25 Unique Gifts For People Who Love To Cook

Last-minute gift shopping can be stressful. If you have someone in the family or friend list that loves to cook, look no further! Unique gifts and kitchen essentials are mandatory are when giving the perfect gift to a chef.

Check out the 25 best gifts for someone who loves to cook!

Spice Blend

Gourmet World Flavors Seasoning Collection | Non GMO Verified | 6 Magnetic Tins | Spice Blends | Crafted in Small Batches by Gustus Vitae | #68

Spice blend boxes are perfect gifts for people who love to cook. Most chefs and cooks have plenty of spices in their cupboards, but receiving new ones will inspire them to try something out of the ordinary.

Many spice blend boxes offer unique spices that cannot be found on the shelves of your local grocery store. Many times spices are mixed for an interesting blend to add to chicken and other meat. Smoked salt is another interesting spice that adds ultimate flavor to your chef’s dishes!

Craft Sauces

Melinda’s Spicy Garlic Parmesan Wing Sauce - Craft Garlic Parmesan Wing Sauce with Habanero Peppers, Parmesan Cheese, Fresh Garlic - Perfect for Buffalo Wings, Pizza, Pasta - 12oz, 1 Pack

Craft sauces inspire new dishes made. Whether it be sauce for pasta or wings, a craft small-batch sauce will please every professional chef or home cook! Dipping sauces are another great route to go if you are buying a craft sauce. 

This craft sauce is a spicy garlic parmesan wing sauce. Everyone loves wings. Get the best of both worlds with this spicy and savory garlic parmesan sauce! It is made with habanero peppers, parmesan cheese, and fresh garlic. Think outside of the box and try it on pizza or pasta!


Apron 1

An apron will keep your kitchen-loving loved one clean! Aprons are the perfect gift for someone who loves to cook because cooking is messy. Protect your outfit with a stylish piece of clothing made to get dirty.

Every time they put on their new apron, they will think of you! Aprons are functional and fashionable gifts used every day! Buy a personalized apron or a fun print that your person will love. 

Wooden Utensils

Wooden Utensils

A wooden utensil set is a functional gift that adds style to the kitchen. Utensils are used every day in cooking. Most used today are black and plastic. These utensils do not allow the person cooking to have any style.

Wooden utensils are a great way to cook safer. Hot plastic can release harmful chemicals into your food. A wooden utensil set is great for someone who loves style and loves the planet!

Dutch Oven

Enameled Cast Iron

A Dutch oven is a heavy, wide, shallow pot with a tight-fitting lid. They’re made out of  enamel-coated cast iron. Dutch ovens are attractive pieces of cookware that are used for roasting or stovetop cooking.

If your chef is into bread and sourdough bread making, a Dutch oven is a fun way to bake bread! They evenly distribute the heat for a round loaf. Whatever your chef likes to make, try it in a Dutch oven!

Enamel Canisters

Park Designs Granite Enamelware Canisters Set Gray

Every kitchen needs canisters. They help keep things organized and fashionable. These enamel canisters are an attractive way to store flour, sugar, coffee, and more. Their speckled design will add character to any kitchen.

If enamel is not the right style, try another kind of canister. Tin, ceramic, or wood canisters might fit your friend’s kitchen better! Canisters are a great housewarming gift for someone with a new home. 

Recipe Journal

Recipe Journal

A recipe journal is a perfect way to keep track of your favorite recipes new and old. Your chef will keep it with them wherever they go. It allows for on-the-spot ideas to be jotted down and tried later. 

These handwritten recipes will be a family keepsake. Write all new recipes in the recipe journal or track down family favorites. This recipe journal can be given blank or with family recipes hand written inside!

Stovetop Popcorn Popper

Great Northern Popcorn Stovetop Maker 6-Quart Aluminum Popcorn Popper with Hand Crank, Vented Lid, and Stir Paddle, (Silver)

Stovetop popcorn poppers are a fun way to upgrade your movie nights. Put the microwavable popcorn away and get gourmet! A stovetop popcorn popper is a perfect gift for a chef who loves to watch movies as much as to cook!

