25 Male Teacher Gifts (Guaranteed To Impress)

Teachers not only deserve but need those little presents given throughout the year as an extra boost. While there are just about a hundred things you can get for female teachers, it can be challenging to find an awe-inspiring gift for those male teachers. 

If you’re stumped trying to find the perfect gift for a male great educator, look no further! Here are 25 male teacher gifts.

1. Coffee Tumblers

Kozmoz Inspire Student Tears - Funny Teacher Gift -A great teacher appreciation gifts-end of school year gifts for teacher from students-cool gifts for teachers Tumbler 20oz

While not every teacher drinks coffee, most either do or drink some other hot beverage to get them going in the morning. There’s a wide range of coffee tumblers, mugs, and even accessories. 

Coffee cups are easy to personalize, and even find designs that match their content, whether history, math, science, English, or elementary. You can add their names or a personalized message from the student. Coffee tumblers are versatile and a relatively easy gift to find. 

2. Gift Cards

Amazon eGift Card - Amazon For All Occasions

Every teacher wants gift cards. It may seem basic, but it’s the most versatile and all-encompassing gift you could give. A gift card gives the ultimate present of choosing what to spend that on. 

An Amazon gift card works well because it’s practical, and they can find whatever they need on the site. You can also make it more personal by getting one to someone you know they like, such as Starbucks, Mcdonald’s, or HomeGoods.

3. Desk Trinket Trays

Desk Organiser

Almost every teacher has plenty of random knickknacks taking up the free space on their desk. But most teachers do not want a gift to take home and clutter their space. They want something to proudly display in their classroom and show off to their teacher buddies. 

This beautiful handmade wooden trinket tray is masculine and elegant. It’s the perfect gift for the teacher who already has everything.

4. A Classroom Supply Kit

Trail maker 45 Piece School Supply Kit Grades K-12 - School Essentials Includes Folders Notebooks Pencils Pens and Much More!

Teachers are always excited about classroom supplies. It could be Expo markers, paper, notebooks, or erasers. Classrooms get hectic, and supplies are always in demand.

With this classroom supply kit, you won’t have to guess what’s running low. This 45-piece set ensures they’ll have everything they need to start their year on the right note.

5. Posters and Decorations

Pajean 10 Pcs Motivational Classroom Posters Greenery Eucalyptus Growth Mindset Wall Colorful Rules Bulletin Board Decorations for Elementary Middle School, 11 x 14 Inch (Cute Style)

Most guy teachers have bland classrooms or dull school-provided posters. Not to say that all male teachers have poor taste, but they could always use a high-quality poster or decor to hang around the classroom.

If the teacher has younger students, these colorful posters are sure to be a hit. This ten-pack of posters comes with inspirational quotes and words of encouragement.

6. A Cool Globe

Waypoint Geographic GyroGlobe World Globe, 4', Classic Oceans

Globes are not restricted to only history and geography teachers but are a fun piece of decor that matches any classroom. Cool globes are great because they help the students get excited about the world while simultaneously decorating the room. 

This sleek globe comes in three styles to suit your teacher’s aesthetic. It’s also an affordable gift that they probably don’t own yet.

7. A Teacher Survival Kit

A Teacher Survival Kit

Every teacher, in some way or another, has a survival kit. While they put different things in there, some stuff is pretty universal. You can always restock it for them! 

This nifty kit features a canvas bag filled with practical items such as:

  • Bandaids
  • Stickers 
  • Markers 
  • Sanitizer 
  • Tissues

Teachers depend on those little things to get them through the day and help them navigate the ups and downs of daily life in a classroom.

8. Personalized Stamps

Personalized Male Teacher Rubber Stamp

Teachers have to write a lot. Anything that helps lessen that burden is always a win. You can personalize these cute stamps with the name and look of the teacher.

The stamp has six color choices: black, red, green, blue, pink, and purple. These small wooden stamps are expertly-crafted and will show your teacher how much you appreciate them. Your teacher will love being able to efficiently add a personal touch to the papers and assignments they mark.

