25 Seriously Strong Gifts for Personal Trainers

Do you have a friend or family member who’s a personal trainer but you have no idea what to get them as a gift for the next big celebration? Don’t worry, because we’ve got you covered.

Gifts can be a tricky code to crack, especially if you aren’t familiar with the specific person’s interests. Fortunately, we’ve compiled a list of the best presents that revolve around working out, training, and strength.

Without further ado, here are 25 seriously strong gifts for personal trainers.

An Adidas Duffel Bag

adidas Unisex Defender 4 Small Duffel Bag, Black/White, One Size

Gym bags wear down and rip over time. No duffel bag will last forever, which is why this Adidas duffel bag is the perfect gift for a personal trainer.

It’s a high-quality way to carry all the gym essentials and something to replace their old sac, assuming they’ve had it for a while (which they most likely have).

This bag is easy to carry and has 1 main compartment as well as 3 outside pouches for convenient storage.

Personal Trainer Mug

Personal Trainer Nutritional Facts Mug

If you want to play it safe, you can’t go wrong with this fun personal trainer mug! It’s a witty novelty mug complete with nutritional facts about a personal trainer. It’s also a great way to show you care about them. 

The mug is ceramic and the perfect vessel for a trainer to sip their morning coffee (or perhaps some morning pre-workout).

Fitness Trainer T-Shirt

Funny Fitness Trainer Gift Gym Workout Personal Trainer T-Shirt

This funny t-shirt that says “don’t worry, you’ll pass out before you die” was made for tough, hardworking personal trainers who don’t care for complaints.

If they’re a no bars-held guy or gal and have an ironclad work ethic, you might want to consider getting them this shirt.

Just make sure they don’t wear this shirt when they’re training you. Otherwise, you might find yourself with some regrets.

BlenderBottle Shaker Cup

BlenderBottle Classic V2 Shaker Bottle Perfect for Protein Shakes and Pre Workout, 28-Ounce, Black

If the person you’re trying to give a gift to is a personal trainer, it’s safe to assume they’re into fitness (at least, we hope they are). If they’re into fitness, they probably love protein shakes and pre-workout.

And what better way to mix these drinks than with a high-quality shaker cup? 

This easy-to-clean, 28 oz shaker cup makes mixing powders a cinch and is great at home or on the go. Plus, it has a sleek design and avoids those pesky clumps.

Juliet Paige Exercise Dice

Juliet Paige Exercise Dice - Fitness Workout Gear for Home Gym Equipment and Accessories, Personal Trainer Work Out Supplies for Adults

Personal trainers are personal trainers because they know the ins and outs of the trade and typically have a set routine for themselves and their clients regarding exercise.

But sometimes, it’s nice to toss things up. Literally.

With these hexagonal, random exercise dice, working out has never been more fun or more random!

SINLAND MicroFiber Gym Towel

SINLAND Microfiber Gym Towels Sports Fitness Workout Sweat Towel Super Soft and Absorbent 3 Pack 16 Inch X 32 Inch

A motto many fitness trainers and coaches go by is, “Sweaty is ready.” Sweat is not only tolerated at the gym but encouraged. 

In that case, you’ll need something to sop up all that excess sweat, and nothing does it better than these SINLAND microfiber towels, which are both absorbent and comfortable.

Wireless Sweatproof Sports Earbuds

STADOR Bluetoth Headphones 4-Mics Clear Call 100Hrs Playtime with 2200mAh Wireless Charging Case Wireless Earbuds Sweatproof Waterproof Over Ear Earphones for Sports Running Workout Gaming Black

Unless they just had their heart broken, your personal trainer friend probably has some loud beats playing during their workouts.

And if they don’t, you definitely need to get them a pair of these earbuds. They’re perfect for training since they hold a decent charge and are completely waterproof. That’s something they can rejoice over if they’re the type of person who sweats profusely during exercise.

Fitness Tracker

Yihou Fitness Tracker Heart Rate Blood Pressure Watch Blood Oxygen Monitor Pedometer Step Counter Activity Tracker Big Fitness Tracker for Women Men Smart Watch for Android Phones Compatible iPhone

A fitness tracker has everything a trainer could want in a watch. 

Blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen activity, sleep tracker, steps, calories, time – the list goes on of what this watch can do. 

Trust us. There’s nothing a gym rat personal trainer loves more than keeping track of their calories and fitness activity (it’s how they stay so lean).

JBL Portable Speaker

JBL Flip 5 Portable Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Taking it a step up from the wireless earbuds, a top-of-the-line portable speaker is also a great way to take music on the go. 

Fitness trainers can use this during their home workouts or for any training sessions they may run. 

It’s loud, waterproof, and has a high-quality sound. Does anyone need anything else in a speaker?

