25 Best (and Thoughtful) Gifts for Musicians

Aligning your gift with the recipient’s interests or hobbies makes it more unique and relevant. But, professional musicians can be challenging to impress. They understand what works for them, are only carried with the hype of the trending items if they’re worth it, and have strict preferences on item tastes.

We understand the toil and are here to make this process less painful for you. This article lists 25 thoughtful gifts for musicians, whether veterans or newbies and music lovers of various genres and styles. 

These gift ideas also combine better with other hobbies and interests. They include perfect gift ideas for your musician friends who love cooking, those looking to enjoy their music on barbeques, music teachers and so much more.

Are you ready to gift the musician in your life a perfect item for their birthday, Christmas, or any other occasion? Scroll down for 25 of the best gifts for musicians, matching various budgets and other hobbies.

Sony Noise Canceling Headphones

Sony WH-1000XM5 The Best Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones with Auto Noise Canceling Optimizer, Crystal Clear Hands-Free Calling, and Alexa Voice Control, Silver

The Sony WH-1000XMS Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones are some of the best ways to gift a musician. They have an auto NC optimizer to automatically cancel noise depending on your environment and wearing conditions.

The magnificent sound, battery life lasting up to 30 hours, Bluetooth connection, lightweight design, multipoint connection, and automatic touch control settings allow your friend or relative to enjoy their favorite beats on the go. It’s comfortable and lightweight, meaning they can carry it everywhere. These are also good for people that live with drummers!

A Songwriter’s Journal

Songwriters Journal

Musicians might be picky, but every one of them (especially songwriters) will appreciate a beautiful journal to keep the lyrics and melody in their hearts flowing into a piece (or some pieces) of paper. 

This songwriter’s journal from Uncommon Goods has spaces for melody notes, lyrics, and some instructions to keep the musician entertained throughout the day.

Alongside that, the journal allows the musician to specify the “feel” and tempo of their previous tune, so they jump right back immediately after the inspiration kicks in.

Enchantingly Tiny Record Player

Mini record player

This Tiny Record Player is a perfect gift for your minimalist musician friend. It’s also a perfect gift for a musician who would appreciate a retro feel but are in a squeezed space. It comes with numerous tiny vinyl records for the user to cycle through. 

The record player has a small turntable with a triad of mini rock, a tiny book, some decorative stickers, soul records, and jazz. It’s easy to maintain—wipe clean—and comes small enough to fit into even the smallest nooks.

This Is Your Brain On Music, Daniel Levitin

This Is Your Brain on Music: The Science of a Human Obsession

And which musician won’t love to understand the science behind music and how it interacts with the human brain? This Is Your Brain On Music is a classic book that unravels the secret behind why humans love music in an easy-to-read style. It’s elaborate, explains the concepts significantly, and offers an efficient way to understand and appreciate your love for music.

The author, Daniel Levitin, uses his expertise in music and neuroscience to take his readers on a thrilling journey of understanding the relationship between music and the human brain.

NEUMA Portable Instrument Stand

NEUMA Wooden Guitar Stand Musical Instrument Stand Portable Stand for Acoustic Classical Guitars Bass Banjo

When considering your options, look in the direction of this beautiful instrument stand. The Neuma Portable Stand is a perfect musician companion, especially for those using the stringed instrument. They come in a perfect design and are made with protection as a priority.

It has a sturdy, well-balanced structure and a soft rubber to reduce friction where the instrument makes contact. The deep rosewood precisely cut pieces and an excellent finish all work cohesively to get you a sturdy, beautiful tool. 

The stands fold up flat, are high-quality, take a tiny space, and look nicer for all your musician friends and relatives on the move. They can use it for any stringed instrument, including bass guitars, acoustic guitars, banjos, ukuleles, electric guitars, mandolins, etc.

BBQ Rock Guitar Tongs

Funwares BBQ Rock Guitar Tongs - Grip & Lift Burgers & Steaks with Style While Serenading Your Guests with a Memorable Air Guitar Solo at a BBQ They Will Never Forget - Perfect Gift for Music Lovers

The BBQ Rock Guitar Tongs are perfect gifts for musicians who enjoy barbeque. Allow them to play melodies while tossing the steak using these music-themed tongs.