9. Fun Socks

Fun Socks

Expressive socks are rising in the trend, and teachers are not left out. Plenty of socks are specifically for teachers, decorated in notepads, pencils, and math equations. These funny notepad socks will bring a smile to your teacher’s face, especially if they’re interested in literature.

These socks look adorable and they’re a functional addition to the wardrobe. They’re also easy to clean as they’re machine washable. The large size should fit most men.

10. A Subject-Specific Clock

CUSTOM Math Clock

Finding a poster with a math pun or a cup with a science joke is not too challenging, but this custom math clock is one of a kind. For mathematic fanatics, this gift is the perfect addition to the classroom wall.

You can customize it with your teacher’s name or leave the engraving out for a more universal appeal. Anything to spark a little joy in a teacher’s day is a win. The wooden clock is minimalistic and masculine, making it the perfect thank-you gift.

11. Multi-tool Pens

hongred Multitool Pen, Unique Fathers Day Gift for Dad, Men - Office Gifts for Coworkers, Boyfriends, Teachers - Cool Gadget with Stocking Stuffers

Every teacher has a stash of pens. With all the grading and writing they have to do, it is understandable to want to have a nice pen. It also makes the whole process a little more fun. 

Who doesn’t love a new pen? Or cool new stationary to write bathroom passes? Paper and pens are never a bad investment, so long as they work well. These multi-tool pens come in four colors, and they’re more unique than your standard stationery. 

If you’re looking for something practical and affordable, these pens are one of the best male

12. A Snack Stash

Frito-Lay Sweet & Salty Snacks, Variety Mix of Cookies, Crackers, Chips & Nuts, (Pack of 50)

We all have a snack stash. Sometimes you need a snack to tie you over, and most teachers barely get lunchtime or have to share it with their students. That means they don’t eat much, which makes a snack stash essential to survival. 

Don’t confuse a snack stash with a survival kit, though. This kit is a collection of savory crisps and sweet treats they can eat throughout the day whenever hunger strikes.

13. A Beautiful Pop-up Book

Classic Fairytale Pop up Book

Some teachers spend their free time, if they have any between classes, reading and preparing for the next class. Those who teach younger grades even read to their students. A fairytale pop-up book can lighten their day and help them bond with their students. 

English teachers will especially love this unique take on these old tales. The stunning illustrations and classic stories will ensure these books become your teacher’s prized possession.

14. Water Bottle

Cuptify Personalized Influence of a Good Teacher on White Frosted 32 oz 1 Liter Motivational Tracking Teachers Water Bottle with Time Marker Teacher Gift for Men and Women

Everyone needs to stay hydrated, and as teachers run around, it is easy to forget to drink water. Also, who does not want a new water bottle? Like the coffee cups and mugs, these gifts are always appreciated.

A high-quality, thoughtful bottle is a great encourager to stay on top of hydration. Bottles are easy to monogram for the teacher, so you can personalize them or leave them blank.

15. A Plant

5 PACK Succulent Plants

Every classroom needs a little greenery to produce extra oxygen and clear out the CO2. Plants are universal, and succulents are low maintenance. If your teacher can’t keep normal plants alive, a succulent is an ideal choice because of its low water needs.

Plants brighten spaces and can be a small piece of decor that makes a welcoming difference. These plants come in a five-pack and may even include rare succulent varieties.

16. Subject Cufflinks

MRCUFF Pencil School Teacher Architect Pair Cufflinks in a Presentation Gift Box & Polishing Cloth

While most schools no longer require teachers to dress up, many still wear coats and jackets when the weather cools off. Cufflinks are a distinctly male gift that can help take your present to the next level. 

You can find plain cufflinks or gift your teacher these pencil cufflinks. This accessory comes in a gift box, and a microfiber polishing cloth is included.

17. Meme Reward Stickers

Meme Reward Stickers for Teachers 50pcs

Teachers love stickers just as much as their students. Meme stickers to slap on a good paper give so much joy to the burnt-out teacher grading. While heart, star, and cartoon sticker work just as well, something is exciting about a different type of sticker. 