Studies show that microwaves could have adverse effects on humans. The radiation gets into our food and causes issues. Health-conscious cooks will love a stovetop popcorn popper because it eliminates these harmful rays. 

Instant Pot

Instant Pot Duo 7-in-1 Mini Electric Pressure Cooker, Slow Rice Cooker, Steamer, Sauté, Yogurt Maker, Warmer & Sterilizer, Includes Free App with over 1900 Recipes, Stainless Steel, 3 Quart

An Instant Pot is a kitchen essential. These pressure cookers cook everything from roasts to rice. An instant pot is an all-in-one appliance that cuts cooking time in half or less.

An instant pot is used as a slow cooker, a pressure cooker, and a stovetop. Different settings allow for steaming, warming, sauteing, pressure, and slow cooking. This Instant Pot is the perfect appliance for someone who loves to cook but does not have space for a lot of appliances!

Air Fryer

Ninja AF101 Air Fryer that Crisps, Roasts, Reheats, & Dehydrates, for Quick, Easy Meals, 4 Quart Capacity, & High Gloss Finish, Grey

Air fryers have taken the world by storm. The high-temperature air cooks food to a crisp without the use of oil. They are used by some as a fryer and by some as a microwave. They quickly cook food to the perfect doneness.

An air fryer is a good gift for someone who loves cooking but does not have time to wait on a chicken to cook in the oven. The air fryer speedily cooks the food without unhealthy oils. 


Hamilton Beach Power Elite Wave Action Blender For Shakes and Smoothies, Puree, Crush Ice, 40 Oz Glass Jar, 12 Functions, Stainless Steel Ice Sabre Blades, 700 Watts, Black (58148A)

Blenders are a kitchen essential. If someone loves to cook but does not have a blender, they will love one as a gift! Blenders chop and blend food quickly and effortlessly. Blenders are great gifts for someone who loves to have smoothies in the morning for breakfast. 

Blenders are not only for smoothies! They are used in baking to make a smooth batter or in cooking to emulate a smooth soup. They are an important kitchen tool that every chef should have. 

Oil Infusion Machine

LĒVO II - Herbal Oil and Butter Infusion Machine - Botanical Decarboxylator, Herb Dryer & Oil Infuser - Mess-Free, Easy to Use - Make Infused Gummies, Brownies, Cookies & Other Treats (Licorice Black)

An oil infusion machine is for the person ready to take their cooking to the next level. Infusing oil and butter with special blends of herbs and spices will enhance every dish.

Oil infusion machines are also great gifts for people who love DIY. They can personalize each olive oil and give them as gifts if they don’t want to cook with them themselves! They are a great way to give thoughtful gifts. 

Cheese Making Kit

Cheese Making Kit

A cheese-making kit is a fun and thoughtful gift for someone who loves to cook. Cheese making is a skill that they can pass on to their children! It is a fun and rewarding activity that ends in a delicious treat!

A cheese-making kit includes a food thermometer, non-iodized flake salt, non-GMO citric acid, a cheesecloth butter muslin, cheese wheel forms, vegetarian rennet, troubleshooting advice and email support, and an instruction and recipe booklet. 

Hot Sauce Pack

Hot Sauce Pack

Hot sauce is a favorite among those who like to cook and those who don’t. Gifting a hot sauce pack will inspire a chef to try new recipes to use the hot sauce! Hot sauce is great on wings and homemade snacks like homemade Chex Mix.

A hot sauce pack is a great gift for those who don’t like to cook, too! Most of us like to eat, so a hot sauce pack is great for those who just like to eat and not cook. They can try it on their favorite meat and eggs. 

Herb Plants

Herb Plants

Herbs are a great way to get your chef to cook with fresh ingredients! Mix and match your friend’s favorite herbs for a thoughtful gift that will keep giving. Herb plants allow your friend to cook with fresh ingredients every day.

Another idea is to paint personalized pots for the herbs. Fun designs or words will customize the plants for the kitchen they are to live in. These designs can be done beforehand or as a fun activity after the gift has been given!

