25 Star Wars Gifts For Men (With The Dark Side In Their Blood) 

Do you have a man in your life who can’t get enough of Star Wars? Finding gifts can be a challenge.

What do you get for someone who loves the dark side? Unlike the light side, fans of the dark side love the Sith, destruction, and all things chaos.

With new movies and tv shows being added to the Star Wars universe each year, it can be hard to keep up.

This list will help you pick the perfect Star Wars gift for any budget. 

25. Personalized Sith Certificate

planetsforsale Sith Lord Certificate in a Luxury Presentation Folder - Personalized with The Name of Your Choice

Have they ever dreamed of joining the Sith Order? This certificate can do just that. This personalized Sith Order certificate earns them the rank of Lord. With this certificate, they become a Master of the Dark side, at least on paper. The certificate is printed on high-quality paper and even uses a unique Sith code only a true fan of the Dark Side would understand. Don’t be surprised if after he receives this, it’s hanging in his office for all to see. 

24. Replica Sith Holocron

Replica Star Wars Sith Holocron

This gift is a replica of the Star Wars Sith Holocron used by the Sith to keep all valuable information. Only a Sith can access the powerful information or, in this case, whichever man in your life you choose to give this to. This replica has multiple colorway options and lights up using battery-operated tea lights. It’s the perfect way to add something fun to their space.


23. Darth Vader Pen Holder

Darth Vader Pen Holder

If your man works in an office or has pens or pencils to store, this Darth Vader pen holder is a perfect gift. This 3-D printed model can hold several pens, including one in Darth Vader’s hands. The model is 14cm wide and 11cm high, so it doesn’t take up too much room when placed on a desk. Any fan of the dark side will love having this icon by their side. 

22. DarkSide License Plate Frame

powered by darkside license plate

When it comes to cars, lots of men view them as prized possessions. If you have a man in your life who loves their car, this dark side gift is perfect. You can combine their love of cars with their love for Star Wars using this Darkside license plate frame. It’s a cute gift that will let everyone on the road know whose side they are on. 

21. DarkSide Doormat

STAR WARS Doormat Welcome to The Darkside Home Mat Gift One Size

This is a great gift that will showcase the homeowner’s personality. This welcome to the dark side doormat is a great humorous gift while also being a perfect decor piece. This doormat is handpainted and is 30 inches wide and 18 inches tall. Its made with high-quality materials, so it will last any wear and tear it may experience. They can place this outside their door or anywhere they see fit. 

20. DarkSide Candle

dark side candle

This candle is available in two sizes, 4 oz and 8 oz, which makes it perfect for any occasion. It is a natural soy candle that smells just like the dark side, chocolate, and coffee. It is a great gift for any Star Wars fan who loves a great-smelling home. Its subtle design gives it a sleek look any man will love. 

19. Darth Vador Castle Lego Kit

LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader's Castle 75251 Building Kit Includes TIE Fighter, Darth Vader Minifigures, Bacta Tank and More (1,060 Pieces) - (Amazon Exclusive)

Is your man crafty? Do they love building legos? This Darth Vader castle lego kit is the perfect gift for anyone who loves a puzzle. It features a Tie fighter, Darth Vader Minifigures, and a bacta tank. It is over 1,000 pieces and will make a great decor piece once it’s put together. This gift is great for anyone at any age who loves all things dark side. 

18. Kylo Ren Lightsaber

Star Wars The Black Series Kylo Ren Force FX Deluxe Lightsaber

Any true Star Wars fan has always dreamed of having their own lightsaber. This is your chance to make their dreams come true. This is a Kylo Ren deluxe lightsaber with a lightsaber stand. This lightsaber features realistic light effects, sound effects, and a metal hilt. It will make a great conversation piece in the home or the perfect accessory for their next cosplay or trip to Disneys galaxies edge.

