25 Owl and Goose Gifts (That You Can’t Resist)

Do you know someone who can’t get enough of owls and geese? Do you need ideas for birthday or holiday presents for them? Or maybe you want to treat yourself to something owl or goose related. Many options are available online, but you need a great idea. You’ve come to the right place!

If you need inspiration for the next gift you need to get, here are some ideas to get you started.

1. Owl Felt Sculptures

Owl Felt Sculptures

Owls are adorable fluffy creatures, and lots of owl lovers enjoy them for that. If your owl lover can’t stop showing you cute pictures of owls, this gift is for you. You can order a custom sculpture that looks like your person’s favorite owl. Or you can order a flock of owls with unique patterns and colors! Your person is sure to love these round little birds as shelf decorations.

2. Goose Warmies

goose warmies

This gift will be perfect if your person wants to cuddle a goose. People rave about Warmies because they’re cuddly and soothing, perfect for the holiday season! Your person can snuggle up with a warm and weighted stuffed goose. Or, they can use it as an ice pack for summer relief. Because of its size, this goose is the perfect snuggle buddy for movie nights on the couch!

3. Owl Warmies

Owl Warmies

For the owl lover in your life, Warmies also has an owl plushie! This little guy is more compact, so it’s perfect for use as an ice pack or compress in isolated areas. Its size makes it the ideal gift for kids who need something to cuddle at night. You can complete this gift with slippers, heat pads, and more.

4. Holiday Owl Ornament

Holiday Owl Ornament

The holidays seem to arrive earlier and earlier each year, so why not get your owl lover prepared? This owl ornament is elegantly hand-carved and makes a wonderful addition to any holiday decorations. If you celebrate with a tree, it will look even better perched among the branches!

5. Hanging Goose Ornament

YGMONER Super Cute Swinging Duck Car Mirror Hanging Ornament Car Interior Accessories (Duck)

If you’re hunting for ornaments or hanging accessories, this one is perfect for goose lovers! Hang this little goose in your car, on your Christmas tree, or on a lamp. It’s a great pal to keep close to and will keep the goose fan in your life company wherever they go. This can also be an excellent choice for goose fans that like collecting small trinkets!

6. Magnetic Goose Statue

Magnetic Goose/Duck Key Holder Cute Accessories Statue,Resin Goose/Duck Statue,Tool Holder Home Decoration,Bedroom Decor Housewarming Gift (Orange)

Speaking of small trinkets, this goose statue will be the perfect way to keep track of small belongings! It will also be a great fit for fans of Untitled Goose Game since you can use it to hang your keys. Even as decoration, this goose is a treat to surprise guests when they turn a corner or reach for some glasses.

7. Owl Mug

Burton & Burton 9730074 Mug Owl Coloring Printed on Surface, 4 1/4' H X 4 3/4' W X 3 1/2' D X 2 1/2' Opening. Holds 12 oz. , Blue/Green

Get the owl lover in your life a 2-in-1 gift! This owl mug is a cute gift to display in the kitchen, but it will also keep your drinks handy. The design is adorable and great for nature lovers of all kinds. And to make things easier, this mug is also dishwasher and microwave safe! You can even gift a set for your owl lover so they can share the cuteness with their friends and family.

8. Owl Coasters

NIRMAN Wooden Crafted Coaster Set of 6 with Coasters Holder for Drink Bar Coaster Tea Coffee Mug Tabletop Barware Drink Handmade Dining Home Decor (Owl Shape)

What better way to round out your owl lover’s kitchen accessories? These wooden owl coasters are the perfect addition to any kitchen and come in a cute holder! If you like any of the mugs in this list, you can get these as an add-on to make a complete set. These coasters are also made out of water-resistant mango wood, which is great for warm and cold drinks. Everyone who uses them will surely give them another look to admire the carvings.

9. Giant Goose Plush

Tanha Goose Stuffed Animal 6 Foot Very Big Huge Goose Plush Pillow Toy, Cute Giant White Goose Stuffed Animal Duck Plush Pillow 75 Inch

You’ve probably seen this one floating around the internet already. Take this as your sign to get a giant goose plush for the goose fan in your life! It will make the perfect pillow for lounging on the floor or a giant toy for kids in the house. And don’t worry about trying to hide this from the person you want to give this to before sharing this gift. It comes vacuum sealed for easy storing and packing.

10. Owl Wind Chimes

Owl Wind Chimes

What better way for your person to enjoy the outdoors than with wind chimes? This owl wind chime set is beautiful to admire, and the tones are sure to relax anyone lounging outside. The owl’s eyes are also made of colored beads, which can catch the light beautifully on your porch or patio! Whether the owl person in your life owns a house or has an apartment with a small balcony, these wind chimes will be a great touch.

11. Goose Earrings

Goose Earring set

For the goose lover who likes smaller gifts, these goose earrings are perfect. These cute little geese are sure to be a favorite in any goose lover’s collection. Since they’re small, they can go with any work or informal outfit. Once people notice these chaotic goose earrings, you’ll be guaranteed a chuckle and compliment. And they’re made with materials great for people with sensitive ears!

12. Barn Owl Necklace

Barn Owl Necklace

Speaking of jewelry, this barn owl necklace is another great choice for an owl lover. Barn owls are a favorite among the owl-loving community, and this pendant is a beautiful homage to them! This piece of art is very stylish and rustic at the same time. Since each pendant is hand painted, the necklace you purchase will be unique. You can also make a set of owl jewelry perfect for any occasion, with this pendant taking center stage.

