25 Pickleball Gifts (For Avid Pickeleballers)

Pickleball is a popular American game involving a wooden or fiberglass paddle, a plastic pickleball, and a net. Since it first came about in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States in 1965, it has grown in popularity across the country and is played indoors or outdoors in doubles or pairs.

If you know an avid Pickleballer, check out our list of the top 25 gifts to give them! You can find all of these gifts on Amazon, Etsy, and individual retailers, so you know you will be able to buy and gift them to your friends and family members easily!

LED Pickleball Balls

PickleStar Outdoor LED Pickleballs, USAPA Standard 40 Holes Yellow with Green Lights, 4 Pack Pickle Balls

If you know someone that likes to play pickleball even after the sun goes down, check out these LED pickleball balls. They are bright without being blinding, and they come in a 4-pack. Batteries are included. 

They stay lit for over 12 hours of play, and the battery is replaceable. You can turn the light on and off with the included metal key, a screwdriver, or even a coin!

Embroidered Headband and Wristband Set

Pickleball Headband, Sweatband Set | Pickleball Equipment | Pickleball Gifts | Pickleball Accessories | 100% Cotton Absorbent Terry Cloth (White) One Size

Every athlete needs a trusty wristband or headband for their gym bag! Gift the pickleball enthusiast you know with this set that includes a headband and two wristbands.

They are embroidered with yellow pickleball motifs and are a perfectly practical addition to any pickleball player’s gear. This set is machine washable and made from cotton absorbent terry cloth. They also come in black or white!

Pickleball Trivia Game

Pickleball Trivia Game - Travel Size (200 Cards)

Pickleball is a game with a long history with concrete rules. A trivia game is a perfect way for the new pickleball player you know to become more educated on the rules of the game and the history of the sport!

The game comes with 200 cards with five categories: history, players, rules, tournament, and wild card.

Pickleball-Themed Socks

Foot Traffic - Men's Sports-Themed Socks, Fits Men's Shoe Sizes 7-12 (Pickleball)

If you know someone who loves pickleball and wears socks every day, these pickleball-themed socks are the perfect gift!

These dark blue socks with pickleball paddles and balls printed on them are great for adult men or women. They are made of a cotton, polyester, nylon, and spandex blend and are machine washable.

Pickleball Girl Toiletry Bag

WZMPA Pickleball Girl Cosmetic Makeup Bag Pickleball Player Gift Pickleball Girl Survival Kit Makeup Zipper Pouch Bag Pickleball Training Gift (Pickleball Girl)

Every girl needs a bag! This toiletry bag measures 9 inches wide and 6 inches tall. It is made out of 100% waterproof material.

The printed motif reads “Pickleball Girl Survival Kit” and features two pickleball paddles in cute colors in addition to the phrase.

This adorable bag is perfect for makeup or other toiletries you need to take to the pickleball courts!

Pickleball-Themed Stemless Wine Tumbler 

Super Fly Goods Pickle Ball Dink Responsibly pickleball Lovers Stemless Wine Tumbler Gift for Men Women or Partners Players 12 oz Insulated Stainless Steel Wine Glass (Pickleball)

If you know someone who likes to have a glass of wine after a long day at the courts, this is a good gift for their needs! It is inscribed with the phrase “Dink Responsibly,” which is a pun on the well-known phrase Drink Responsibly and the term Dink commonly used in the game.

The tumbler comes in dark-colored stainless steel, is dishwasher friendly, and holds 12 ounces. It is double-walled to keep cold drinks cool and hot drinks hot for hours.

Pickleball Bag 

Mangrove Pickleball Bag, Men's & Women's Backpack, Adjustable Sling Bag with Fence Hook/Upgraded Capacity/Safety Pocket/Water Bottle Holder - 2020 Design Pickle Ball Paddle Bag (Green)

This affordable pickleball bag is an excellent gift for those who frequent pickleball courts. It holds pickleball paddles, multiple pickleballs, your personal essentials, and a water bottle.