These meme stickers were made mainstream on Instagram by teachers who bought them for themselves to use but are great gifts too. Stickers work as fantastic rewards for people of any age, adults included.



As previously mentioned, books and teachers go together pretty well. But if you read often, you typically need something to mark your page. Unique bookmarks are all over, but these high-quality wooden bookmarks make a statement.

These small tokens are excellent for English teachers and any teacher who loves a good book. You can choose from various patterns and different colored tassels.

19. Pencils

Custom Personalized Pencils

Pencils get lost constantly! And students need something to write with, so teachers often find themselves buying them and Sharpe-ing their names on the pencils in the hope they might retain a few for a while. 

Pencils are relatively cheap and easy to personalize. You can buy them with “PLEASE RETURN” engraved, along with the teacher’s name. Typically, those pencils last a lot longer.

20. A Classroom Tool Kit

CARTMAN 39 Piece Tool Set General Household Hand Kit with Plastic Toolbox Storage Case Orange

Teachers find themselves fixing broken stuff all the time. It gets hard when you have to use a shoe for a hammer or wait for maintenance. Having a small tool kit can be a game-changer.

This impressive tool kit comes in various colors and has 39 parts. The tools are alloy steel, so you know they’re good quality. A tool kit can help a teacher architect a space that benefits the student.

21. A Wallet

Thin Wallet for men

One of the most basic gifts for a man is a wallet, but the truth is that they usually need it. Teachers don’t go out and spend lots of money on themselves, so any little accessory or fun thing you can bring them can brighten their day.

Everyone needs a wallet, and plenty of leather ones have names engraved into the leather. A wallet can have a nice personal touch that the teacher can use for years after your student has moved on.

22. Desk Nameplate

Desk Nameplate

Teachers aren’t given desk nameplates when they start. They may get an entire classroom to decorate, but many teachers don’t bother to buy themselves a nameplate, opting for door signs instead.

A nameplate for their desk is a memento they can keep for a long time. They can be changed to fit a teacher’s subject or classroom aesthetic. These 3D-printed accessories will help your teacher ease into a new year with unfamiliar students.

23. Key Chains

Employee Appreciation Gifts - Keychain for Coworker Boss Thank You Gift for Colleague Staff Women Men Friends Volunteer Coach Leaving Goodbye Going Away Farewell Gifts Mentor Teacher Nurse Retirement

Most people have a key ring, whether it is for their car keys, work keys, or their home. A key chain is a versatile gift not limited to one teacher. Key chains come in all shapes, colors, and sizes, and for just about any subject.

They may seem small, but this gift can go with them virtually everywhere they go. A keychain will last longer than chocolate or coffee and can remind your teacher of their student every time they glance at it.

24. Lanyard

QIAQIAYU Lanyard for key Lanyard Key Chain ID Card Badge Holder Key Chain Holder (Stripe Black D)

Teachers are required to have their badges at all times. While some teachers use clips or their wallets, most wear a lanyard. Schools typically issue one to new teachers, but these are pretty bland and common. 

Every teacher loves having a new lanyard, especially one with an extender, so they don’t have to take it off to use it. A high-quality lanyard is the perfect practical gift for any teacher. 

25. Coffee

Amazon Brand - Happy Belly French Vanilla Flavored Ground Coffee, Medium Roast, 12 Ounce (Pack of 1)

Some teachers already have a lot of personalized items from past students. If this is the case for your teacher, opt for something they can enjoy that won’t clutter their space. This flavored ground coffee is a delicious gift that will keep your teacher bright-eyed on those early mornings.

The coffee comes in various flavors, including:

  • French Vanilla
  • Hazlenut 
  • Breakfast Blend 

If you want to really impress, pairing this with a sturdy mug will do the trick.

Final Thoughts

At first, it may seem tricky to find the best male teacher gifts, but the above options will delight any teacher. Whether you’re looking for a small thank you or want to blow your teacher away with a thoughtful gift, there are plenty of options for all preferences and budgets.