25 Gifts for Sneakerheads (To Show You Appreciate Them)

Have a special occasion coming up? Gifting is hard when your sneakerhead loved one has hundreds of pairs of shoes. Not to forget, sneakers can cost an arm and a leg, so there’s little chance you’ll gift them the shoes they’ve been pining over for weeks.

Think out of the box! There are plenty of thoughtful, pocket-friendly items you can offer any sneakerhead as a gift on that special day. Below is a comprehensive cheat sheet of 25 best gifts for sneakerheads.

15-Pair Plastic Shoe Storage Organizer Unit

SONGMICS Shoe Rack, Space-Saving 15-Slot Plastic Shoe Storage Organizer Unit, Shoe Cabinet, Ideal for Entryway Hallway Closet Garage, 11.8 x 43.8 x 33.9 Inches, Transparent ULPC44S

If every time you visit your sneakerhead guy or girl, you observe scattered sneakers and shoe boxes all over the place; a shoe organizer is a clever, functional gift that they will appreciate. This SONGMICS Shoe organizer doubles up as a shoe rack and display.

It boasts 15 clear compartments that will show off their cleanest pairs. It features a design that optimizes floor space without seeming too bulky if your living room, closet, attic, or entryway is tiny.

Nike Air force 1 Planter

Nike Air force 1 Planter

Their space could probably use an upgrade. But a grand renovation is not what you have in mind. So how about a Nike Air Force 1 planter? It’s a heartfelt gift that one would love to bring into their space.

This planter can transform a bland space into a beautiful one, especially when a living plant grows out of a mirror image of the actual Air Force 1 sneaker. This planter also works well as an ashtray or bookend.

White Sneaker Shoe Cleaning Kit

Reshoevn8r Shoe Cleaner Sneakers Kit, Signature Kit - Sneaker Cleaner for Suede Canvas Leather Mesh Knit Nubuck Shoes - 4oz Cleaning Solution & Conditioner, 2 Shoe Trees, 3 Brushes & Microfiber Towel

A shoe cleaning kit is a must-have if your stomach coils upon the sight of skid marks or dirt on your glistening white/colored sneakers. Real sneakerheads have no trouble spending hours cleaning their shoes. It’s how they show love and attention to their most prized possessions.

This Reshoevn8r shoe cleaning kit is a quality set that comprises different items you’ll need to make the shoe cleaning process effortless.

Basketball Shoe Patent Poster

Basketball Shoe Patent Poster

Help them announce their affection for sneakers using this Patent Poster on their living room or bedroom wall. You could choose between Art Print, Framed print, and Canvas print as a gift.

The prints are high quality and are made to gallery standards. They are printed on thick matte paper using Archival pigment ink that can last for a whopping 100 years. The canvas print is equally high quality, and archival ink is used on exhibition-quality canvas.

Either way, you will have a timeless piece with an irrefutable presence to adorn any space.

Nike Air Force 1 Shoe Lace Charms

ASSD Nike Air Force 1 Shoe Lace Charms Personalize with Colorful and Vibrant Lace Charms for Air Force 1 Gold

How one ties their shoelaces speaks volumes about their personality. If our loved one is super OCD about how they tie their shoes, up their game by gifting them these Nike Air Force 1 charms for their shoe laces.

These gold-colored additions add character and style to an otherwise pale pair of sneakers. They go well with any outfit and are part of a buzzing trend among sneakerheads on social media.



The Air Jordan 1 Candle is a vegan candle that reminds one of their obsession with sneakers whenever it’s on. Buy your loved one a couple of these candles, watch their eyes marvel, and tear up with joy.

These candles are handmade and measure 13 cm by 7.5 cm. They are made from rapeseed wax. They have highly reviewed gift items perfect for their unparalleled quality and are excellent for anyone on a low budget.

Acrylic Sneaker Paint Starter Kit

Angelus Brand Acrylic Paint Starter Kit 12 1oz Leather Vinyl Sneaker

Let your creative juices flow and put a personal touch on your favorite sneakers. The Acrylic Sneaker Paint Starter Kit is a water-based formula that can bring your old sneakers back to life. Choose from a wide array of DIY designs from the internet or off-head to keep your sneakers wearable.

This paint is flexible, quick-drying, and doesn’t crack or peel. This acrylic paint is ideal for smooth leather items like shoes, wallets, bags, jackets, and sofas. A perfect gift for the creative sneakerhead mind.

Sneaker Led Night Light

Sneaker Led Night Light,Acrylic with 16 Color Remote - Personalized for Free

It’s a welcome addition to bring into the bedroom of a sneakerhead fanatic. This LED night light has an acrylic sneaker outline that flashes 3D images of sneaker shoes. It has 16 colors and is remote-controlled.

