25 Iron Anniversary Gifts for Her (Celebrate 6 Years of Marriage)

Gift-giving traditions have long accompanied anniversaries.

Over the centuries, as wealth has become more equally spread, anniversary celebrations have become yearly traditions to exchange gifts, enjoy a lavish meal, or take romantic vacations.

While we may be more familiar with impressive milestone anniversaries like silver (25th) and gold (50th), every year is an accomplishment and cause for celebration. For newer couples, the iron anniversary celebrates 6 years of marriage.

Below, you’ll find 25 iron anniversary gifts for her.

Read on to discover a range of clever, creative, and romantic gifts for your wife. These iron anniversary gifts for her span a range of prices and themes, with something for every taste, hobby, and budget.

1. Engraved Cast Iron Skillet

Engraved Cast Iron Skillet

Taking the iron anniversary notion literally, this engraved cast iron skillet is romantic and functional. This cast iron skillet comes with a customized engraving on the bottom with the name of the happy couple and the date of your wedding. 

This gift is a large 8-inch diameter cast iron skillet that is a versatile kitchen appliance, lending to stovetops, grills, and ovens. You’ll be using this iron skillet to make countless meals together.

2. Iron Anniversary Metal Dice 

6 Year Anniversary Metal Date Night Dice - Create a Unique 6th Anniversary Date Night

This playful gift is forged in metal to symbolize your iron anniversary. The gift also comes with a sweet 6th Anniversary card to entice you to celebrate your anniversary by playing a game of dice. However, this dice set doesn’t feature numbers but date night ideas.

If you know your wife is a fan of spontaneity, this game of chance will be one that she cannot lose. This option is an affordable gift that inspires budget-friendly date nights!

3. EVA Murmure 6-Year Iron Anniversary Picture Frame 

6 Year Iron Anniversary Picture Frame

For those happy couples who’ve been busy creating a family over the past six years, this sweet Iron Anniversary Picture Frame is the perfect gift to show pride in your growing family. 

This long picture frame is made from wood engraved with the words “6 Years” and “Our Little Family.” The frame also has a line of iron figurines representing parents and kids perched on the lower half of the frame.

4. Steel Iron Wire Love Letter

Steel Iron Card

Is there anything more romantic or old-school than a love letter? Even though most of our communication happens digitally nowadays, there’s something extra special about opening a letter, and even more so when it’s a love letter from your favorite person.

This gorgeous iron anniversary love letter has a steel and iron wired calligraphy that says “love” atop a tan leather fabric. You can pour your heart out to her the old-fashioned way.

5. Iron Bowl

Iron Bowl

This hand-forged iron bowl with a dome-shaped top will commemorate your wedding anniversary while serving as a stunning centerpiece for your dining room table, living room shelves, or entryway table. 

The bowl is modeled after the Japanese aesthetic practice known as Wabi-Sabi, following the philosophy that celebrates imperfections. 

Thus, every piece is different and celebrates each idiosyncrasy as an opportunity to stand out, a perspective that married couples will happily relate to. Plus, your wedding date will be engraved tastefully on the dome-shaped top. 

6. Cast Iron Heart Trivet

Cast Iron Heart Trivet | Decorative Cast Iron Trivet for Kitchen Countertop Or Dining Table | Vintage Design | 6.75X6.5 | with Rubber Pegs/Feet - Recycled Metal | Rustic Brown Color

One of the joys of life is sharing a meal. And for any woman who loves to cook, food is the ultimate love language. You can support your beloved chef’s passion by giving her this lovely cast iron heart trivet to celebrate your iron anniversary.

This Cast Iron Heart trivet is a charming and functional gift that will protect your dining room table from burning while also serving as a pretty piece of decor to display on the kitchen counter.

7. Iron Ring

Iron Ring

Jewelry is the obvious iron anniversary gift for her, but you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg on an iron-based diamond ring or pearl earrings to celebrate your anniversary. You can get this simple, understated iron ring with a functional and bohemian design. 

This creative iron ring has a minimalist, wrap-around style that adjusts to any finger size. It gets a coating of beeswax for a lustrous shine. 

