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Kids Party Places Near Me – At Your Home

  When you’re looking for somewhere to have your kid’s birthday, most people type something like “kids party places near me” into a search engine. That makes sense: it should show you what are the best places in your area to have a kid’s birthday. However, with any of those choices, you’re actually going to…

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kids party places near me

Children’s Party Places Where Children Can Party

In our years of running children’s party places, one thing we’ve always been aware of is that kids almost invariably want to behave well. Sure, they’ll be angry sometimes or throw a tantrum, but kids by and large want to do right. However, so many times, kids are asked to do things and behave in…

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the best family restaurant in Los Angeles


When someone thinks of the best family restaurant in Los Angeles they’re liable to think of a fast food restaurant, or possibly a diner. In addition to being the number one party place for kids in Southern California, Giggles N’ Hugs is also a tremendous family restaurant. The kids can enjoy doing all the fun things…

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Affordable Los Angeles Birthday Party Places

Giggles N’ Hugs birthday party packages keep getting better. As the word has spread and our foot traffic has increased, we have steadily added features, entertainers, food options and themes – all while dropping the price to meet your needs. Today our Los Angeles birthday party packages are simply unbeatable, boasting everything you need at…

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The Best Los Angeles Kids’ Party Places Just Got Better

It was only a matter of time. The best kids’ party places in Los Angeles have vastly expanded our options, giving you and your children an endless buffet of entertainment options, dining choices, and giveaway prizes for your birthday party. You can choose to go VIP (no limits on what we can do), Private (get…

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Throw a Perfect First Birthday Party

There are roughly as many ideas about how to throw a great toddler birthday party as there are toddlers. Every year it seems we see news stories such as this one, which document the push and pull of American culture as it trends toward opulence while managing a significant backlash. Celebrities and royals seem to…

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More First Birthday Party Tips

It’s that time again, when we scour the Web for birthday party ideas you and yours will love. The latest collection can be found here, and focuses on the cutest and most chaotic party of all: the very first one. Throwing a first birthday party for a one-year-old can pose several challenges, including questions on…

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Membership at Giggles N’ Hugs Just Got a Little Sweeter

Our members are some of the most loyal and wonderful families in Southern California. Membership includes unlimited play at any Giggles N’ Hugs location, meaning those families can enjoy a great meal and a great time, any day of the week. Now we’re making it even easier to join. Our membership passes just got even…

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