You may choose a personal message or have your loved one’s name laser engraved at no extra cost. Every time they turn the light on, they’ll see their favorite shoe and their name or message. This light doubles up as a night lamp or LED sign.

Sneaker Poster Set

Sneaker Poster Set

Effort means everything when you go out of your way to make the perfect gift for your loved ones. If yours is a tight budget, this sneaker poster set is a thoughtful gift that will have many wondering how you did it.

It is a set of three Nike-inspired posters for digital download on ETSY. Print, frame, and gift wrap them to celebrate your sneakerhead loved one’s special occasion.

Different Colored Flat Sneaker Laces

THE BIRCH & CO. BRAND 15 Pair Variety Pack 15 Different Colored Flat Shoelace Sneaker Laces Sport Athletic Shoe Shoestring Laces (L-45.5' (115cm))

No pair of sneakers is complete without shoelaces. So if you’re on short notice, how about purchasing and gifting your buddy these colored flat sneaker laces? They are sporty and athletic and will match when paired with coordinating shoes.

The set has 15 shoelaces made of quality polyester. They come in bright colors that will complement shoes that could need a bit of revamping.

Sneaker Selfie Mirror

Sneaker Selfie Mirror

Confirm if you’re the fairest of them all whenever you put on your best pair of sneakers for the day. This Sneaker Selfie mirror was made with every sneakerhead in mind. A true sneakerhead will never leave the house looking out of place. This mirror allows you to admire your shoes to ensure you look the part.

And what better way to share your love for shoes than by gifting this selfie mirror to the other sneakerhead who holds a special place in your life?

Protective Rain Boots

UGG Unisex-Adult's Uggguard, Black, XS

A true sneakerhead wouldn’t be caught dead sleeping on their shoe game. But what happens if you have to leave the house and it’s raining outside? No need to switch your sneakers for ugly gumboots because of the rainy weather.

Gift your loved one a pair of cool protective rain boots. This way, they can still wear their sneakers and cover them with these one-of-a-kind rain boots to protect them from water and grime.

100 Sneaker Coloring Book

100 Sneaker Coloring Book: A Coloring Book for Adults and Kids

What would a particular pair of sneakers look like if they were a different color? If the sneakerhead you want to gift is a creative artist, this sneaker coloring book will leave them wailing in excitement.

Wearing sneakers is one way to express yourself; designing your own shoes is even more pleasurable. This book has 100 mind-blowing sneaker designs and styles you may color differently. This gift idea is ideal for young and adult sneakerheads.

Silicone Waterproof Shoe Covers

Shiwely Silicone Waterproof Shoe Covers, reusable upgraded overshoes with waterproof zipper, Resistant Rain Boots Non-Slip Washable Protection for Women, Men (L Women 7.5-11, Men 6.5-10.5), White)

Unlike rain boots, silicone shoe covers offer more coverage and are multipurpose. These covers can temporarily be used if you don’t have a box or a bag to keep your sneakers. They’re waterproof and can also double up as protective boots, especially if you intend to walk in rainy weather or on muddy/dusty trails.

It’s an excellent gift if your sneakerhead buddy loves their sneakers as much as a pet. There’s little chance they’d let their pet get wet or dirty, much less their sneakers.

Soled Out Sneaker Book

Soled Out: The Golden Age of Sneaker Advertising (A Sneaker Freaker Book)

This exciting book covers everything from the role of advertising sneakers and how brands like Nike and Adidas became significant players in the international phenomenon of making and wearing sneakers.

Instead of the cliché coffee table book décor, this book is far better. It can be a gorgeous decoration for one’s coffee table or bookshelf, yet it harbors great information that sneakerheads will find riveting.

Printed Sneaker Plushie Sneaker Pillows

Printed Sneaker Plushie Sneaker Pillows

Instead of ordinary pillows, ensure your sneakerhead loved one is never asleep late. How? By gifting them one or two printed sneaker pillows. The pillow is printed front and back and is colored and shaped just like an actual sneaker.

They are comfortable because they are made from quality fabric and hypoallergenic stuffing. The giant plushies come in seven different styles and are designed to offer optimum support during rest.

Retro Sneakerhead T-shirt

Retro Sneakerhead shirt, Retro 1's Parody Art, Retro Shoes T-Shirt

It may not seem like much, but this is no ordinary plain T-shirt. The Retro Sneakerhead T-shirt is a gift that will mean the world to the sneakerhead you’d like to present it to because it is made of high-quality cotton and polyester and comes in attractive colors.

The t-shirt features attractive line art drawings of sneakers. It’s an excellent item for a gift as it won’t dent your pockets.

