25 Gifts for Someone Who Lost a Pet

To most people, pets are wonderful companions, dependable friends, and household members. They are constant playmates, loyal defenders of the home, and tireless organizers of daily routine.

Pets are always happy to celebrate with us during our good days and help us through the tougher ones with unabashed love and understanding. Just ask any veterinarian and they will tell you this is a medical fact!

However, when someone loses a loved one, they feel lost and vulnerable. Such people commonly experience deep sadness and mourning that lasts months or years, depending on the circumstances.

Can we then offer sympathy for the loss of a pet? Can gifts help ease the pain a friend or loved one feels when faced with this tragedy? In short, yes – if you choose the right gift.

Gifts have a way of being unique and personal to the person they are given to, but it isn’t always easy to know what these people will most appreciate.

As such, here are 25 gift suggestions for someone who has lost a pet:

1. Personalized Name Necklace

CoolJewelry Personalized Heart Pendant 925 Sterling Silver Custom Name Necklace with Heart Symbol Necklace Jewelry Christmas Gift for Women

This necklace is both sentimental and beautiful. It is a way to capture the memory of your lost pet and immortalize its name on your own body forever in a way that can be seen and admired every day.

When ordering for someone who has lost a pet, the key is to have the item personalized in a way that will draw attention to it. It may be achieved using upper and lower casing, special font type, or any other unique customization available.

2. A Pet Memorial Book

Dog Cat Personalized Pet Loss Memorial Photo Album 4x6 or 5x7 Pictures Custom Gift D#148

This book contains pictures of the owner’s pet and stories about what the pet was like. The most important part is to include special details about their personalities and experiences.

A pet memorial book is one of the most excellent gifts for someone who lost a pet. When people hear about the book’s contents, they can feel a little less alone and a little more connected to the rest of the world when their “buddy” is not with them.

3. Pet Memorial Sign

Pet Memorial Sign

A pet memorial sign is a beautiful piece of wall art designed to highlight the memory of your loved one. It is a perfect way to show that you understand what has happened and are sorry for their loss.

When choosing such a gift, you want it to be relevant. For example, if your friend lost a cat, you don’t want to give them a print of an elephant because that wouldn’t be related to their loss. Be sure you choose a sign customized for your friend’s pet and send it to them as a heartfelt gift.

4. Custom Pet Portrait

Custom Pet Portrait

This gift is perfect for the person who lost a pet because it reminds them of their loved one. It will serve as a friendly reminder that their pet is still in the hearts and minds of others and that they will not be forgotten.

Portraits are available of almost any kind of pet. Even if the owner has lost an “unusual” pet, there is a good chance that it can be captured on canvas.

5. Custom Pet Memorial Stone

pet memorial stone

This uncommon but beautiful gift is one of the most excellent ways to memorialize a pet. It has a classic shape and size and engraved details about their life and personality.

Many custom pet memorial stones are available, but a stone with a paw print is the most common. Depending on the style of the pet, there may also be a face or an identifying mark.

This gift will touch your friend and always remind them of the pet they are grieving.

6. A 3D Engraved Crystal Photo Gift

Seasonal Decor Gift

This gift will also serve as a great reminder of your pet since the crystal photo can be placed anywhere in the house. It is a wonderful way to keep your most cherished moments on display and available for viewing at all times.

Selecting the right size photo to fit into the crystal block can be tricky. The photo should be large enough to show the owner’s pet in the best possible way but not so large that it prevents its proper placement.

7. A Dog Bracelet

Alex and Ani Prints of Love Expandable Rafaelian Silver Bangle Bracelet

A dog bracelet is an excellent way to show that you care about your friend’s pet and its memory. It has a thin band of silver or gold and a charm with a special part of the beloved pet’s body or an identifying mark.

Many people who have lost a pet find this gift meaningful because it is so personal and beautiful. The bracelet makes it one of the best gifts for someone who has lost a pet.

8. Personalized Dog Memorial Gift Planter

Personalized Dog Memorial Gift Planter

This stone planter contains a special detail about the owner’s pet, like a paw print or other identifying marks. It is a beautiful way to honor their memory and is a fun gift for the holidays or any special occasion.

If you give this item as a gift to someone who has lost a dog, you will want to ensure it is appropriate for the season and the occasion. For example, a Halloween or fall-themed planter will look out of place at Christmas or during the spring.

9. A Personalized Dog Collar

Personalized Dog Collar

A personalized dog collar is the perfect way to provide your friend or loved one with a “symbol” of their pet. It is a gift they will cherish and can help them feel connected to their pet no matter where they go.

Consider a few things to choose the most appropriate dog collar. The most important thing is to check what your friend or loved one likes. A dog collar is a more casual gift, so you should choose something that goes well with your loved ones’ lifestyle.

10. A Custom Pet Pillow Using Pet Photo

Custom Pet Pillow 1

With many different colors, sizes, and types available, pillows are a great gift. It is a way to show your loved one you care and are thinking of them when they are going through the toughest time of their life.

The key part of giving this gift is using a pet photo. You want to ensure it perfectly captures what your loved one’s pet looked like and feels appropriate for the type of gift.

11. Personalized Coffee Mug

Customized Photo Mug with Personalized Text Upload Your Image with Different Designs, 11 ounces

This is another gift that shows your loved one you care. Your friends and loved ones will enjoy seeing their pets daily, and it will help them feel a little less alone.

