25 Gifts for Twins (Unique and Special Like Them)

Are you looking for some unique gifts for twins? Then, you’ve come to the right post! Gifting twins is not that challenging, especially when you understand these gifts can be practical, sentimental, or both.

Be sure to look for gifts the twins can use together, for example, presents purchased in sets of two. The other option is to look for keepsake gifts, ideal for celebrating the twinhood. If the family you are willing to gift has a wish list, use it and get crucial twin baby items.

However, if you are still stuck or need more inspiration, this post is here to help. Whether you’re considering purchasing unique gifts for a birthday or just something to portray kindness, we’ve got you! Keep reading to find incredible items you can gift twins on different occasions.

1. Locket Necklace

Gzrlyf Twin One Twin Two Necklaces Sunflower Locket Necklace Twins Jewelry Twin Sister Gifts (Twins Necklace Set)

This lovely stainless steel necklace pair is made from nickel and is lead-free. This means that it doesn’t tarnish or rust and is hypoallergenic. The necklace is engraved boldly with ‘twin one’ and ‘twin two’ letters offering an incredible and memorable present for twins.

Life becomes much better when you have twins to share this life journey. As such, this necklace pair will come in handy to honor your twin sisters. Each necklace comes packaged nicely in a velvet pouch, offering a unique gift every twin will enjoy. 

2. A Sculpted Hand-Painted Figure

Willow Tree My Sister, My Friend, Walk with me. and Along The Way, We'll Share Everything, A Gift to Celebrate Supportive Friendships Among Women, Sisters, Co-Workers, Sculpted Hand-Painted Figure

This unique gift incorporates two ladies represented by a hand-painted resin figurine. The first lady is dressed in blue/gray, while the other is in cream. The figurine stand next to each other with their hands and arms linked.

You can use this incredible gift to honor female twin friendships. The gift comes as a ready present, packaged in a nice fitting box. Therefore the twins can use it as a decor piece on their table, shelf, or mantel. An incredible aspect of this piece is that it’s easy to clean since you only need a cloth or a gentle brush to polish it.

3. Picture Frames

cocomong Sisters Gifts from Sister, Gifts for Sister on Mothers Day, Picture Frames 4x6, Birthday Gifts for Sister, Rakhi Gift for Sister, Sister Christmas Gift, Sister Gifts from Big/Little Sister

Pictures are a nice way to preserve precious memories. As such, a picture frame will go a long way to ensure these memories are kept forever. This thoughtful gift is ideal for both male and female twins. You can use it on any special occasion, such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, or birthdays.

The picture frame is perfectly created to brighten up a space and preserve favorite photos. It comprises MDF wood finished with a handmade string heart and high-quality glass, which the twins will highly adore.

4. Twin Coffee Mug Set

Twin Coffee Mug Set

This coffee mug set forms another incredible gift you can give twins. The mugs incorporate Sublimation technology in their printing that ensures high-quality products and guarantees permanently printed pictures on the mugs.

Before purchasing the mugs, it’s good to remember that due to the monitor settings, your finished products’ color may vary in some way. Other than that, this is an ideal gift the twins will appreciate and will remember you for every time they decide to use the mugs.

5. Twin 2 Tees

Twin 1 & Twin 2 Toddler/Infant T-Shirt 2 Pack (Red/Red, 5T/5T)

Identical t-shirts are another incredible way to gift twins. They can wear them on different occasions. The twin 2 tees are perfect since they come in different solid colors and comprise 100% cotton.

These T-shirts are lightweight, have a classic fit, and have a bottom hem. They are also easily washable on the washing machine, hence present no difficulties in cleaning. They make humorous T-shirts for identical twins when they wear them to a party.

6. Matching Bathrobes

Matching Bathrobes

These dressing gowns incorporate a personalized design making them perfect for twins. The plush robes have sweet black on the hood to make them more interesting. They are also super soft to ensure maximum comfort.

Consider adding their names on their front pocket to make these robes more special for the twins. This way, they won’t be able to mix them up during bath time and will treasure the bathrobes even more.

7. Personalized Book for Twins

Hello World! (Twins) - Personalized Children's Story - I See Me! (Blue Board Story)

Personalized books are a great example of classic twin gift ideas which never go out of style. These books are ideal for children after the age of 6. The books incorporate sweet tales which the twins will enjoy since they are all about welcoming and appreciating twin kids into the world.

Consider adding both kids’ names on their personalized books to make them extra special for them. You can also add a custom note with a special message on the dedication page to represent a special present. Such little acts make the twins treasure these books forever.

8. Matching Condiment Outfits

Matching Condiment Outfits

Matching condiment outfits are one of the most hilarious and cute gifts for twin babies. These outfits are made from 100% organic cotton and celebrate the exemplary pairing of mustard and ketchup. 