8. Heart Couple Iron Sculpture

DreamsEden Anniversary, Iron Couple Sculptures Home Decor, 6 Inch

This adorable iron sculpture is the spitting image of a couple in love. The gangly iron figures leans in for a kiss while standing on a heart-shaped iron base. Its iron material is literal symbolism for the iron anniversary, while the image of a kiss will remind you of all the kisses you’ve shared since that fateful first kiss. 

The Heart Couple Iron Sculpture will look wonderful on a desk, shelf, or bedside table. 

9. Iron Anniversary Audio Visual Art

soundwave gift

Sound is one of the most treasured senses for nostalgia and romance. Songs speak to our deepest emotions, and many happy couples share a song that encompasses their relationship. 

This ingenious iron anniversary gift gives you a chance to memorialize your wife’s favorite song, sound, or even voice clip into a visual soundwave engraved in an iron placard. Thus, this gift creatively honors sound and sight. Every time she glances at the soundwave, she’ll hear your special song or shared audio experience. 

10. Funny Anniversary Mug

YouNique Designs 6 Years Anniversary Mug, 11 Ounces, Funny 6th Anniversary Coffee Mug for Him, Fifth Year Wedding Anniversary Cup for Her, 6 Year Anniversary Mug for Couples (White)

You know your marriage is going to last if you can laugh together! This cute and hilarious iron anniversary coffee mug is a lovable and lighthearted way to start your day. It states, “After 6 years, I still want to touch your butt,” along with a cartoon depiction of the silly act. 

You may know each other a little too well after six years of marriage, but no woman will ever get tired of lighthearted gestures of affection!

11. 6th Anniversary Wine Glass

YouNique Designs 6 Years Anniversary Stemless Wine Glass for Her, 15 Ounces, Funny 6th Wedding Anniversary Wine Cup for Wife, Six Years, Sixth Year

You can give your loved one an anniversary mug for her morning coffee and an anniversary wine glass for her evening chardonnay. 

Another silly gift, this 6th-anniversary wine glass is a stemless glass with a more masculine phrase of affirmation that acknowledges your wife’s stellar role and encourages her to keep it up!

12. Iron Bar Set

Galrose Dezigns Cocktail Shaker Set - 6 Bar Tools Bar Accessories Rustic Galvanized Iron Bar Set Rose Gold Trim - Mixology Bartender Kit with Stand. Unique Gift for 6th Iron Anniversary for Couple

If cocktails are more her style, this Iron Bar Set is any amateur mixologist’s dream come true. This set features a shaker, strainer, bottle opener, stirring spoon, ice tongs, and a double jigger. All items are forged with iron and stainless steel with galvanized gold accents.

It even comes with a magnetic stand to house the set of tools atop your kitchen counter or outdoor bar. Your wife can whip up her favorite cocktail for happy hours, dinner parties, and romantic date nights for years to come with this complete set. 

13. Couple’s Massage Package

Couples Massage Package

This massage package is a sensual gift that will benefit both of you! This deluxe couple’s massage kit comes beautifully wrapped in a ribboned box, featuring a scented candle, massage lotion, scrubbing stone, aromatherapy spray, and massage lotion.

All the items are made with all-natural, skin-soothing ingredients like shea butter, avocado oil, and jojoba oil. You can become her personal masseuse for the night, then ask her to return the favor!

14. Anniversary Adventure Map

Anniversary Adventure Map

For those globetrotting couples, six years is plenty of time to have accrued numerous adventures. You can commemorate your joint travels with this beautiful and artsy Anniversary Adventure Map.

You send the artist a list of locations that are significant to you and your loved one, and the artist will turn each area map into a detailed triangular map. Each triangle becomes part of a mountain range-shaped collage. 

It is a tasteful and poignant piece to illustrate your past adventures and inspire your collective wanderlust. Every time your partner looks at this art piece, she’ll be excited to make new memories.

15. Iron Infinity Bracelet

Iron Infinity Bracelet, 6th Anniversary, Iron Anniversary, Gift for Her, Gift for Him, Viking Style Jewelry, Hand forged Celtic Bracelet, Minimalist.

This gorgeous Celtic-style Iron Infinity Bracelet features a textured, forged iron infinity symbol attached to thin leather straps. This gift is a lovely piece that your wife can dress up or down for any occasion, no matter how casual or fancy. Plus, if your wife has a Celtic background, she can don this bracelet to represent her 6-year commitment and pride in her heritage.

