25 Pug Gifts (For Obsessed Owners and Pets)

People love their dogs and see them as family members. People adore Pugs for their small sizes, quirky personalities, and scrunched-up faces. 

If you’re looking to show a Pug-loving friend some care for the holidays, a birthday, or any other celebration, a Pug-related gift may be just what you’re looking for. Or maybe you’re a Pug owner and lover looking for the perfect gift for your furry friend. 

Take a look at our list of Pug gifts to find a unique gift for that squishy-faced pup. 

Gifts for Owners

Is your friend or loved one a Pug owner? The following gifts for Pug owners are practical, fun, and something to remind them of their furry friend. 

Pug Socks

Moyel Pug Socks for Women, 5 Pairs of Funny Cute Socks Pug Gifts for Pug Lovers

Some people love to express their love by wearing something related to their dogs, so Pug socks might be perfect for the owner. The socks come in five pairs with different colors and styles.

These socks are an excellent way for a Pug lover to show how much they care about their dog. They can also use the socks to start conversations with others and as something comfy to wear.

Skinny Pug Tumbler

Onebttl Pug Gifts, Dog Lover Gifts, Gifts for Dog Mom, Dog Owner, 20Oz Skinny Tumbler - Pug Mom

If your friend or family member travels often, they may want to bring a Pug Tumbler. It can stay cold for nine hours and stay hot for three hours, making it great for any beverage. The opening at the top includes a hole that a straw can fit in for easy sipping.

It also has a steel straw and cleaning brush for your drinking needs.


Late For the Sky Pug-opoly

If the owner loves board games and dogs, you can’t go wrong with Pug-opoly. The game follows Monopoly’s rules, except it relates everything to Pugs. The images make it a fun idea and a clever gift for Pug lovers.

The game even comes with pet-related miniature figures for the players to use. It includes rules for traditional play and a one-hour version if people want to make it shorter.

Pug Tote Bag

Qwalnely Cute Tote Bag Beach Canvas Bag Travel Reusable Grocery Shopping Bag Tote for Women Men (Pug)

Some people need a way to transport their belongings during beach trips or other outings. If you want to give the owner a cute carrying bag for them to adore, try out the Pug Tote Bag. The entire pack has pretty pictures of cartoon Pugs to make it a fun item for others.

The bag is also waterproof, making it great for rainy days or bad weather.

Pug Cushion Pillow

LFZ Pug Dog Shape Decorative Cushion Pillow for Indoor Sofa Chair Bed or Outdoor Beach Chair Car Travelling Vacation 15 inches

Some people love pet-related cushions and pillows, so try the Pug Cushion Pillow. The pillow has a Pug’s face with an excellent design and a smaller size. Since the pillow is only about 15 inches long, you can easily transport it, use it on vacation, or put it on a chair.

The pillow has a cotton cover to make it more durable and comfortable for daily use.

Pug Anatomy T-shirt

Pug Anatomy T shirt

You may have a friend that wants to wear a reminder of their adorable Pug, so see if they wish to own the Pug anatomy shirt. The shirt takes a charming approach by pointing out the curly tail, cute face, and even the little feet.

The shirt offers a unique, adorable, and clever design. In addition, you can find the shirt in various sizes and colors, so pick the best option for the owner.

Pug Candle

Pug Candle

If your friend likes candles and scents around the home, you could buy them a Pug candle. You can pick between a gold tin or a reusable rocks glass. Not only does it come with a candle, but it includes a silhouette of a Pug on it.

If you want to make the extra gift special, you can purchase a gift wrap to protect the candle and make it look nicer.

Pug Earrings

Pug Earrings

Some people love to wear jewelry, so see if the owner may want a pair of Pug earrings. Each one has an adorable Pug made from pewter and silver, making them great for people who want something that looks nice.

As a bonus, the earrings are handmade, and many people may prefer that additional love and care compared with something made in a factory.

Hope You Like Pugs Welcome Mat

Hope You Like Pugs Welcome Mat

If you want a clever Pug welcome mat, you can find this one with an interesting play on words. Instead of saying “hope you like hugs,” this one says “hope you like Pugs” to indicate that the owner has a Pug on the premises.

The welcome mat not only introduces people to the house but also serves as a place for people to wipe their feet and prevent dirt from getting into the home.

Pug Wooden Tray

Pug Wooden Tray

You may notice that the owner likes to use trays and similar pieces, so see if they want a wooden Pug tray for their home. The trays come in two sizes, with the option to personalize the tray with names and varying fonts.

The owner can use the tray to store keys, personal belongings, and similar items. They can also use it to hold the Pug’s treats or their leash.

Owner of the Cutest Pug Blanket

Owner of the Cutest Pug Blanket

The owner may enjoy curling up on the couch with a blanket and a cute Pug, so see if they want this Pug blanket. The blanket states on it, “owner of the cutest Pug,” and includes a picture of a Pug at the end of it.

You can choose between the small, medium, and large sizes, all perfect for curling up with their favorite furry companion.

Pug Wooden Sign

Pug Wooden Sign

The pet owner may want a wooden Pug sign in their home. The sign states, “it’s not a home without a Pug,” displaying an image of a Pug lying down and relaxing.

The poster doesn’t have a waterproof design, so you should keep it inside a house to avoid damage. It’s about 10” x 5” and has a rope at the top, making it easy to display in a home.

Pug Phone Stand

Pug Phone Stand

You could buy a Pug phone stand as a convenient way for the owner to use their phone. The stand has a LEGO-like Pug on top of it to add more style to the frame. It uses plastic building blocks, so the owner can adjust them as needed.

The stand will hold your phone in place, so it works great for people who watch videos while working or going to bed.

