30 Gifts For Vinyl Lovers (For All Budgets)

If you’re a music lover, you’re a vinyl lover. While it’s easy enough to click play on your Spotify or Apple play app, listening to vinyl records is an experience unto itself. 

Thumbing through colorful album covers, sliding the weighted vinyl record from its casing, placing it on a turntable, and dropping the needle are exciting and unique experiences before the sound even comes into question. 

The unparalleled sound that vinyl records produce is the best way to listen to music. No matter what genre your favorite is, vinyl sessions are the best way to experience music. If you have a vinyl lover in your group of friends and family, a vinyl-inspired gift is the quickest way to their heart.

If you’re looking for the best gifts for vinyl lovers, the following list has numerous options for every budget.

Read on to discover the 30 best gifts for vinyl lovers. 

25 Random Mystery 12 Vinyl Record Album EP LP Bundle Lot 

Vinyl Record Album

Even the most dedicated music lover can become a victim of boredom. If your favorite music lover is tired of listening to the same rotation of records, this gift is the perfect antidote. This Etsy seller has amassed a collection of over 80,000 records, from which they will curate a mystery collection of 25 EPs and LPs to broaden your listening horizons.

Vinyl Record Wall Art: Abstract Music Decor Vintage Vinyl 

Vinyl record wall art

Records not only sound cool, but they look cool, too. This Etsy artist has created a stunning abstract art print of a vinyl record embellished with psychedelic colors, shapes, and shadows. It would look great as the centerpiece for your bedroom, living room, or foyer.  

Vinyl: The Art of Making Records Book

Vinyl: The Art of Making Records

Written by Mike Evans, this book is about the history of vinyl records. It comes as a hardback book with a beautiful minimalist cover of a vinyl record with a turquoise background. This is the perfect coffee table book to entice readers with an appealing visual and subsequently fascinate them with a deep dive into music history. 

“Now Playing” Wall Mounted Vinyl Record Display

Now Playing wall mounted vinyl record display

This clever, customizable wall mount is a great way to display the record of the hour. It says “Now Playing” with a lip that’s large and sturdy enough to support the record case while also announcing which artist you have spinning on the turntable. You can choose the color and the phrase, whether it’s “Now Playing,” “Now Vibing,” or “Now Spinning,” to name a few.

Record Breakin Love Vinyl Keychain

Record Breakin Love Vinyl Keychain

This cute keychain is a rubber red heart with the retro print of a vinyl record on top. It’s a budget-friendly gift that’s a perfect stocking stuffer or “thinking of you” gift for that special vinyl lover. Every time they go searching for their keys, they’ll catch a glimpse of their favorite musical medium and think of you!

Classic Rock Vinyl Cover Throw Pillow

Classic Rock Vinyl Records Throw Pillow Cover Cozy Soft Home Decorative Square Pillow Cases for Party Sofa Couch Bed Cushion Cover 18x18 Inches

You can never have too many throw pillows, especially if they’re a depiction of the things you’re passionate about. This comfy throw pillow uses cotton fabric as a canvas for a picture of all the best classic rock vinyl records lined up vertically. It’ll look great on your couch, loveseat, or bed.

Vinyl Record Display Stand Unique Curved Black Walnut 

Vinyl record display stand

This stunning, handmade vinyl record display stand is a two-toned, elegantly curved wooden stand. It features black walnut and beech wood sanded to a smooth texture and molded into a curvy L-shape. It’s a classy way to display your favorite album. You could also multi-task and use it as a book stop or album stop on a shelf.

Vinyl Record Shaped Mug

Gift Republic Vinyl Record Shaped Mug

Coffee and tea lovers can fuse their love of caffeine with their passion for vinyl. This cool mug is rounded and black, assuming the texture and shape of a vinyl record with a bright blue label in the center. It’s a fun retro mug to sip coffee from while you listen to your morning soundtrack.

It’s Not Hoarding If It’s Vinyl Funny Vinyl Records Lover T-Shirt 

It's Not Hoarding If It's Vinyl Funny Vinyl Records Lover T-Shirt

Record collections take up a lot of space, but that’s less of an inconvenience as it is a source of pride for vinyl lovers. That’s why this shirt that says “It’s Not Hoarding If It’s Vinyl” is a great addition to your favorite vinyl lover’s wardrobe. Plus, it comes in various colors.