HiRui Phone Holder for Running

HiRui Universal Sports Armband Cell Phone Armband Sleeves Running Armband for Exercise Workout, Compatible with iPhone 15/15Plus/Pro iPhone 14/13/12 Samsung Galaxy All Phones (Medium, Black)

If they love long runs through the neighborhood, get them a nice little pouch to secure their phones.

Every runner knows that phones can easily fall out of the loose pockets and tend to bounce around annoyingly during intense activity. Luckily, an easy-access phone holder can eliminate this problem without the person having to leave their phones at home.

It’s comfortable, fitting, and most importantly, convenient.

Exercise Yoga Mat

Amazon Basics Extra Thick Exercise Yoga Gym Floor Mat with Carrying Strap, 74 x 24 x .5 Inches, Red

This comfortable yoga mat for exercise is an excellent way for your personal trainer buddy to warm up, stretch, or get some calming yoga done.

It’s made of a quality foam material and has a degree of softness to the touch. It makes doing confined exercises such as push-ups or planks easy on hard surfaces, and the mat is simple to pack up and carry.

It comes in various colors and has a “no-slip” material on the bottom, so it’s not constantly sliding around on smooth floors.

Weighted Jump Rope

Weighted Jump Rope Workout-1LB Professional Skipping Rope with Adjustable Length&Silicone Comfortable Grips,Heavy Jumpropes Adults Fitness Women Men Kids,Cardio Boxing Endurance Training Exercise-Gray

Don’t let the 1 lb handles fool you into thinking they aren’t enough weight – trust us, they are. 

After just a few minutes of using this weighted jump rope, most people will begin to feel the burn and regret the cardio regiment they swore to follow. 

Still, the jump rope is an excellent piece of workout equipment and, overall, a great gift. It’s made up of silicon and has a pretty fashionable design (this will matter if your friend cares about “aesthetics”).

VEICK Resistance Band Set

VEICK Resistance Bands, Exercise Bands, Workout Bands, Resistance Bands for Working Out with Handles for Men and Women, Exercising Bands for Strength Training Equipment at Home

Resistance bands are a strength-training essential, and this set has all the bands a trainer could ever need.

Assuming their name isn’t Eddie Hall or Larry Wheels, this set ranging between 10 and 50 lbs should be more than enough for their workout regimen. 

This complete kit comes with a bag and various straps to clip on and grip the bands with. It’s incredibly versatile in the gym and a fantastic way to add a twist to any routine.

Stainless Steel Food Scale

Amazon Basics Digital Kitchen Scale with LCD Display, Batteries Included, Weighs up to 11 pounds, Black and Stainless Steel

Most gains and weight loss happens outside of the gym. Yep, the most significant part of fitness is the humble, not-so-easy-to-follow diet.

Luckily, tons of apps and trackers make documenting calories and macros easy as pie (which your personal trainer probably isn’t eating much of).

The fact that food plays such a pivotal role in training makes this stainless steel food scale the perfect gift for any personal trainer. They’re certified trainers for a reason. They know a thing or two about nutrition and take ingredient measurements pretty seriously. 

In summation, get them the scale if they don’t already have one.

Hanging Ab Straps

DMoose Ab Straps for Abdominal Muscle Building, Arm Support for Ab Workout, Hanging Ab Straps for Pull Up Bar Attachment, Ab Exercise Gym pullup Equipment for Men Women Black

Do your trainer and their clients a favor and get them a pair of hanging ab straps. The only way to get the elusive six-pack is a) maintaining a calorie deficit diet and b) never skipping ab-day.

These hanging straps open up a world of different ab-based exercises a person can do and will even allow someone who doesn’t have much core strength to stretch their limits.

Oh, and they’re also suitable for practicing pull-ups. So that’s a plus.

A Massage Gun

Massage Gun, Portable Deep Tissue Massage Gun for Pain Relief Super Quiet Neck Back Body, 10 Different Heads for Different Muscle Groups, 30 Speed

Cramps and tight muscles are a pretty common occurrence in the fitness world. This is why stretching and rolling out is a crucial part of recovering.

A precise, vibrating massage gun is one of the best ways to soothe fatigued muscles and tendons. 

This one specifically comes with 10 different heads for different muscle groups and is entirely lightweight/portable. It doesn’t make much noise either, so you can rest easy knowing your trainer friend isn’t annoying everyone around them.

Creatine Powder

Optimum Nutrition Micronized Creatine Powder

If your trainer is also a hardcore bodybuilder, they’re probably using creatine, among other supplements. 

And let us tell you, (if you don’t already know) that monthly workout supplement bills are no joke. They’re crucial to the gains, but do a number on the wallet. That’s why getting your buddy a big ol’ tub of creatine is your best bet for a fruitful friendship.