Gifts for Pugs

Owners also appreciate it when you purchase something for their dogs. Both the Pug and the Pug-owner can enjoy the following gifts for pugs. 

Customized Dog Blanket

Custom Catch Personalized Dog Blanket - Gray or Beige - Small

Even though the owner may like to stay warm, most dogs could use a customized Dog blanket. The blanket lets you put text on it, so add the Pug’s name to make it more sentimental.

You can buy the blanket in different sizes and colors, so pick whichever looks the nicest. It’s machine-washable, so the owner can easily clean it whenever it gets dirty.

Squishy Pug Dog Toy

JGPIN Squishy Dog Toy Gifts - Stress Squishies Pug Sensory Toys Slow Rising - Fidget Anxiety Relief Pugs for Adult, Child, ADHD or Puppies Fans - Sturdy and Durable Fidget Toy with Good Sealing

Dogs adore toys, so why not buy a squishy Pug dog toy for the furry creature? The toy looks like a Pug, and the squishy design makes it safe to play with and chew so the dog doesn’t get injured.

The rubber design also makes it soft, so many dogs may find it comfortable to keep by their side based on their personality and nature.

Collapsible Toy Storage Basket

PET ARTIST Collapsible Dog Toy Storage Basket Bin with Personalized Pet's Name - Rectangular Storage Box Chest Organizer for Dog Toys,Dog Coats,Dog Clothing,Dog Apparel & Accessories,Pink

If you know the owner purchased tons of toys for their Pug, you may want to get them a collapsible toy storage basket. While the basket stands on its own and measures 15” x 11” x 9” of space, you can flatten it when not in use. 

The basket also includes handles on the sides to make them easier to transport. You can add the Pug’s name to the basket as a nice touch.

Mini Training Treats

Pet Botanics 10 oz. Pouch Training Rewards Mini Soft & Chewy, Bacon Flavor, with 500 Treats Per Bag, The Choice of Top Trainers

Pugs can always use a reward as they go through training, so see if you can purchase some mini-training treats. The smaller size makes them ideal for Pugs since they won’t get too full if the owner wants to train their dog.

The packet has 500 pieces, so it’ll last a long time. They also taste like bacon, so the flavor encourages the Pug and gets them to listen.

Dog Harness

Joyride Harness for Small, Medium, Large Dogs, No-Pull Pet Harness with 3 Side Rings for Leash Placement, Adjustable Soft-Padded Vest for Training, Walking, Running, No-Choke Easy On-Off Technology

While some owners take their dogs on walks by using a leash and collar, they can start choking if they pull too hard. If you want to help the owner protect their dog, you should get them a dog harness for additional protection.

The harness has a soft design, reflective strips, and a grip at the top. The grip lets the owner safely pick up the dog if they need to move them.

Queen of Sheba Coat

Queen of Sheba Coat

Since Pugs have shorter fur, they can get cold as the winter arrives. You can purchase the Pug a Queen of Sheba coat to keep them warm during those colder times. It has an excellent fleece design, making it visually appealing and functional for the Pug.

While most people with Pugs will go with the smaller size, you can choose bigger ones based on what works best for the dog.

Dog Sling Carrier

Dog Sling Carrier

Some Pugs suffer from separation anxiety, so they stay as close to their owners as possible. You can make it easier for the owner to keep their Pug nearby if you purchase them a dog sling carrier.

You can choose multiple sizes or options based on what works best for the Pug. Since the carrier does a great job of keeping the Pug close and safe, the owner can travel with them.

Personalized Dog Robe

Personalized Dog Robe

Even though dogs don’t like baths, they still want to feel comfortable and get dry afterward. You can help them meet their bath needs if you purchase a personalized dog robe for the Pug, and it includes the Pug’s name on it to make it feel personable.

The robe has a microfiber material to help the dog quickly dry off while having a hood for maximum cuteness.

Puppy Training Bell

Puppy Training Bell

Dogs learn quickly and can connect actions to rewards. You can make training easier for the Pug’s owner if you get them a puppy training bell. It has a bell on the end, so the owner can train their Pug to ring the bell whenever they must use the bathroom.

While potty training remains the primary use of these bells, the owner can get creative and train their Pug in other ways.

USPS Dog Costume

USPS Dog Costume

You may want to buy the Pug a cute USPS dog costume. The costume looks like a mail carrier, making it a fun and ironic costume for the Pug to wear. Luckily, you can buy it in multiple sizes, so pick whichever one will fit the Pug.

The costume includes the person holding a box, so it looks like the dog plans to make a delivery. Even if it’s not Halloween, is there anything cuter than a Pug in a costume?

Reflective and Padded Dog Collar

Reflective and Padded Dog Collar

Nothing makes a better gift than the gift of safety, and a padded reflective collar makes a practical gift for both the dog and the owner. While a standard dog collar works fine, this one focuses on safety features. In addition, the padding makes it more comfortable for the Pug to wear.

It also has a reflective strip so that light will shine off the collar and let drivers know the dog’s location.

Double Cheeseburger Pet Bandana

Double Cheeseburger Pet Bandana

Sometimes, you want a dog to look adorable, so why not buy a double cheeseburger pet bandana for a Pug? The bandana can comfortably go around the Pug’s neck to wear as a bandana throughout the day.

While you can stick with the smaller size, you can get creative with the more practical option. For example, you could transform the bandana into a makeshift jacket for the Pug.


Pugs make adorable companions, and Pug-owners love their pets in a special way. What better way to show a friend, a pet, or even your own Pug how much you care than with a specially chosen pug gift? Whether it’s a clever game, a comfy blanket, or a personalized bathrobe, check out this list to help you find the perfect gift.