It is water and scratch resistant and has a comfortable shoulder strap for easier carrying and transporting. The bag is the perfect gift for someone who travels to the pickleball courts before or after work and needs a convenient carrying case for their pickleball gear.

Personalized Pickleball Paddle

Personalized Pickleball Paddle

Check out this personalized pickleball paddle for the pickleball enthusiast in your life for the next holiday! This paddle is personalized through Etsy, so you can easily communicate with the seller to ensure the personalization is to your liking.

You can get one or both sides customized with designs that range from monogramming to sayings to small logos. Choose between 10 fonts and 23 colors to make this paddle all your own!

Pickleball Hydro Flask Sticker 

Pickleball Hydro Flask Sticker

This is the perfect affordable gift for the younger pickleball player you know. At only $3, this is an excellent choice for a young player who likes adorning their Hydro Flask with stickers.

It is a 1.6-inch by 1.8-inch handmade vinyl sticker made in the likeness of the Hydro Flask logo playing pickleball. They are so cute! These stickers are the perfect gift for a youth pickleball team by a teammate, parent, or coach!

Pickleball-Themed Wooden Christmas Ornament 

Wooden Christmas Ornament

These handmade pickleball paddle ornaments are perfect for the cheeky tree in your family members’ home! 

It is handmade from wood and measures 2.25 inches wide and 4.5 inches tall. The paddle is engraved with the phrase “Deck the Halls with Pickleballs.” There is an option to add a short text to the handle of the pickleball paddle. The short text must be ten characters or less.

Pickleball Graphic T-Shirt 

Pickleball Graphic T Shirt

Every pickleball player could use another t-shirt to play in! This graphic t-shirt is cute and handmade on Etsy. This shirt comes in women’s sizes, unisex sizes, toddler sizes, children’s sizes, and long-sleeve versions. It is also available in multiple colorways.

The text on the graphic tee says, “It’s a Good Day to Play Pickleball” in colorful lettering. If you want to add personalization in addition to the graphic, you can do that!

Pickleball Keychain 

Pickleball Keychain

If you are looking for a small gift to buy for many people, this is the gift for you! It comes in five colors, is handmade, and measures 4.5 inches long. It is the perfect accessory for your tote bag, wallet, or keys!

These are great if you want to give them to the entire pickleball team you are a part of or another large group since they are only $5 a piece!

Pickleball: The Court Candle 

Pickleball The Court Candle

A pickleball-themed candle might seem strange, but this candle smells like the fresh scent of a gentle breeze on a summer day! It has a lemongrass and woody floral accent for the iconic fresh scent that evokes the perfect pickleball game day!

This candle is handmade from a soy blend with a cotton wick and has about 40 hours of burn time. It also comes in a glass container with a metal lid and a descriptive label to round out its perfect display.

Personalized Embroidered Paddle Covers

personalized embroidered racquet cover

Another personalized gift that is both practical and cute is these embroidered paddle covers! They are handmade from double-quilted cotton with a zipper for easy storage.

Choose from five colors and four different designs. You can monogram the paddles or add a line of text with a name, nickname, or team name!

Vera Bradley Pickleball Paddle

Pickleball Paddle

If you are looking for something more on the high end of the price range, this might be the gift you are searching for! Designed by Vera Bradley with an exclusive pattern, this pickleball paddle will be one of a kind at the court.

It is a mid-weight design constructed with a fiberglass face and a thick polymer core. It is 7.75 inches wide, 16.0 inches high, and 0.52 inches thick. It also is equipped with EdgeTech to protect the edges for durability.

Franklin Sports Pickleball Court Markers

Pickleball Court Markers

These portable court markers are the perfect gift for pickleball lovers who want to play anywhere and everywhere! They are easy to transport, easy to clean, and bright enough that you can see them against most backgrounds!

This kit includes 4 L-style pieces and 8 T-style pieces that are easy to take with you to create a regulation pickleball court. At $25, this is an affordable and practical gift they can use again and again!