17. Sith Car Emblem

sith edition car emblem

This is the perfect gift for anyone who loves their car and the dark side equally. This sith edition car emblem is laser engraved. This emblem is weather resistant and features a 3M adhesive backing. This emblem can be added to any vehicle or anywhere with enough space for a 4-inch by 1.75-inch emblem. This gift will ensure everyone knows they are a part of the dark side and are proud. 

16. Men’s House Slippers

STAR WARS Men's Slippers Darth Vader Dark Side Polyester House Shoes 9-10 UK

House slippers are always a great gift for people in your life. This pair features Darth Vader and is made from plush material. If you are unsure what they like when it comes to activities or hobbies, this is a gift that will be a crowd pleaser. They are available in a variety of sizes and feature anti-slip soles. This will give your dark-side-loving man ultimate comfort.

15. DarkSide Hoodie

Star Wars Darth Vader Dark Side Split Zip Hoodie

Continuing with the theme of comfort, this Darth Vader hoodie is a great gift for anyone who loves comfy clothes. This split zip hoodie features Darth Vader on one side and the dark side on the other. It has a unisex fit and comes in a variety of sizes. This hoodie is made out of 80% cotton, making it super soft and a great gift for any man in your life.


14. Darkside Movie Poster

POSTER STOP ONLINE Star Wars - Movie Poster (Dark Side Iconographic & Pictograms) (Size 24' x 36')

This Darkside poster features all of the iconic items related to being a Sith Lord. It features Darth Vader, some At-At’s, storm troopers, and more. If the man in your life has some areas to decorate, like a man cave or a movie/game room, this is a fun decoration to add to those rooms. It is 24×36, and if you want to make it nicer, you could give it to them already framed.


13. Darth Vader Can Holder

Darth Vader Can Holder Kozzie

Who doesn’t like a fun and quirky gift? This Darth Vader can holder is just that. This 3-D printed can holder looks great displayed and even has a functional purpose. Your man can place a variety of cans in the holder, making whatever they’re drinking ten times more fun. You can request risers that make it more functional for taller cans or order it as is. 

12. Star Wars Wall Clock

Star Wars Vinyl Record Wall Clock

This Star Wars wall clock is a great decor piece anyone will enjoy. It’s made from a vinyl record and features a battery-operated clock inside. It features silent sweep movement and led lights that give it a special glow at night. They will be able to set up the minute hands themselves and change the led lights to a variety of colors. This clock is a unique piece anyone will enjoy. 

11. Darth Vader Bust

Darth Vader Buddah

Having unique decor pieces in the home gives a lot of people joy. For a man who loves Star Wars, this Darth Vader bust is a great gift. It is handmade and features incredible attention to detail. It would look great on someone’s desk, mantle, tv stand, and more. This Darth Vader bust is the perfect gift for a dark-side-loving man in your life, and it won’t break the bank.


10. Darth Vader Wallet

Darth Vader Star Wars Bifold Mens Wallet in Vegan Leather

Wallets are a classic gift for any man, but this Darth Vader wallet makes what could be a boring gift a little more unique. This Darth Vader wallet is laser engraved, features a bifold, and is made of vegan leather. It has four spaces for cards, two compartments for bills, and has personalization options available. This wallet is made to last, so whoever you gift it to will be able to enjoy it for years to come. 

9. Sith Lord Portable Chair

PICNIC TIME Star Wars Darth Vader Sports Chair with Side Table, Beach Chair, Camp Chair for Adults, (Black) 36.6 x 18.5 x 32.9

If the man in your life often goes to sporting events, fishing, the beach, or anywhere that a portable chair is helpful, this gift is a great choice. This portable sports chair comes with a side table, but the fun twist is that it features the title Sith Lord on the back. This chair is an excellent choice for anyone who camps or attends sporting events and loves the dark side. They’ll be able to share their dark side personality wherever a portable chair is necessary. 

