Top 25 K-Pop Gifts (Obsessed Superfan Approved)

The K-pop fandom is a unique and immersive community. K-pop has taken the world by storm from BTS to Blackpink, Seventeen, and NCT 127, gaining thousands of devoted fans and worldwide acclaim. 

Check out our list of the top 25 K-pop gifts you can give to the K-pop lover in your life! These are perfect for holidays, birthdays, or any other celebratory occasion. We have something for every type of fan here!

K-pop Clothing Gifts 

Here are some fantastic clothing options for K-pop fans.

1. Unisex Jungkook Vintage Style T-Shirt 

Unisex Jungkook Vintage Style T Shirt

Help your loved one show off their love for Jungkook with this t-shirt! It is the perfect gift for any fan of Jungkook, and it comes in unisex sizing! 

It’s also available in a hoodie, sweatshirt, long-sleeve shirt, or tank top styles in adult sizing. 

The graphic is the same regardless of the style or color you choose, but the seller offers many sizes, styles, and color options to make it your own. 

2. Bangtan Logo Sweatshirt

Bangtan Logo Sweatshirt

If you know someone who is a big fan of Bangtan, this high-quality sweatshirt is an excellent gift for them! It comes in many color options and is available as a sweatshirt or a hoodie. The Bangtan logo is printed on the left chest. 

3. BLACKPINK Merch T-Shirt 

Official BLACKPINK How You Like That Black T-Shirt

Amazon offers storefronts for fans to get merch if they can’t find it online or if they miss out on a tour! This t-shirt is a perfect example of this official merch. 

Check out this Blackpink T-shirt for the person in your life who can not stop singing “Kill This Love!” It comes in many sizes, and the same storefront offers variations of the Blackpink merch t-shirt, so maybe you can gift them more than one!

4. BTS Socks

Kpop Bangtan Boys Character Socks For Women Set Of Seven Members

If the K-pop fan you know already has all the merch in the world, check out this option! It is unlikely they have socks supporting their favorite band. It comes in a pack of seven, one for each band member. Each pair has a cartoon version of the boys in the band, with their names on the bottom. The socks are made from cotton and are machine-washable.

5. Stray Kids Tank Top 

stray kids sleeveless top

For the K-pop fan who loves Stray Kids and also loves fashion, this is a great gift to give them. This tank features a color-blocked design with a white front and a black back, along with a floral printed Stray Kids logo on the front. 

Customizable K-pop Gifts

Are you looking to gift your loved one something with a personal touch? Check out these customizable K-pop gifts.

6. Custom K-pop Keychain 

Custom K pop Keychain

This Etsy item is a fantastic gift if you want something unique and personalized. Choose from 10 different base colors and six add-on options like glitter, beads, and more! Upload a photo of their favorite band or band member to the seller, and you are all set!

7. Korean Language Necklace

Korean Language Necklace

If you want to buy them a gift that shows how much you appreciate their love for Korean culture, this is the gift you should buy! It is a custom necklace that is dainty enough for everyday wear. 

You can personalize it with their name, favorite song lyric, or anything else you would like! It is available in sterling silver, gold, or rose gold finishes, and you can choose the chain length. The chain length is available anywhere between 14 and 22 inches. 

8. BTS Custom Cooking Spoon 

BTS Custom Cooking Spoon

This option is a fantastic gift if you know someone into baking and K-pop. These wooden spoons are etched with the profile of one of the members of BTS and a custom message on the handle. 

You can also choose a spoon that features the entire band, or you can choose to buy all seven available spoons to create a collection!

9. Acrylic Album Art Piece

Acrylic Album Art Piece

This stunning art piece features whatever album cover you want, the song name, the band name, and the timestamp if you would like to specify that. It makes for a great art piece in almost any decor style, and it is a unique gift to give a K-pop music lover!

You can choose from multiple colors, a printed photo, or a vinyl design.

10. Custom Mixtape Blanket 

Custom Mixtape Blanket

For the person who loves to snuggle up and listen to their favorite album, this blanket is a winner! It is large enough to cover one adult. It comes in the following colors:

  • Blue
  • Beige
  • Red

It is made of 100% polyester and is only printed on one side.

Provide your choice of 12 songs with coordinating artists, and the company will print that onto the blanket for you! You can also add the person’s name to the blanket, along with a subtitle for a short note or a quote from their favorite song. 

Cute K-pop Gifts

Here are the cutest K-pop-themed gifts on the market.

11. BT21 Collab Mini Crossbody Bag

BT21 Collab Mini Crossbody Bag

This bag is one of the cutest items on this list! It is from the BTS collaboration with Line Friends, and it is both practical and adorable! 

This Baby Buckle Crossbody Bag is the perfect size for your phone and a credit card or some cash. It features a cute face embroidered on brown fuzzy fabric and is the ideal gift for someone immersed in K-pop culture.

12. K-pop Finger Snap Logo Drinking Glass

K pop Finger Snap Logo Drinking Glass

Another practical but cute gift for the K-pop lover in your life is this glass bottle with a wooden lid and glass straw. This 16-ounce glass features the iconic finger snap with a heart logo known to K-pop fans. The glass is the perfect size for drinking iced coffee, boba, or other drinks!

13. BT21 Rubber Shoe Charms

Cute Shoe Charms For Crocs, 15Pcs Trendy K-pop Shoe Charms Gift For Kids Boy Girls Adults Men Women Clog Pins Accessoris For Shoe Decoration

These shoe charms feature characters and cartoon versions of the members of BTS, so they are an excellent gift option for a K-pop enthusiast. The charms work with Crocs and similar rubber clog shoes. 

The set is available on Amazon and includes 15 charms. These charms are super cute and are available at a reasonable price. 