Vinyl Record Carrying Bag

Trunab Vinyl Record Carrying Bag Vinyl Albums Storage Case, with Dividers Holds up to 60 LP Records, Vinyl Record Holder for Travel, Collection

If you can’t stand being without your beloved records even for a second, this gift helps make your collection transportable. This sturdy and efficient carrying bag comes equipped with dividers and houses up to 60 LPs! It has a front pocket for other valuables and a thick strap to help bear the brunt of the weight.

Vinyl Record Shelf Wall Mount Display

Vinyl Record Shelf Wall Mount Display

Records are a multifaceted beacon of craftsmanship, prized not just for their sound quality but also for the visual appeal of the album cover. Vinyl lovers who want to display their favorite albums as works of visual art will love this shelf wall mount display. It’s a minimalist mount that you can either screw or tape onto the wall. 

Guitar Vinyl Wall Clock

KingLive Guitar Vinyl Wall Clock Gifts for Holiday,12”Black Music Wall Clock Instrument Art Unique Gifts for Men Women Guitar Player for Birthday Wall Decor

The perfect addition to your home office, entryway, or kitchen, this creative clock fuses a guitar and vinyl record into a metal sculpture with a neon-lit backdrop. It’s an 80s-style retro clock that will surely elicit compliments from guests. 

12 Vinyl Record Mixtape

12 Vinyl Record Mixtape Two Sided

If you and your significant other bonded over music, this customized vinyl record mixtape is the ultimate way to express your love. Mixtapes are the height of a music lover’s love language and this mixtape gets a vinyl upgrade. This savvy Etsy seller will make a vinyl LP with the songs that mean the most to you and your loved one.

Premium Vinyl Record Cleaner Kit

EVEO Premium Vinyl Record Cleaner Kit - Complete 4-in-1 Vinyl Records Cleaning Kit for Records Albums-Includes Soft Velvet Record Brush,Cleaning Liquid,Duster &Turntable Stylus Cleaning Gel

Vinyl lovers who value their collection will need a good cleaning kit to preserve the quality of each record. No matter how clean you keep your home, dust will collect on records that are just sitting on shelves. This premium vinyl record cleaner kit comes with a wide velvet brush, a thin hard-bristled brush, a cleaning solution, and stylus cleaning gel.

Vinyl Bottle Opener

Gift Republic Vinyl Record Shaped Bottle Opener, Multi

A great stocking stuffer for your favorite vinyl lover, this cute, old-school vinyl bottle opener is both creative and utilitarian. It assumes the shape of a miniature vinyl record, with a stainless steel can opener in the center instead of a label. You can crack open your favorite brew in style while you settle in for a listening session.

Romantic Personalized Record Birthday Gift 

Romantic Personalized Record

If you and your loved one, friend, or family member have a special song associated with your relationship, this romantic personalized record memorializes it both audibly and visually. The gift includes a custom vinyl and wooden display with a picture of you and your favorite person on the label. You can pop it on the turntable to listen to your collective song or display it as a vinyl-framed picture. 

Vinyl Snob Crew Socks 

Lavley - Nerd Socks - Funny Gifts for Book Lovers, Music Lovers, Men and Women (US, Alpha, One Size, Regular, Regular, Vinyl)

These knee-high vinyl snob crew socks will keep your feet warm while representing your love of music and everything vinyl. Whether you’re snuggling up on a cold day or wandering around town, these crew socks are perfect for any occasion.

Funny Vinyl Record Coasters With Turntable Holder 

These clever and silly record coasters use play-on-words to create drink-related riffs on your favorite bands’ record labels. You can pick the puns yourself from a repertoire of 26 silly labels like “Juice Springsteen”, “LL Cool Drink”, and “Drink Floyd”. When you’re not using them, you can store them on an adorable wooden turntable.

LED Display Record Stand

YuanDian Light up Now Playing Vinyl Record Stand, Now Spinning Record Stand, Wooden Acrylic Holder for Vinyl Album Display Storage, Vinyl Record LED Display Storage Collection Holder with USB Powered

This flashy yet tasteful LED record stand display is a great addition to your turntable station. It almost looks better as a piece of lighting decor as the vertical back support is in the shape of a musical note. The light wood base has the LED-lit letters “Now Playing” to illuminate the album cover of the record on the turntable. 