8. Darkside Coffee Mug

Star Wars 'I Like My Coffee On The Dark Side' Ceramic Mug | BPA-Free Large Coffee Cup For Espresso, Caffeine, Beverages, Home & Kitchen Essentials | Lucasfilm Gifts and Collectibles | Holds 18 Ounces

This darkside coffee mug is an awesome gift for anyone who loves a good cup of coffee or tea in the morning. This mug features the words, “ I like My Coffee On The Dark Side.” This mug holds up to 18 ounces and is dishwasher safe. Made from durable ceramic, it can stand up to the wear and tear of life. Anyone who loves the dark side and coffee will enjoy this gift. 

7. Storm Trooper Electric Shaver

Philips Norelco Special Edition Star Wars Storm Trooper Wet & Dry Electric Shaver & Styler, SW175/81

If you’re looking for a unique but practical gift, this Storm Trooper electric shaver is for you. This electric shaver is a Philips Norelco special edition wet & dry electric shaver and styler. It featured comfort cut blades, flexible heads, and a click-on style attachment with five length settings. It features a cordless design that can stand up to 40 minutes of shaving. The Storm Trooper design makes it unique and something they will love for many years.

6. Star Wars Lightsaber Hand Blender

Uncanny Brands Star Wars Lightsaber Hand Blender- Mix It Up Like a Jedi

If the man in your life loves the dark side and cooking, this gift is the perfect blend of both. This is Uncanny Brand’s lightsaber hand blender. It is an immersion blender that is great for smoothies, soup, and plenty of other dishes. It has a non-slip handle and a stainless steel shaft that detaches for easy cleaning. Its unique lightsaber design makes it the perfect gift for any cook who is also a Star Wars lover. 

5. Darth Vader Cutting Board

Personalized Cutting Board Engraved Bamboo Chopping Block HDS May the Force

This is a Darth Vader bamboo chopping block. This gift is perfect if the man in your life loves cooking, charcuterie, or just needs a kitchen decor piece. This cutting board is made from eco-friendly high-grade wood. It is then custom engraved with an image of Darth Vader and a quote from the movie series. This cutting board will last many years and is bound to be a great conversation starter at their next gathering. 

4. Death Star Herb Grinder

Death Star Grinder Star Wars Grinder - Star Wars Gifts - 2.2 inches With Bonus Scraper

Following the theme of kitchen gadgets, this is a death star herb grinder. Most people don’t have herb grinders in their kitchen, especially not one made to look like the death star. It is made of aluminum and zinc and has three parts for sifting. This herb grinder comes with a custom gift box and includes a scraper. This fun herb grinder is a unique gift for any man in your life and will make a great addition to their kitchen. 

3. Anakin Skywalker Funko Pop

Funko Pop! Star Wars - Anakin Skywalker Dark Side Special Edition Multicolo Exclusive #281

This gift is a classic option if the man in your life collects action figures or has ever wanted to start. This is an Anakin Skywalker collectible funko pop figure. Once you start his collection with this figurine, it will make for easy gift giving in the future. It will look great in their office or living space and add a conversation piece to their decor. You can’t go wrong getting this gift for them. 

2. Death Star Salt and Pepper Shaker

Best Brands Star Wars Ceramic Salt and Pepper Shaker Set – Death Star Shaped Ceramic Pots for Salt, Pepper, Spices, & Seasonings - Easy

This simple gift will make a fun addition to any kitchen. If the man in your life could use some quirky decor pieces that showcase their personality, this is it. These ceramic salt and pepper shakers are perfect for your daily spices. They are easy to fill and fit together when standing side by side. It has a glazed finish and will make a unique gift for anyone who loves the dark side and their salt and pepper.

1. Death Star Wood Shelf

death star wood shelf

If you are looking for a unique handmade gift that will stand out from anything they already own, this is it. This death star wood shelf includes led lights that change colors. This unique, hand-painted piece will look great in their home. It has ample shelf space for knickknacks or books. Any true fan of the dark side will love it!