They come as a pair of red and yellow outfits, making them an incredible gift for identical or fraternal twins.

9. Farm Play Mat

Farm Play Mat

Just because you’re buying gifts for twins doesn’t necessarily mean you must purchase two different gifts. In this case, you can purchase this colorful and amazing mat from Melissa and Doug. The twin kids will love and enjoy this vibrant play mat incorporating nine animal figures that crinkle, rattle, or squeak.

The play mat, an amazing sensory gift, is a real game changer as it helps promote color awareness and fine motor skills. One incredible aspect of this gift is it folds up easily, and you can store it in a convenient storage bag once the kids finish playing.

10. Warmies Sloth Hugs (Microwavable Toys)

Warmies Sloth Hugs Microwavable Toys

These toys are a perfect and ideal gift for twins who dislike being parted. The cuddly sloth duos incorporate a light scent of French lavender, which the twins can enjoy for the longest time. 

Also, since they are microwavable, you can heat them before bedtime for the twins to enjoy warm cuddles. You really can’t miss out on these cute stuffed animals!

11. “Can’t Have One without the Other” Twin Onesies

Cant Have One without the Other Twin Onesies

These funny twin onesies are ideal for those looking for unique items to give twins. The onesies are decorated with cookie designs and sweet cartoon milk to make them more interesting. They come as a pair with a unique message that reads “can’t have one,” “without the other.”

The onesies incorporate plenty of styles and designs to choose from. For example, you will find them in long or short sleeves, so you can select a pair that suits your needs.

12. Bubbleliss Baby Hand and Footprint Kit

Little Hippo Baby Footprint Kit & Keepsake | Baby Handprint Kit | Baby Hand and Footprint Kit, Baby Shower Gifts for New Mom, New Dad Gifts, Newborn Gifts (White)

You’ll find this kit in a bigger size than other kits in the market. The kit is ideal for small twins since it has enough space for two individual photos and two hand and foot imprints.

Also, since it incorporates non-mixing clay that’s easy to prepare, you’ll manage to create the twins’ footprints and handprints in minutes. This gift is also flexible enough as it allows several re-moldings moldings until you create something you’re happy with.

13. Baby Twins Bodysuits

YSCULBUTOL Baby twins bodysuit with hat Born together friend forever baby boy clothes Toddler girl clothes Baby Romper(BlPi BB 3M)

These long sleeve body suits, which incorporate a comfortable cotton blend, are a perfect holiday gift for twins. The suits have a metal snap button closure made from zinc, enabling efficient diaper change. They also come with a lapped shoulder that allows easy on and off.

When it comes to cleaning, these body suits are machine washable making them extremely durable. You will indeed love gifting the twins these sets due to their convenience.

14. Twin Bracelets

ENSIANTH Twins Gift Twin Bracelet Twin One Twin Two Cuff Bangle (Twin Cuff Set)

This unique gift incorporates two bracelets placed close to each other with the word “TWIN” together. Each band has half of the world, followed by ‘one’ and ‘two’ representing twins one and two, respectively.

The bracelets are made from stainless steel material which is nickel and lead-free. Stainless steel is highly durable, affordable, and hypoallergenic and will not rust or tarnish. When you order this product, it will come packaged in a gorgeous velvet pouch, ready for you to gift the twins.

15. Twins Keychain

Gzrlyf Twins Keychain Twin One Twin Two Keychain Set Twins Gifts for Twins Sister Twin Brother Gift

You can order this set of keychain where one is engraved as ‘twin one’ while the other is ‘twin two.’ Similar to the bracelets discussed earlier, these key chains also incorporate stainless steel. This means they are hypoallergenic and don’t rust. 

They’re incredible gifts, especially for Thanksgiving Day, Christmas, or birthdays, and will truly make an excellent inspirational gift. They also come ready for gifts as they arrive in a well-packed velvet pouch.

16. Unisex Twin Rattles

Unisex Twin Rattles

These unisex bunny rattles are an incredible gift for twin babies. The rattles greatly serve as teethers and incorporate unvarnished oak, so the twin babies can happily and easily slurp away. The babies will enjoy this gift as it helps pass the time and teeth effectively.

17. Womb Mates Twins Baby Bibs

Twinstuff Womb Mates Twins Baby Bibs - 100% Soft Cotton, Unisex Twin Bib Set For Boys and Girls

While you enjoy getting double fun with twin sisters/brothers, it also means you’ll have to deal with the double mess. As such, these bibs are suitable for dealing with the mess, especially when the twins are feeding.

The bibs incorporate 100% cotton and are soft to ensure maximum comfort. They do a great job protecting the twins’ clothes from drool and spit-up.