14. K-pop Characters Plush Pillows 

K pop Characters Plush Pillows

Plush pillows like Squishmallows are all the rage with K-pop enthusiasts. These Etsy items are similar to a Squishmallow, being that they are created with a soft fabric and feature the likeness of an ultra-cute K-pop character. Check it out!

15. Red Velvet Poster

K-pop Cute Korean Girl Group Red Velvet Canvas Poster Bedroom Decor Sports Landscape Office Room Decor Poster Gift 08x12inch(20x30cm)

If the K-pop lover you know has almost everything, give them this landscape-oriented poster of the popular girl group Red Velvet. It features a high-quality photo of the entire group at a performance, and it comes in five sizes. You can also buy it in a pre-framed style!

Books & Music Gifts for K-pop Fans

Here are some of the best books and music gifts with a K-pop theme.

16. K-pop Coloring Book 

K pop Coloring Book

Gift that special person this fun and unique K-pop coloring book! It features bands like Blackpink, Twice, BTS, Stray Kids, Loona, and more. 

It is perfect for all ages and includes 20 drawings to color, ranging from easy to more advanced designs. Pair it with cute, K-pop-themed pens and a pencil pouch, and you have the perfect gift! 

17. Their Favorite K-pop Album on Vinyl 

Their Favorite K pop Album on Vinyl

If they have a vinyl record player, consider purchasing their favorite K-pop album on vinyl. It will add a special touch to their vinyl collection, and though it seems like a no-brainer if they are into records, chances are they will appreciate it!

A good source of K-pop albums is Urban Outfitters’ online store. They carry vinyl albums for bands like Blackpink and NCT 127. You can also find them on the band’s merch site, Amazon, and sites like Merchbar. 

18. K-pop-Themed Bookmark 

K pop Themed Bookmark

This option is a great and affordable gift for the person who loves to read and loves K-pop music just as much! You can purchase one or four pieces, and you can completely customize them. 

Fill out the comments box to let the seller know what photos you would like, what color scheme to use, and if there are any specifics they should follow to get your product exactly right. 

19. The K-pop Dictionary 

The Kpop Dictionary: 500 Essential Korean Slang Words and Phrases Every Kpop Fan Must Know

Though this book is a dictionary of K-pop terms, people, places, and events, it is perfect for the enthusiast, the beginner, and everyone in between. It contains the definitions of 500 Korean slang words and phrases that every K-pop fan must know! 

You can purchase the paperback or Kindle version of this book, depending on your loved one’s reading preferences. It also includes real-life examples of how to use these terms and phrases, so you never have to worry if you are saying the right thing or not!

20. Band History Books 

Twice: The Story of K-Pop’s Greatest Girl Group

A book on the history of your friend’s favorite band, including the history of all the members, is a gift worth getting! These books usually contain inside information about the band so fans can feel even closer to them and know everything there is to know to become the ultimate K-pop fan. 

This book is available on Kindle, as a paperback, or as an audiobook.

Fun K-pop Gifts Under $10

Are you on a budget but want to impress your loved one with a special gift? Here are some fantastic options under $10.

21. K-pop Spotify Album Keychain

K pop Spotify Album Keychain

Everyone could use a keychain! This Etsy keychain is customizable, small, and very cute. Choose from hundreds of songs from artists like BTS, TXT, NCT 127, Seventeen, Blackpink, Twice, and more! There is a custom song option if you can not find the one you are looking for. 

You can also choose one or two charms to add to the keychain, like a gummy bear or a tassel, in addition to the acrylic album art. This option is one of the best gifts you can get for under $10 because it is practical, unique, and stylish. 

22. BTS Mystery Pack

BTS Mystery Pack

If you know someone who likes mystery boxes and loves BTS, this is the perfect small gift for them! Each pack comes with an assortment of band member cards and stickers. 

Though it is a mystery what assortment of merch you will get, every box comes with the following:

  • One photocard with a decorated top holder
  • Two extra photocards
  • Three stickers

For such a low price, this is an awesome gift option!

23. K-pop Girl Notebook

I'm Not a Regular Girl, I'm a Kpop Girl - Notebook: Kpop Journal, K-pop Merchandise & Accessories | Oppa Gifts for Korean Pop Fans, Boy Band Fans & Teen Girls who love Korea

This notebook is perfect for writing all your songs or the details of the next K-pop concert on your calendar. It is blank and lined on the inside with a cute saying on the outside! It comes in black with a front cover that says: “I’m Not a Regular Girl, I’m a K-pop Girl.”

It measures 6×9 inches and has 120 pages inside. With a nearly five-star rating from all reviews, you can not go wrong with this gift!

24. Stray Kids Lanyard

Stray Kids New Album Maxident Lanyard Id Card Holder Badge Kpop Merchandise Gift for SKZ's Fans Merch

For the Stray Kids stan in your life, check out this affordable lanyard that is the best choice for attaching your keys, ID, or concert passes! It is printed with images of all members of Stray Kids and is 17.7 inches long and nearly 1 inch wide. It is colorful and sure to be a hit for any Stray Kids fan!

25. BTS Air Freshener

K-Pop Gift Air Freshener Jimin Suga Jungkook Gift Birthday Gift Car Air Freshener

If you need a gift for the driver who loves to belt out BTS at the top of their lungs, this air freshener might be for them! It is a standard size, so you know it will fit around their rearview mirror perfectly. 

The air freshener is in the shape of a portrait of the entire band, and it smells like sugared candy! The print is on both sides and measures about 2 inches high and 4 inches wide. The scent is strong, so it will last your loved one a long time.

The Best K-Pop Gifts 

Though there are plenty of excellent K-pop gifts on this list, our top five were chosen for their uniqueness, price point, and practicality.

Hopefully, you have found a K-pop gift from this list that someone special will love!