13. Silly Goose Mug

Silly goose Mug

If your goose lover is a fan of tea or coffee, this gift is perfect. This cute little mug has “You Silly Goose” written on it, with an adorable cartoon goose. It’s dishwasher and microwave safe as well! It’s sure to keep your goose-loving person in good spirits long after you hand them this mug. For more long-term use, you can even use it as a pencil holder to admire when it’s not in a cabinet.

14. Owl Stud Earrings

Owl Stud Earrings

What better way to expand your jewelry collection than with these owl earrings? These tiny earrings are elegant enough to wear with any outfit. And the Baltic amber is eye-catching and stunning. Pair them with a fine necklace for any formal event, or wear a rustic necklace for a total nature vibe. You don’t need to worry about sensitive skin either since these studs are made of pure sterling silver!

15. Goose Migration Necklace

migrating goose pendant

This gift is perfect for goose lovers that like to admire migrating geese as they fly through the sky. This beautiful migrating goose pendant can be ordered in either a polished or brushed finish, perfect for any occasion. Simply pair it with some classy earrings, and your person is sure to look their best! Or go ham with the goose earrings from earlier for a super-fan style.

16. Snowy Owl Plush

Snowy Owl Plush

For owl lovers and Harry Potter fans, this plush is a great choice! This sleepy little snowy owl plush is made of sustainable materials but is still a great cuddle buddy. For the children in your life who love these fluffy creatures, Safari offers snowy owl puppets as well! You can purchase this gift knowing that you’re also contributing to a great cause.

17. Goose Cookie Cutters

Goose Cookie Cutters

Another excellent gift for Untitled Goose Game fans! These cookie cutters are shaped like iconic poses and stilled shots from the game. If the goose lover in your life loves to bake, then this is the gift for you. And this could be a great thing to have handy during the holidays when everyone wants to bake for friends and loved ones! 

18. Glass Candle Holder

Glass Candle Holder

This elegant, hand-painted candle holder is perfect for owl lovers who enjoy a warm and cozy home. This glass candle holder is a beautiful decoration even without added candlelight. Add a tea candle to the mix, creating a cozy little corner in your home or your person’s home. Each candle holder is also hand painted, making the one you purchase unique!

19. Anatomy of a Goose Bag

G2TUP Goose Lover Gift Anatomy Of A Goose Makeup Bag Goose Whisperer Cosmetic Bag Goose Owner Gift Bird Lover Gift Goose Farmer Gift Zipper Travel Pouch (Anatomy Of A Goose White Bag)

Whether your goose-loving person needs a new makeup bag, pencil bag, or toiletry bag, this is a great gift to get. This bag has “Anatomy of a Goose” written on it, along with funny lines written all over it. You and your goose-loving person will giggle over “chaos flippers” and “wings of doom” whenever this bag is brought out. This is a great gift to give if you know your person will be traveling soon or has small things to keep in one spot.

20. Always Be a Goose Mug

Always Be a Goose Mug

Mugs are always a great gift and are super functional! This phrase has been used for unicorns, mermaids, and dragons, but any goose lover is sure to love it for geese too. This mug reads, “Always Be Yourself Unless You Can Be a Goose. Then Always Be a Goose”. Perfect for sharing laughs and expressing just how much you adore these chaotic feathered friends. Or you can display it on your desk as a pencil holder for more long-term use.

21. Stoneware Owl Mug

Stoneware Owl Mug

While we’re still talking about mugs, here’s another one for the owl fans! This owl mug has a whimsical owl and leaf art on it. You can choose the primary color on the outside and enjoy unique art with each mug you purchase. If you know your owl lover’s favorite owl, you can even customize it to look like it. Each mug is also made with food-safe and natural raw materials, which is great for keeping things sustainable in your home!

22. Goose Fleece Blanket

Goose Fleece Blanket

Prep your goose-loving friend for the colder months with this fleece blanket! Sherpa blankets are becoming increasingly popular and for a good reason. These super soft, extra cuddly blankets will keep you and your goose-loving friend warm and cozy through any cold weather. Want to treat a younger goose fan? This blanket is also perfect for building pillow forts, camping in the living room, or staying up late to look at the stars!

23. Owl Fleece Blanket

Owl Fleece Blanket

Let the owl lover in your life cozy up with this blanket! You can purchase this owl blanket in several sizes, making it the perfect choice for owl fans of any age. If they grow up to still love owls obsessively, you can purchase a larger blanket to fit them at every stage of growth. Since it’s made of cozy fleece material, you can stay warm even outside on chilly nights. Blankets like this are an excellent gift for any occasion!

24. Gemstone Owl Figurines

mini Owl Carving

Gemstones hold a lot of meaning in certain communities, but above all else, they are beautiful to look at. Give the owl lover in your life one of these mini owl carvings from precious gemstones! These figurines may be small, but they are adorable to have on display among other trinkets. And since each figurine is hand carved before shipping, you know your person is getting an owl as unique as they are.

25. Goose Mini Figures

Goose Mini Figures

What better way to sew chaos than with these small geese figurines! These tiny geese are great for leaving around the house, in fairy gardens, or behind cabinet doors. Your goose-loving friend is bound to get a kick out of these small friends whenever they find one hiding around a corner. Is your goose fan also a fan of dioramas? This is just the small addition they could use for their next project!

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, with all of these ideas, you found something that you know your person will love!

There’s a lot to choose from—and these spectacular owl and goose gifts in all shapes, sizes, and forms.

At the very least, you have the jumping-off point you need to find the perfect gift for that person. And if you’re looking for something to treat yourself to, have fun with all of these ideas!