25 Gifts For Tesla Owners (Even If They Have It All)

Tesla was able to prove that is possible to build an electric car without compromising on speed, having fun while driving, and long-distance travel. They have produced cars that offer the driver the latest technology, that include long-lasting batteries, and that provide comfort for the whole family. All this while being environmentally friendly.

For all of this, Tesla drivers are proud car enthusiasts, just like Jeep owners are. And Teslas deserve their accolades as they are some of the most intricate and fun vehicles on the market to drive. 

So, what do you get that particular Tesla owner who already has it all? If you are undecided, this list is a great place to start. Whether the Tesla driver in your life is constantly on the move, trying to save the environment, or loves modern technology, you’ll find a gift for them on this list. 

Here is our list of the best gifts for Tesla owners.

Tesla Auto Steering Wheel Desk Tray

CarQiWireless Tesla Model 3 Model Y S X Auto Steering Wheel Desk Car Table Steering Wheel Tray for Laptop, Tablet, iPad Or Notebook Car Travel Table, Food Eating Hook Eating Table

This car tray is a perfect edition for the busy Tesla driver that always has somewhere to be and is always on the move. It is multi-functional for lunch or work and is custom fitted to work perfectly with the Tesla Model 3, S, X, or Y. The tray is highly-rated on Amazon for its ease of use, sleek design, and strength.

Dashboard Cup Holder

Cup holder for Tesla Model 3

Teslas are known for clean dash design. Unfortunately, it sacrifices cup space for aesthetic purposes.

This cup holder allows the passenger or driver to store a beverage safely in front of them instead of the middle console. The simple, minimalist design is rated 5-stars on Etsy and solves a pain point that Tesla owners often complain about. It can also convert into a double-purpose drink holder and phone mount.

Model 3 and Model Y Tesla Cup Holder Shifter 

Tesla Model 3 and Y Cup Holder Shifter

No one likes being stuck in traffic when you have places to be. Teslas were great for the open road, but if you do get stuck in traffic, why not make it fun?

This replica fake shifter is a fun fidget toy to add to a Tesla dash. It comes in five different finishes and has more than 300 five-star reviews. Owners of this shifter comment on how real the design feels. Many remarked on how nostalgic it made them about their old vehicles.

Tesla Key Card Holder and Keychain

KeeForthewin Card Holder for Tesla Model Y Leather Protector Cover Key Card Keychain Metal Accessories (Model Y Black)

The key card is the entry card that allows Tesla owners to enter their vehicles. These cards are expensive to replace and hard to fix if damaged. New cards will also need reprogramming for an additional fee.

If you know someone who needs to get in, get out, get on with their day, and whose schedule is always jam-packed, this card cover may be a great gift. The covers come in assorted colors and materials. It also clips onto any keychain just in case the Tesla driver you know has a history of losing keys.

Vacuum-Sealed Tesla Travel Mug

JDclubs 17 oz Car Logo Black Frosted Travel Mugs & Tumblers Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Thermal Bottle Fashion Business Thermal Cup for Hot or Cold Drink Coffee Or Tea (fit Tesla)

Anyone would be happy to use this mug. It’s great for Tesla drivers, gym-goers, and busy professionals alike. 

JDClubs’ Tesla Travel Mug is double-walled and BPA free. It also comes with a removable infuser for loose-leaf tea or fruit. The mug keeps drinks hot for 12 hours or cold for 24 hours. Its slim design also makes it a sleek cup for Teslas. 

Official Tesla Desktop Charger Replica

Official Tesla Desktop Charger Replica

These Tesla cord organizers are fast becoming a favorite of Tesla owners. Instead of leaving the charging outside, you can now bring it inside with a replica of the Tesla car chargers made specifically for your phone.

Commissioned specifically by Tesla Design Studio, these chargers charge your device and help keep the USB cords on your desk organized. It is perfect for the Tesla owner you know that can’t stay away from their car too long. 

Custom Tesla Welcome Doormat

Tesla Custom Welcome Doormat

Is the Tesla driver you’re shopping for an Elon Musk mega-fan? If a desktop charger isn’t enough, don’t stop there. These popular Tesla doormats let guests know just how big of a Tesla fan you are. 

The mats have renewable fiber materials from coconut coir and are durable. You can customize the wording to personalize the area under the Tesla logo. 

