25 Gifts for Piano Players That Are Cheaper Than a New Piano

Do you have a piano player in your life? If you do, then you know the dedication it takes for them to succeed. Playing a musical instrument can be years upon years of practice. It only makes sense that you would want to reward them with a special gift!

But what can you get the pianist in your life? Worry not, we have 25 gifts for piano players that are cheaper than a new piano. Unique gifts like these will satisfy all your gift-giving needs from birthdays to anniversaries, all the way to the holidays.

1. Mylifestyle White Piano Music Box With Bench

Mylifestyle White Piano Music Box with Bench and Black Case Musical Boxes Gift for Christmas/Birthday/Valentine's Day, Melody Castle in The Sky

This adorable music box is sure to delight the pianist in your life. Made out of high-quality wood, painted a crisp white, it’s about 7.9×5.5×6.3 inches, with a 2-inch bench.

It plays a beautiful melody called “Castle in The Sky.” It’s the perfect romantic or whimsical gift for piano players that are cheaper than a new piano. It will fit just right on a desk or shelf.

2. SOCKFUN Piano Socks

sockfun Piano Gifts For Music Lovers, Gifts For Piano Players, Piano Teacher Gift Music Teacher Gifts, Gifts For Musicians, Piano Socks Music Socks

With piano keys running up the front of these stark black socks and the words “I play piano” and “What’s your superpower,” what pianist could resist? These are sassy and cute.

They perfectly reflect what it means to spend years of your life dedicated to learning how to play the piano. And with such a low price tag, they’re a gift for a piano player that’s cheaper than a new piano.

3. Mechanical Metronome

Ueteto Mechanical Metronome Black/Loud Sound Piano Drum Violin Guitar

A metronome is an invaluable device for a piano player. It produces an audible click at regular intervals, set by the user. Musicians use this device to learn how to play to a steady pulse.

This metronome has an audible click and bell. The wind-up mechanism means that it doesn’t require any power to use. This metronome is simple enough for the budding pianist in your family.

4. Finger Strengthener 

Finger Strengthener,4 Tension Adjustable Hand Grip Exerciser Ergonomic Silicone Trainer for Guitar,Piano,Trigger Finger Training, Arthritis Therapy and Grip, Rock climbing (AHF-03)

This finger strengthener needed to make our list because no piano player can do without it. It is not surprising a pianist needs to keep up dexterity in their fingers. This device will help with that.

The finger strengthener will safely and conveniently build strength, endurance, flexibility, and coordination for your pianist friend. It provides strength training for fingers, hands, wrists, and forearms. 

5. HLJgift Creative Ceramic Musician Coffee Mug

HLJgift Creative Ceramic Musician Coffee Mug Tea Cup with Lid Staves Music Notes as Valentine's Day Gift Teacher Gift

This adorable mug is made of bone china and is a solid make. Musical notes wrap around the cup, while the handle is a musical note. The mug’s lid is creative, with a whimsical swirl of piano keys.

The mug holds hot beverages and is dishwasher and microwave friendly, and is sure to be a favorite of piano players who love a hot cup of tea or coffee.

6. Piano Cuff

Quotable Cuffs Piano Cuff Inspirational Jewelry Bracelet - Great Piano Gift for Music Teachers, Musicians, and Music Students By Whitney Howard Designs

This pewter cuff is perfect for the adult pianist, fitted for a larger wrist. The metal of the cuff is bendable. Because of this, the metal will bend to fit smaller wrists.

The piano keyboard wraps around the wrist, a charming accessory to the musician in your life. A gift like this is one that your pianist will want to wear for years to come.

7. Picnic Time Brand Piano Bamboo Cheese Board

TOSCANA - a Picnic Time brand Piano Cheese Board & Knife Set, Novelty Charcuterie Board with Cheese Knife Set, Cheese Boards Charcuterie Boards, (Bamboo)

The piano cheese board and tool set made by Toscana is made of bamboo, recognized as a fast-growing renewable resource, durable, and with a rich grain. The bamboo cheese board comes shaped like a baby grand piano, sure to thrill your favorite pianist. 