Iron may stand for six years of marriage, but the infinity symbol is indicative of a lifetime together.

16. Le Creuset Cast Iron Dutch Oven

Le Creuset Enameled Cast Iron Signature Round Dutch Oven, 4.5 qt., Cerise

Any serious cook will need a Le Creuset Cast Iron Dutch Oven in her repertoire of kitchenware. What better way to celebrate your iron anniversary than with a high-quality iron kitchen dish? 

Le Creuset is one of the finest kitchenware companies in the world, making the most durable and elegant cast ironware. This gift is pricey, but it will last a lifetime, kind of like your marriage!

17. Metal Rose Sculpture

Metal Rose Sculpture

A more permanent sign of affection than its organic counterpart, this single rose sculpture is a hand-forged iron rose with hyper-realistic leaves, bright blue petals, and a gnarled stem sprouting out of a wooden flower pot. The sculpture is attached to a stained wood frame with the date of your wedding inscribed at the base. 

This sculpture will make a beautiful addition to your kitchen, patio, or sunroom. 

18. Iron Infinity Necklace

Iron Infinity Necklace

Marriage may last until death, but love is eternal and infinite. This tasteful and elegant hand-forged iron and stainless-steel infinity necklace is the perfect piece of jewelry to celebrate your iron anniversary and your ironclad commitment as life partners. 

19. RedBubble Iron Anniversary T-Shirt

red bubble anniversary shirt

Taking the literal meaning of iron to the next level, this fun Iron Anniversary T-Shirt features iron’s symbol as an element on the periodic table. Above the symbol “Fe,” the casual T-shirt reads, “Still Going Strong After 6 Years.”

You can buy them as a set for you to wear in celebration of your iron anniversary, and then for years of casual date nights, grocery trips, and strolls to come.

20. Iron Heart-Shaped Ring Dish

Anniversary Ring Bowl 1

A worthy receptacle for the iron ring and necklace gifts on this list, this heart-shaped iron ring dish has a beautiful texture, shape, and shiny finish. It is a circular, shallow bowl made from hammered iron, creating a unique pock-marked texture.

On the top of the bowl, the artist has hammered in six tally marks.

21. Tally Mark Keyring

tally mark keyring

A small yet utterly sweet token to commemorate your iron anniversary, this Tally Mark Keyring is a simple stainless steel circular tag with six tally marks under which is engraved the phrase “I Still Do.”

Every time your wife opens the car or home door, she’ll be reminded of your commitment.

22. Forged Iron Linked Hearts 

Forged Iron Linked Hearts

This whimsical and endearing wall sculpture consists of two linked hearts and is one of the best iron anniversary gifts for her to receive. The sculpture is thick forged iron, bent into swirled hearts. The artist will engrave your names and wedding date into the side of one heart.

It looks great as an adornment to any exterior or interior wall. 

23. Galvanized Iron Beer Stein Mugs

Galrose Galvanized Iron Beer Stein - Rose Gold Plaque 16 oz Stainless Steel Double Wall Beer Mug. 2 Rustic Moscow Mule Mugs with 2 Shot Glasses for Parties. Unique Gifts for Him 6th Iron Anniversary

Now that you’ve seen a galvanized bar kit, it should follow that you need an iron set of cups to enjoy cocktails. This gorgeous set of galvanized iron beer mugs and cocktail cups with gold-plated circles is the perfect follow-up gift to an iron bar kit.

Whether your wife loves beer or cocktails, she now has a classy set of glasses to enjoy them in.

24. Vintage Iron Love Lock

Vintage Iron Love Lock

A love lock isn’t just old-fashioned, it’s an ancient symbol of fidelity and love. This vintage iron love lock is an iron forged padlock engraved with the married couple’s names and wedding date. It comes with two thick iron keys.

Not only is this iron anniversary gift a celebration of your six years together, but it’s also a renewed commitment to lock in your love for each other. 

25. First Dance Song Lyric Record Placard

First Dance Song Lyric Record Placard

For music lovers, there’s always a special song that represents your bond or brings you back to a pivotal moment in your relationship. This First Dance Song Lyric Placard is in the shape of an iron-forged record sleeve, upon which are engraved song lyrics in the shape of a record.