Custom Tesla Luxury Neck Support Headrests

Tesla Car Luxury Neck Support

These custom backrests are custom-made in genuine leather. They add a sophisticated look to the already-chic Tesla car seats. You can add custom wording under the Tesla logo on a white or black backrest. You can also change the embroidery colors to truly give it some personality. 

Nikola Tesla Patent Wall Prints

Tesla Set Of 6 Patent Prints

Can the Tesla driver you’re shopping for tell you every detail about where Tesla vehicles got their name and why?

For the engineer in your life that appreciates the science behind Teslas, these framed patent pictures make a great gift. The set of six comes in four different sizes and five different colors. The chalkboard set is the most popular and makes a great conversation piece in any office, home bar area, or game room. 

Tesla Gift Mugs

Tesla Gift Mugs

Coffee mugs are a great gift for any home office. Funny mugs are even better.

This Tesla-themed mug pokes fun at how often Tesla drivers think or talk about their cars. The ceramic mug is packaged and shipped in the USA, is machine washable, and comes in four different color options. 

Tesla Caliper Covers

Weishine -Caliper Covers for Compatible with Tesla Model Y Accessories, 2020-2024 19 20 Inch Wheel Hub Front and Rear Brake Caliper Covers -Tesla Model Y Red Brake Caliper

Caliper covers may be just an aesthetic addition to a car for some people, but they also serve an important purpose. Caliper covers keep the wheels clean from dust and reduce heat from the brakes.

These caliper covers contain high-quality aluminum alloy. They are easy to install and help protect the car against wear and tear. 

Car-Cleaning Starter Bundle

Car Cleaning Starter Bundle

A smooth, glossy Tesla deserves a gleaming, classic wash. The Tesbros created a cleaning kit specifically for Teslas that will give it that shine.

The luxury cleaning kit is biodegradable and non-toxic. The formula uses mineral and essential oils for fragrance. It also features an eco-friendly cleaning shampoo spray that does not need water to work. 

For some, owning a Tesla is less about the status and more about the effect electric vehicles have on the world. And this kit follows the eco-friendly principle as well.

Suede and Fleece Custom Tesla Towels

Tesla Car Logo Cleaning Towel

To add to the car cleaning bundle, consider these custom Tesla towels as a gift idea. They come in assorted colors and help reduce the amount of single-use paper towels for window cleanings. A phenomenal option for Tesla owners that appreciate reducing their carbon footprint.

Award-Winning CLEMT Luxury Fragrance Diffuser

Award Winning CLEMT Luxury Fragrance Diffuser

The CLEMT brand is a high-end company known for its excellent craftsmanship. CLEMT won the IF Design award in 2019, and its Design Studio continues to introduce sustainable, innovative designs to the market. 

The CLEMT Fragrance diffuser is a sleek magnetic diffuser designed for luxury vehicles. It uses essential oils to create an aroma experience in the car. The company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and an assorted gift box of fragrances to choose from.

Spigen Tempered-Glass Matte Screen Protector

Spigen Tempered Glass Screen Protector [GlasTR EZ FIT] Designed for Tesla Model 3 (2023-2017), Tesla Model Y (2024-2020) 15 inch Dashboard Touchscreen - Matte/Anti Fingerprint

This tempered-glass cover is sure to protect the touchpad in any Tesla. The anti-glare technology and fingerprint resistance make it a necessary add-on. It is one of the highest-rated glass screens available on Amazon with more than 5000 reviews.

LED Waterproof Cup Holder Lights

LED Car Cup Holder Lights,7 Colors Changing USB Charging Mat Waterproof Cup Pad,LED Interior Atmosphere Lamp Decoration Light Car Accessories (2pcs)

Create a fun atmosphere in any vehicle with these LED lights. These cup-holder inserts come complete with a vibration and light sensor. The light sensor notates changes in the light outside and can automatically turn on at night.

The lights have seven different color settings. A quick two-hour charge is enough to power the fun lights for more than 15 days.

LED Tesla Logo Door Lights

LED Tesla Logo Puddle Lights

Designed for the Model 3, S, X, and Y, these puddle lights provide a show-stopping look when the passenger or driver doors open. With these lights, Tesla owners will have a logo to light their way on the ground before they exit their vehicles. Installation is also a breeze with no wires or power tools necessary. 