Spin-Clean Vinyl Record Washer Complete Kit 

Spin-Clean Record Washer Complete Kit

If you want the most thorough and hands-off cleaning experience for any size record, this Spin-Clean Vinyl Record Washer Kit has been a hit since it debuted in 1975. It comes with cleaning liquid and reusable towels to dry off the records once you’ve put them through a cycle. This spin-clean record washer comes with enough material for a whopping 600 washes and will last a lifetime. 

Vinyl Record Flip Rack Storage Display 

Vinyl Record Flip Rack Storage Display

There’s nothing more fun than thumbing through countless records at your favorite record store. You can recreate the experience at home with this Vinyl Record Flip rack. It’s a mid-century modern wood design that’s a visually stunning way to display your records and invite guests to flip through.

50 Custom Die Cut Clear Vinyl Stickers Pack

50 Custom Die Cut Clear Vinyl Stickers Pack

If you have a vinyl lover and music creator in your family or group of friends, this set of 50 custom die-cut clear vinyl stickers will come in handy when they drop their latest single. These are customizable to include your band’s logo, name, and any other personal details that represent your brand. 

Vinyl Storage Wooden Furniture

Vinyl Storage Wooden Furniture

This is a beautiful three-section vinyl record holder custom-built with the wood of your choice. This sectional will serve as vinyl storage and a lovely table to house your turntable, picture frames, potted plants, or sculptures. 

Vinyl Record Pins and Broaches

Gzrlyf 2Pcs Vinyl Record Pins Suitcase Record Player Enamel Brooch Vinyl Lover Gifts for Collectors DJ Gifts Retro Music Gift (Pins)

This budget-friendly vinyl record and turntable enamel broach set is a whimsical accessory for men and women. It is a colorful broach that’ll work well with dressy suits and plain neutral t-shirts alike. This Amazon seller also has vinyl record dangly earrings for sale if broaches aren’t for you. 

Laser Cut Vinyl Record Art

Laser Cut Vinyl Record Art

This vinyl record has been repurposed into a laser-cut piece of wall art. The Etsy artist takes iconic records from various genres and cuts them with different patterns without destroying the label. These are veritable shrines to your favorite artist.

Custom 12 Vinyl Record Handcrafted With Your Music 

Custom 12inch Vinyl Record Handcrafted with Your Music

Who needs a record deal when they can create their own LPs and album covers through one single Etsy seller? If you’re looking to showcase original music, you can send recordings to this seller to create your own LP along with photographs or art to adorn the cover. 

A Record of My Vinyl: A Collector’s Catalog

A Record of My Vinyl: A Collector's Catalog

Whether you’re a serious collector or purchasing your very first record, this sleek collector’s catalog is a beautiful gift to help you keep track of your records as your collection grows. Not only can you make note of the date of purchase and other details of each record, but you can also write about emotional or experiential connections you may have with the music. 

Original Record Player Art Prints

personalized tin vintage vinyl vault 8 x 12 or 12 x 18 aluminum tin awesome metal poster lone star art 159188

This set of prints from the Lone Star Art Store is an industrial and anatomical depiction of vinyl records. They look like repurposed pages from a vintage turntable user’s manual. Each print is overlaid onto a textured golden brown background. You can purchase one or the entire set of four as a lovely addition to your living room, bedroom, or breakfast nook. 

Vinyl Junkie Collector Sweatshirt

Vinyl Junkie Collector Sweatshirt

Sweatshirts come in handy year-round, whether it’s to keep you warm on a brisk winter day or in icy cold air-conditioned classrooms, gyms, or grocery stores. Plus, sweatshirts are a stylish way to represent your favorite brand. This oversized Vinyl Junkie Hoodie from the exclusive vinyl-loving brand comes in various colors with their cool, minimalist logo front and center. 

Record Player Bluetooth Turntable for Vinyl with Speakers & USB 

Vinyl lovers probably have a turntable at home, but they are always game for an upgrade! If you want to wow that special someone with an incredible gift, this state-of-the-art, ultra-modern turntable will do the trick! It has a minimalist yet natural wood design, featuring the latest technology like USB ports, Bluetooth capabilities, and a set of matching stereo speakers for the ultimate listening experience.