Additionally, they’re machine washable making them easy to clean. They also come in three colors, so you can select the ones that suit you.

18. Swaddle Sack

SwaddleMe by Ingenuity Original Swaddle - Size Small/Medium, 0-3 Months, 3-Pack (Criss Cross Polka Dot)

These swaddle sacks come in a pack of three. Wrapping the twins in these swaddles makes sleeping comfortable and easier than ever.

The swaddle sacks are more convenient because compared to swaddle blankets, these sacks remain closed all through. They come with a Velcro and a zipper, so tightening becomes easy. The sacks also incorporate over ten different designs and colors. Therefore, you can select a design and color that perfectly suit your needs.

19. Book and Plush Set

Tickle & Main We are Twins, Baby and Toddler Twin Gift Set, Keepsake Book and Set of 2 Plush Elephant Rattles for Boys and Girls

This special keepsake set is designed specifically for twins. The set comes with two plush rattle elephants (gender-neural), which are soft and comfortable enough to cuddle. The elephants have cute embroidery details to make them more visually appealing.

On the other hand, the book is special as it has a fully described rhyming story, illustrating the special and sweet bond twins share. It’s such an incredible unisex gift the twins will enjoy.

20. Baby Blanket

berry bebe Personalized Baby Blankets with Name, Newborn Baby Girl Gifts, Custom Baby Blankets, Plush and Cozy Minky, Baby Gifts for Newborn, Customized Pink Blanket for Baby Girl

Twin babies enjoy and are bound to share almost everything. As such, this baby blanket will help them increase and strengthen their bond.

The blanket comprises a plush minky material that is soft enough to enable cuddling and utmost comfort. The material also withstands constant washing, so you don’t have to worry about the blanket wearing out. The other incredible aspect of this blanket is that it offers sensory stimulation, which is ideal for growing-up kids.

21. Ball and Blocks

Infantino Sensory Balls, Blocks & Buddies - Textured, Soft & Colorful Toys Includes 8 Balls, 8 Numbered Blocks, 4 Animal Buddies, Ages 0 Months +, 20-Piece Set

Most twins enjoy playing together, so buying them these balls and blocks will be an ideal gift. The balls and blocks are incredible tools to help the twins learn something new daily. They also incorporate a variety of colors, textures, and sizes which are crucial to stimulate kids’ senses. These elements also help kids enhance their fine and gross motor skills.

The set is beautiful, so gifting won’t be difficult. It also has enough toys, so the twins can easily share without causing fights.

22. Footie Pajamas

Gerber baby boys 4 Pack 'N Play Footie and Toddler Sleepers, Star, Preemie US

These pajamas might be the only appropriate clothes twins may wear after discharge. Therefore gifting the twins a cute and comfortable set would make an incredible gift.

As the name suggests, these footie pajamas have attached feet to warm the baby. They also incorporate a zipper appropriate for the mom during diaper changes. The pajamas come in a four-pack, making them a great gift.

23. Bath Time Towel Set

Simple Joys by Carter's Unisex Babies' 8-Piece Towel and Washcloth Set, Blue/Green/White, One Size

Anyone will be sure to love this set that comes in eight pieces. You can use this set to gift twins during birthdays or any other special ceremony.

The set comes with two beautiful hooded towels, which the twins can share, one normal towel, and five washcloths. You also don’t have to worry about the colors when purchasing this set, as it has various gender-neutral options.

24. Handprint & Footprint Keepsake Kit

Baby Handprint Footprint Keepsake Ornament Kit (Makes 2) - Bonus Stencil for Personalized Christmas, Newborn, New Mom & Shower Gifts. 2 Easels! Non-Toxic Clay, Air-Dries Light & Soft, Won't Crack.

Kids grow way too fast, and this keepsake kit will come in handy to preserve special memories. The kit has everything you need to include long-lasting prints of your twins, which you can later use as décor on your Christmas tree. 

In addition, it also comes with a personalization tool which you can use to include the names of the twins, birth dates, or any other amazing fact you want to recall. 

25. Wine Glass

Wine Glass

Finally, this ideal gift is great for adult twins. You can choose a color depending on what the twins love. You can then incorporate customization when it comes to font color selection. These wine glasses comprise high-quality vinyl, so they are long-lasting. Be sure to remind the twins you’re gifting to only hand wash and pat dry their glasses for them to last longer. 

Wrapping Up

Finding the right gift for twins can be a challenge. Whether it’s something practical, or fun and imaginative, these gifts will bring joy and happiness to any set of twins. In addition, with carefully chosen options, twin siblings will feel special and appreciate how thoughtfully you found something that suits both tastes.