They come in high-quality stainless steel material, have sturdy wooden handles, and are extra long to ensure the user suffers no burns. For burger lovers, check out the BBQ Rock Spatula.

Guitar-Shaped Silicone Mold

HDE Guitar Shaped Music Party Silicone Jello Chocolate Mold Ice Cube Tray with 3 Neck Drink Stirrers

This Guitar-Shaped Silicone Mold is a versatile and all-time favorite for all musicians. They help you make big guitar-shaped ice cubes (three) plus two musical notes. Also, they’re perfect for making chocolates, jello, alcohol-based event treats, and more.

The guitar necks allow you to stir drinks. You can also leave it in the ice cubes or remove them. The latter option lets you have perfect guitar shapes in the ice cubes.

DIY Music Box

Youtang Wooden Music Box Musical Piano, DIY Make Yr Own Song Include a Punch and 3 Music Papers, 1 Has Musical Note and 2 are Blank and You Can Create Your Own Song

Give the musician in your life an opportunity to make their songs on the go with this DIY music box. It has a musical paper on which you write the song and punch the notes you want in the provided hole punch. You then place it into the piano to start playing. 

It’s a perfect gift for musicians of all ages and at any level of their musical career journey. As an added tip, advise the recipient to check musicboxmaniacs.com for some guides, downloadable songs, and an online melody editor. 

The Music Box Composer app is also a perfect companion for all-time users.

Guitar Amp Key Holder

DropLight Ind. Handcrafted Guitar Amp Wall Mounted Key Holder with 4 Keychains (Hammer)

Simple but unique, the Guitar Amp Key Holder is a perfect way to share your love and compassion with the musician or guitar lover. It’s simple, sleek, high-quality, and super functional. This key holder is a perfect option for the hard-to-impress musicians in your life.

The keyholder plugs into a wall, giving you a space to place all the keys once you get to the house or organize all the spare keys in one place.

The key holder comes in high-quality material, making it durable. It also includes a functioning light with on/off buttons on the front. 

Also, there are several designs to match the needs of every recipient. 

Music Note Wood Cutting Board

Music Note Cutting Board

Take the love of music with them into the kitchen. This unique Music Note Wood Chopping Board comes in a simple, elegant design to ease cutting and slicing. The music note design puts your musician in the right mood and entertainment mode, making every task exciting.

You can gift it to anyone, including music students, lovers, or musicians.

Leather Bracelet with Guitar

Eymi Mens Leather Cuff Bracelet Handmade Black Multi-Layer Cowhide Woven Rope Guitar Bangle, 8.3inch[Adjustable]

This Leather Bracelet with Guitar is a perfect gift when looking for a beautiful keepsake to give to the musician in your life, especially if they’re enthusiastic about fashion. It’s handcrafted with love and passion using high-quality materials, four strips, and two rounds of braids.

It has water-proof, full-grain oiled leather with 8 microns of silver metal.

A Novelty Mug

Novelty Gift Mug

Mugs are beautiful and always have a place in people’s lives. However, this Comical Novelty Mug will hit your musician at the right spot. It says “I love and care for you” excitingly and rekindles the recipient’s interest in music subtly and appreciatively.

The ceramic material used to make this mug doesn’t transmit or absorb any flavors, leaving your drink with its original taste at every serving. Likewise, the musician won’t help but love the message on their mug.

Guitar Wooden Wall Light

Guitar Wooden Wall Light

Personalization never runs out of fashion, and this Guitar Wooden Wall Light gives you a perfect opportunity to intuitively celebrate the musician in your life. It comes in varying colors and allows for engraving using names within ten characters.

It’s eye-catching, adding a glamorous glow to the house. The bulb can hang up anywhere around the house, including the bedroom, office, children’s room, or living room.

Portable Mint Tin Amplifier

Portable Mint Tin Amplifier

With the holidays around the corner, all musicians, music and vinyl lovers will appreciate an amplifier as a gift. These portable mint tint amplifiers are accurately handcrafted to meet the needs of every musician and music lover.

Large Trumpet Artist Sculpture

Musician Sculpture

You can always have options, regardless of how picky and strict the musician in your life is with their tastes and preferences. When you’re unsure what device they’ll appreciate, a Large Trumpet Artist’s Sculpture will surely stir their hearts.