Personalized Charcuterie Board

Charcuterie Board

A personalized charcuterie board is a gift you need for your entertaining friend. If you have a loved one that loves to have guests over and cook food for them, try getting them a personalized charcuterie board.

Have fun arranging great food on a personalized charcuterie board. Go with deli meats and cheese for a classic charcuterie board or go outside the box and make a brunch board!

Knife Set

Knife Set

No one can survive in the kitchen without a nice knife set. Dull knives make preparing dinner more difficult than it needs to be. Anyone who loves to cook will appreciate a good set of knives. 

This knife set adds personality to any kitchen. The acacia wood block conveniently holds all of the knives in one spot. The Damascus pattern gives each knife its personality. 


Masterbuilt MB20070210 Analog Electric Smoker with 3 Smoking Racks, 30 inch, Black

If you know someone who loves to grill, get them a smoker to expand their cooking abilities. A smoker is a great gift because it allows for some creativity for people who grill every weekend. 

This is an electric smoker that makes for simple and easy smoking. If the person who loves to cook is into natural smoking, there are smokers available that use real wood to smoke the meat. 


COSORI Food Dehydrator for Jerky, Large Drying Space with 6.48ft², 600W Dehydrator Machine, 6 Stainless Steel Trays, 48H Timer, 165°F Temperature Control, Yogurt Maker, for Herbs, Meat, Fruit

A dehydrator is great for the chef who loves to make all of their ingredients from scratch. Dehydrators are also great for gardeners and people who preserve their food. Homemade apple chips or homemade jerky are always a hit!

The size of the dehydrator needed depends on how much food will be made. A small dehydrator is a great gift for someone just getting started dehydrating food. If the person is experienced, opt for a larger version.


Charbroil® Classic Series™ Convective 2-Burner with Side Burner Propane Gas Stainless Steel Grill - 463672817-P2

A grill is a perfect gift for someone who just moved into a new home. Every weekend in the summer should be filled with grilling! Let your friends become grillmasters by giving them a grill.

Gas grills and charcoal grills are available for purchase. They deliver different flavors but are both great options for a gift.

Mortar and Pestle

Mortar and Pestle

A mortar and pestle is a fun gift for someone who loves cooking with herbs and spices. Mortars and pestles date back to 35000 BC in Southwest Asia. They were used to crush grains and other plant material.

Today, a mortar and pestle is a quick way to crush nuts, smash ginger or chiles, grind garlic into a paste, or grind whole spices into powder. They are attractive kitchen accessories that serve a functional purpose. 

Cookbook Stand

Cookbook Stand

A cookbook stand is a thoughtful gift for the old-fashioned cook in your life. Cookbooks keep old traditions alive when most recipes are found online these days. Nothing beats the feel of a good cookbook in hand.

When the cookbook cannot be in hand because your hands are busy cooking, grab for a cookbook stand. These beautiful cookbook stands are attractive and functional. They hold your cookbook at an angle that is easy to read and holds your spot. 

Recipe Box

Recipe Box

A recipe box is another old-fashioned way of keeping recipes. These small, wooden boxes are packed full of handwritten family recipes passed down from generation to generation.

Recipe boxes are a great way to keep family traditions alive. They last years and preserve the recipes you and your grandmother made! Pass on an old recipe box or buy a new one as a gift for your loved ones who love to cook. 

Compost Caddy

Compost Caddy

A compost caddy is great for your gardening friend that loves to cook with fresh ingredients. It is a magnetic bin that attaches to the trash can or the side of the counter. It is detachable to allow for easy composting while you are busy chopping.

A compost caddy provides the opportunity to reuse the scraps left behind from fruits and vegetables to replenish the nutrients in the soil. When done correctly, composting revives soil to its healthy state. 

Bread Warming Blanket

Bread Warming Blanket

A bread-warming blanket is a great gift for someone who loves to cook and entertain. When the party has been going on for hours you don’t want the bread to get cold! This bread-warming blanket is equipped with microwave technology.

Wrap the attractive bread warming blanket around a loaf or slices of bread to give the feel of freshly baked bread. Guests will believe you pulled the bread straight out of the oven!