Kid’s Party Places Where Children Can Really Party

In our years of running kids party places, one thing we’ve always been aware of is that kids almost invariably want to behave well. Sure, they’ll be angry sometimes or throw a tantrum, but kids by and large want to do right.

However, so many times, kids are asked to do things and behave in such a way that goes against being a kid that it can confuse them or throw them off. That’s one of the major reasons that we made Giggles N’ Hugs: so that kids could have a place where they could be kids.

Additionally, we wanted to make a place for kids to party so that adults would feel comfortable, too. In this blog, we’ll lay out what goes into our party places and what they have to offer kids as well as the rest of the family.

Our Children’s Party Places

A party place for kids should be exactly that: something where they have the opportunity to be kids. That means that there has to be a lot of space for them to run around and get out all of that energy.

Additionally, it has to have so many active games for them to partake in. Climbing, jumping, all that kind of thing – it has to provide a safe, secure area for kids to do all of the things that they would want to do.

On top of that, it has to be somewhere where they have the freedom to take it all in. Those are just a few of the ideas that went into our kid’s party place.

A Family Restaurant With Kids In Mind

If you’ve ever taken your kid to a family restaurant, then you know that when it says “family” it typically means “just the adults.”

The kids get the same utensils the adults get, and the kids are expected to just sit there and eat the food – the way adults would. That seems so counterintuitive to us at Giggles N’ Hugs.

Like, they’re kids – let them actually enjoy their meal. So, we make sure that your kids get utensils that actually fit them being kids.

A restaurant that bills itself as “kid-friendly” should be somewhere that kids actually want to go to. We take great pride in being a restaurant that kids enjoy just for the restaurant aspect itself (to say nothing of the great, active games and parties).

Health Food For Kids, Too

Kid’s cuisine can be a real disaster in a lot of places. Greasy, fattening, unhealthy meals covered in strange oils and breaded beyond reason – and that’s if you’re lucky.

Here at Giggles N’ Hugs, we offer healthy dishes that your kids are actually going to enjoy, food that they’ll be glad to eat with no fuss. Of course, we understand that your kids are kids – it’s not going to seem like much of a party or special occasion if they’re forced to just digest vegetables.

That’s why we have so many healthier versions of kid-friendly dishes that your kids will love. “Tricky Pizzas” and pasta are “tricky” only in that they’re packed with pureed vegetables that your kids won’t really notice (even as they reap all the health benefits).

Kids and Adults

That being said, our place is made for adults, too. Our food is made from the finest, freshest quality ingredients available. In fact, you’ll find that our food is organic and healthy every step of the way.

Why should you have to settle for second-rate food just because you’re at a “family restaurant?” You want to instill healthy eating habits in your kids from a young age. By that same token, you also want them to enjoy what they eat, too. We offer a legitimately healthy mix of both.

With that in mind, many people come to our location not so much for the restaurant as they do for the parties. That’s where we set ourselves apart from the rest.

The parties we offer are the kinds of parties that your kids will be talking about all year long if not for years to come. We have so many different themes for your child to choose from that, as they grow to the age of 10, they’ll be able to find a theme that fits exactly what they’re into at the moment.

Of course, should you want to make a theme, we can help you with that as well.

Kids are kids, but they’re people, too. They deserve to have a restaurant and party place that caters exactly to their needs and what they want to do. Sure, a party with friends and family is special, but a family dinner out with the entire family together should be special, too.

To set up a party, a dinner or anything else contact us here.