Wireless Custom Airpod Charger

Tesla Wireless Charger

This 3D-printed custom stand with the Tesla logo provides an easy way for Tesla owners to charge their headphones. It creates a holder so that the headphones charge fully with or without a case on the Tesla’s charging mat. The design of the holder sits cleanly on the charging mat. The holder comes in 12 different color options including Rose gold.

KIKIMO Phone Mount 

KIKIMO Adjustable Phone Holder for Tesla Model 3/Y 2021 - 360 Rotating, Compatible with Blackberry, Samsung, iPhone - Made from ABS Material

Have you noticed that typical phone mounts don’t fit well into Tesla’s abnormal vent system? Are you concerned about this creating unsafe driving conditions?

The KIKIMO phone mount is engineered to fit directly into the Tesla vent system without any added noise or shaking. The mount is adjustable for any phone. It has a 360-degree interface and comes with a printed Tesla logo for an upscale finish. 

Future Tesla Driver Baby Onesie

Future Tesla Driver Baby Shirt

Do you know a future EV driver in the making? This onesie will be a hit in their household. Printed on unisex Gerber brand bodysuits, these baby shirts make an amusing gift for any Tesla family you know. The bodysuits come in the iconic red from the Tesla logo in sizes 0-24 months.

Tesla Tire Repair Kit

12V DC Best Air Compressor Tire Inflator with Gauge, 150 PSI Portable Air Pump for Car Tires, Trucks & Inflatables, DOUBLE BONUS Tire Puncture Repair Kit & Carry Case by WE LOVE TO DRIVE

Tesla vehicles are roomy. They allow enough space for the whole family to climb in and stay comfortable for long road trips. But if a tire a tire does get damaged, it can put a damper on the family’s day and throw an entire weekend off schedule.

This tire repair kit is a great gift for anyone you want to keep safe at all times. The portable pump comes with an easy-to-carry case, an overload protector to protect against overheating, a 10-foot power cord cable, and a backup fuse for a cigarette lighter. It’s a must-have for any family traveling on the road.

Tesla Car Trash Can

Tesla Car Trash Can

This handy container is made of ABS material and has many different uses. Whether you need a coin bank, snack holder, or cup holder, this container can make it happen.

The leak-proof trash can canister onto the car seat. It has a minimalist, understated design that keeps the car clear of debris while also remaining discreet. 

Marbero Portable Power Station

MARBERO Portable Power Station 83Wh Small Generator Solar Power Bank 80W(Peak 120W) Camping Laptop Charger Emergency Battery Pack with AC Outlet 4 USB Ports with Flashlight for Outdoor Home Travel

Tesla drivers understand the nervousness of driving too long without a good charge. Portable power generators help everyone feel a bit safer and ensure your friends and family can call for help if something goes wrong.

This multi-output generator is portable and compact. It charges everything from DSLR cameras to laptops or tablets. It comes complete with emergency LED lights, an AC adaptor, and a cigar socket charger. It can also be purchased with a solar power charger add-on. 

FRISCO Water-Resistant Car Seat Cover

FRISCO Water Resistant Car Seat Cover

Taking furry friends with us on car rides is one of the best parts of road trips. Unfortunately, the pet dander left over is never fun to clean. The FRISCO Quilted Car Seat Cover is a win-win for both pet friends and Tesla owners. The polyester material is stain resistant while also remaining comfortable for pets. This seat cover is a great gift for anyone who wants to bring their pet along on rides.

Weatherproof Car Top Carrier

Rightline Gear Range 3 Weatherproof Rooftop Cargo Carrier for Top of Vehicle, Attaches With or Without Roof Rack, 18 Cubic Feet, Black

This UV-protected mesh gear carrier is a fantastic option for added car-top storage for the family. The best part about it is that it can be tied on with or without a roof rack.

The bag comes with four attachment straps and four clips. The weatherproof design protects against rain, snow, and wind. For an added guarantee, it comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. 


Teslas are in a class of their own, and Tesla owners should be proud of their investments. Customized gifts are a fun way to acknowledge these owners’ passion for their vehicles. Consider any of these options on our top 25 gifts for Tesla owners list, and you’ll be sure to make it a memorable gift-giving moment.