that he will smile at and cherish forever. The bobblehead stands in the middle of a mini-court with a volleyball in his hands. He must have short hair because long hair affects how the head bobbles.

20. Volleyball Coach Keychain Keepsake

Volleyball Coach Appreciation Gift Keepsake Key Chain with Gift Packaging for Your Coach

Keychains are a meaningful memento because people use their keys daily. Plus, they make it hard to lose a necessary item like car or house keys. This volleyball coach keepsake has a lovely message for coaches to read every day of the week. It includes a volleyball charm, a silver plate that reads “thank you,” and a medallion with a thoughtful saying.

21. Minimalist Volleyball Coach T-Shirt

Volleyball Coach T-Shirt

Are you still searching for the best volleyball gifts for coaches? This volleyball coach t-shirt has a sleek, simple look. The lightweight cotton tee features a bright red volleyball graphic with “coach” written across it in a futuristic font. It is a nice gift for coaches with a smooth sense of style. The product comes in eight colors, with a double-needle bottom hem and sleeves for durability. It will survive repetitive machine washing, so coaches can wear it year after year.

22. Volleyball Lanyard

Tandem Sport Volleyball Lanyard - Volleyball Lanyard with Detachable Buckle - Volleyball Badge Holder Lanyard - Badge Buddy for Volleyball Players, Pink

Coaches always find a reason to use a lanyard, like identification cards or a set of keys. This red lanyard has little volleyball designs and the word “volleyball” with a heart for the “o.” It is a cute and vibrant lanyard that makes a thoughtful gift for a coach, who can wear it around their neck, through a belt loop, or on a backpack. The durable nylon product measures 19-inches. It has a detachable plastic buckle and metal ring for convenience.

23. Volleyball Bath Bombs

Volleyball Bath Bombs - 3 Pack - Volleyball Gifts - Volleyball Gifts for Team & Girls & Teen Girls, Girls Volleyball, Volleyball Accessories for Teen Girls, Volleyball Coach, Volleyball Gear

Coaches deserve as much relaxation as possible after a stressful day on the courts. These bath bombs come in the shape of volleyballs and can help a coach de-stress on their days off. The all-natural ingredients will freshen and moisturize the skin without damaging the skin barrier or environment. They contain Epsom salt, which will help athletes with muscle soreness. The therapeutic set comes with three novelty bath bombs so coaches can get more recovery out of the gift.

24. Electronic Coach Whistle

Yukee Electronic Whistle for Coaches Teachers Referees, 3 Tone High Volume Electric Whistle Hand Held Push Button Battery Whistles with Lanyard for Volleyball Soccer Sports Whistle

Help a volleyball coach up their whistle game with this electronic whistle. Coaches do not need to blow the whistle to make a sound, which is a much safer and more sanitary option than a traditional whistle. It produces three tones so coaches can choose which sound fits their needs. Its loudest setting is 125 DCB, just over the tone of an ambulance. The gift comes with a lanyard and batteries for convenience.

25. Volleyball Coach Engraved Portfolio

Alterd Industries Volleyball Coach Gift - volleyball coach gift ideas Engraved Portfolio Volleyball Coaching Supplies Notebook Book Clipboard Gifts for Women (Portfolio Only, Black/Silver)

This custom portfolio is sleek, stylish, and functional. The seller will engrave it with a coach’s name, making it a nice gift for coaches who can get some use out of a durable, classy portfolio. The leather and canvas product has 50 sheets of wide-lined paper inside that resist water spots. This portfolio will stand the test of time, all while sporting a laser-sharp engraving of a beloved coach’s name over a volleyball graphic. It also has a nifty magnetic closure.