Inside are brushed stainless steel tools: a cheese fork, a pronged cheese knife, and a waiter’s style corkscrew. We were glad to include this in our list of 25 gifts for piano players that are cheaper than a new piano. 

8. Newlam Kalimba Thumb Piano

Newlam Kalimba Thumb Piano 17 Keys, Portable Mbira Finger Piano Gifts for Kids and Adults Beginners

The Thumb Piano is not a piano like most would think of one. Instead, it’s an ages-old instrument enjoying a period of renewal and popularity. The thumb piano is constructed with natural wood and steel keys.

It can take as little as five minutes to learn how to play a new song. It should take your traditional pianist even less time! Musicians are creative people, and the piano player in your life will be excited to try something new.

9. Metal Music Book Clip and Page Holder

Metal Music Book Clip and Page Holder - Sheet Music Holders for Piano, Keyboard, Stands, and Books - Adorable Page Marker Clips ​with​ ​Velvet Storage and Carrying Bag​ - Strong, Sturdy

Pianists are musicians, and musicians read music. We have the metal music book clip in our list of 25 gifts for piano players that are cheaper than a new piano. It’s versatile and will work for any number of books. 

The music clip is made from durable, high-quality steel. With a highly-functional grip, this musical clip is easy to use for the practicing pianist. A music clef is engraved on one side, and the highly polished and shiny exterior is stylish.

10. Vekkia Music Stand Light

Vekkia Rechargeable Music Stand Light - Musicians Piano Light Clip On, 9 Levels Dimmable, Portable, USB-C, Perfect for Piano, Orchestra, Podium, Easel

With nine brightness levels and three color temperature modes, this is a must-have accessory for the pianist in your life.

The music lamp is USB charging, with a 360-degree flexible neck. This music lamp is both functional and beautiful, looking right at home on any piano in any home. At lower light levels, it can remain charged for up to 60 hours.

11. Sony WH-1000XM4 Wireless Premium Noise Canceling Overhead Headphones

Sony WH-1000XM4 Wireless Premium Noise Canceling Overhead Headphones with Mic for Phone-Call and Alexa Voice Control, Black WH1000XM4

In a world where everything is crowded and noisy, noise-canceling headphones can be a boon to your friendly pianist. With these headphones, the musician can carve a little piece and quiet out so they can concentrate on their practice.

These headphones will pause when the user speaks or removes them and resume when they’re back on. Another feature is that these headphones will allow you to accept calls.

12. Piano and Keyboard Music Note Stickers

Piano and Keyboard Music Note Full Set Stickers for White and Black Keys; Transparent and Removable; Made in USA

If you have a beginning piano student in your life, you may find that they’ll appreciate these music note stickers. These are an ideal tool for the self-teaching student and will allow them to begin learning the keys immediately. 

There are 88 QMG stickers, which should be more than enough for any piano or keyboard. Because the adhesive is high quality, the pianist can easily remove them later without leaving a residue. After purchase, an e-book will be mailed to the pianist to assist in their learning.

13. Korg Monotron Delay Analog Ribbon Synthesizer

Korg Monotron Delay Analog Ribbon Synthesizer

A gift for budding musicians, the Kork Monotron Delay Analog Ribbon Synthesizer is for someone who wants to learn how to compose music. The device has a space delay to create analog sounds.

It has a four-octave range that allows it to cover most keyboard music, making it ideal for our list of 25 gifts for piano players.

14. Sterling Silver Piano Keyboard Pendant 

Sterling silver Piano Keyboards Pendant

This sterling silver piano keyboard pendant is charming and will surely impress any piano player in your life. Handmade and minimalist, it’s fashion-forward and sure to be popular.

A pianist choosing to wear this would be able to wear it with casual and formal clothes. The piece is high quality and will last for several years.

15. Portable Keyboard

Yamaha PSR-EW310 PKY 76-Key Premium Keyboard Pack with Power Supply, Bolt-On Stand, and Headphones, YAM PSREW310

Many of the items on our list of 25 gifts for piano players are inexpensive. A portable keyboard is pricey. This Yamaha costs several hundred dollars, but it’s worth it. 

The price is worth it if you’re trying to impress your pianist friend with something flashy. A keyboard like this does more things than the standard piano.