PickleNet Portable Pickleball Net System


For the more involved pickleball who needs more than a portable court marker set, this net system is a good gifting option.

This brand is endorsed by USA Pickleball, and you can take the next with you wherever you go! The oval frame is 100% twist free and made from high-quality, durable material.

This product comes with a 1-year warranty and easy-to-follow setup instructions. It measures 22 feet by 34 inches and is easy to set up and take down.

Women’s Pickleball Pajamas

Short Pajama Set

For those who are so into pickleball they even dream about it, these pajamas make the perfect gift! Mark & Graham make this comfortable matching set. They are white with pink and green paddles and pickleballs printed on them.

You can find them in small, medium, and large on the Mark & Graham website. They are made of 100% viscose knit fabric, and monogramming is available if you choose.

Pickleball Court Mouse Pad

Pickleball Court Mouse Pad

If you know someone who works 9-5 and then heads to the pickleball courts religiously, this is a cheeky little gift they may like! This blue mouse pad has a diagram of a pickleball court on the front.

It is made of 100% rubber and has fabric that will not succumb to everyday wear and tear with a smooth texture. This is a great gift for a co-worker or loved one who works hard in the office daily and crushes it on the pickleball court by night!

Pickleball Stud Earrings

Pickleball Stud Earrings

These stud earrings are so cute for anyone with pierced ears who loves pickleball! The earrings are small, yellow pickleballs and are flat to the touch. These earrings can be worn during games or everyday life due to their small size.

Help your friend or family member be the best-looking pickleball player at the match with this gift! They are hypoallergenic and non-toxic and made from 100% high-quality alloy plating.

SlamMaster Training Pickleball Paddle

SlamMaster Training Pickleball Paddle

This is a great gift for someone training for pickleball competitions or a player who wants to improve their craft. It is a pickleball version of the paddle ball you played as a kid!

The SlamMaster allows you to practice your pickleball paddling technique, strength, speed, and stamina. It comes in graphite and original wood. Both options are great for practice, so choose the one you like best.

Tourna Hipster Ball Band

TOURNA Hipster Ball Band for Holding Tennis Balls and Pickleballs - Small

The Tourna Hipster Ball Band allows its wearer to conveniently store extra pickleballs while playing the game! It comes in sizes small, medium, large, and extra large, and it is made of 90% cotton for ultimate comfort.

You can hold up to two extra balls with this band. The design fits snugly against your waist and does not restrict movement or allow the ball to move around. The hipster band is the perfect gift for the pickleball enthusiast who seems to have everything!

Franklin Sports Pickleball Retriever Tool

Franklin Sports Pickleball Retriever Tube + Ball Holder - 12 Ball Pickleball Ball Hopper + Picker Upper - Pickleball Accessories + Gear

Another pickleball accessory for the person who has it all is this Franklin Sports retriever tool. The convenient push design lets you pick up the pickleballs without bending over or doing other strenuous activities. 

It comes with a convenient carrying strap and is lightweight. It holds up to 12 standard-size pickleballs and is 37 inches long. The pickleballer you know will love this gift!

Pickleball Coasters

Pickleball Coasters

If you are in the market for a unique gift, these pickleball-themed coasters are perfect for any man cave or sports room. This gift comes in a pack of four with a coordinating coaster holder engraved with the phrase 0-0-2, which any dinker will understand. 

These handmade wooden coasters feature a 1/64th scale court and the saying “A Good Day Starts with Pickleball and Coffee” on the back and front of them, respectively. The bottom of the coaster is lined with felt to protect surfaces.  

Pickleball Baseball Hat

Pickleball Baseball Hat

Last but not least, this cute and comfy pickleball-themed baseball hat is perfect for pickleball lovers of all ages! It is available from Etsy in ten colorways for the hat and ten color options for the embroidery.

These hats come in a distressed style made from 100% cotton and are made in the USA by the Etsy seller. They have an adjustable band in the back to fit almost everyone and a convenient ponytail hole for players with long hair.