Sneakerhead Definition Makeup Bag 

G2TUP Shoes Lover Gift Sneakerhead Definition Makeup Bag Snkr Fan Cosmetic Bag Sneaker Gift Shoes Fan Zipper Travel Pouch (Sneakerhead Definition White Bag)

If you think it’s hard to find a gift for a sneakerhead boyfriend, brother, son, son-in-law, or dad, wait until you need to look for a gift for the opposite gender. The Sneakerhead Definition Makeup Bag is a gem for anyone looking for a mindful gift for their sneaker-obsessed girlfriend, sister, friend, or daughter.

This make-up bag is big enough to accommodate numerous cosmetic accessories, including lipstick, eyeshadow, foundation, make-up brushes, wet wipes, and other personal items. It’s made of high-quality, durable canvas material.

Twerp Got ‘Em Socks 

Twerp Socks for Sneaker Heads - Sneakerhead gift

One trick most people use when they don’t want to risk their gift being rejected or shoved in a distant corner is to keep it simple. Because of how often they are on their feet walking or running, sneakerheads run out of socks fast. Thus, they can never have enough.

The Twerp Go ‘Em Socks will be a valued gift because they are durable, soft, and feature a knitted design that makes them look premium and unique. Get a few of these and make your loved one’s day.

Shoe Crease Protectors for Sneakers

Vsonker 4 Pairs Shoe Crease Protectors for Air Force Shoes, Anti-Wrinkle Shoe Crease Guards for Sneaker and Casual Shoes, Anti Crease Shoe Protectors for Men's 7-12/ Women's 5-8

Creasing is an inevitable result of walking/running on sneakers. Anything a sneakerhead can do to keep their shoes from creasing without sacrificing wearing them? Enter Vsonker Shoe Crease Protectors for sneakers.

Shoe crease protectors make sneakers appear newer even if you put them on daily. They are good enough to extend the life of your shoes. These protectors are washable and durable.

Sneaker Balls Shoe Deodorizer

Sof Sole Sneaker Balls Shoe, Gym Bag, and Locker Deodorizer, 3 Pair, Matrix

Not to mean that your sneakerhead loved one has smelly feet, but anyone who loves shoes would want to keep their shoes in tip-top shape and smelling as fresh as ever. Sneaker Balls Shoe deodorizers remove odor from sneakers and work far better than other fresheners.

Offer a set of these six deodorizer balls to your loved one to keep in their shoe closet. The deodorizers also freshen your gym bag or locker effortlessly. They absorb odors exceptionally well in dark and tight places.

Heartbeat Hoodie

Sneakerhead Hoody Heartbeat, sneaker wear for kicks addicts Pullover Hoodie

Hoodies and sneakers are a favorite combination that sneakerheads love putting together as part of their outfit. This cool Heartbeat hoodie is an excellent gift for your loved one’s birthday, anniversary, father’s day, graduation, or Christmas.

The hoodie features a pulse or heartbeat graphic perfect for sneakerheads who love skating, running, and basketball or are fashionistas.

Sneaker Quick Wipes

mygezi 2 Pack 60 Pcs Shoe Sneaker Wipes Cleaner Quick Wipes Disposable Travel Portable Removes Dirt, Stains

Even with little to spare, you have no excuse to show up empty-handed on that special day, thanks to this pair of affordable wet wipes specially made to clean sneakers. One thing about sneakerheads is they don’t like dirt on their feet.

With these Sneaker wipes, you’ll never be caught off guard. These convenient wipes are ideal for skin and fabric. They remove dirt with little effort and work well on shoes. Each pack has 60 wipes.

Silicone Sneaker Airpods Shoe Box Case 

TUOOUT Airpods Case,Silicone Sneaker 700 Shoe Box Case Compatible for AirPods 2/1 Case,Shockproof Coconut Airpods Case Cover Accessories with Keychain for Kids Girls Teens Boys Men Women,Brown

Instead of using the standard AirPods case, step up their game by switching that with this silicone Sneaker Airpods Shoe Box Case. This gift is perfect for sneakerheads across all age groups. They are a functional item that will protect your AirPods from damage and makes it hard to misplace them.

What’s more, you can charge your AirPods through the port on the case without needing to disassemble it.

Herschel Duffle Gag

Herschel Duffle Gag

Help your loved one travel in style by getting them this state-of-the-art duffle bag. This bag makes it easy to travel as it has plenty of space to fit a few pairs of sneakers. The bag is divided into two compartments—one for shoes and plenty more space left for clothing in the second compartment.

This bag is a thoughtful addition to any closet, complementing your style during long and short travels.

Final Thoughts

You may know little about sneaker culture, which might make it a nightmare to think of the best gift for sneakerheads. To point you in the right direction, above are 25 excellent options that you can never go wrong with.