Just make sure that they take creatine before you buy, and if they do, then they will absolutely appreciate the gesture.

A Pack of Cliff Bars

CLIF BAR - Energy Bars - Variety Pack - Made with Organic Oats - 9-11g Protein - Non-GMO - Plant Based - 2.4 oz. (16 Count)

For some reason, Cliff bars have become synonymous with fitness trainers and outdoor-based exercise. 

Well, it’s not strange, considering how nutritious and high protein they are. Quest bars are also pretty delicious and made with organic oats.

So which favor should you get? That depends on the person, of course. But if you are unsure, you can’t go wrong with peanut butter banana. Unless they don’t like peanut butter, in which case, the chocolate brownie is a great one too.

Weight-Lifting Wrist Straps

Spinto Fitness Wrist Wraps for Weightlifting Men, Women 18” Weight Lifting Wrist Wraps

If your personal trainer is a weight lifter, there are two pains true to all heavy lifters: knee pain and wrist pain.

If wrist pain is something your friend is always talking about while working out, then this is, hands down, the most practical thing you could get for them.

Wrist straps are great for stability, specifically for the bench press and deadlift. If those are your trainer’s favorite lifts, then a high-quality pair of wrist straps are definitely needed and a great gift.

Knee Brace

Knee Sleeves

In the previous entry, we noted that every heavy lifter probably experiences knee pain. If they have shaky, painful knees, get your trainer this sturdy gym shark knee brace. It’s a comfortable fit and a necessity for any hardcore leg day.

Push-up Board

Push Up Board 9 in 1 Home Workout Equipment Multi-Functional Pushup Bar System Fitness Floor Chest Muscle Exercise Professional Equipment Burn Fat Strength Training Arm Men & Women Weights

This 9-in-1 push-up board is simultaneously fun and the most rigid set of push-ups you’ll ever do. It has varying grips that work for different muscle groups and is highly effective in what it does.

Your fitness trainer can use this board as a fun game or keep it in their bag as a portable workout station. Don’t let looks be deceiving; this game is quite challenging.

Fun, but challenging.

A Doorway Pull-Up Bar

APRIXIATE Pull Up Bar for Doorway, Chin Up Bar No Screw Installation Strength Training Pull-Up Bars with Automatic Locking, Adjustable Width for Home Gym Exercise Fitness 440 LBS

For the most hardcore fitness trainers, there are no moments of rest. Not even walking through doors will be safe with this adjustable doorway pull-up bar.

It’s easy to install, completely portable, and a great way to get in some pull-ups while idle at the house. 

It doesn’t leave a mark and has a comfortable grip, opening the door for some optimal, lat-strengthening pull-ups.

A Weighted Vest

Aduro Sport Weighted Vest Workout Equipment, 4lbs/6lbs/12lbs/20lbs/25lbs Body Weight Vest for Men, Women, Kids (4 Pounds (1.81 KG))

Sometimes, one’s own body weight isn’t enough when running or doing other calisthenic-based exercises.

And if your fitness friend likes taking things to the next level, then this comfortable fit-weighted training vest will help them grow stronger than ever before.

Varying weight options run from 4 lbs to 30 lbs, so choose whichever weight would be best for your gift recipient. Our recommendation is to get lower weight for long-term conditioning workouts and higher weight for short-burst, high-intensity training.

Adjustable Dumbbells

Lifepro Adjustable Dumbbells - 15Lb 25Lb 43Lb 55Lb 90Lb 6in1 Dumbbells Adjustable Weight, Compact Quick Adjustable Dumbbells set/single for Full Body Exercise & Fitness Home Gym

If space is an issue for your personal trainer (whether it’s in their house or their gym room), these adjustable dumbbells are extremely space efficient, not to mention pretty cool.

The easily reachable dumbbells can be adjusted to different weights to accommodate various exercises and are surprisingly durable. 

Admittedly, these babies are a bit pricey, but they’re worth it if you have a bit of extra cash to spend and want to go big for your friend.

EVO Portable Gym

EVO Gym - Portable Home Gym Strength Training Equipment, at Home Gym | All in One Gym - 10 Resistance Bands, Base Holds Gym Bar & Handles for Travel | Portable Gym & Home Exercise Equipment | 320LBS

For our final entry, we’re going to get a little fancy.

This all-in-one, portable gym is an excellent piece of efficient and convenient equipment. It has varying resistances and many exercises you can do on it, ranging from squats to curls to bench to shoulder flys (and everything in between, of course). 

And the best part about it? No weights to unrack or rerack, and thus, no hassle. The resistances go up 320 lbs, and it’s just overall a versatile, optimized piece of equipment everyone should be using.

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