Coffee mugs are a great gift because they can be used at home, at work, or while traveling. There are many available colors, sizes, and personalization.

12. Personalized Memorial Wind Chimes

Personalized Memorial Wind Chimes, Custom Wind Chime, Sympathy Chime for Loss of Love One, Memorial Wind Chimes for Loved One, Tribute Wind Chimes

Such a gift will mean so much to the owner of a lost pet. They are beautiful pieces of art that can be hung up in their home or garden.

This gift is a popular option that combines the idea of personalization with the beauty of nature. It will remind them of their special animal whenever the wind blows the chimes and produces a special sound.

13. A Watercolor Pet Portrait

Watercolor Pet Portrait 1

The beauty of a watercolor portrait is that it can be given as a painting or print. It is a wonderful way to memorialize the pet; they will love having something so beautiful to display in their home.

When choosing a watercolor print, it is important to consider the size and the colors. You want to ensure that your loved one gets the best possible gift for their pet and matches their style.

14. Personalized Frames for Photos of Pet

Etched In My Heart Pet Memory Frame Personalized Dog Memorial Gifts (4x6 Photo) w/ “Paw Prints” Custom Message on Rustic Alder Wood for Loving Memorabilia Picture of Deceased & RIP (6x8 Size)

This gift is another gorgeous way to show your loved one that you are thinking of them. It is a beautiful way to honor their pet and help them feel more connected with their lost animal.

There are many places to find frames, including local stores and online shops. When choosing these items, make sure you choose sizes and colors that you think will work well with your loved one’s home decor.

15. A Memorial Park Bench

Roman Joseph Studio Memorial Garden Bench 6.25 Inch Tall

Pet owners are often very sentimental around the holidays. There is no better way to remind them of their pet than with a beautiful park bench with a paw print or some other personal touch.

People will love to see the bench at their local park, and it will serve as a unique decoration for the season. It is another great gift for someone who has lost a pet and something that pays tribute to their memory.

16. Personalized Pet Urn

Personalized Cremation Urn

Many pet owners will not want to part with their pet’s bodies. While they may scatter the ashes, they still want a beautiful urn to keep them in. This gift is an excellent way to honor their pet and ensure they will never be forgotten.

Urns come in different sizes, and choosing one that will fit your loved one’s home decor is best. You can also choose to have it engraved with the pet’s name, story, and any other information you would like to include.

17. A Personalized Cat Grave Stone Gift

pet memorial stone

This beautiful and meaningful gift for the pet owner can be a great surprise. It is an item that will stand out in the yard of the lost pet’s home, so people will know how special they are. Many pet gravestones are available, so you must consider the size, shape, and what you would like included.

18. A Memorial Flower Vase

Lillian Rose Crackle Glass Memorial Flower Vase with Sympathy Verse, 9.75', Multi

Another great way to pay tribute to the lost pet and honor their memory is with a beautiful flower vase. It will beautifully decorate the table at the pet owner’s home and also serve as a reminder of them.

If you give this gift, choose the perfect size and color. Also, consider whether you want it engraved or have a special pet quote added to the vase.

19. A Memorial Flower Bouquet

memorial pet bouquet

This is another wonderful way to honor your friend or loved one. The flowers are made up of the pet’s favorite colors and will help them feel closer to their precious animal.

To give this gift, you will want to consider the type of flower. You can choose something simple, such as a single rose, a bouquet of flowers, or something more intricate. Also, include the pet’s name in the flowers, so they know that the flowers are for them and their memory.

20. A Personalized Welcome Plaque

Personalized Welcome Plaque

This unique gift shows your loved one that you care by placing it at their home or workplace. People will love it because there will be a special personalized touch. It is a thoughtful keepsake that will honor the pet and keep them close to their hearts.

21. A Special Pet Lamp

Special Pet Lamp

This is a creative and unique gift for pet owners because it is something they are sure to be excited about. A custom lamp looks great with any decor and will bring light into the home of your lost friend. There are many different styles and colors available, so you can choose something that fits your loved one’s style and style of home.

22. A Customized Clock

Custom pet clock

You can make a personalized clock for your loved one or choose something special to give as a gift. These clocks are a beautiful way to remember the pet and how special they were to the person who received the gift. They make a wonderful way to remember and will add a touch of beauty to the home of your loved one.

23. Pet Memorial Gifts Scented Candle

Pet Memorial Candle

Scented candles are a wonderful way to remember a pet. They will provide comfort and a beautiful scent to the home. It is a gift that everyone can enjoy, not just the pet owner, which is an excellent way to honor the pet’s memory.

24. A Pet Memorial Box of Chocolates

Ferrero Collection, 24 Count, Premium Gourmet Assorted Hazelnut Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate and Coconut, 9.1 oz

Pet owners are often very sentimental around the holidays. There is no better way to remind them of their pet than with a beautiful box of chocolates with a paw print or some other special touch.

25. Pet Memorial Cookie Jar

Pet Memorial Cookie Jar

Another awesome way to honor your friend or loved one is with a pet memorial cookie jar. It will beautifully decorate the table at their home and can help them keep the memories alive for years to come.

Choosing the right cookie jar is important. You want to choose something meaningful for your loved ones that they will enjoy for years.

Wrapping Up

Finding the right gift for a friend or loved one who has lost their pet is difficult. There are many great options to choose from, but you will need to choose the type carefully.

Look for personalized and meaningful things to pay tribute to them, and make sure you choose sizes and colors that will work well with their home decor.