It has such features as 622 stunning sound effects such as sax, guitar, trumpet, bass, piano, organ, and percussion, as well as other classic keyboard instruments.

16. nanoblock – Grand Piano

nanoblock - Instruments - Grand Piano, Collection Series Building Kit

The nanoblock grand piano is a unique gift that anyone who enjoys pianos and assembling models will love. It’s not so difficult that anyone will want to tear their hair out.

But it’s a fun way to spend a few hours. You could assemble it for the pianist in your life, but we highly suggest leaving that fun to them.

17. Piano Treble Clef Musical Note

Piano Treble Clef Musical Note

This fun, treble clef music note statue is perfect for the pianist or music teacher in your life. From glass, the statue is custom-made. Each piece is cut and shaded individually.

From there it is oven fused by heat. Because this is a handmade piece, it’s customizable. You can have this made in any color, making it a truly unique gift.

18. The Library of Piano Classics

The Library of Piano Classics

The Library of Piano Classics book will keep any piano lover happy. The book contains over 100 compositions.

It includes Schubert’s “Moment Musical,” Chopin’s “Minute Waltz,” and Beethoven’s “Rondo a Capriccio.” Beginner or advanced, your pianist will be thrilled to have this book in their library.

19. Spinner Piano Ring

Spinner Piano Ring

Do you have a piano player in your life that can never sit still? Give them this spinner piano ring. With an inner ring of spinner piano keys, it’s sure to delight a pianist that just wants to move their fingers at all times.

Made with titanium, this ring won’t rust or change color over time. The seller offers custom laser engraving, so you can personalize it. The engraving is colorless, but the seller offers the option to make it black.

20. Wee Jimmy Piana Man

Wee Jimmy Piana Man

What can we say about this succulent pot other than this is the cutest thing we’ve seen all day? Perfect for your piano lover that loves plants, Jimmy sits at his 3D-printed piano with a lofty tuft of succulent hair.

The plant doesn’t come with this gift, meaning that you’re free to choose whatever plant you think would look best. A cactus might be fun for those who are looking for an extremely carefree plant friend.

21. Replica Grand Piano Wall Art

Replica Grand Piano Wall Art

We’re proud to present this wall art as part of our list. Handcrafted, this piece is six layers lovingly arranged to form a stunning piece of piano art.

The piece is made with three types of wood, walnut, maple, and mahogany. It’s not stained but instead is sealed to preserve the natural beauty of the wood. The message can be personalized, from the content of the message to the font.

22. Footstool Ottoman

Footstool Ottoman

This stunning footstool ottoman is the perfect upgrade from the drab piano benches of the past.

With a rich, colorful fabric and plenty of padding, it makes the perfect bench for the pianist who needs comfort. The bench part comes in black, white, or natural wood, making it versatile and matching all of your decors.

23. Personalized Piano Keys Printed Rug

Personalized Piano Keys Printed Rug

 Every pianist should have the opportunity to personalize their space. With a super velvety surface and rubber backing, this rug is a luxurious addition to any piano player’s studio.

Between the wide set of keys is the option to add personalized text, perfect for inspirational words! You can change the backing to cotton, if necessary. And this rug comes in a variety of sizes, from small to large.

24. Music to My Ears Soap

Music to my Ears Soap

Artisan hand soap with a base of coconut oil, olive oil, and cocoa butter is exactly the thing your piano lover will want to keep their hands soft.

Scented with lemon eucalyptus essential oil, it will leave a refreshingly clean feeling behind. Shaped like piano keys, this soap will be a delightful addition to any bathroom.

25. Piano Patent Print Set of 4

Piano Patent Print Set of 4

Four patent replicas of a piano are printed on heavyweight matte fine art paper. With newly formulated matte black ink, the prints are given a realistic appearance.

Piano lovers are sure to want this in their practice space or somewhere else in their home. It’s a lovely decoration that speaks to a sophisticated taste. We’re glad to have added this vintage work of art to our 25 gifts for piano players.

Wrapping Up

There are countless gift ideas out there in the world for a pianist. But we hope that you’ve enjoyed this list of great gift ideas for piano players because we believe that this guide will help you select the best gift for the piano lover in your life.