It’s meticulously crafted to meet the needs and desires of a traditional and modern home. Your musician friend or relative can use the sculpture anywhere around the house, including the office, living room, café, or bedroom. The piece also works just best as a decorative piece.

Microphone Earrings

Microphone Earrings

Dress your female musician during their next concert by adding these elegant Microphone Earrings to their fashion accessories. The silver earrings come with 925 sterling hooks to make them safe and stunning. They’re high-quality and elegant, making them a perfect add-on to any outfit.

Personalized Name Guitar Pick

Personalized Name Guitar Pick

The guitar lover in your life will appreciate receiving this fantastic Personalized Name Guitar Pick as a gift on their special day. It’s entertaining and valuable, making it a perfect way to celebrate the guitarist in your life.

Each piece comes with three plectrums. But you can pick a pack of five or ten guitar plectrums.

Personalized Amp Doormat

Personalized Amp Doormat

Keep the nostalgia of creating a mixtape alive in your friend’s or relative’s heart whenever they’re at home. This Personalized Amp Doormat allows you to do just that. It’s customizable, meaning you can add some touch of the recipient’s personality to the piece and make it more relevant.

Imagine their faces when they unwrap the gift, only to find a beautiful music-themed doormat with their names and a favorite line from their songs. Try it out today.

Rock and Roll Record Clock

Rock and Roll Record Clock

Perfect gifts for musicians don’t have to be the most complicated ideas. A Rock and Roll Record Clock can do the magic for you. Let them rock with this Jeff Davis vintage timepiece made from golden oldies. The glossy texture, uniqueness, variety, and iconic record logos make these clocks a perfect way to repurpose your favorite Rock and Roll albums into functional wall pieces.

Music Maker’s Instrument Subscription

Music Makers Instrument Subscription

Uncommon Goods has the perfect Music Maker’s Instrument Subscription for your musician friend or relative. Upon payment, the recipient will receive varied gifts each month, depending on your subscription package. 

The company offers two packages—three and six-month subscriptions.

The three-month subscription delivers a player-friendly, portable backpacker saxophone on the first month, beautiful, handcrafted musical spoons on the second, and an amp-compatible cedar thumb piano on the third.

If you pay for the six-month subscription, your recipient receives all the gifts in the previous package plus other presents. In month four, they get a ukulele DIY kit. In month five, they receive a unique songwriter’s journal, and the last month comes with an exciting Orba handheld digital multi-instrument.

Akai Professional MPK Mini

AKAI Professional MPK Mini MK3 - 25 Key USB MIDI Keyboard Controller With 8 Backlit Drum Pads, 8 Knobs and Music Production Software Included

The Akai MPK Mini MIDI controller is a perfect gift for a younger musician inclined to the digital craft. The tool easily hooks into music software to ease beat-making. It comes with MPC Beats, various MPC expansion packs, and an AIR Hybrid. While complete, this controller is only sizable enough to fit into a studio.

Girl in a Band by Kim Gordon

Girl in a Band: A Memoir

Kim Gordon’s book, Girl in a Band, is among the best gifts for musicians, especially for the curious ones and book lovers. In this classic book, Kim Gordon takes readers through her journey as an artist, including both professional and personal narratives.

The hypnotic prose and relatable turn of events make this book a great read and source of inspiration for musicians.

Pocket DJ Mixer

Pocket DJ Mixer

The gifts for musicians’ list is only complete with having something for the DJs. And, what’s the best way to make them feel special rather than allowing them to turn every place into a party using this Pocket DJ Mixer?

It’s small (about the dimension of a smartphone) and doesn’t require plugging to work. Through its trio of auxiliary audio ports, your enthusiastic DJ can mix and listen to two songs on the go. 

The mixer is versatile, allowing you to connect on any device and jump right into the party.

Fender Venice Soprano Ukulele

Fender Venice Soprano Ukulele

Gift the musician in your life this fantastic Fender Venice Soprano Ukulele and let them carry their musical hobby and interests everywhere. This piece is affordable, easy to play, and a great source of inspiration.

Recycled Record Bottle Opener

Recycled Record Bottle Opener

Get the musician in your life an exciting Recycled Record Bottle Opener. The sleek design, sturdy structure, and unique and vintage vinyl designs give these bottle openers a more excellent and satisfying look. Check them out at Uncommon Goods.